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1. Jonah is the fifth of the Minor Prophets.
Apart from the book traditionally ascribed to him, Jonah is mentioned once in the Old Testament: 2 Kings 14:25.
#Prophet #Jonah #Bible
#memorial #Sep21 #CatholicTwitter #Christian #faith Image
2. In the book which bears his name, in the opening verse it is stated that "the word of the Lord came to Jonah the son of Amathi, saying: Arise and go to Ninive, the great city, and preach in it: for the wickedness thereof is come up before me."

#biblequotes #mondaythoughts
3. But the Prophet tries to escape the task assigned to him. He boards a ship bound for that port, but a violent storm overtakes him, and on his admission that he is the cause of it, he is cast overboard.

He is swallowed by a great fish and after a three day’s sojourn
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[ help rt please ]

#preloved book sale. My personal collection 📚

📍 dom Batam, Kepri
✅ harga 15k-90k
✅ pembelian di atas 150k freeong 50%

(P.S: beberapa masih baru dan segelan)

#prelovedbooks #books #novel #wattpad #book #bookstagram ImageImageImageImage

*bisa transfer via rekening BNI/Ovo/Dana/Gopay

P.S: Semua buku di atas koleksi saya pribadi. DIJAMIN 100% ORIGINAL (beli di official store), cause as a BOOKSTAGRAM haram hukumnya bagi saya kalo beli & baca buku bajakan. Anti bajakan2 club pokoknya 🙅‍♀️

Harga 👇👇👇
1. Semua Ikan di Langit - 50k
2. Di Tanah Lada - 40k

Baru dibaca sekali aja ImageImage
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1. The 4th century martyrs St Januarius, Bishop of Beneventum, St Festus, his deacon, St Desiderius, lector or reader, St Sosius, deacon of the Church of Misenum, St Proculus, deacon of Puzzuoli, and two other Christians,
#StJanuarius Image
2. were seized during the persecution under Diocletian, imprisoned and beheaded in 304.

The body of St Januarius (#SanGennaro) was buried in the church of Naples, of which city he has become the Patron Saint.
3. The yearly liquefaction of some of his blood preserved in a phial is a well-known miracle, and has resulted in the conversion of countless sinners to a better life. (From: "Book of Saints", Monks of Ramsgate)

#miracles #blood #books
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About to get into #RollWithIt with @TaraJean.

Follow the thread for thoughts from someone who has CP.

#CerebralPalsy #Reading #Books #DisabledTwitter #ActuallyDisabled #BookReviews Image
Honest first thought? The fact that the cover has praise from the author of Wonder pretty much is making me side-eye the book already.

Read more:…

But I'm going to give this one a chance...
The dedication, though... To all the "amazing" kids living with a disability?

So much condescension.
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Put #socialdilemma on your must-watch list. Most sane folks already know much of what is going on with SM, but that movie is a neat summary of everything that has gone wrong with SM. Technology has evolved faster than human consciousness and it has made beasts of billions.
Psychologically,the phenomenon is a no-brainer for anyone who understands the basic mechanism of learning & conditioning. How reward mechanisms arnd vanity & the need to say something,anything, work. How othering works. How habituation & the need for larger dose 4 next high works
"For the first 50 years, Silicon Valley used to make products that consumers could use. Now the biggest companies there sell their users."

"If you are not paying for the product, then YOU are the product".

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1/ 22
By far the best book I have read in a long long time.
One can simply begin from any page,for each note makes so much sense that we get lost in them , sometimes chuckling & often amazed .

Here are MY learnings from
" A Book of Simple Living" by Ruskin Bond.
The book is enriched with life lessons . Most profound of all for me being ,

#Life is simple despite all its hardships and complexities .
For the purpose of life is to live ....

Now, how we choose to live our life makes it simple or complicated.

Do we chase #happiness by climbing infinite mountains in the quest for fame & wealth or do we savour the goodness in the little things that often come our way but go unnoticed and unappreciated by us ?
For ultimately , " It is the little things that matter the most ".
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#PranabMukherjee #books
"Beyond Survival:Emerging Dimensions of Indian economy"(1984),"Off the Track" (1987),"Challenge Before the Nation" (1992),"Saga of Struggle and Sacrifice" (1992),'The Dramatic Decade: The Indira Gandhi Years' (2014) @MyCityLinks
When he was the finance minister in 1982-1984, #EuromoneyMagazine 
rated #PranabMukherjee as the best the finance minister of the world.
He was conferred Best Parliamentarian Award, 1997.
#pranabda #PranabMukherjee
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The conquest of Baghdad was one of the most devastating events in Islamic history. The usual Mongol massacre soon followed the city's fall. 1/n

#ConquestOfBaghdad #MongolInvasion #HulaguKhan #LostIslamicHistory
Its entire Muslim population, with estimates ranging from 200,000 to 1 million, was killed. Only the city's Christian community was spared. 2/n
The ancient House of Wisdom that was established by al_Ma'mun to push scientific learning to new frontiers was razed to the ground. 3/n
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Please help us welcome our next curator Darryl Takudzwa Griffiths. @BlaqNinja completed his Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering at DUT, graduated in 2011. Due to struggling to find suitable employment he went on to study multiple certificates from bodies such as Microsoft.
He has certificates in N+ (Computer Networking), A+ (Computer Technician & Technical Support), Certified Ethical Hacking V7 (CEH v7), Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP). Sadly even with these, he could not secure his desired post so in 2016 he moved to USA.
Darryl was able to secure a job in a corporation that owns casinos as a system analyst & security architect. Within the same year he embarked on a Masters degree in Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Engineering. In 2017 he resigned from his post and started his own company...
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Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened to ten virgins, who taking their lamps meet the bridegroom..five of them were foolish, having taken their lamps, did not take oil with them..And the bridegroom tarrying, they all slumbered and slept. (Mt25:1-13)~DouayR. #Bible Image
2. And at midnight there was a cry made: Behold the bridegroom cometh, go ye forth to meet him..

And the foolish said to the wise: Give us some of your oil. The wise answered..Lest perhaps there be not enough for us and for you, go ye rather..and buy for yourselves. (Mt25:1-13)
3. Now whilst they went to buy, the bridegroom came: and they that were ready, went in with him to the marriage, and the doors were last came..the other virgins, saying: Lord, Lord, open to us.
But he answering said: Amen I say to you, I know you not. (Mt25:1-13) #Bible
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In an atmosphere of doom and gloom, refreshing to hear industry leaders and bankers at the launch of Akhil Gupta's "Some Sizes Fit All" sound more optimistic than our economists and commentariat @bhanshireen @rajivmemani @Kalpnamorparia @kakunakhate #books #economy #IndianEconomy Image
Talking of a SWOT #KakuNakhate of @BankofAmerica thinks India is far better geo-politically today - though she sounded a word of caution on the situation at the borders. #KalpanaMorparia of @jpmorgan appeared to be bullish on banking reforms and RBI interventions. @CNBCTV18Live
The best came from @rajivmemani of @EY_India, who highlighted the "talent pool" from India providing critical services around the globe at this time of the pandemic. That combined with the technology progress can be a differentiator in the postcovid world. #SomeSizesFitAll #books
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It’s time for another of my monster-themed mega-threads, wherein we examine the backstory to photos (or other bits of evidence) said to be evidence for a given #monster. This time, we’re going to look at the so-called #LochNessMonster FLIPPER PHOTOS of 1972. Here we go… ImageImageImage
During the late 1960s/early 70s it was believed by a large group of people – affiliated as the Loch Ness Phenomenon Investigation Bureau or LNIB (it went by other names over the years) – that camera-led vigils at #LochNess would lead to definitive proof of Nessie’s existence...
During the early 70s, the LNIB joined forces with another group: the US-based Academy of Applied Science (AAS), led by inventor and lawyer Robert Rines (whose name is very often wrongly written ‘Rhines’). Rines died in 2009. In the photo here, Rines is on the far left… Image
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Another beautiful combination to read at once would be Lord #Buddha, #Socrates & #Confucius. It a great coincidence that such legends & monumental men lived in the same period in 3 of the most thriving ancient civilisations.
3 great philosophers, talking about their ideas about the ideal world.
It is amazing indeed to see that Greece which is considered as the birthplace of Democracy, had its most celebrated thinker oppose it all his life, his passionate disregard for it was eventually never bought.
It is though interesting to see that even though it was tried repeatedly, the most basic of Confucius’ ideas of family values, structure and kindship were not to be defeated, first by the monarchs & then by the Chinese nation & still lay at the very foundation of the country.
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Udah beberapa bulan ini aku ga kerja gara2 corona. Dan aku lagi BU banget buat bayar sewa rumah bulan ini. Jadi aku mau jual koleksi buku yg kupunya. Mayoritas preloved tapi ada beberapa yg msh baru dan segelan 📚 #preloved #books ImageImageImageImage
- Kondisi masih bagus, baru dibaca 1-2 kali
- Beberapa buku udah disampul plastik
- Bisa transfer via Ovo/Dana/Gopay
- Dikirim dari Batam ya hyung, kalo mau hemat ongkir bisa beli 2-4 buku untuk 1kg 😁
- Maaf nggak bisa shopee/tokped🙏

Harga 👇👇👇
1. Semua Ikan di Langit - 50k
2. Di Tanah Lada - 40k

Baru dibaca sekali aja ImageImage
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Do you have low CRS scores, yes, we understand that you may not rank high on the express entry CRS score ranking. But it doesn't mean you should abandon your Canada immigration plans. ....

There are certain provinces that need your proficiency. And you will never know until you
apply for a provincial nominee program. You may have low scores on the federal express entry and rank quite high on the PNP. The parameters used to rank the PNP is quite different from what is used to rank the federal express entry. Book a consultation with us today.
Chat with us on WhatsApp via +2348034781605 and let us assess your circumstance for eligibility for the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program. You may well be on your way to Canada as a permanent resident. Book a consultation now.

#homework #teacher #book #students #fff #student
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1. Emperor Diocletian, by the first edicts which he issued out against the Christians in 303, declared them infamous, and debarred from all protection of the laws, and from all the privileges of citizens. #Christians #RomanEmpire #JesusChrist Image
2. The tyrant hoped to see their very name extinguished; but he was not aware that this divine religion then triumphs when its adherents seem to be overcome by death, and that by it human weakness is made victorious over the power of death.

#Christianity #Bible #GospelOfTheDay
3. St Julitta is an instance. She was a rich lady of Caesarea,in Cappadocia, and was charged with being a #Christian. The judge commanded her to offer sacrifice to the idols; but she courageously made him this answer:“May rather my body be cut in pieces, rather than
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"वाचाल तर वाचाल"
हे आपण नेहमी ऐकतो, पण खरोखर वाचतो का.. वेळच मिळत नाही, कंटाळा येतो, पुस्तक संपतच नाही 😄 ही कारण मात्र तयारच असतात आपला भरपूर वेळ सोशल मीडियावर जातो त्यातला थोडासा वेळ वाचनाला काढता येईल का ? घरकाम करताना बुक्स वाचता येतील का ?
चला जाणून घेऊ. Thread १ 👇
अमेझॉन किंडल एक अशी लायब्ररी जिथे तुम्हाला जवळ जवळ सर्वच पुस्तक मिळून जातात ₹.१६९/महिना मध्ये तुम्ही कितीतरी पुस्तक वाचू शकता, आणि जे Prime तुम्ही व्हिडीओ बघायला वापरता त्या मध्ये सुद्धा भरपूर पुस्तक free मध्ये मिळतात काही खर्च न करता.
पहिले ३० दिवस पूर्ण फ्री आहे वापरून बघा
माझं आवडत स्टोरीटेल, सतत काम असतात त्यामुळे पुस्तक हातात घेऊन वाचणं कठीण वाटत त्यांनी स्टोरीटेल नक्की वापरून बघा, छान छान पुस्तक ऑडिओ मधून ऐकता येतात आणि जशी आहेत तशी, पुस्तक वाचण म्हणजे लेखकाचं आयुष्यभराचा अनुभव काही तासात मिळवण मग तो ऐकून मिळवा किंवा वाचून.
#म #रिम
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وفاقی وزیر تعلیم جناب شفقت محمود صاحب جب #پرویز_مشرف کی کابینہ سے فارغ ہوئے تھے تو انہوں نے یہ کالم لکھا تھا ۱۶ نومبر ۲۰۰۱ کو دی نیوز میں ۔ بڑے شوق سے #ایک_نصاب کا شوق پورا فرمائیں

#AikNisab ImageImageImageImage
وفاقی وزیر تعلیم جناب شفقت محمود صاحب نے محترم عمران خان صاحب کی سیاسی اہلیت پر یہ کالم لکھا تھا ۱۵ مئ ۲۰۰۹ کو دی نیوز میں “عمران خان کی عجیب سیاست ۔ بڑے شوق سے #ایک_نصاب کا شوق پورا فرمائیں #AikNisab کی بات کرنیوالے کا اپنے لیڈر کے بارے میں عدم اعتماد👇… Image
Aurangzeb was asked to expel the #Hindus & #Shias from his administration, he said that religion & politics were two separate things & they should not be mixed with each other. (Historian & Teacher Dr Mubarak Ali )
@KumbharHafeez ! URL :
—— #AikNisab
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#Traders path #Futures & #Options

1: Understanding the game

Trading is not much different from playing poker game or betting on various other things.

It’s just a structured game where rules are not made by anyone, but needs to be followed by everyone in game.
Understanding those rules and adjusting yourself is a continuous process which will never end. As #SEBI would keep on changing rules.

The important thing to understand is any thing in life if we want to succeed we need patience and dedication.
A 2 hour webinar or 2 day course can’t teach you about #CapitalMarkets or #Trading it’s impossible.

Personally i feel have around 40-50% knowledge about capital markets after more than 12years of trading experience.
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Just finished @tripurdaman's Sixteen Stormy Days .
What can I say ? This is an EXCELLENT book.
The book is a blunt account of first amendment a.k.a 'the second constitution' . The writer has thoroughly researched and put forth the story of the beginning of Nehruvian state...
As you'll progress with the book, the dots will connect, all these draconian oppressive laws that are into picture today, theirs constitutional groundwork was established via the first amendment.....
In the words of the Author - "they (oppressive laws) are not as often believed, a remnant of colonialism but a consequence of the drive for power displayed by India's post-colonial elite"......
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Last year, the FBI designated QAnon as a potential domestic terrorist threat. "baseless... revealing political & Hollywood elites who worship Satan and abuse and murder children"

**COME TO Pilled💊.net and read the proof we have.. #QANONS welcomed**…
2) is a free speech forum where you can write whatever and no one sanctions you or removes you... topics like: #PizzaGate #PedoGate #Clintons #Documentaries about real life murders #Antifa #BLM #ObamaGate #Racism #Assange #WikiLeaks #Books #Agenda21
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The Ultimate JavaScript Free Resources Thread 🧵

Want to learn #JavaScript for free but not sure where to start? I've compiled a list of free resources that covers:

📘 Books
🖥️ Websites
📝 Free Courses
🎥 Youtube Channels


#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #Frontend #webdev
📘 Books 1/2

Search Google for any of these #free books, they will show as one of the top results.

Download or read them online, they will provide you with a deep understanding of JavaScript.

- Eloquent JavaScript
- You Dont Know Js
- Learning JavaScript Design Patterns
📘 Books 2/2

- Speaking JavaScript
- JavaScript: The Good Parts
- JavaScript For Cats
- DOM Enlightenment
- Understanding ECMAScript 6
- Human JavaScript
- Flavio Copes JS Handbook

#javascript #CodeNewbies #books #100DaysOfCode
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