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FLARE #AdvancedPractices has a rep of being a rowdy, hell raising analyst squad (in a nice, fun way). Our culture is to challenge our company norms, demand excellence, take risks, make mistakes, fail & succeed repeatedly. It's who we are.

A #FF of some teammates & team friends:
@ItsReallyNick and @danielhbohannon taught me to $DoTheNeedful, whether I was asked to or not, Ship It and See What Happens

@reesespcres taught me to take chances and make bold moves in our production infrastructure, to get innovate despite seemingly-immobile technology
@_gormaniac_ & @x04steve taught me to love automations

@ramen0x3f @bwithnell taught me to ask better questions of my data

@3dRailForensics @Isifmobile @ReginaElwell taught me to value quality, and aspire to higher standards

@BakedSec taught me to be a bit nicer
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🆕 Job Update: I'm joining @Microsoft!

On the #MSTIC R&D team:
☁️🏹hunting & investigations in the cloud (#AzureSentinel, @Office365)
🎯✍️🏽writing detections for several platforms
👥🎁community-based research & sharing
🛡️🤲🏽protecting those who need it the most #DefendingDemocracy
Honored to work for @JohnLaTwC & @LeahLease
I'm pumped to grow with & learn from so many amazing security engineers and analysts in #MSTIC:… #FF

My new East Coast crew includes the #APT hunters in Reston, @Cyb3rWard0g, and some random @cglyer guy 😅

I'm going to lean on (& try¹ to contribute to) teams across the MS security family:
• @MicrosoftMTP crew w/ @jepayneMSFT @endisphotic @GossiTheDog et al🤩
• @msftsecresponse w/ the awesome @n0x08
• @Lee_Holmes for everything Azure

¹if I say it here, it has to happen right?😉
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OK so this is my last week at @Mandiant / @FireEye 😢

Here's the truth:
♥️ Joining Mandiant was the best decision of my career – the people & company have been SO good to me
🧠 Many of the brilliant minds in security are here & we have FUN every day

💻🔍 There is no better professional #infosec experience than responding to the intrusions that matter & defending at-scale alongside awesome people. If you have the chance to work here – .
🗓️ One year here is worth many more in experience. So here are some highlights:
☕️ Doing LRs & writing decoders during my first Mandiant breach response - with #APT17's HIKIT & also BLACKCOFFEE malware using technet for C2:…
💰 I was fortunate to lead the first IR for the group that would come to be known as #FIN7
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Hey #ATTACKcon here's a recap of
#GuardrailsOfTheGalaxy: The Prologue
including the *first* three awards – #Guardies 🏆
+ the slides
I'm your thread host, @ItsReallyNick from the #AdvancedPractices 🦅 Adversary Methods team where we "reverse engineer" attacker techniques... ImageImage
Why a lightning talk on Execution Guardrails (#T1480)?
• We worked with @stromcoffee & @MITREattack team who added the new technique in April 2019:
• Smart people suggest that guardrails are correlated with adversary sophistication
• 💂🛤️ are fun! ... ImageImageImage
Guardrail Definition & Detection Concepts
$coverage = /de(fini|tec)tion/

The unique combination of behaviors that define guardrailing – and their order – can be used to detect it.

Pitfalls: stage 1 recon, confusing with broader AV/tech evasions, and "legitimate" guardrailing... ImageImageImage
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🆕 Microsoft.Workflow.Compiler sample with low VT detection!
1⃣C:\ProgramData\ccm_deploy.xml 🧐
MD5 fb98cddfa2e13334989d27d1b5b7cdda
VT (0/56):…
2⃣Loads C:\ProgramData\package.xml
MD5 a916ca1d57d9c3b2627907ab68a264fe
VT (1/58):…
[1/4] Image
I uploaded both to @virusbay_io:…

and the extracted payload to @anyrun_app:…

Injection Target Process = %ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
PPID Spoof Parent = True
PPID Spoof Process = explorer
Returned true
[2/4] Image
@virusbay_io @anyrun_app More info on @mattifestation's method:
1⃣ My favorite implementation uploaded publicly is this Excel file (probably authored by @egyed_laszlo):
2⃣ The first workflow VT sample uploaded was ~1 year ago:

^plus background & links
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🎟️🍿Movie Night: "Between Two Steves"

@cglyer & I chat with the top two Steves from #AdvancedPractices 🦅: @stonepwn3000 & @stvemillertime to talk about the front-line technical stories and research presented at the 2019 #FireEyeSummit.
@cglyer @stonepwn3000 @stvemillertime 🗣️
• tracking the groups and techniques that matter
• recent #FIN7 events:…
• recent #AdvancedPractices team research, including PDB dossier & summit talks on proactive identification of C2, deep code signing research, and rich header hunting at scale...
We highlight a favorite talk
🍎 𝗟𝗶𝘃𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗼𝗳𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗢𝗿𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗱 🍎
by @williballenthin, @nicastronaut, @HighViscosity
revealing TTPs & artifacts left behind from the million mac engagement…
We kinda want to do a full #StateOfTheHack on that one...
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🤙💰 Mahalo FIN7:…
• On several on-going investigations we saw #FIN7 trying to retool 🏄🏼
• Used DLL search order hijacking of a legit POS management utility with a signed backdoor (0 detections on VirusTotal)
• Hunting for #BOOSTWRITE and #RDFSNIFFER 💳 Image
.@josh__yoder & I stayed up much of the night to get this blog out.
The signed #BOOSTWRITE sample is still undetected by static VT scanners:…
We were fair on why that is and how that doesn't fully represent detection posture.
Then we provided hunting rules. Image
#FIN7's code signing certificate is purportedly from Mango Enterprise Limited in the UK.
Prob not theirs - based on the street address, I suspect there's more car theft than certificate theft 😜:…

We analyze & discuss how to find the certificate anomalies! ImageImageImageImage
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Hey I recognize that #AdvancedPractices 🦅 hoodie!

I had a tiny cameo in this 1st part of
a new series highlighting #DFIR/researchers
"hacker:HUNTER - Cashing In"

I expect the series will have #CARBANAK twists & turns + plenty of #FIN7 payment card theft Image
@FireEye @TmrwUnlocked "It's very hard to arrest a piece of code." -@stefant
📺 hacker:HUNTER - Cashing In Finale
Showcases the challenges of pursuing & meaningfully impacting fragmented cybercrime group operations.
Also answers the question: "will Nick have a shorter cameo?" 🤣
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More #AdvancedPractices team 🦅 in your timeline: ⚠️ follow @stonepwn3000.

He just joined - prob will be great tweets. But also maybe a huge mistake. I guess time will tell.

I've maintained this list if you want to follow (or block) everyone on our team:…
With every teammate on here, we're one step closer to locking in that #APT34 counterstrike match.
Also @stonepwn3000 designed these and that's just something you're all going to have to live with. Especially our significant others who see them on the wall every day. Sorry, that's business.
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