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There's been lots of chatter about the negotiated "off-tariff" wholesale services agreement between @Rogers & @Videotron

@TeksavvyBuzz filed a #CRTC Part 1 complaint that includes a section on these rates, as well as rates being charged by @Bell to @EBOX_CA

Some thoughts

The Teksavvy complaint can be found here:…

As Teksavvy acknowledges, negotiated agreements have been permitted since 2008. In 2012, #CRTC updated filing requirements to simply a summary of general details for review…
The #CRTC rulings on Negotiated Agreements call for filing them on the public record. I wonder if the complaint about the Rogers - Videotron agreement is premature, given that until the deal closes, just as a matter of law, does an agreement even exist to be filed?

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Some strange alchemy in the Tribunal's rejection of @CompBureau bid to block the Rogers/Shaw deal. Eg the Bureau expert's models predicted modest price ↑ in AB & BC if deal approved. But when the Tribunal gave ctl of that model to Rogers' expert to 'adapt' to include: 1/X #CTRS
a. Israel's assumptions + b. the hypothetical cost savings + other benefits Videotron is said to achieve via web of contracts w/ post merger Rogers those modest ↑ magically turn into huge price ↓. 2/ #CRTC
This is a cornerstone of Tribunal's conclusion that the deal does not result in SPLC BUT consumer benefits. Interestingly, the Tribunal does accept that there will be significant price ↑ but paints them as exception. These exceptions, tho, seem to be quite significant. 3/
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Some good lines by @TomValletti in @simonvandorpe pc. Google "created a moat to make it easy to get into the platform & impossible to get out[;]..
2/3 of searches..don’t leave the platform... I was there pull out the BS..& I worked my ass off". #CTRS…
2/ Scale, speed & supranat'l scale distinguishes big tech power now from when antitrust mvmt emerged in early 20C in response to Standard Oil. Scale allows these firms to threaten govts, as Facebook is doing now in Canada wrt to the Online News Act bill, ie deplatform news'. #C18
. @EuropeanCommiss #DMA prohibits Big Tech platforms to give advantages to their own services. So, too, does my fav part of #C18, the Online News Act (s51). This is way better than the weak beer found in #C11, the Online Streaming Act. #CRTC
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Almost choked on b'fast this AM w/ this credulous front page @globeandmail story on how Rogers is pushing Xplornet to @ISED_CA & @CompBureau as its preferred option to replace the mobile wireless operations of Shaw that it seeks to buy. #CRTC… @FP_Champagne
For 1, this isn't news. It’s been in the works for over a month w/ Rogers doing everything it can to scupper other bids from, eg. from Videotron, Globalive, etc. Less credulous journos might raise a few Qs about this vs serving as transmission paths from Rogers to GM readers. 2/X
A more inquisitive article might discuss, for ex. the fact that Xplornet has never aimed to be a strong competitor to Rogers, BCE or Telus but to supplement their operations in rural markets & areas the big 3 national carriers do not want to serve. 3/
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I wrote about the political implications of the @Rogers-@ShawInfo deal. One piece that remains unanswered is whether promises Rogers has made to spend $2.5 billion on 5G and $1B on rural connectivity are just money the companies would spend anyway. #CRTC…
The Conservatives are deciding whether to support the deal, and at #INDU @PierrePoilievre said he wants to see how serious Rogers is about those promises. But both companies are already investing in 5G, and will have to keep doing so to stay competitive no matter what.
So I asked Rogers whether the $2.5 billion on 5G and $1 billion on rural is new money on top of what was previously allocated, or money the companies had already planned to spend for those purposes regardless. Rogers refused to answer.
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"Today, the #CRTC released a new report which finds that the vast majority of participating Canadian Internet service providers (ISPs) have met or exceeded the maximum download and upload speeds they advertise.”…
From the report: All the major internet providers met their advertised download speeds, even during peak hours.

I’m assuming Rogers’ marketing team is furiously cutting a new ad saying they’re the fastest. Image
For upload speeds, the results are a bit more mixed. Bell’s lower-speed DSL connections in particular have disappointed. Image
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So Rogers wants to buy Cogeco's Canadian assets. Beyond the telecom considerations, this would mean Rogers takes control of Cogeco Media, including radio stations like 98,5, Rythme FM, CKOI and The Beat. Rogers is already a minority shareholder in Cogeco.…
Television subscribers in Canada:
Bell 2,820,284
Shaw 2,259,093
Rogers 1,606,213
Videotron 1,440,097
Telus 1,127,676
Cogeco 627,608
Rogers + Cogeco: 2,233,821
(Cogeco figures from last quarterly report, others from CRTC reports of Aug. 31, 2019)
Rogers owns 54 radio stations and Cogeco 23. Combined, their 77 stations would just surpass Stingray to become the #2 radio broadcaster in Canada (by number of stations), behind only Bell at 109.
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#CRTC licence renewal crunch time as the broadcast year comes to an end. Today:
Fight Network (2025, 14% CPE)…
Daystar (2025, 10% CPE)…
CJRT-FM (Jazz.FM91) Toronto (2027)… ...
CKKX-FM (KIX FM) Peace River, Alta. (2023)…
CKGC-FM (Capital FM 103.5) and CKIQ-FM (99.9 ICE) Iqaluit (2022, with additional conditions and two mandatory orders)… ...
Also renewed:
17 Stingray Radio stations in Alberta and Atlantic Canada, including 90.3 AMP in Calgary… (to 2027)
CKJS 810 AM Winnipeg (one year, to give time for FM replacement to launch)…
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Breaking: #CRTC refuses to renew the licence of country music station CJMS 1040 AM, effectively ordering it to shut down by Aug. 31…
The #CRTC says it is inviting anyone interested in doing so to file an application for a new radio station serving St-Constant, to replace CJMS 1040. (It wouldn’t have to be on the same frequency, but it would be cheaper to buy the defunct station’s assets.)
Some more on the #CRTC’s decision today, for subscribers. CJMS’s owner also owns Haitian radio station CPAM 1410 AM, which will now nervously await its fate.
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#CRTC rejects Rogers application to turn CKKS-FM-2 (Kiss Radio 104.9) in Vancouver into its own station instead of rebroadcaster of Chilliwack station, concluding that the Vancouver market can’t sustain a new radio station at this time…
The Rogers application was unique because, while technically applying for a new radio station, it would not have added a transmitter, and Kiss Radio’s studios are already in Vancouver. The only downside to #CRTC approving it was the integrity of the licensing process.
That said, the #CRTC "is of the view that Rogers is significantly understating the potential market impact of converting its rebroadcasting transmitter to an originating station,” in part because its projections showed half the average per-station revenue for the market.
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An interesting discussion at today's #CRTC hearing on the difficulties of small independent radio stations to conform to conditions of licence. Most stations use WinMedia software to manage their logs, which requires programming in the requirements. ...
One big issue is adding and categorizing songs. Often they come from hosts' personal collections or maybe they're a local artist, and someone has to add them to a database. And it's not unusual for the #CRTC review to recategorize songs and find a licence quota violation.
Some requirements can't even be coded in WinMedia, requiring painstaking reviews by hand from managers of volunteer-driven radio stations where the main concern is keeping it on the air more than filing regulatory forms.
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Evanov Radio has pulled the plug on CHRF 980 AM, its French-language music station in Montreal.…
The #CRTC confirms it has revoked the licence for CHRF 980 AM, at Evanov Radio’s request…
For @CarttCa subscribers, I spoke to Evanov Radio’s vice-president about the decision to shut down CHRF 980 AM. Reasons include COVID-19, but also Numeris, market demand and the CRTC…
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The #CRTC has awarded one-year extensions (to June 14, 2021) for the launch of Indigenous radio stations in Edmonton and Vancouver, both because of COVID-19-related issues. The licences were awarded in 2017 to replace the defunct Aboriginal Voices Radio.
Aboriginal Multi-Media Society of Alberta (CFWE), which has the Edmonton licence, says COVID-19 has prevented construction work on its new studio, and just needs a few extra months to launch.
For Northern Native Broadcasting (CFNR), which has the Vancouver licence, the problem is financial. Sales cut in half, $196,000 accumulated loss.

“Our focus for the balance of 2020-21 fiscal year and possibly beyond will be on survival mode,” CEO Greg Smith tells the #CRTC
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Big Telecom just asked @JustinTrudeau's cabinet to overturn a #CRTC decision that is *actually lowering Internet costs.*

Tell the government to stand up to Big Telecom's bullying & #StopTheInternetPriceHike
Some background:

In August, the #CRTC lowered the rates that smaller providers pay to sell internet service to customers. Big Telecom was caught overcharging these guys by so much they now have to reimburse them by hundreds of millions of $$$.
💰 Big ISPs like Bell and Rogers have been gouging smaller providers for years, and finally got called out on it by the #CRTC.
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1/ Cdn approach to gender portrayal & what this means for regulation of telecom & broadcasting in the public interest:
1970: Royal Commission on Status of Women recommends changes to media's portrayal of women
1979: Fed'l govt publishes "Towards Equality for Women"
2/ 1980: #CRTC creates Task Force to ensure more positive/realistic portrayal of women
1982: CRTC Task Force publishes Images of Women
Decides there may be a problem, but needs empirical evidence before it can act
3/ 1986: 1984 data from CRTC-commissioned content analysis find women underrepresented in news & stereotyped in drama; CRTC thinks there may be a problem, but holds public hearings to see what the public thinks
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I have a lot to say about this recent story by @cbcErica @cbcgopublic on #Telecom @contracts & #SalesPractices, as a #lawprof working in #ConsumerRights & #DisputeResolution & not as a director of CCTS (disclaimer: views my own, based on my research & publicly available info) 1/8
My work (with funding from Forum of Canadian Ombudsman) on industry ombuds in 🇨🇦🇦🇺🇬🇧,…, found that these schemes do provide access to justice by providing quick dispute resolution for consumers. But...they do have two major drawbacks 2/8
Industry ombuds schemes, like @CCTS_CPRST, resolve individual disputes but can't do independent investigations and also don't have powers to change industry practices. While resolution may be good for individual consumers, it compartmentalizes systemic issues. 3/8
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