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Another Proud Boy piece of trash is off the streets. According to his logic, anyone who once served in the military has the right to physically attack whomever they want. #ProudBoys #POYB #FAFO…
Let's hope the judge reads this part during sentencing: Image
The jury is not going to like all of that body cam footage of James screaming "I'm military fucking police!" while charging the Capitol Police with a weapon. Image
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Proud Boy Wannabe Andrew Bennett has pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor and was fully cooperative with investigators. #ProudBoys #POYB #FAFO…
He applied to join the Maryland Proud Boys but they never got back to him. So he bought a #FAFO hat and wore it to the insurrection where ... he found out.
Too bad the #ProudBoys never got back to him. The fact that he was "entirely cooperative" with the government's investigation suggests that he would have fit right in. #POYB #FAFO
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Here's how we handle this one:

At least he didn't hire Epstein's attorney using campaign contributions to defend himself for crimes outside his scope of work by sex-trafficking a child and snorting cocaine off of taxpayer paid "consultants".

Fox & the gang of propagandists are attempting to distract from Gaetz’s legal troubles & likelihood he has violated campaign finance laws to defend himself against crimes unrelated to his position.
Also, he's butt hurt. @RepSwalwell
The sources are not exemplary stewards of monetary expenditures.

Hint: Who did Gaetz text after he threatened a witness of the impeachment trial which @RepSwalwell sat on the committee for?
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#Friday #July16th Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories, criminal justice. Relevant news, studies & stories #thread.

Day 5️⃣9️⃣ After Greenberg’s Guilty Plea

Meet #FratPack Member #JasonRoss Image
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Another ProudBoy and (until yesterday) active duty police officer Kevin Tuck has been arrested along with his idiot son (also a Proud Boy). And yes that's a white power sign he's flashing. #POYB #FAFO…
The Proud Boys love to scream about Communism but when arrested they cry to the judge that they are too poor and need to be represented by a public defender. SAD! #POYB #FAFO…
Six of the eight #ProudBoys in this insurrectionist class photo have now been arrested #POYB #FAFO Image
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#CapitolRiot: Alright, with Monday's hearings done, let's take a look at the rest of the week. Tomorrow at 11:30 a.m., Trump-appointee Federico Klein will be back in court. Last month the DOJ said it had extended him a plea offer. No response yet. @wusa9…
#CapitolRiot: Busy day on Wednesday. First, a hearing for Guy Reffitt, an alleged Texas Three Percenter accused of bringing guns to D.C. on January 6 and then of threatening his family if they informed the FBI about his involvement. @wusa9
#CapitolRiot: At the same time as Reffitt, a different judge will hear from Jeffrey McKellop, the former special forces soldier from Virginia accused of throwing a flagpole like a spear at an officer. @wusa9 @EricFlackTV…
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[BREAKING] Proud Boy Gabe Brown has been arrested. He is the second arrest related to attack on the media. #ProudBoys #FAFO #POYB #IAmGabeBrown…
Gabe Brown is a massive loser who hangs out with nazis, skinheads and other assorted trash
Gabe Brown was one of the first to appear on the FBI wanted list. His identity was confirmed immediately which is why #SeditionHunters gave him the hashtag #IAmGabeBrown
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This is a message to those threatening to illegally release or suggest that they'll illegally release *my* sealed Pers Military Records...

Please lookup the National Secrets Act and how it applies to Veterans upon their completion of service before any chuds do anything stupid.
Active duties that may be considering sharing sealed info? National Secrets Act applies to you currently, along with the #NatDefAct violating it could be used as Grounds for your Dishonourable Discharge/"Drum-out" or even potential #Treason charges.

Choose your actions wisely.
One such goof's already committed to writing about me: "...his recruiter should have been shot in the face..."

That was a folly committed by a long-retired Artillery NCM from Quebec.
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1|Deep in the Gaetz-Greenberg web: A tangled tale of money, sex and Florida Republicans

Where do GOP operative Leslie Anne Key and her son — now indicted on sexual abuse charges — fit in the Gaetz mess?

By @ZTPetrizzo…
2|Leslie Anne Key (LA Key), longtime confidante of GOP operative Roger Stone & a business associate to Jacob Engels. Served as Trump campaign co-chair for Seminole County— where, not coincidentally, the tax collector was Joel Greenberg, a longtime associate of Matt Gaetz. ImageImageImage
3|A fervent Donald Trump supporter who got her moment of national exposure last year when she served as a CNN panelist on Alisyn Camerota's "Pulse of the People" series. Image
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1/Greenberg's victim atty:
“Dorworth has a history of hiring local provocateur,” referring to blogger #JacobEngels. Email cited an unrelated defamation suit against Engels-which the atty claimed #ChrisDorworth was the financier of the alleged defamation. By @WFTV h/t @RogerWants
2/ #MattGaetz defended Engels, and like a good the Wingman Greenberg was, he amplified his defense.
3/Engels runs a publication called Central Florida Post. He made FB Live posts about Beute days before Greenberg’s arrest. (See ⬇️ for an into to #JacobEngels)
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"Finley's lawyer, Aaron D. Moss, declined to comment on whether his client is considering a plea deal." These guys are all going to turn on each other. #ProudBoys #FAFO #POYB #NobleRat
Finley, is Black and can be seen in the previous photo flashing the white power hand sign alongside Tarrio who is cuban and part Black. Tarrio is also flashing the same hand sign. Read on for Finley's ridiculous explanation about that.
"When you're a conservative and you hear about a conservative group that's universally hated, you kind of want to investigate. 'Oh, they're white nationalists and they're Nazis,' and shit like that. So, I said, 'Fuck it, I'll apply, and I'll join.'"
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1/ “Happy Mushroom” founder & Syracuse NY #ProudBoy Matthew Greene, charged w/ conspiracy at #CapitolRiots said #Trump was “accelerant” who “preyed” & “incited” to assault cops w/ “incendiary” calls to “fight like hell” to thwart peaceful transition after elections 1/
2/ But govt cited #ProudBoys Greene buying “arsenal” AFTER returning to NY-1000’s of ammo rounds, war gear, gas masks, respirators, 1560 AK-47 rounds, & illegal AK-47 “Mr. Greene equipped himself for heightened violence” after the #CapitolRiots, the govt said Monday in court. 2/
3/ Greene broke NY state gun laws, bought an AR-15, fully loaded, detachable magazines, 2 unregistered handguns, a Colt semi-auto, a Smith & Wesson 9 mm semi-auto hidden in a secret drop-down shelf in a fake bookcase, $2,000 in ammo, 1,560 AK-47 rounds for a AK-47 never found 3/
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Syracuse, NY #ProudBoys Matthew Greene, arrested for conspiracy for his role at the #CapitolRiots, is a U.S. Army combat veteran & "Human Intelligence Analyst" who "led multiple combat operations" in Afghanistan involved "in the kill or capture of 10 High Valued Individuals" 1/ ImageImage
2/ #ProudBoys Matthew Greene deployed to Afghanistan w/ the 1-113 Cavalry, 2/34 Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Iowa Army National Guard in 2010/11. He also is "Chief Technical Officer at "Happy Mushroom" a "revolutionary art studio" that grows shrooms & produces gaming software Image
"Happy Mushroom LLC", founded to "produc(e) mushroom spawns", fired cofounder & #ProudBoy Matthew Green after his FBI arrest on #CapitolRiots conspiracy charges "We are extremely appalled Greene held beliefs so counter to what Happy Mushroom stands for”… ImageImageImage
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🚨NEW: former Navy SEAL Shannon Rusch... brought his SON Trevor to the #Capitol siege.

There is VIDEO. Trevor breached the Capitol carrying a police baton.

Investigative collaboration between us, @1600PennPooch & reporter @KELLYWEILL. THREAD 1/

2/ Yesterday our investigative collaboration revealed that Shannon Rusch, a former SEAL and motivational speaker joined in the #ProudBoys surge to the capitol.

3/ Former SEAL Rusch uses social media a lot.

Including repeatedly posting pictures of himself and his son Trevor, and tagging him, in DC on January 5th...
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BREAKING: former Navy Seal Shannon Rusch joined #ProudBoys as they surged over barricades to the Capitol.


Investigative collaboration between us, @1600PennPooch & reporters @arawnsley & @KELLYWEILL.

Former SEAL Shannon Rusch (BUDs class 236) is a motivational speaker, and writes books like "A Warrior's Mind."
Former SEAL Shannon Rusch is first visible marching with now-arrested #ProudBoys leaders towards the #Capitol.

He carries a megaphone that he uses to lead chants.
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#BeanieGiant is ID'd as #ProudBoy Gregory Kevin Mullin of Roscoe, NY, who assaulted police barricades at #CapitolRiots & vowed to kill Biden "You won’t be laughing when We the People hang Biden & Harris in the streets...then we will come for Soros and the media" #SeditionHunters
2/ "January 6 is our D-Day...we can clean house...all federal politicians massive hangings and heads on pikes" Mullin, who also has ties to #OathKeepers, wrote on Dec 15 on his Parler account #SeditionHunters #ProudBoys #BeanieGiant 2/
Mullins has many social media accounts & doesn't hold back on his #ProudBoy & extremist affiliations. "Join! Go to ProudBoys page on Parler & find your local chapter. Either join or stay out of the way!" His FB page has PB logo as his avatar #SeditionHunters #BeanieGiant
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1/ Update on this story and it's a doozie, (but not a whopper). We don't tell whoppers around here. All of this is true and open-sourced. Marshall left the Infrastructure Ministry after his Proud Boy ties were revealed in this expose:…
2/ His dad (Jim Darbyshire)'s LinkedIn shows he was put in charge of the Toronto Police Public Order Unit - Special Events section AFTER his son participated in and emcee'd a pro-Proud Boys support rally with the JDL in 2017.…
3/ Daddy was also logistics lead at the G20. He has a certificate from the RCMP for ‘Counter-terrorism’ (also 2018). His son was at Queens Park demonstrating with extremists, on behalf of a now designated terror group! Is every journalist in this country asleep at their desks?
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NEW: latest #ProudBoys conspiracy indictment for the #Capitol breach is damning, and shows plenty of planning.

Proud Boys "Chairman" Enrique Tarrio also shows up, and appears to have been briefed on elements the plan.

Quick THREAD 1/
2/ The indictment covers Nov-Dec fundraising & organizing (also covered in superseded indictments) but gets INTERESTING on January 4th...

When #ProudBoys "Chairman" Enrique Tarrio is arrested, accused conspirators panic that communications are compromised & create new channels.
3/ KEY: one of the indicted #ProudBoys posts messages on various PB chats claiming "no plan" [me speculating: meant to confuse listeners?]...

An hour later unindicted co-conspirator 1 ("UCC-1") is busy planning & directing the newly created small group.

Who is this UCC-1?
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here's @ClarkCounty_GOP's fascist sargeant-at-arms doing some casual Holocaust-denial with neo-nazis from the #ProudBoys hate group.

tiny toese: "what are we waiting for? let's make [the Holocaust] happen. round [Jewish people] up."
here's @ClarkCounty_GOP's fascist sargeant-at-arms tiny toese instructing #ProudBoys hate group members on proper pronunciation of the n-word & praising them for saying it. they also make plans to harass black people online.
here's @ClarkCounty_GOP's fascist sargeant-at-arms tiny toese bragging about his years of aggressive violence and his coke habit to neo-nazis & fascists in the #ProudBoys hate group.
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MUST READ: despite open violence, #ProudBoys weren't treated as a serious threat by law enforcement.


Damming article details falsified police reports, personal & financial ties, tacit support & willful ignorance.

By @ddknyt & @alanfeuer
Story:… Description from the story of two incidents of PBs getting sMention of proud boys leader having biz ties with local poliburning of a BLM flagMore descriptions of ties
2/ “They committed violence in public, used videos of that violence to promote themselves for other rallies and then traveled across the country to engage in violence again...How that didn’t attract F.B.I. attention is hard for me to understand.”
- @RethinkIntel “They committed violence in public, used videos of that vi
3/ #ProudBoys' street violence IS their PR strategy.

It perpetuates the myth of constant danger from an adversary that they protect 'us' from.

Which is literally is a page out of the 1920s fascist playbook.

Text: Robert Paxton citing Eve Rosenhaft.
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NEW: #ProudBoys member Christopher Worrell was just arrested for participating in the #Capitol siege... and unloading his pepper spray at the police.

He got 'agitated' when the @FBI first contacted him..

Let me share fact about Chris aka #SgtPepperSprayer...

h/t @ryanjreilly
2/ Worrell was in Forgiato Blow's cringeworthy "We Outside" music video, filmed during the siege (left)

Casting beautiful shade, the @FBI used a still from video in the ID the brand of pepper spray Worrell used (right).

pic from the hip hop videoPic from the FBI documents
3/ Interesting: the charges feature impressive OSINT work by @FBI agent(s) to demonstrate that Worrell's pepper spray was indeed aimed at police.

Charges:… Images of him using pepper spray, alongside ppl around himImages of him using pepper spray, alongside ppl around himImages of him using pepper spray, alongside ppl around himMore pepper spraying pics, and the FBIs conclusion that he w
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BREAKING: @FBI has found contact between a #ProudBoys member and a Trump associate days before the January 6th #Capitol siege.

Scoop: @ktbenner @alanfeuer & @adamgoldmanNYT…
2/ #ProudBoys leader Enrique Tarrio separately told the @nytimes today that he put Roger Stone on speaker at a protest at @marcorubio's house before Jan 6th...

...but a law enforcement official speaking to the times said this was *NOT* the call being scrutinized.
3/ Also: same data hasn't surfaced communication between members of Congress & rioters during #Capitol siege.

...but there are records of communications between far-right extremists & lawmakers that planned to appear at Tump rally that morning.
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Wild story: Meet Kurt Jantz (rap name Forgiato Blow aka 'Donald Trump's Nephew').

By his telling, he's the grandson of Auto Trader's founder.

Jantz flew to DC in a private jet on January 6th... 1/

Pics: Parler, Facebook. ImageImageImage
2/ Jantz and entourage then went to the #Capitol and filmed the pro-Trump "We Outside" rap video restricted grounds.. in the middle of the siege.

Lyrics like:
"my president is Trump never be sleepy Joe.."
"free all my people at last or Imma have to hit em with the gas"" ImageImageImageImage
3/ Jantz jetted home. His spokesperson told @donie @CNN he didn't enter the #Capitol building.

He did keep up the flow of music videos, which bring us to him dancing with Roger Stone at CPAC.

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