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While #BlacKkKlansman is definitely a must-watch that makes a strong statement against white supremacy, it was uncomfortable to watch how the police force was whitewashed especially by adding a fictional bit at the end about the (lone!) racist cop being exposed and prosecuted.
#BlacKkKlansman comes across as targeting only the white liberal Americans and warning them about the parallels b/w KKK & Trump's politics. In doing that, the narrative refuses to call out and condemn the systemic nature of racism and thus shoots itself in the foot.
"The potent liberal roots of that white supremacy get a free pass in Spike Lee's new film, happily hide in the dark movie houses and laugh at idiot klansmen and write laudatory reviews of his film."

This is a good review of #BlacKkKlansman.…
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#KarunaKumar's #Palasa1978 is made with a lot of conviction. The detailing of Slang & Language used and groundedness aspect of the movie is something that needs to be lauded. Very good Music & good Direction supported by very good performances. Powerful ending. Do watch.

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#ChintuKaBirthday is just fine. It has its moments. The trailer looked very promising, but the film did not have much to offer. Few decisions look forced & the "emotional punch" the makers were aiming at did not land for me. Nevertheless, makes for a good family watch.

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#ArunKarthick's #Nasir breaks your heart so quickly, you'll take a lot of time to recover. Beautifully shot and edited, the film will resonate with you for sure. It only takes a second for things to go out of hands and Arun pulls that off with such perfection. Must watch.

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#CannesFilmFestival is where auteurs, stars, and journalists come together in one rosé-drenched, glamorous crush of humanity. In lieu of this year’s canceled fest, watch these award-winning movies à la maison
Martin Scorsese & Paul Schrader made their careers by diving into the troubled mind of a New York cabbie in 1976’s #TaxiDriver. The harrowing film latches itself onto Travis Bickle’s alienation through urban photography and Bernard Herrmann’s dreamy score
Steven Soderbergh kicked off his filmography with #SexLiesAndVideotape, an impressively controlled study of behavior, unraveling an extramarital affair through the eyes of a man who records interviews with women about their sexual experiences and fantasies
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#PAMFAM at home! Many of us have loved ones who are also fatigued and giving up hope. I'm declaring today #HusbandAppreciationDay in our house, because I know my husband is exhausted & has hit his limit of me saying the words, MOB-TRAITOR-PUTIN-TRANSNATIONAL ORGANIZED CRIME, etc
so off to the store i go to buy some yummy stuff to cook for dinner.
and then we are going to watch #BlacKkKlansman and drink wine and eat popcorn because that is a food pairing I can get behind.
And I will promise not to talk about the mob or Russian Active Measures during the movie. WHICH WILL BE REALLY HARD FOR ME.
BECAUSE....I've been spending time up in this Wilderness of Mirrors:
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Would pay to read a good essay (or tweet thread) about Spike Lee’s relationship with Black vernacular. Because y’all.
(Or maybe this is just another manifestation of the way that, as his career has progressed, few of his characters feel like plausible human beings?)
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There are two great guests on this week's 200th episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show. Kevin Willmott, who is one of the writers of .@JordanPeele .@spikelee's new film #BlacKkKlansman shares his thoughts on Trump and America's national derangement.…
Professor .@JoeFeagin is the second guest on this week's show. He is one of the world's leading experts on race and social inequality. He and I discuss the myth of Trump's "white working class" voters, liberal racism, and why white "millennials" may be as racist as their parents
At the end of this week's 200th episode I ponder if Daryl Davis, a black man who befriends white supremacists is gullible and being played or if his approach to countering hate may make actually good sense.
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