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There are hundreds of lovely books, maps and prints over on the @pbfaorg online book fair. I was very taken with the Photograph Album of the North Lewisham Rangers showing their Girl Guide camps in the 1920s and 1930s… @Girlguiding #girlguides
I also loved A Young Lady’s Drawing Book from 1808… and William Morris to Whistler with illustrations by the author and Walter Crane… #williammorris #waltercrane
But I think my absolute favourite is Me and Catharine Susan Earns an Honest Penny ! One of a series of books about the adventures of two Dutch peg dolls published c1903-11, colour illustrated throughout. Lots of lovely pictures… - offered by @dbderbzbooks
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Feds request up to 9 years in prison for Roger Stone—Feb 20.

Feds gear up for fight with Flynn over his guilt by attempting to use his former lawyers against him

DOJ Gave $500K Grant to 'Hookers for Jesus' Instead of Established Anti-Trafficking Groups

In Any Sane Country, Trump's New Budget Would Be Political Suicide

Cutting the CDC in the middle of a pandemic is not viable in a functioning republic.

Trump budget calls for cutting Medicaid, ACA by about $1 trillion

Trump's proposal would cut $465 billion from Medicare providers such as hospitals & the Children’s Health Insurance Program

Pentagon Says $5B to Be Shifted in Budget

SecDef proposes shifting resources away from about 50 medical facilities, military newspaper
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The 5 public confirmations of a quid pro quo btwn Trump & UKR.

Alexander Vindman
Bill Taylor
Ron Johnson
Gordon Sondland
Mick Mulvaney

Trump’s aides left out parts of the transcript in places where ellipses indicate omitted key details that AV tried to restore.

Bannon’s $1M deal linked to a Chinese billionaire & Mar-A-Lago member Guo Wengui also known as Miles Kwok — is embroiled in the U.S.-China conflict #1MDB

Internal White House debate stifles release of Pence-Zelenskiy call

Pence said he had "no objection" to releasing a transcript, but adm is divided on whether it could help or hurt Trump's cause.

Vindman will say that he views his testimony as an act of patriotism, because he saw Trump’s corrupt conduct as damaging to US NatSec.
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The Trump Adm Intends to Go Ahead & Add Citizenship Question to Census In Defiance of the SCOTUS Ruling Prohibiting Them From Doing So

RUs with links to infamous troll farm arrested in Libya

BVI is home to more than 400k COs that hold $1.5T in assets #TOC

One PO box can be the home to thousands of shell companies from around the world.

Hundreds of lawyers, accountants, & company agents work from buildings dotted around the main island of Tortola. In the BVI, the wealth passes through almost without a trace.

Get it?

Dershowitz v. Boies: Jeffrey Epstein case unleashes war between two legal Goliaths

Anyone with more than 30,000 social media followers considered a celebrity, advertising watchdog rules

Gambino boss Peter Gotti wants compassionate prison release
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The Flynn revelations are so important:

Barr’s actions & redactions are now under a microscope.

This direct evidence of witness tampering challenges Barr’s conclusion: ‘no obstruction’

What else has Barr subverted & why?

Barr is likely under inv’n for O of J.

Barr admits he gets limited info —compartmentalized.😎

Tribe: Barr’s self-contradictions are piling up around him.

Just when it seems his once-estimable rep as a straight-shooter couldn’t be any more thoroughly ground down, it goes through the shredder yet again.”

Which is why the FBI are under attack by the L & R.

It is imperative the House holds hearings in which evidence of Trump’s misconduct is heard publicly

📌The tide turned when the Nixon tape was aired. The same will happen here, when we hear the tape(s). Lordy! 🍿
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📌Federal court moves to unseal Jeffrey Epstein docs #SexTrafficking

📌DOJ announcement in Aiken in am-#MOX

📌Mar-A-Lago at center of Chinese intel & sex trafficking op?

📌Erik Prince did not disclose 2016 TT meeting during testimony

📌Chess pieces moving

What’s up w/ Manafort’s $125k payment to MMSC, owned by m, a longtime Manafort pal & the chief pollster on Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

Russian trolls can be surprisingly subtle, and insidious.

The EPA staffers destroyed files under audit

Boeing's 737 MAX back in spotlight after second fatal crash, black box found.

The U.S. has told Germany it would limit intel sharing with Berlin if it allows Huawei to help build Germany’s 5G mobile network

GA’s Stacey Abrams says '2020 is definitely on the table
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Rumor haz it Barr has Mueller Report, at issue can POTUS be indicted—no one is above the law.

If any indictments unsealed re Trump kids, etc, perhaps opportunity to surrender?

Gonna be a long weekend, lots going on, expect distrsction ops.

Buckle up.

📌Cindy Li Yang GOP Chinese Gangsta sex trafficking Brothel Mistress?

📌Yang,Founder of Spa Chain Where Kraft Was Busted Has Mingled With Trump and GOP Allies

📌She’s posted numerous photos with Trump & prominent GOP & attended WH Meetings On Behalf of Trump

📌Trump inauguration took money from shell companies tied to foreigners.

Chelsea Manning Jailed for Refusing to Testify Before Grand Jury in WikiLeaks Case

US households see biggest decline in net worth since the financial crisis
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John McCain’s Funeral Was a Council of War

Just as He Meant It to Be

PapaD: Trump 'Nodded With Approval' At Suggestion Of Putin Meeting

Deripaska, oligarch w/ close ties to the Kremlin, has faced credible accusations of extortion, bribery & even murder.

‘This week he became a legend’: A solemn and glorious send-off for John McCain

A Complex Web: The F.B.I., Russian Oligarchs, Bruce Ohr and the Trump Campaign

📌Was Ohr successful or not in turning Deripraska into an informant?

Mueller Makes Major Connection, Tying Secret Ukrainian Money to Trump Inauguration

"What better way to honor John McCain's life follow his example?"

"By recognizing that there are some things bigger than party, or ambition, or power, or money"
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💣L I E S💣

52 U.S. Code § 30121(a)(2): “It shall be unlawful for . . . a person to solicit, accept, or receive a contribution or donation . . . from a foreign national.”

Merely ‘soliciting’ meets the test whether or not one rec’d a (contribution or donation is immaterial.
💣L I E S 2💣

Parkland shooting suspect told police he heard a ‘demon’ telling him: ‘Burn. Kill. Destroy.’

The mounting damage of 45’s Trump Tower admission

His tweet about the purpose of the 6/16 meeting contradicts his earlier denials & could spell trouble for his son & him

LB:”To be clear, when Gates says he embezzled from Manafort, what he's actually admitting to is embezzling from the Russian mafia.”

Rick Gates admits on stand he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from Manafort, ergo an admission he stole from the RU mob.
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Meadows & Jordan introduce a resolution calling for the impeachment of DAG Rosenstei

Trump must face Emoluments suit re DC hotel profits.

“Emoluments” could apply to 45 that cd cover any bus trans w/ foreign gov’t where 45 derived a “profit, gain or advantage.”

Blumenthal: “Secretary Pompeo (Sunflower)is flippant, even belligerent, in evading & interrupting my colleagues’ questions. It has been 9 days since the Helsinki Summit & still no answers.”

Did Trump propose paying ‘cash’ for Karen McDougal’s story?

Emoluments lawsuit against Trump includes profits from private trans, even those involving services given or traded at fair market value.

BBC to Sean Spicer: "You have corrupted discourse for the entire world by going along with these lies
Spicy’s sad legacy
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Trump is hell bent on destabilizing & extorting the EU via tariffs, etc. 😱Putin 🤗

The WH’s quiet deal to open a SCOTUS seat:
Pay off: The WH nom’d Kennedy’s peeps to vip jud’l posts & Kush, DonJr & Eric put the squeeze on Justin & Gregory re RE & financial deals?

Marketing firm Exactis leaked personal info database with 350 million records.

Legally compelled Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted Outlook messages & Skype enabled Prism collection of video calls.?

GOP & Trump’s FBI spy theory is completely insane

CA passes a digital privacy bill which requires COs like Google, FSB & Amazon to tell users what & who they share data with.

How the ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ (Farage, Banks & Wigmore) forged ties with RU & the Trump campaign — and came under investigators’ scrutiny
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