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@KYPatriot17 @kyoag
#SayHerName #BreonnaTaylor #BlackLivesMatter
1. 'Maniple Springfield Police Demartment'
Execution Orders for Democide [1 amd.] of Targ.Ind./ MartyrSaint Breonna Taylor

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@KYPatriot17 @kyoag 10h [DonaldTru[mp/e the I/thing/paych]

Aria Democide Breonna Taylor Louisville @LMPD Maniples Joshua Jaymes Jonathan Mattingly ['CoverTom' on James Mattis C.S.S./@CENTCOM for OH Ops Whistleblower Assassination Obfuscation] Cosgrove, Hankison

Petition [dT////]
infrared surveil~ ImageImageImageImage
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A thread to the #Berners.

The Green Party will give you every Policy you want, but it can not defeat Trump & the GOP.
Step 1: Vote out Trump, Make #MAGA, the #whitenationalists, #proudboys, #AndyNgo, Mitch McConnel, #AlexJones, the #fascists, the #Karen’s, #AltRight & conservatives etc cry.
Step 2: Go at Biden hard. Hold him accountable like the left has been incapable of doing to Trump for the past 4 years because Trump will absolutely not hear or listen to the protesters, #Antifa, & #BLM at all.
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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With former #ProudBoy leader Augustus Invictus back in jail on domestic violence charges, we think it's a good time to release this clip of him + Richard Spencer attacking "libertarian" ideas + discussing their ambitions for a global white supremacist order born out of conquest.
For decades white nationalists and now the Alt-Right have presented themselves as "separatists" who simply want a "nation for every race." Cloaked in progressive language borrowed from national liberation struggles, this rhetoric hides a literally global ambition for white rule.
White supremacists like Augustus have also at times painted themselves as "libertarians," even though they state plainly that they completely reject these ideals.
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#FlukeOneFineDay #TeamTarrio



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#ProudBoys just got ran off the streets of New York by a multiracial mass of local antifascists. Still #ProudofyourBoys?
#ProudBoys raise mad $$$ to pay for flights + hotels for their fearless leaders to travel to NYC and get absolutely humiliated. Still #ProudofyourBoys?
We keep each other safe in NYC. #ProudBoys need an armed police escort from multiple police precincts and agencies to and from their little pig pen. Still #ProudofyourBoys?
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As white nationalist "Straight Pride" rally draws close in #Modesto, local #LGBTQIA center targeted by neo-Nazi posters promoting Daily Stormer, less than a month after local #Sikh temple + priest were attacked by man screaming, "Go back to your country!"…
On August 24th, long-time anti-LGBTQ activist Don Grundmann will rally alongside Mylinda Mason, a local GOP organizer and head of California Republican Assembly - Stanislaus. In the past, Mylinda has run for a seat on the @Stanislaus_GOP Central Committee.…
@Stanislaus_GOP Grundmann and Mason's event, according to their website, promotes the "inherent superiority" of "whiteness," the "Caucasian" race, "Western Civilization," and attacks the LGBTQ community as "sodomites" that they are waging a "war" against.
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Stalin purges were about filling all with fear. Splitting people. Making friends disavow friends. Making friends DENOUNCE friends.

Did Democrats impose their will on us? Are we too afraid to support Proud Boys?

Has feminism totally raped the American psyche? Men are not allowed to support other men any longer?

How much do you want to bet that if this group were called the Proud Girls then Republicans would be losing their fucking shit defending them.

But since they're guys, self-defense even against terrorists is not allowed.

How emasculated have Americans become??
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On Charlottesville's anniversary, Unite the Right attendee + Florida Director of Latinos for Trump, Enrique Tarrio with Joe Biggs, led 300 #ProudBoys, white nationalists + III%ers into #Portland - who quickly showed them the door. Thread on what the media's already getting wrong.
First and foremost - the main story that won't be on the front page of every "liberal" or "progressive" newspaper or website tomorrow is simply the depth of how successful the broad antifascist coalition in #Portland was in bringing people out - despite all odds.
Within progressive circles, especially those more tied to the DNC and less to social movements, there is a narrative that antifascists, or antifa, are somehow removed from the broader organizing and mobilization for these large scale events.
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.@charliekirk11 is right. #Antifa is so bad the #proudboys today had to:

-hand to gland combat
-rough up the suspect
-badger the witness
-Box the one eyed champ
-play the 5 on 1
-beat the bishop
-make the bald man cry

Then shook hands with the milkman & left #PortlandProtest
I think there is a reporter out there who can report on #PortlandProtest using all these nuances above in the correct context.
@brooklynmarie ?
Don’t unfollow because of my tweet. It is accurate.
These are the #proudboys.
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Leaders of the #ProudBoys are telling troops in the lead up to a far-Right rally in #Portland on August 17th, ironically against "domestic terrorism," to "tone down" threats of violence + murder on social media in wake of visit from the FBI. A thread.…
After a month of making clear + direct threats of violence + even murder against the public in #Portland, leaders of the #ProudBoys in #Florida are now urging those on the far-Right to "tone down" rhetoric online following a string of mass shootings. Organizer Joe Biggs explains:
#ProudBoys claim to be rallying in #Portland against "domestic terrorism" of antifascists, who have killed no one. Since Unite the Right, which the Proud Boys helped organize and attended, 73 people have been killed by white nationalists + the far-Right.…
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Demand leader of 'Latinos for Trump' Bianca Garcia @FabMAGADiva, denounce + fire Enrique Tarrio, leader of violent far-Right group the #ProudBoys who attended the neo-Nazi rally 'Unite the Right' in Charlottesville + is the current "Director" of Latinos for #Trump in #Florida.
@FabMAGADiva Tarrio attended Unite the Right as part of the Proud Boys "military wing," the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights. He can be seen wearing their "V" patch. FOAK was led by white nationalists Kyle "Based Stickman" Chapman and Augustus Invictus, who was scheduled to speak at the rally.
@FabMAGADiva Tarrio, like rest of the #ProudBoys, celebrates and defends literal fascist violence. Here he is in #DC for the #DemandFreeSpeech rally, sporting the brand, RWDS, which stands for "Right Wing Death Squads." The same brand makes shirts celebrating the murderous dictator Pinochet.
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The trial of two #ProudBoys involved in the #NY9 incident began yesterday.

Defense contended #GavinMcInnes was a satirist whose work was taken out of context.

@ADL dir. @orensegal stated violence is a core tenant of Proud Boys charter.

@RVAwonk @lighttuponlight
2/ In 2017, (during an #IRB approved research project), I sought to probe Gavin’s #altright connections & explore the possibility that the #ProudBoys were a #radicalization vector.

Prior to this I had studied foreign #terrorism.… @JD_JournalDerad
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Our work showing connections between Republicans + #HatePride event planned in #Modesto mentioned in new @thedailybeast article, a must read from @willsommer that features one far-Right organizer sniping at others + also going on an anti-Semitic rant.…
@thedailybeast @willsommer "While Boston Straight Pride Parade at least pretended not to be an attack on gay rights, #Modesto event is clearly a vehicle for racial and homophobic hate. On its website, the group describes homosexuality as “evil,” and adds that it was created in part to defend “whiteness.”'
@thedailybeast @willsommer "But Grundmann said his group doesn’t have anything to do with the Boston Straight Pride march, and criticized their comparative openness to gay rights, which he described as “completely opposite from what we would do.”'
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Ted Cruz, who wants to label people who oppose fascism "terrorists," seen here at a rally with far-Right Oath Keepers militia. Group was part of armed occupation of Malheur in 2016. Participants threatened to kill FBI agents and one militia member was killed by law enforcement.
Should be noted, that there was wide support within some sections of the GOP for the Malheur occupation, and various GOP officials played a role in the armed occupation in various capacities.…
One of the most well known is Nevada Republican state legislator, Michele Fiore, close with Cruz and also the far-Right Oath Keepers militia. Fiore supported the Bundys during their armed standoff and played the role as a negotiator between the FBI and the militia during Malheur.
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Hey Mark,

I respect your work, but when it comes to #ProudBoys you are wrong.

I’ve studied the #ProudBoys and #antifa since 2017.

The concept of a multi-racial white supremacist organization may be hard to understand, but PLEASE ask me before you mainstream them further.

1/ I apologize if that came off stronger than I intended. I mean to say I was where you were in 2017. That is why I began my ethnographic research with them and antfascists. I wanted to see what the reality of being a member was like, apart from media narratives.
2/ And after what I learned, I feel obligated to warn others about.

They are a violent crypto fascist extremist organization.

They are a radicalization vector.

They reframe their extremism as an assertion of masculinity, which allows them to reach a broader contingent of ppl.
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In the last few months, propelled into the spotlight by far-Right media like InfoWars, a collection of Alt-Right, neo-Nazi, and Proud Boy groups have set their sites on attacking #dragqueenstoryhour - with some groups now even pushing for doxxing parents.…
#dragqueenstoryhour is a non-profit of over 35 chapters across the US and made up of volunteers who are trained and given background checks. The goal of the group is to create a space of tolerance and acceptance that they hope will translate into future generations making change.
One volunteer said of the group: “This year we celebrated 50 years of Pride, and knowing that there [are] so many drag queens, to many transgenders, so many lesbians, so many gay people getting killed…just for being who they are…we don’t want that to continue.”
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Most people people know DC Proud Boy rally organizer Luke Rohlfing as the member of the #ProudBoys who looks like Ralph Wiggum, but in 2017, he was rallying with neo-Nazis in the Traditionalist Worker Party in #Boulder, including Will Planner, part of stab attack in #Sacramento.
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Today, mass mobilizations are taking place in #Portland against threats from #ProudBoys that they will once against attack members of the public on the streets + in Burns, #Tennessee, where members of KKK and neo-Nazi groups are holding a conference with full police protection.
Be sure to follow @RoseCityAntifa, who has made a call (Chapman Sq, 12 PM) for broad community defense in the face of the #ProudBoys, who for several years, have violently attacked members of the public - all while working hand in hand with local police.…
Here's long term Proud Boy and Patriot Prayer member, Tiny Toese, arguing on an Alt-Right podcast, that we welcomes "...real racists, real Alt-Right" at his rallies, as it offers a way for the far-Right to unite against social movements organizing for broad grassroots change.
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49 year-old registered Republican will face no charges in brutal stabbing of a #Denver resident who they attacked for taking down stickers of neo-Nazi group. "Some people deserve to be in concentration camps," he said before stabbing them multiple times.…
On April 25, Goodwill employee, Santi Martinez, listed as white + 49 according to police records, attacked a much younger person taking down neo-Nazi stickers of the group Patriot Front off the wall of the Goodwill store where he worked.
Patriot Front is a rebranded version of Vanguard America, the neo-Nazi group made famous for being connected to the murderer of Heather Heyer, James Alex Fields, Jr. at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.
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2/ Exposing #ProudBoys corruption IS resisting fascism.

Exposure is disruptive to fascists like @MrAndyNgo who portray all those resisting fascism as violent so they can peddle their hatred under #1A.

They make no mention of violence endorsed by #PB/#PP members.
3/ What you can do:

1. Support data collection, analysis and educating the public on far right extremism.

2. #Resist fascist propaganda.

3. Care for your community.

4. Support countering violent extremism #CVE nonprofits like @lighttuponlight.
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⭐️2nd Account Discovered⭐️

Thread 2: Nick Bosa caught following 2nd IG account with white nationalist & MAGA themed posts.

Let’s take a look at the account...

“DC_Draino” by Rogan O’Handley

...& see what Nick Bosa has ❤️ “liked” and is consuming on social media.
Nick Bosa ❤️ likes that NFL halftime show artists did “avoid politics and stick to hits.” #SuperBowl #NFLDraft2019
Nick Bosa ❤️ likes post talking political trash to LA Rams players after Super Bowl loss.

“Maybe if you spent more time on a game plan instead of insulting the man that’s saving the would have scored at least one touchdown...losers”

#SuperBowl #NFLDraft2019
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1) Hey it's time for me to goto bed, but one final thing inre #eggboy/#eggboi. As noted, neo-#Nazi Neil Erikson was one of the 5 or 6 men who, er, restrained the teen; Erikson has criminal convictions for antisemitic (FEB 2014) & anti-Muslim (SEP 2017) actions.
2) Perhaps in order to complete the trifecta, last year (MAY 2018) he was also charged w disrupting a church service -- which involved him & some of his thuggish mates invading Gosford church & scaring some elderly parishoners.
3) He's due back in Melbourne Magistrates' Court on MAY 13 to face charges of riot/assault/affray stemming from the Melbourne date of the DEC 2017 Milo Yiannopoulos tour; joining him in court on same will be his sidekick Ricky Turner & old nazi chum Richard Whelan.
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14/ Infact some have been downright *problematic* e.g @iLuvvit. None of that justifies or should condone the virulent anti-blackness (particularly anti-African and Carribean rhetoric) permeating through #ADOS supporters starting from their co-founders @tonetalks & @BreakingBrown
15/ @tonetalks is right to compare and contrast the intra-racial disparities between Americans of Carribean & African descent vs #ADOS in attempting to illustrate the frightening disparities in wealth but, is devastatingly WRONG to blame that on, lax immigration policies or
16/ recent Americans of African or Caribbean descent because, they dared to come to the United States to seek a better life (and are ultimately succeeding because of a combination of their hard work and the *embattled labor* of the #ADOS people that make America truly great).
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