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"Küçük Asya” Kavramı Batı’nın Büyük Strateji Geliştirme Yükümlülüğünün Önünü Tıkamaktadır.

Bu yüzyıl başı itibarıyla Türkiye’nin gerçekleştirebileceklerini başka çok az ülke gerçekleştirebilecek durumdaydı. 20. yüzyıla büyük bir yitirim sürecinin son halkalarındayken girmiştik.
21. yüzyıla ise çok daha farklı şartlarda ayak bastık… Elimizde çok şey tutmaktaydık... Yıllar boyu üst üste konulmuş Cumhuriyet kazanımlarının meyvelerini yoğun bir şekilde vermeye başladığı bir döneme ulaşılmış, bilgi ve know-how yeteneklerimiz kaydadeğer noktalara varmıştı.
Yoksunluk ortamının dezavantajlarını nihayet alt ederken, varsıllık ortamının avantajlarına el atmak üzereydik.

Soğuk Savaş’ın sona ermesinin ertesinde ortaya çıkan uluslararası konjonktür, #Türkiye gibi bir takım kritik yoğunlukları ya yakalamış ya da bunların yanına epey...
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On parle pas mal de cet article qui circule beaucoup ces dernières heures sur twitter, qu'on m'a mentionné aussi. Il y est question de comportement #ornitho selon deux types d'agricultures : conventionnel vs #AB. J'aimerais donner mon ressenti dessus. ⬇️⬇️…
D'abord, je n'aborderai pas l'article de @reporterre. C'est du journalisme militant, ça ne m'intéresse pas. Venons-en donc directement aux faits : l'article peer-reviewed publié dans "Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment".…
L'idée est de mesurer sur le terrain plusieurs comportements traduisant la "vivacité" de passereaux présents dans le paysage agricole, et de comparer si les modes de culture conventionnel vs biologique ont un impact significatif sur les indicateurs éthologiques.
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#Ableg News 🧵

It was a wild week in Alberta; and a HORRIBLE one for the @UCPCaucus:

👮‍♂️- New info on the UCP Election Fraud Investigation (Story #1)

🔥- UCP MLA’s Demand Kenney Resign (#3)

🙄- is “Leaked” Audio of a Kenney Rant Staged? (#14)

Here’s 14 bad news UCP stories:
#Ableg News 🧵


1. @carolyndunncbc reveals INCREDIBLE evidence from Alberta’s largest electoral investigation: The sham 2017 UCP Leadership Election which led to $200,000 in fines

Despite Kenney saying otherwise Witnesses say he was there to discuss illegal money transfers!
#Ableg News 🧵

2. Several UCP members sound the alarm over Kenney’s last minute change to the UCP leadership review

Members suggest his substantial changes are against UCP Bylaws and illegal.

One member said “it’s the worst division I’ve ever seen and it has to be stopped.”
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1. #AB Konseyi, #Rusya'ya karşı hazırlanan yeni yaptırım paketini onayladı;

🚫Donetsk ve Luhansk'ın Ukrayna hükümeti kontrolü dışındaki bölgeleriyle ekonomik ilişkiler de kısıtlanacak.

🚫Rusya Parlamentosu'nun alt kanadı Duma'nın 351 üyesine kısıtlayıcı tedbir uygulanacak.
🚫Hükümet üyeleri, Rus operasyonlarını mali olarak destekleyen veya bunlarda fayda sağlayan bankalar, iş insanları ve oligarklar ile dezenformasyon kampanyaları yürüten toplam 27 yüksek profilli kişi ve kuruluş yaptırıma tabi olacak.
🚫Bu kişilere seyahat yasağı getirilecek. Kişi ve kurumların mal varlıkları dondurulacak ve bunlara fon sağlanması yasaklanacak.
🚫Ayrılıkçı bölgelerden ithalat yasağı uygulanacak. Belirli ekonomik sektörlere yönelik ticaret ve yatırımlar sınırlandırılacak.
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And coming up at 5 pm MT:…
Kenney says it's clear #AB passed peak of omicron infections weeks ago. He points to England, Scotland, Denmark lifting restrictions and states like CA and NJ removing mask mandates.
He says active cases, rolling 7-day avg of new cases has dropped steadily from 7k to 2k/day with total active cases falling from 55k to about 30k now.
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Infectious disease specialist Dr. Stephanie Smith says she thinks it may be "a little bit early" from a hospital perspective to lift #COVID19 restrictions. She says hospitalizations have plateaued, not declined. 1/4 #ABCOVID
2/4 However, she says the REP program (#AB's vaxx passport) gives us "the least bang for our buck." She says vaccines can prevent severe disease but they are not as good at preventing infection. She says it makes sense if REP program is 1st to go. #ABCOVID
3/4 However, she says relaxing restrictions could help promote spread. Those who are more vulnerable could get COVID19 and hospitalizations could increase, Smith says. #ABCOVID
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OK. #SK COVID-19 mega-thread.

NEW #SK Omicron models (via @DennisKendel) Jan 19:

- Measures implemented to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce social mixing, MAYBE we avoid disaster/triage in #SK hospitals.

- Do NOTHING, #SK hospitals crushed, triage ensues.

Get comfy - here we go.

Let's begin with history.

@SKGov was provided w/ models from WORLD-CLASS #SK modeler Dr. Nate Osgood in late August 2021 that predicted EXACTLY how #SK ICUs would be overwhelmed w/ Delta in Fall 2021.

Nothing was done. Everything left wide open.

Also August 2021, consensus letter sent by #SK MHOs (led by @CoryNeudorf) to @SKGov recommends NUMEROUS measures to stem Delta:

Universal indoor masks, proof of vaccine, gathering/capacity limits, increased contact tracing capacity.



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In 2019 I publicly asked #ab Premier Jason Kenney to apologize for the homophobic activism he practiced in San Francisco. “I.. helped to lead an ultimately successful initiative petition, which led to a referendum which overturned the first gay spousal law in North America.”
The live interview with then opposition leader Jason Kenney is on this link.…
Still waiting for Jason Kenney's apology for his petition campaign in San Francisco which he then called "Sodom by the Sea" So here we are on a Christmas wknd, more then 2 yrs after that interview and the Alberta Premier chooses to celebrate the person who published this.
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There are challenges when advocating for a vulnerable sector of society when one is also a member of that sector.

I’ve been YELLING INTO THE VOID for 1+yrs over this. ⤵️

Do SENIORS lives only matter if they reside in #LTC?
This isn’t JUST about me but 342+/- others, although I will admit a heavily invested interest!

342 x RO6-8 = 2,052- 2,736!😮1/69 #AB counties.

Spoiler Alert: Long list w/same/similar set ups in #ABPublicHousing. There’s no reason to assume they operate any differently.
Anyhoo…bk to current urgent & long standing matters at hand.

LRHF (@lrhfhousing) is the ‘Management Body’ for 16 residential rental properties within @LeducCounty, under the Minister of Srs & Housing @JosephinePon (see artwork)

16 - 3 (own access-no shared spaces)=13
3/ Image
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Summary 🧵 of last night's SHA "town hall" for MDs:

- Overall #SK test positivity ~14%
- Cases declining, but so is testing
- #SK has HIGHEST current case & death rates of all provinces
- HIGHEST ICU census per capita of ANY province at ANY point in pandemic.

Vaccine & mask mandates have helped, but not enough. #SK remains in exponential growth & cases NOT coming down at this point.

Public health experts @SaskHealth recommend gathering restrictions, including limits on household gatherings, capacity limits, etc.

As of 0730hrs yesterday AM (Oct 21), 117 persons in ICU. 57 persons on high-flow oxygen (Optiflow) normally in ICU, cared for on regular hospital wards.

ICU census now forcing out-of-province transfers, widespread service slowdowns, and informal triage.

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Thread time again - my thoughts on the current state of affairs in #ab

1. Elective surgeries being delayed to make capacity - remember that elective doesn't mean not needed. This includes CANCER surgeries and other serious surgeries that are scheduled (hence, "elective"). /1
2. It's been almost 1 week since the $100 vaccine incentive - the dial has barely moved. I don't think anyone is surprised.

3. Vaccines won't save us now (they'll hopefully save us later). If someone gets vaxxed today, it's a minimum of 6 wks until they are fully protected. /2
4. Hospital capacity affects every single Albertan who needs care. This is NOT a "pandemic of the unvaxxed," because when beds are tight, anyone needing acute care (for any reason) is affected. As above, it means cancelled surgeries for those who need them. /3
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Just For Shooting! Concept Plan #AlleBurgers

Is The Genie out of the Bottle?

We Are #AlleBurgers, representing the Silent Majority (cf Global Citizins).
Be silent untill you can ask questions (Wittgenstein). Now we can, strongly!
We wander around in opaqueness. In awe we see realities emerging, with shocks.

We have to live today by what truth we have today and be ready tomorrow to call it falsehood (James, 2000).
There is no equilibrium and everyone is exposed and fragile.
We trust eachother, address the tensions, and speak truth to power and truth to the people.

We see the higher-order effects in the context and measures. That produces our methods for change and continuous improvement.

[Climate, Finance; same kind of system's dynamics]
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Have read some of the feedback today and can't help but notice a consistent thread. UCP supporters choose to say that I am anti - Albertan or bashing Albertans because I am questioning Kenney/UCP policies, re-tweeting today's @GlobeAndMail editorial.
Are all those Albertans who are retweeting and liking the editorial, also anti-Albertan? I don't hear the term anti-British Columbian applied to people who criticize Horgan gov't policy. I was never told that I was anti Manitoban when criticizing governments in that province.
Same for Ont and Quebec. So I just don't get it. If I'm critical of slamming the door on testing, tracing & isolating, how does that make me anti - Albertan? If I just didn't give a hoot about my neighbors in #ab I could easily support #UCP policy. Would that make me pro-Alberta?
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Alberta to COVID-19: ‘What, me worry? " Each of these U-S states have a few things in common. They have relatively low vaccination rates. They have the Delta variant. And they’ve ditched public health restrictions. Who else has all that? Alberta."
"And Alberta is adding something new: blinders. The province is saying it doesn’t believe there will be another virus spike – it has basically declared the pandemic over. But, if there is another wave, it doesn’t want to know about it until the tsunami is already ashore."
"The early warning system is being dismantled. Alberta is also saying that, in future, residents who believe they may have been infected should not get tested, should not share their contacts with contact tracers, and should not stay home to avoid infecting others."
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Despite my many concerns, I’m listening to @CMOH_Alberta on @CBCHomestretch and honestly appreciate her description of a surveillance plan and willingness to corrective actions if needed.

To be determined I suppose this grand experiment

To clarify. @CMOH_Alberta outlined “a” surveillance plan which is far better than the “zero” plan I understood from yesterday’s announcement. That said:

1. I am still incredibly concerned for the 660k unprotected children in #AB including mine

2. Not isolating + cases = lunacy
3. We will get to a “post-pandemic” world, but our current Vax rates are nowhere near enough. ~1.6M unvaxed now

4. #DeltaVariant is a different beast. New data shows increased breakthrough infections despite vax

5. Wastewater surveillance helps but has no accuracy
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1-Fransa, Manş Denizi'nden geçişleri engellemek üzere İngiltere ile anlaşması uyarınca kıyılarındaki polis sayısını iki katına çıkaracağını açıkladı. İngiltere ise bu alandaki harcamalar için 54 milyon sterlin ödeyecek ve istihbaratı artıracak. Image
2-Milli Savunma Bakanlığı (MSB), Antalya'nın Kaş ilçesi açıklarında içinde 45 kişinin bulunduğu bir teknenin battığını, bölgede arama kurtarma faaliyetlerinin devam ettiğini duyurdu.
#Antalya Image
3-Tunus'un güneydoğusundaki Mednin kenti açıklarında teknenin arızalandığı, 366 mültecinin kurtarıldığı, 17 mültecinin hayatını kaybettiği belirtildi.
#Tunus Image
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MLAs are continuing their debate on Bill 66 which essentially walks back Bill 10 which was widely criticized as an overreach of government powers.
UCP MLAs Shane Getson: "I don't care what the oppostion is doing. There is one bus driver. That's the premier. He has the keys."

"That's the way the system works." #ableg
Getson is talking about how to not engage in polarization and save it for the fall, all while insulting the opposition.

"Talk about the good things."

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Famous ...

To all tou "Stars" out there, I don't see you as "Stars" ..
You're not better than me & I am not better than you ..

I think of myself as complete doG poo ..

I don't care what you think of me either. ..🤣 Image
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This is going to be a hard thread for some to read. Some of you might cry, Some just shed a few tears, Some of you may be angry & outraged at what has transpired...But as we have come to learn, this is the reality of running a non profit and helping people who need help the most.
We have gotten to the place where we swore to ourselves that we would never go.

We tried so hard...everyone of our Full Time volunteer staff and our other Part Time volunteers have all put blood, sweat & tears into running @HarvestHillsYYC and helping our fellow #Calgarians.
We have tried to keep up with demand, tried to keep up with running our social media profiles and our website, tried to keep up with the massive amount of assistance requests that have come up ever since the latest restrictions have come into play...We legitimately have tried...
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Pek bilinmeyen Ukrayna Savaşı’nın özeti...

2004 yılındaki Turuncu Devrim ile birlikte Batı ile Rusya yanlıları arasındaki gerginlik gün yüzüne çıkmış, 2013’te Rus yanlısı Cumhurbaşkanı Viktor Yanukoviç’in #AB Ortaklık Anlaşması’nı imzalamaması sonrası taraflar arasındaki... ImageImage
çizgiler çizilmişti. Yanukoviç bu anlaşmayı reddetmesinden yaklaşık bir ay sonra Rusya ile bir anlaşma yaptı. Moskova, Ukrayna’ya ait devlet tahvillerini satın alacak ve Ukrayna’ya doğal gazı indirimli verecekti.
Gösteriler ülke geneline yayılmaya başlıyordu. 24 Şubat’a kadar direnen Yanukoviç, muhaliflerin Kiev’de kontrolü sağlamasının ardından Rusya’ya kaçtı ve Moskova Batı ile olan üstü örtülü savaşını kaybediyordu.
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Coming up in 15 minutes:…
New numbers from @jkenney:
-875 new cases
-of which 322 are variants of concern
-292 in hospital including 59 in ICU
-4 new deaths
Today marks the second day where cases are over 800, Kenney says.
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The UCP government has passed Budget 2021.

It fails to deliver a plan to create jobs, diversify Alberta’s economy, or specify how it will spend billions of dollars in contingency funding.

#ableg #abpoli #alberta #ab #abbudget2021 #budget #abbudget #ucp #abeconomy
Budget 2021’s signature Alberta Jobs Now strategy commits the government to getting $62 million out the door in the next four business days, but the program has yet to be launched.

And while the budget promises “sector strategies,” they remain under construction with no estimate for additional job creation.

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The Pension War Room™️ would like you to know that the ATA and good old yours truly have dropped a lawsuit on Travis. I am proud to be one of the applicants in this legal action. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
If you want more details, here is the press release from the ATA complete with pdfs of all the important documents. For those interested: fill yer boots! #AbLeg #handsoffmypension…
The legal arguments are multifaceted. And, likely not to be solved until the SCC gets involved. But, here we are taking an important step. It is my position that Travis has violated both the Teachers' Pension Plan Act and the AIMCO Act in imposing an IMA. #AbLeg #AIMCOfail
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