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Today is the Memorial of St. Agnes, which makes it the perfect time for us to consider how we think about and approach women in the space of #CatholicTwitter and beyond. She embodies a Christianity that acknowledges both the agency and honor of women. /1
Agnes lived at the end of the 3rd century. She was a teenager, sought after because of her beauty, but her commitment to Christ made her refuse to be reduced to an instrument for the desires of men. She knew her true identity was as one made in the image and likeness of God. /2
There were men who sought to exploit her in either direction. Some wanted to marry her and shield her like a delicate flower. Others wanted to use her and rob her of her chastity. She had no interest. This angered both the self-righteous and unrighteous men in equal measure. /3
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A video has surfaced from a #Christmas concert, held in the #Vatican this past week.
Italian journalist @MarcoTosatti claims the indigenous woman explaining how those in the Amazon view the sacredness of “Mother Earth”, is once more referencing the #pachamama.
Here is referenced, @MarcoTosatti’s report:…
This seems to continue a trend of public events sponsored by the Vatican that include references to “Mother Earth”, and which have been reported by many outlets, since the opening ceremonies of the #AmazonSynod included this ritual in the #Vatican gardens, this past October.
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On this thread I have questions for those who advocate for dual procession of the Holy Spirit (Filioque) so if you have any Roman Catholic buddies feel free to mention them.

Starting with 1. Was the Holy Spirit involved in begetting Christ?


2. Is Jesus the Father?


#CatholicTwitter #catholic
3. was the Father imperfect to cause the Holy Spirit?


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Some things that REALLY need to be cleared up about #TheNativity #Nativity #NativityScene and the #Christmas story


1. #Mary was a consecrated virgin to the Lord. She was a handmaid (Psalm 116:16) who served in the Temple while young.
2. She had finished her service there, and #Joseph and she married, but were never going to consummate the marriage. She was dedicated/consecrated to God. It was a Josephite marriage for their mutual benefit and protection.
3. This is why Mary is confused at the #Annunciaton, when the angel told her she would conceive a son. She was a young, healthy married woman about to enter her husband's home. Mary wasn't dumb. She knew how babies are made. Yet she's confused about how she'll have a baby.
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Oz #CatholicTwitter, The Secretary of @ACBC1 told Catholics they can be Freemasons but for some reason, didn't want us to know about it.
Bishops’ permission for Freemasonry was hiding in plain sight…
#auspol #infiltration
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#BREAKING: @SpeakerPelosi references #Catholicism in her latest presser.

Her claims to #Catholicism are similar to that of @JoeBiden’s—As @cardinalrlburke explains, Both are no longer #Catholic. They’ve been excommunicated Latæ Sententiæ (automatically).

#Pelosi #Impeachment
NB: @SpeakerPelosi and @JoeBiden have been warned, both privately and publicly about their status as excommunicated from the #CatholicChurch multiple times.

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Thread (should anyone care to read:
1/ I too have been guilty of pride in recent weeks in regards to #CatholicTwitter. It’s not surprising given what is happening, and the internet has made many things possible such as daily instant communication to the world. It makes it
2/ that someone like me (an adult concert in Germany that received baptism in my 34th year) to talk to the world about my newfound faith and share it with you and with anybody who is interested. This is especially nice because the average churchgoer doesn’t go too deeply into the
3/ faith. My experiences on twitter have been a mix of wonder, surprise, anger, frustration, and joy. I would say personally I lean towards conservatism (conserving as much of the beautiful traditions of the church as we can), but I learned that Novus ordo and trad Catholic were
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As many are weighing in on the decision of a #Catholic priest to deny @JoeBiden Holy Communion, note that @cardinalrlburke was interviewed in August on this very question. (Thread)

#CatholicTwitter #JoeBiden…
Catholics believe that the Eucharist is the True Presence of Jesus (John 6). @cardinalrlburke said, in his interview, this is not a punishment but a favor to people, like @JoeBiden, to be denied Holy Communion because of what St Paul warns of in 1 Cor 11:27.

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THREAD / Reasons why #FEMINISM is #misogyny, pt. I. Condemned by the Church in Arcanum 1880, in Casti Connubii 1930 and in Humanae Vitae 1968. #CatholicTwitter #AgainstFeminism
(I will not address here the Feminism of Vladimir Lenin, nor the so-called “New Feminism” of martyr St. Teresa Benedicta and JPII. I will confine myself to American Feminism in its 1-3rd waves particularly starting with the Declaration of Sentiments 1848)
(Moreover, since this is a historical argument, there are always outliers and exceptions to dominant cultural mores. Idiosyncratic counter examples will not address these points, nor will anything less than rational debate.)
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Someone called me a hypocrite for being #Prolife since I had an abortion. I understand why she would view me this way. I’ve often thought that about myself but that belief is not from God, but the evil one who wants nothing more than to drive us into despair and self loathing (1)
My story is not unlike many other #postabortive women. I was sexually abused as a young girl, raped repeatedly by a child abuser and never learned the proper order of love and sexuality. Being sexually active seemed normal. All of this was kept secret for many, many years. (2)
I went to a very progressive all girls school. Getting pregnant only left me with one option; abortion, or so I thought. Abortion only added more trauma to an already harsh childhood. I wanted to die or drown somehow. Since dying wasn’t an option ( I tried twice) (3)
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Welcome! Come on in, let’s get ready to pray. Rosary begins @ 8:30pm CST.

“The Rosary is the ‘weapon’ for these times.”
— Padre Pio

To post prayer intentions ->

#CatholicTwitter #PraytoEndAbortion and the whole culture of death
We are in a spiritual war so we’ll be using the intentions given by St John Paul II, originally for the Divine Mercy devotion and aimed at ending the culture of death.

Re the Divine Mercy & abortion:
These are Pope St John Paul II’s 5 special intentions which we’ll be using in the Rosary thread, one for each mystery, specifically aimed at ending abortion & the culture of death.

Read more:
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Attempts by many faithful Catholic leaders to shoehorn Pope Francis’s blatantly heretical statements into conformity with orthodoxy are not only devoid of the true charity and justice owed to the Pope, but are directly uncharitable and unjust in regard to the faithful. (Thread)
We all agree it would be profoundly unjust and uncharitable to simply /presume/ that Pope Francis holds to heresy, and seek to enact any penalty against him (setting aside for the moment his lack of an early superior) without ensuring he does in fact hold to heresy!
HOWEVER, anyone who is intellectually honest would agree that the benefit of the doubt cannot be applied infinitely, but must have an end point where the doubt is found justified or unjustified. The question is where this end point is and what it looks like.
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I know this is uncomfortable. I know this isn’t an easy thing to talk about. But we can’t let our discomfort scare us away from seeking solutions from a foundation of truth. This is primarily a homosexual pederasty problem. We cannot hide from this in the Church any longer.
Also, I need to note as well that we need to consider per capita numbers here to get a real picture.
23% of the cases being heterosexual in nature SOUNDS like a decent chunk of the problem. And of course in raw numbers it is significant and must also be combatted in a different manner.
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THREAD : Hello #CatholicTwitter ! A small experiment in the history of moral theology. Let us take a step back from the discussion of the #deathpenalty, and discuss, well, hmm…, #wifebeating
1/ For the greatest part of the history of the Western Church, at least from the middle ages until the 19th century, theologians and canonists have unanimously acknowledged the ius correctionis of husbands over their wives, including beating (verberatio).
2/ This was seen as part of wider ius correction in economic communities (such as the family) justifying also correction of slaves and children.
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