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Part 2

Im not accusing anyone of anything.

This is purely admiration of Art and symbolism..


The Mill

Das Kauffee Haus

To get up to speed 👇
Here is an interesting cafe.

Das Kaffehaus

Surely that hand signal is just art.. right
What’s in the display cabinet out the front?

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Carlo Spinola S. J., born 1564 in Madrid, Spain, entered the novitiate in December 1584, was ordained a priest in 1594, and served parishes in Cremona until, in 1596, he was appointed to the missions in Japan. #CarloSpinola #September11 Image
2. His journey was marked by shipwrecks and delays.

He had studied Japanese before going to Kyoto where he was minister at the Jesuit College,and a teacher of mathematics and astronomy. For 12 years, he ministered to the growing Christian community in Japan. #CatholicChurch
3. In 1614, all foreign missionaries were banished so Blessed Carlo went into hiding, eluding capture for four years.

After being arrested in 1618, he, together with Brother Ambrose Fernandes and their catechist, John Chogoku, were imprisoned for 4 years
#Jesus #Christian
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1. St Solomon Leclercq (born Guillaume-Nicolas-Louis) is a French Lasallian martyr (1745-1792).

Born in November 1745, he joined the brothers of the Christian schools in 1767 and received the name Br. Solomon.

#StSolomonLeclercq Image
2. After a number of years teaching mathematics, he was appointed as the secretary to the Superior General, Brother Agathon, in 1778.

At the time of the French Revolution he refused to take the oath of allegiance. He
#FrenchRevolution #history #persecution of #CatholicChurch
3. was arrested on August 15, 1792 and executed at the Carmelite convent on September 2 with 188 companion martyrs, including a hundred priests who refused to take the oath to the Civil Constitution of the Clergy.
Brother Solomon was beatified in 1926 and canonised in 2016.
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1. Georg Häfner, born 1900 in Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany, died on August 20, 1942 in the Dachau concentration camp. He was a German Catholic priest and member of the Carmelite Third Order.
Bl. #GeorgHafner #Aug20
#Carmelite Image
2. His beatification took place in 2011.

Bl. Georg was chaplain in Kothen and revealed himself as a persistent opponent of National Socialism while he was pastor of Oberschwarzach from 1934 to 1941. That is why he was sent to Dachau concentration camp in 1941
3. where he died of starvation and disease. Having held on unwaveringly to his steadfast #Christian conviction until the end, Blessed Georg's death at the hands of the Nazis was judged to be out of "hatred for the faith" and his has been considered a matryr's death.
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Seeing as he is currently suffering poor health, we thought we might tweet a classic:

Traditionalists, Infallibility and the Pope (1995, 2006)
by @frcekada:…
The very men who appear to possess authority in the
Church teach errors and impose harmful laws.
How reconcile this with infallibility?
"If you now assist regularly at the traditional Latin Mass, it is because you concluded at some point that the old Mass and doctrines were Catholic and good, while the new Mass and modern teachings, somehow, were not.
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Please keep on praying for the beatification of Servant of God Cardinal Emile Biayenda. 🙏🙏🙏

(Details in the comment section) Image
1. Cardinal Emile Biayenda's
views on several issues were critical of the country’s #government.

Such opposition strained the relationship between the church and the state, leading to the state dissolving Catholic-backed organisations #Church #history #Christian
2. while mission schools were taken over and some church leaders were jailed, exiled or forced to operate clandestinely.

Then and after the subsequent change of government, Cardinal Biayenda continued to speak out against state injustices and persecution.

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There is a reason why #JimmySavile was protected.
There is a reason why #RolfHarris was protected.
There is a reason why #JeffreyEpstein was/is protected.
There is a reason why #PrinceAndrew is protected.
There is a reason why the #CatholicChurch pedophiles are protected.
There is a reason why Pakistani grooming gangs are protected.
There is a reason why the #Vatican is protected.
There is a reason why world politicians are protecting pedophiles.
There is a reason why the courts are protecting pedophiles.
There is a reason why Hollywood actors are protected.
There is a reason why they allow pedophiles to live near schools.
There is a reason why child trafficking makes more money then drugs.

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Hi Folks! I'm still on break. However, I have received lots of messages & emails over the past few days requesting scholarly book & article recommendations to help contextualize the contemporary moment re: the #CatholicChurch & #BLM. So, here you go:
The story of the rise & fall of the #FederatedColoredCatholics of the US-esp. the clerical supplanting of Black lay leader Dr. Thomas W. Turner-is ESSENTIAL reading for these times. Start w/ Marilyn Nickels & David Southern. Links are provided below. #BlackCatholicHistoryMatters
1. David Southern, *John LaFarge and the Limits of Catholic Interracialism,* 1996. (esp. chapters 5 & 6)…

2. Marilyn Nickels, *Black Catholic Protest and the Federated Colored Catholics,* 1988.…

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@CTIserbyt Charlotte Iserbyt is an unsung American hero! Wanna know how US education is the way it is today-w/ remote learning now being pushed? Wasn't by accident. (Link @ bottom)

Iserbyt was "in the belly of the beast" when the changes began. She was Education Senior Policy
Adviser to Pres. Reagan in 1980 when these plans to change US education fell into her lap- by the hand of God, she says. She was horrified by what she read- how academics was going to be changed into performance-based learning. Learn about the "Values Clarification" in schools,
operant conditioning applied to manipulate students, why school consolidations were done (supposedly to "save $$"), the destruction of children's values, why computers were brought in, who was behind this effort to install the Marxist system, etc. In fact, she was alarmed when
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1. St Walthen (Waltheof) was second son of Simon, Earl of Huntingdon, and Maud, daughter to Judith, niece of William the Conqueror. The consideration of the snares of the world led him to his religious profession
#StWalthen #UK Image
2. among the regular canons of St Austin, St Oswald’s monastery at Nostel, near Pontefract in Yorkshire. Here he lived concealed from the world, in the company of his crucified Jesus.

After some time he was promoted to the holy order of priesthood. Walthen then took the habit
3. at Wardon, a Cistercian convent in Bedfordshire.
Four years after his profession Walthen was chosenAbbot of Melross, a great monastery in the marches of Scotland, on the river Tweed.

In a famine which happened in 1154, he and his monks contented themselves with half their
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1. Bl. Everald was born Northamptonshire, educated at Cambridge, and his brother William, who had become a priest in 1579 tried to convert him, but in vain until a sharp attack of illness made him enter into himself.
Bl. #EveraldHanse Image
2. He then went over to Reims (1580-1581),was ordained, and returned but his ministry was very short.

In July he was visiting in disguise some Catholic prisoners in the Marshalsea, when the keeper noticed that his shoes were of a foreign make.
#CatholicChurch #CatholicTwitter
3. He was then closely examined and discovered as a priest.

As yet there was no law against priests, and to satisfy the hypocritical professions of the government's persecutors, it was necessary to find some treason of which he was guilty.

#history #secular #government
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1. In the early morning hours of July 28, 1981, Fr Stanley Rother was murdered in the rectory of the church of Santiago Atitlan in Guatemala.
#Blessed #StanleyRother #July28 #OTD #CatholicChurch #Christian #history Image
2. The church in this picturesque town had been adopted as a mission by Fr Rother’s Diocese of Oklahoma City-Tulsa. For Fr Rother,who was especially good at learning languages, his first challenge was to master the Mayan dialect of the Tzutuhil people. Having passed this hurdle
3. he quickly won their trust and respect by his complete dedication to the needs of the community. The pastoral work alone was almost overwhelming – sacraments, the training of catechists, the constant visits to the sick, providing food and medicine and other help. Sunday
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2371 “Let all be convinced that human life and the duty of transmitting it are not limited by the horizons of this life only:

their true evaluation and full significance can be understood only in reference to MAN’S ETERNAL DESTINY.

(#Catechism #CatholicChurch) #God #ProLife

2370 ...the innate language that expresses the total reciprocal self-giving of husband and wife is overlaid, through contraception, by an objectively contradictory language, namely, that of not giving oneself totally to the other...
3. ...This leads not only to a positive refusal to be open to life but also to a falsification of the inner truth of conjugal love, which is called upon to give itself in personal totality... (#Catechism of the #CatholicChurch) #life #OpennessToNewLife #NoArtificialContraception
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In my bed at night I sought him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, and I found him not.

I will rise, and will go about the city: in the streets and the broad ways I will seek him whom my soul loveth, and I found him not.
(Song of Songs 3:1-4 #HolyMass #StMaryMagdalene) #Bible
2. The watchmen who keep the city, found me: Have you seen him, whom my soul loveth?

When I had a little passed by them, I found him whom my soul loveth: I held him: and I will not let him go (SS3:1-4) ~ DouayRheims #Bible #BibleVerses #SongOfSongs
3. [Chapter 3 of the "Canticle of Canticles" in the Douay Rheims Bible is headed: "The spouse seeks Christ. The glory of his humanity."

From the footnotes: "Chap.3. ver.1. 'In my bed at night, &c.'
The Gentiles as in the dark, and seeking in heathen delusion
#God #BibleStudy
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If you cannot look at darkness & evil in the world you will not be able to “see” the agenda behind #COVID & #Agenda2030 that is running under it. If you can’t question dogma or doctrine you will not see the #Psyop of Covid. Here are some things that cause you to be #Covidblind.
If you can’t look at #pedophilia or the mass molestation & child rapes that took place at the #CatholicChurch, you will not see Covid. If you can’t see that #Hollywood is not here to entertain us but to indoctrinate & brainwash us & to normalize immorality you won’t see Covid.
If you can’t see that #BigPharma makes billions by promising cures & good health but also systematically destroying it so you will need to keep coming back to them, you will not “see” Covid. If you think a vaccine is the answer to returning to normal, you are #covidblind.
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1. St Henry the Pious was born in 972. Educated by St Wolfgang, bishop of Ratisbon, he became emperor in 1002. By the assiduous practice of humiliations, prayer, and pious meditation, he maintained in his heart the spirit of humility
#StHenryII Image
2. and holy fear, and was enabled to bear the tide of prosperity and honour with a constant evenness of temper, being sensible of the end for which alone he was exalted by God to the highest temporal dignity.

He vanquished the conquering Saracens, and drove them out of Italy.
3. Despite his acquired disability, he continued to travel around his dominions to promote piety, enrich all the churches, relieve the poor, make a strict inquiry into all public disorders and abuses, and prevent unjust usurpations and oppressions.
#CatholicChurch #Disability
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1. St John Jones was born in Clynnog Fawr in Caernarfonshire (Gwynedd) into a courageous Catholic family who remained faithful to the #Church even at the height of the Protestant Reformation.
#StJohnJones #Wales #Welsh #martyr #SaintOfTheDay Image
2. When John was a boy he entered a strict Observant Franciscan friary at Greenwich.

When it was dissolved in 1559 [by the Protestant forces] he moved to Pontoise, where he professed his vows. He later travelled to Rome and stayed at the Aracoeli friary.
#Greenwich #London
3. While in Rome John joined the Roman province of the Reformati, a yet stricter branch of the Friars Minor.

In 1591 he asked to join the English Mission. Despite the evident risk to his life, his superiors agreed. He received a blessing and commendation from Pope Clement VIII.
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The Lord hath reigned, he is clothed with beauty: the Lord is clothed with strength..

For he hath established the world which shall not be moved.

Thy testimonies are become exceedingly credible: holiness becometh thy house, O Lord, unto length of days. (Ps92:1,5) ~ DR #Bible
(#HolyMass #July11 #ResponsorialPsalm) ~ Douay Rheims Bible
"He hath established the world which shall not be moved" (Ps92[93]:1b, DR #Bible) - and Copernicus who wrote about the heliocentric universe way before #Galileo was even born, and the #CatholicChurch 's insistence on accurate #science at the time:…
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This looks really bad, but some reasons it's not as bad as you think. #CatholicChurch 1/12
First, it's partially based on the ecclesiological fallacy that there's one big "Roman Catholic Church" with a singular budget and payroll, when legally and financially it operates as a collective of small, often vulnerable parishes and institutions. 2/12
So most of this money went to help keep the pay and healthcare of the largely lay employees of parishes, charities, and schools who suddenly lost most of their donations, not to some bishops sitting back and cackling with a cat on their laps. 3/12
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2nd JULY:

1. St Monegondes was a native of Chartres, and honourably married. She had two daughters, who were the objects of her happiness and most ardent desires in this world. [Both of them died and she succumbed to a
#StMonegondes #Jul2 Image
2. long spell of depression.]
Resolving to bid adieu to this transitory treacherous world, she, with her husband’s consent, built herself a cell at Chartres, in which she shut herself up, serving God in great austerity and assiduous prayer.

She had no other furniture than
3. a mat strewed on the floor on which she took her short repose, and she allowed herself no other sustenance than coarse oat bread with water which was brought her by a servant.

She afterwards removed to Tours, where she continued the same manner of life in a cell which she
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1. St Oliver Plunket - Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland - was born at Loughcrew near Oldcastle, County Meath, Ireland, 1629; he died 11 July, 1681. Ordained to the priesthood in 1654,
#StOliverPlunket #Ireland #SaintofTheDay Image
2. St Oliver was deputed by the Irish bishops to act as their representative in Rome. He was appointed to the primatial see of Armagh, and was consecrated, 30 November 1669, at Ghent, in Belgium, by the Bishop of Ghent.

In March, 1670 he entered on his apostolate in Armagh.
3. From the very outset he was most zealous in the exercise of the sacred ministry. Within three months he had administered the Sacrament of Confirmation to about 10,000 of the faithful. He opened schools, held frequent ordinations, celebrated two Provincial Synods,
#Irish #saint
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1. Bl. #PhilipPowel was born at Tralon, Brecknockshire, 2 February 1594, the son of Roger and Catherine Powel. At the age of 16 he became a student in the Temple, London, but went to Douai four years later,
#EnglishMartyrs #priest Image
2. where he received the Benedictine habit in the monastery of Saint Gregory (now Downside Abbey, Bath).

In 1618 he was ordained priest and in 1622 left Douai for the English mission. In 1645, when the Civil War broke out, he retired to Devonshire.

#England #CatholicChurch
3. He afterwards served for six months as chaplain to the Catholic soldiers in General Goring’s army in Cornwall, and, when that force was disbanded,took ship for South Wales. The vessel was captured on 22 February, 1646. Father Powel was recognised and denounced as a priest.
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I was wondering about praying to Mary and to the saints. God gave us ten commandments and the first of those is ‘thou shalt not have strange gods before me.’
#TenCommandments #Bible
2. Is praying to Mary and the Saints not breaking that Commandment?


The first Commandment as you rightly point out is about worshipping God and Him alone: True worship (as opposed to veneration or honour) does indeed belong to God alone,

#Christianity #CatholicChurch
3. and we should never worship man or any other creature as we worship God.

When we pray to Mary or to the saints, we’re simply asking them to help us, by praying to God on our behalf. We do not worship them. We do not make them God.

#God #prayer #VirginMary #saints #Catholics
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1. Because “John surpasses all the prophets, of whom he is the last”(CCC 523).

He “goes ‘before [the Lord] in the spirit and power of Elijah'”(CCC 696).

#NativityOfStJohnTheBaptist #Jesus Image
2. John the Baptist, "is the Lord’s immediate precursor or forerunner, sent to prepare his way", who "inaugurates the Gospel...from his mother’s womb" (CCC 523)

#Catechism of the #CatholicChurch #StJohnTheBaptist
3. John the Baptist "proclaims the imminence of the consolation of Israel; he is the 'voice' of the Consoler who is coming" (CCC 719).

“With John the Baptist, the Holy Spirit begins the restoration to man of ‘the divine likeness'” (CCC 720).
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