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Hello! It’s time to look at the very complex backstory to ANOTHER famous #monster photo (ask me if you need links to my monster threads). This time we’re looking at the Sandra Mansi #LakeChamplain photo of July 1977, the world’s ‘best’ lake monster photo. MEGA-THREAD follows….
The Mansi photo – as it’s known – is a single colour photo taken at around noon on July 5th, 1977 at Lake Champlain, a giant lake 172km long, 23km wide at its widest, mostly located within the US states of Vermont and New York but with a section in Québec too… #cryptozoology
The Mansi photo has been described as the very best photo of a lake monster ever, has been taken seriously – as a real photo of a giant, unknown animal species – by many scientists, but has also been decried a hoax, and investigated as a misidentification.
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Let’s look at another famous ‘mystery animal’ image. This time the 'de Loys ape' photo of 1920(ish), taken in the Catatumbo River basin of #Venezuela. You surely know the photo already. But do you know its complicated backstory? Join me as we explore it in this loooong thread…
The photo shows a large, hairy primate, sat on a wooden box, a stick propping it up beneath the chin. The version shared most often is cropped, so you only see what looks like bare ground or the river behind the animal. #cryptozoology
The uncropped version shows the opposite river bank and some hacked-down plants surrounding the animal.... #primates #monkeys #mysteries
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Welcome to another of my #LochNessMonster threads. This time we’re looking at the MOST FAMOUS #NESSIE PHOTO OF THEM ALL. Namely, the so-called Surgeon’s Photo, or Wilson Photo, of April 1934. Follow the thread – there’s a lot to say! [attached, another of my childhood drawings].
The ‘Wilson Photo’ (the name I’ll use throughout) shows a dark head and head, seemingly silhouetted against the grey surface of the loch. There are ripples and waves and concentric ripples around the monster....
There are other disturbances on the water too – here’s a diagram produced by Tim Dinsdale in 1961… #LochNessMonster #nessie
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Here’s a thread on another famous/infamous bit of modern #monster lore… the so-called Muppet #LochNessMonster photo, taken on 21st May 1977 by Mr Tony Shiels. As usual, it has a really fun backstory, follow me as we explore it in this thread… ImageImage
It’s a remarkable colour photo, surely one of the best ever taken of #Nessie! As a kid, it was one of my favourite Nessie images, and here’s my own drawing of it. I should add that part of this is explored in my 2017 book Hunting Monsters. Anyway… #cryptozoology #LochNessMonster ImageImage
Mr Shiels said that he was standing at the foot of Urquhart Castle when he noticed the LOCH NESS MONSTER and managed to snap two photos (yes, two. Read on)...
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This #LochNessMonster image is doing the rounds on social media. It's a fabulous painting from legendary Italian artist Gino D'Achille and (among other works) appeared in Daniel Farson's 1975 book Vampires, Zombies & Monster Men. It has an interesting backstory (thread) ...
The image depicts the Spicer sighting of August 1933, the first land sighting of the #LochNessMonster. Mr F. T.G. Spicer worked extremely hard to promote his sighting and evidently enjoyed the publicity...
The Spicer monster (redrawn many times in different books) was a grotesque blob with an undulating section at its front, described as undulating "like a scenic railway". A lump at its middle was said to be the head of a "lamb or small deer", but this idea was discarded over time.
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The 'Dr Darren Naish is an idiot because he's only just decided that monsters (like the #LochNessMonster) aren't real' story continues to have legs in the global press today. Here's a thread...
(1) I've most certainly not spent the last 20 years searching for monsters. I think I told a journalist that I've been publishing on monsters for about 20 years (my 1st articles on the subject date to 1996, so 23 years); they must have taken the figure from this...
(2) I've never been a dedicated monster hunter. Rather, the cryptozoological stuff is something I do on the side and certainly not the way I make a living, which is what is implied in some of these articles. I'm mostly known for my palaeozoological writings...
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At the 2014 #TetZooCon - that's the first one ever - I spoke about Speculative Zoology, or Speculative Evolution, or whatever. And here I'm going to tweet some of what I said... The cover slide shows awesome #Squamozoic art by @alaskanime plus a Night stalker and a .. a.. well..
Evolution is real and animals have a past; therefore they also have a future, something we can take seriously. And many authors have... #TetZooCon
There's already a whole genre of 'alternative history' fiction, variously called AH, allohistory or Uchronia. Ideas about alternative or parallel timelines. And the idea is in mainstream fiction... #TetZooCon
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