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Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has more trial court experience than any sitting Supreme Court justice. She’ll be only the 2nd sitting justice to have served in all 3 levels of the federal judiciary. And she’ll be the 1st former federal public defender & 1st Black woman on the Court.
Judge Jackson is so well qualified that some in the GOP are now down to making up objections. They’ve attacked her in this week’s hearings just to play politics. It’s appalling, and it’s no way to treat someone who’s devoted her career to exceptional public service.
Some Republicans have complained about the very idea of having a public defender on the Supreme Court. They should read the Constitution. The Sixth Amendment grants criminal defendants the right to counsel. Public defenders help America live up to our constitutional ideals.
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ugh. Blackburn is closing. #ConfirmJudgeJackson
She went back to abortion. I have nothing else to say. #KetanjiBrownJackson #ConfirmJudgeJackson
and now back to trying to make a weird distinction between child assaulters vs those that view images. This falls under that umbrella "save the children" conspiracy theory. #KetanjiBrownJackson #ConfirmJudgeJackson
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Cruz is trying to do a hypothetical about being an Asian man. It's so absurd. #KentanjiBrownJackson #ConfirmJudgeJackson
now we are back to child porn. #KentanjiBrownJackson, not sexual assault. Porn.
Cruz is making ish up again. He keeps saying she won't answer but he keeps her from answering outside of tell me why you disagree with the guidelines. The number of images is not an aggravating reason to apply a different enhancement. #KentanjiBrownJackson #ConfirmJudgeJackson
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LG had to throw in Sororos name in that ridiculous line of questioning #KentanjiBrownJackson
LG basically tried to tell the Judge how to read a statue and then told her she was being an activist while protecting children. It's funny when and where they can about children. #KentanjiBrownJackson #ConfirmJudgeJackson
He's now grandstanding with how best to punish those who review child porn. Supervised computer use was one of many suggestions. You can't keep them in jail the entire time. This is absurd. #KentanjiBrownJackson
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Time for Jackson's opening statement. If you were waiting for today's moment, here it is. #ConfirmJudgeJackson
Jackson: "It is faith that sustains me at this moment."

That's cool. For me it's brats right now because we grilled this weekend.
Jackson points out how her brother volunteered for the army after the 9/11 attacks... but Republicans are STILL going to call her a terrorist sympathizer for defending Gitmo detainees.
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Senator Dick Durbin really wanted the job chairing this committee, and it's his biggest moment so far. I am rooting for him. #ConfirmJudgeJackson
Is the Senate audio bad or am I having a stroke?
I hope they fix it for Grassley because he's hard enough to understand when you hear all the words.
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