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@lesliekean on @TOEwithCurt

Starts off with a clip. I'm sure we'll get context later on and she's just stating a theory or what somebody else believes.

"Basically, we're not at the top of the food…
2 Kean on TOE continued.

CJ: Were there elements you had to leave out of the 2017 story?

There always are. Spoke to Fravor for hours in DC with Helene. Wanted to include more about what they learned about UFOs. Story was about AATIP existed. (Semivan disagrees. He thinks NYT……
3 More of Leslie on TOE...

Now we have USG acknowledging it.

We don't have the answers but lots of interesting cases and history. Hard to imagine that all these cases can all be explained by some conventional explanation.

Lue said the public has seen 10% of the data bc it's……
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Aliens and Religion: Catholic Edition Thread 🧵

Taylor Marshall (note: he is in impaired communion with the Church) claims UFOs and aliens are demons. But what does Catholicism teach?…

#CatholicTwitter #catholic #ufotwitter #uaptwitter
here are divisions within each faith and sub-groups of faith, but there are growing voices in more conservative branches of Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism that believe UFOs are demons. Image
The trend is an outgrowth of John Keel's thesis from Operation Trojan Horse, which pointed out that encounters with aliens match stories of historical tales of demons and other supernatural creatures. They come across as either outright evil or liars.
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1 Here's a video edit (it's not perfect) of the relevant, #UAP/#UFO segments from today's WH press briefing, with Q&A. I also did a transcript. #ufotwitter #uaptwitter

Jean-Pierre (I didn't include this in the edit but it's in the first tweet below): "I just wanted to make sure……
2 Kirby: "from an interagency effort and to see what...if other, improvements [we] might need to make. Look, just by adapting the way the radar parameters are set (Can you say, @ChrisKMellon? ~Joe), we have improved our ability to detect.
3 Kirby: "And again, I said that could be one reason why we're seeing more."

Reporter: "My understanding is that the top officials in the Pentagon, when asked explicitly if they were ruling out any kind of extraterrestrial presence, said they weren't ruling anything out.
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1) Wow!

Part 1 - Press Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and Pentagon Press Secretary, John F. Kirby.

I'll ignore the ET joke and laughter at the top. JFC.

2:58-3:49 Kirby: "The president also instructed the intelligence community to take a……
2) Biden conducted a briefing on UAP in June of 2021? This was him on May 22nd, 2021
3) Kirby Pt. 2: Media Q & A

#uaptwitter #ufotwitter #balloongate #Balloon

5:45-6:26 Why are we seeing more? Filters & gains of radar capabilities have been modified to look more discreetly at high-altitude, small, radar cross section & low-speed objects.

9:22-9:59 Kirby……
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1 #ufotwitter "The U.S. Air Force general overseeing North American airspace said on Sunday after a series of shoot-downs of unidentified objects that he would not rule out aliens or any other explanation yet, deferring to U.S. intelligence experts.…
2 "Asked whether he had ruled out an extraterrestrial origin for three airborne objects shot down by U.S. warplanes in as many days, General Glen VanHerck said: 'I'll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out. I haven't ruled out anything.'
3 "'At this point we continue to assess every threat or potential threat, unknown, that approaches North America with an attempt to identify it,' said VanHerck, head of U.S. North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and Northern Command.
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1 From @helenecooper in today's NYT. A new report is due to Congress on Monday? #ufotwitter #uaptwitter

"There were multiple theories abounding in Washington as to the provenance of the objects, but several Biden administration officials cautioned that much remained unknown
2 "about the last two objects shot down. The United States has long monitored U.F.O.s that enter American airspace, and officials believe that surveillance operations by foreign powers, weather balloons or other airborne clutter may explain most recent incidents of
3 "unidentified aerial phenomena — government-speak for U.F.O.s — as well as many episodes in past years.

"However, nearly all of the incidents remain officially unexplained, according to a report made public in 2021.
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#ufotwitter #uaptwitter "Not even the pilots, apparently, were able to identify what they saw." The F-35 pilots, "have given very conflicting accounts of what they actually experienced, with some pilots saying that the object interfered with the plane's sensors (Like Tehran 1976……
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Here are Larry Lemke’s thoughts on the object being shot down today. #ufotwitter #uaptwitter…
Larry’s LinkedIn.…
3 “The UFO interests of Larry Lemke”…
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No matter the origin, this one is already better than the Chinese balloon story. #ufotwitter #uaptwitter
2 "ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz first reported that when fighters were scrambled, the pilots did visuals, got images and said there was no sign the object had propulsion."
3 "Asked if was 'balloon-like,' the official said, 'All I say is that it wasn't 'flying' with any sort of propulsion, so if that is 'balloon-like' well -- we just don't have enough at this point.'"
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1 #ufotwitter #uaptwitter - Episode 2 of, "Weaponized."

"John “Guts” Gutierrez is an active duty Navy Commander having served for 17 years, initially as a helicopter pilot deployed all over the world, and credentialed as an Aviation Safety Officer. He’s a graduate of the
2 "U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis and has a personal passion for the UAP mystery. In this episode of WEAPONIZED, Jeremy & George talk with John about his life and personal perspective on the current, global UAP mystery.
3 "They also talk in-depth about the now famous UFO swarm event series that occurred off the coast of California in 2019."

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1 #ufotwitter #uaptwitter #ufo

This is currently being discussed and I realized I never transcribed it word for word.

@Eyes_OnTheSkies (CG): "If you were a civilian scientist and could place a limited amount of sensor systems around the globe, where would you focus on
2 CG: "placing them, in order to capture data on UAP?"

Lue: "So, I will share something with you...I won't go into too much detail, but we're looking at that right now. And you'd be's a lot easier than you might think.
3 Lue: "You might not even need a whole bunch of sensors. You might need just one. And you might need to know where to put it and then how to corroborate that data with other data. I'm going to do a very polite pass on that because my hope is that,
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🚨🚨 Soviet General Alexejev claimed contact with UFO/UAP was achieved with the help of physical indications of behaviour —

A thread 1/x

(#UFOTwitter #UFO #UFOs #UFOSightings #UAPTwitter #UAPs #UAP)
“I know a whole number of military bases in that category. As a rule they are objects of strategic significance, rocket complexes, scientific test establishments, in other words the places where there is a high concentration of advanced science and, to some degree, danger.”
“Because every nuclear rocket, every new airforce installation represents a breakthrough both in science and in military terms; it is first and foremost a peak, the summit of human achievement. And that is where UFOs appeared fairly often.”
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This is disclosure of everything from immortality (Conciousness after death), time travel, remote viewing, ESP, non human entities and the fact that we live in a holographic matrix.

Straight from the US Army via a CIA document release.

#UFOtwitter #UAPtwitter
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The Hidden Human History - Atlanteans to current.

Source: Russian NKVD Documents on Project Orion…
#UFOtwitter #UAPtwitter
This data can be validated by researching topics such as "Hyperborean", "Atlantis", "Vimana", "Manetho Manuscript"

The data never stops coming.
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ℹ️ Since a lot of new followers aren't aware of the controversial MJ12 documents, and their significance - I decided to do a thread 👇

🧵 1/x

(#UFOTwitter #UFO #UFOs #UFOSightings #UAPTwitter #UAPs #UAP)
In 1984, Jaime Shandera rec'd a pkg w/ a roll of 35mm film. It had an Albuquerque, NM postmark & had a TOP SECRET briefing paper 4 Eisenhower. It warned of an alien crash near Roswell, NM in 1947 & listed 12 influential US scientists, military & intel advisors.


Pres. Truman to Sec. Forrestal, 24 Sept. 1947: Proceed with 'Operation Majestic-12'. No hint at what it is.

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1/5 🧵
“We now have the technology to take ET back home”
- Ben Rich

This quote has been taken out of context for many years within the UFO community. Steve Justice worked with Ben Rich, listen to what he has to say about the famous quote.

#ufotwitter #uaptwitter #UFOs #ufo
At the end of his presentation he showed his final slide, a picture of a disk-shaped craft – the classic “flying saucer” – flying into a partly cloudy sky with a burst of sunlight in the background and he gave his standard tagline. It was a joke he had used...
in numerous presentations since 1983 when Steven Spielberg’s "E.T. the Extraterrestrial," a film about a young boy befriending a lost visitor from space and helping the alien get home, had become the highest-grossing film of all-time. Rich apparently decided to capitalize...
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UM - Berkshires UFO Part 1 👽

Sept 1, 1969. Residents of Berkshire County, MA witnessed a large UFO in the night sky and some were abducted and experienced missing time. This is a must watch for anyone interested in the UFO topic.

4 Part Video 🧵

#ufotwitter #uaptwitter #UFO
UM - Berkshires UFO Part 2 👽

4 Part Video 🧵
UM - Berkshires UFO Part 3 👽

4 Part Video 🧵
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An Anonymous leak of alleged TR-3B photos. Unknown location and date. They were supposedly found on Instagram according to the Reddit post.
Last couple of image's in the set.


#UFOtwitter #UAPtwitter
Another researcher located the original source of the photos:…

Sighting occured Feb 18th, 2019 in Orlando Florida and was photographed by researcher "JP" and was looked into by @MichaelSalla

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UM - Alien Beings Part 1 👽🛸

An entire episode dedicated to Aliens & UFOs. Covering historic cases and The Allagash Abductions. Great recap episode if you missed the others. Featuring Bob Lazar, George Knapp and John Mack.

5 Part Video 🧵

#ufotwitter #uaptwitter #UFO
UM - Alien Beings Part 2 👽🛸

5 Part Video 🧵
UM - Alien Beings Part 3 👽🛸

5 Part Video 🧵
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Here's a clear description of UAP's using Metric Engineering - from 1956. Nothing fundamentally new has been revealed to the public since the 1950's.…

#ufotwitter #uaptwitter
Most of the major themes and high-level ideas about what we know today about UAP's was already known by approximately 1958. The terminology is different, and in '58 only a tiny collection of dedicated researchers knew about some of the wilder stuff. Very little new has surfaced.
In many ways we actually know less about the phenomenon than researchers and even the general public knew in the 50's.
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The "Working Group" kept the subject of UAP's and C/R's (Crash Retrievals) in the public eye for decades: Dr. Edward Teller created Lazar in the 80's. And Dr. Vannevar Bush pushed his associates from the war to help reveal the Aztec C/R to Scully.

#ufotwitter #uaptwitter
They would bypass national security and just force it into the public realm. That's how powerful MJ-12 was.
There was an intelligence force behind these operations: MAJIC or "Majestic Intelligence Controlled"
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To avoid mass ontological shock and cognitive dissonance causing a partial collapse scenario, they're extraordinarily slowly spreading out Disclosure over many decades. We'll likely be 20-30 years older before much more significant info is released.

#ufotwitter #uaptwitter
However, it's relatively easy to get 10-30 years ahead just by investing the time and energy into researching the topic yourself.
As far as I can tell through public record crawls, this acclimation effort started around mid to late 1949.
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The Phantom does not seem to be insects, birds, aircraft, nor artillery.

What exactly could produce those ‘phantom’ streaks reported in the recent Ukrainian UAP Paper by Dr. Zhilyaev et al. ?

#ufotwitter #uaptwitter
2/ To replicate the observation a Canon 60D was used with 14mm f 2.0 Samyang lens - shooting HD video at 50 fps with 1/1000s in morning daylight. This was the technique outlined by the authors to me via email and mentioned in their paper.
3/ No objects were filmed that caused a motion blur matching the Phantom streaks with a 1/1000 s shutter speed. This included insects flying close to the lens as well as birds. Everything was clearly identifiable with clear details of wings, ect see below: Two BirdsInsect
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The supposed Roswell craft (illustrated by Kevil D. Randle and others) looks totally badass. I could see this shape being quite inspirational to aircraft engineers in the late 40's/50's. (Thanks @xExist)

#ufotwitter #uaptwitter Image
It was said to have been constructed of incredibly lightweight material.
Sorry meant "Kevin D. Randle" (typo). Maybe Musk can finally give us the ability the fix typos in tweets.
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