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This is #ChristianNationalism and its logical end is #Christofascism. The three largest Christian curricula in the US are riddled with it. This is also the prevailing ideology spread through large conservative Christian organizations such as @TGC.

You can read further about ACE in my own threads on my fundamentalist upbringing. The desire to reshape the United States by putting Christians back in power guided my entire education.

And of course, @Antichristofa is exposing how these ideologies are infiltrating he halls of power via Bible studies. No, really. They have receipts on who and where, too.

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I think absolute experiences are rare. I certainly had a lot positive that I *could* say, but there’s a combination of factors enabling that: Circumstance, my privilege, and the fact that many people at least *think* they’re doing right.


...there are three major themes to the hashtag that are really what it’s about. Let’s be real, over the years you attend school, there’s almost always good *and* bad. The question is what general conditions are acceptable for children’s education.

1a. Many Christian schools use curricula that teach patent falsehoods (#ChristianAltFacts) that will hinder children’s ability to easily transition to higher education or make informed decisions as participants in a pluralistic, democratic society.

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Friday night #Exvangelical thread

"The Remedy For Racism"
"Christian Supremacy Fixes White Supremacy, Amirite"
I have some new followers thanks to kind boosts by @JTReese89 and @c_stroop, so I'm going to reintroduce myself.

I'm an #exvangelical agnostic Christian (I follow Jesus and I'm comfortable being uncertain whether there's a God or gods).

I write about evangelicals in politics.
Specifically, I write about one relatively-unknown Evangelical with an outsize influence in politics: Ralph 'Ralphie' Drollinger, founder of "Capitol Ministries", a #Christofascist organization aiming to convert elected officials to fundamentalism, both US & worldwide.
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I did a poll a few weeks back and this essay was the top vote-getter, so today let's come to grips with the religion of Fundamentalism and look at one of Ralphie's most infamous essays: "Coming To Grips With The Religion of Environmentalism"…
This essay was first brought to my attention by @ReaderAdrift who provides a concise summary and warning here.
This is one of the many essays where Ralphie ignores his own statements on "I don't write policy, I win hearts for Christ" and directly instructs lawmakers on how they should vote on key issues if they want to be good Christians. Ralphie is but God's chosen messenger.
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Thread - Take Action Against #Christofascism

I'm going to collect some actionable next steps below. Please chime in with your suggestions, resources, people to follow, etc. We are collectively stronger than any of us alone. Scroll to bottom on linked threads for latest updates.
First - review the info in this must-read thread by @C_stroop and #grabyourwallet to make sure you’re not accidentally supporting CapMin in their stated goal of recruiting lawmakers from every country, state, and province on Earth.
Second - read and learn more about Christofascism and its pushers:
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