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We're about to start the public hearing on Sen. Tim Melson's medical marijuana bill at the state house this morning. There are a number of amendments that are being prepared and five speakers for and against the bill so we'll be here a while. #alpolitics
Sen. Cam Ward is having a field day with the jokes this morning. We're starting with Sen. Melson first and then starting on public hearing.
Melson says there would be an avenue to let outside providers into the state. Ward says he has a number of amendments coming dealing with issues from employers. #alpolitics #medicalmarijuana
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Looks like we're getting underway at the Alabama Democratic Party meeting. I'll try to keep all my tweets on the meeting in this thread. #alpolitics
Obligatory reminder about this bylaw fight from southern political expert Dr. Manhattan. #alpolitics
We start with Worley telling those with signs to lay them down, "or security will take them." Amid cries of "why," Worley says it's a security issue. "It's not a safety issue," someone yells. #alpolitics
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Alabama's oiliest 'news' outlet - "Over the coming months, Yellowhammer will encourage these 15 honorees to recommit themselves to the transcendental efforts that landed them a place on this prestigious list." #ALpolitics
Even if these fifteen folks were partly motivated by the transcendental as opposed to money, why they'd be encouraged by the Yellowstain crowd seems a stretch. While funding remains murky, what does seem present are operatives, lobbyists, sycophants, etc.
Dots were connected by Eddie Curran on how Yellowstain was used to take out Terry Dunn. CJR reporting revealed an active effort to hide lobbyist involvement. This outfit urging anyone to 'recommit to transcendental efforts' seems bold.
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Here at the Southern Rail Commission’s meeting on the Gulf Coast Passenger Rail Project. This project could negatively impact the Port of Mobile and commerce throughout the state, including industry serviced by freight rail, despite tourism interests in the project. #alpolitics
A study is needed to examine these specific potential impacts, as well as economic development throughout Alabama. Governor Kay Ivey has not signed off on the project, and has been proceeding carefully so facts can come to light
There is significant worry that New Orleans would be the main benefactor of this project, with Alabama getting a net negative.
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This attack on women's health and freedom is an abomination.

To my fellow males: THIS IS OUR FIGHT TOO. STEP UP.

#Abortion #RoeVWade #Alabama
I'd say this was like a return to previous centuries, but it's WORSE. These laws being pushed by radical extremist Republicans are unlike anything we've ever seen.




#ALpolitics #Alabama #Abortion

I mean, how isn't the nation coming to a standstill as #Barr goes after Russia investigators, the GOP brazenly defies our rules and norms, and women's rights are under frontal assault?

If anything, it feels like the outrage is diminishing.
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Alabama's #HB314 law to ban abortion is not just a disgusting attack on women, and an attempt for men and society to once again own women's bodies, it is bad law supported by a bunch of idiots who don't know what they're doing. #alpolitics
The main proponent of #HB314 says it still allows for women to get an abortion BEFORE knowing they're pregnant, and that this is a safeguard. But once they do something to know (like take a necessary test) they can't get one. I have heard some daft things in my time, but this....
There is NO provision in #HB314 to protect those who are raped or survivors of incest. Apparently they are just supposed to come forward immediately and get said abortion based on aforementioned "safeguard". This is repugnant and ignores understanding of trauma. #alpolitics
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And there it is folks Chambliss admits that the MS bill is written as a direct challenge to Roe & designed to be sent to #SCOTUS to challenge it.

The health and safety of Alabama women is being used to as a political football to advance an extreme agenda. #HB314 #alpolitics
Chambliss also states that rulings from #SCOTUS are not designed to be place forever. Essentially that precedent be damned if it does not fit the political agenda of the party in power. This should be chilling to EVERYONE who claims to believe the rule of law #HB314 #alpolitics
You can tune in here:…
HUGE shout out to the AL Democrats who fighting tooth & nail to protect the rights of women. And even bigger shout out to the groups on the ground: @PPSE_Advocates @YellowFund @ALWomensCenter #HB314 #alpolitics #StopTheBans
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Alabama Sen. Clyde Chambliss while introducing a bill that could nearly end abortions in the state: “I’m not trained medically...but there’s some period of time when you know a woman to be pregnant”

Lawmakers are expected to amend it soon #alpolitics…
Republican male Alabama senator on the controversial abortion bill: "I'm not trained medically so I don't know all the proper timelines...Once that person is known to be pregnant then this bill will take into effect. That bill will highlight that period of time" 🤔🤔
Sen. Rodger Smitherman, a Democrat, says the bill "is going to be unconstitutional... It does not make sense that we are going to spend millions and millions of dollars to take something up that will be declared totally unconstitutional."
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We're about 30 minutes out from the Alabama State Senate vote for the near-total ban on abortion. #alpolitics
there's one protester outside the state house passing out coat hangers
Gallery is packed
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Y'all want to hear a crazy-ass #alpolitics story? Get ready for some foolishness. /1
So, yesterday afternoon, Angi Stalnaker, a consultant working on Troy King's AG campaign and a former Robert Bentley advosor, arrived home to her house in Troy to find her back door standing open. /2
She calls the cops and her boyfriend goes inside to check the place out. Cops arrive. They go through the place, no one's there, and nothing seems to be missing. TV is there. There's cash laying on the counter still. /3
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I have watched the full @WaffleHouse tape that the police in Saraland, Alabama released to the public and have SEVERAL questions.

Brace yourself for a long thread.

1 /
#alpolitics #ChikesiaClemons

First, there are two places on tape where the footage looks tampered with or the narration is inconsistent.

At 4:11 Ms. Adams (Clemons’ friend) is seated, but at 4:18 she disappears. No sign of her leaving...just disappears.

What happened in missing scene?
This question matters because the very next clip Ms. Adams is upset about something. They showed THAT footage, but NOT what happened before.

What upset her?

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