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The Morning Briefing: ZOMG CORONAVIRUS CANCEL ALL THE THINGS!… #Columns via @pjmedia_com
There is money being lost all over the place here, which certainly plays into the theory we’ve been discussing the past two days about the media trying to create a frenzy that turns into an overwhelmingly negative economic impact.
If there is an endgame it would be great if someone would articulate it. If no one does, I’m sticking with the conspiracy theory I floated yesterday.
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.@BernieSanders Becoming President Would Damage American Judaism More Than Anything Since the Holocaust, via Rabbi Michael Barclay… #Columns via @pjmedia_com
“Besides all the obvious ways that he would destroy our nation with his policies, his election would damage American Judaism more than anything since the Holocaust.
His crazy policies would embolden anti-Semites to increase their anti-Semitic actions, justifying their hatred of Jews by pointing to Sanders.
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Canada: A Dead Country Walking… #Columns via @pjmedia_com
Canada is presently in the throes of social and political disintegration.
A left-leaning electorate has once again empowered a socialist government promoting all the lunatic ideological shibboleths of the day: global warming or “climate change,” radical feminism, indigenous sovereignty, expansionary government...
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Media Is Complicit in Leftist Violence Against Trump Supporters

via @stephenkruiser… #Columns via @pjmedia_com
It isn’t safe out there these days if one is a Trump supporter exercising one’s right to participate in the American political process. You have to look out for lunatics in vans, lunatics with cane swords, and lunatics who wake up looking like mug shots and slap kids.
If -- as all of you are -- frequent consumers of conservative media, you know about these stories.

Those left to the editorial whims of The New York Times or any of the evening news networks, however, are probably blissfully unaware.
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Do Democrats Hate Democracy?… #Columns via @pjmedia_com
@PJMedia_com There is no clearer example of the contempt the Democrat Party has for democracy than its rejection of the 2016 presidential election results. From even before the election, Democrats were plotting to overthrow, through impeachment, the duly-elected president of the United States
@PJMedia_com American voters were treated to the Russia hoax, the obstruction hoax, the emoluments hoax, the Ukraine hoax, and most recently the unconstitutional absurdities of “abuse of power” and “contempt of Congress,” all aimed at nullifying the 2016 election.
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The Morning Briefing: New Hampshire Berns Down… #Columns via @pjmedia_com
@PJMedia_com Biden winning South Carolina would be a dream for Republicans. The Democrats would be thrown into real disarray, forced to choose between Bernie’s socialist vision, and Biden’s insistent reminders that he used to hang out with Barack Obama.
@PJMedia_com Elizabeth Warren will soon be flipping through Hillary Clinton’s Book of Blame for excuses to explain away her myriad weaknesses as a candidate. Sexism will of course be Number 1 on the list, sure to be followed by “Something, something Trump,”
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The Left's Great Lie Is a Pervasive Threat to Our Culture… #Columns via @pjmedia_com
@PJMedia_com Canvassing the plethora of surveys and reports regarding AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming), we come across documents like the one emanating from the University of Illinois 2009, a survey claiming that 97.4% of scientists agree that mankind is responsible for global warming.
@PJMedia_com This is an impressive assessment. What we don’t know is that the Illinois researchers decided that of the 10,257 respondents, the 10,180 who demurred from the so-called consensus weren’t qualified to comment on the issue.
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Democrats' Stalingrad: The Tide Has Turned on Impeachment… #Columns via @pjmedia_com
The Democrats have arrived at their Stalingrad.

But there is a profound difference between Pelosi's forces and the German generals who launched Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union in the early summer of 1941.
Unlike Adolf Hitler and his inner circle of military strategists, Democrats never really believed in the mission. It was always a sketchy desperation gambit and they are now looking to mitigate the price they must pay for pursuing it.
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Burnout 2 : Point of Impact
Nintendo GameCube (2003)
Un jeu de course où l’on roule à grande vitesse sur des axes urbains en évitant le plus grand nombre de véhicules.
Si vous voulez une anecdote personnelle concernant ce jeu, ça se passe sur Instagram : Image
VR Ping Pong
PlayStation 4 (2017)
Un jeu de simulation de Ping Pong en réalité virtuelle proposant 4 modes : Pratique, Solo, Tournament et Arcade.
#1Jour1Jeu #PlayStation #VR #VRPingPong #PingPong #PSVR Image
Darkest Dungeon : Ancestral Edition
Nintendo Switch (2018)
Un mix de RPG et dungeon crawler dans un univers dark fantasy très sombre et à la difficulté élevée, où l’on doit gérer le niveau de stress des héros, leur mort étant définitive.
#1Jour1Jeu #Switch Image
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