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Playing the Fiddle with Matt Gaetz and the DOJ

A thread by Shawn Bradley Witzemann (TMI) aka The Free Range Journalist

#Oathkeepers #J6 #Weaponization #Judiciary #SexTrafficking Image
Camper Trailer, Missouri — Florida Representative Matt Gaetz had much to say on Thursday evening in a Twitter Space hosted by an Australian multi-millionaire named Nawfal who lives in Dubai.
Out of an apparent abundance of what some might say is an excess of privilege, Gaetz placed his blessed acumen on full display in front of approximately a half million people by referring to the OathKeepers as “idiots” who were “literally trying to overthrow the government.”
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Child sex abuse ring: Gerhard Ackerman found guilty of child porn charges, sex trafficking, grooming

#SouthAfrica #ChildSexAbuse #SexTrafficking #ChildTrafficking…
The Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg found Gerhard Ackerman guilty on Monday of multiple charges linked to a child sex abuse ring that he masterminded.
Ackerman faced 740 charges, including possession of child pornography, rape, human trafficking, sexual grooming of a child, sexual assault and the sexual exploitation of children.
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"BDSM's Grave Miseducation" is a topic we've covered before. Though... not yet on Twitter.

It can be a challenging conversation. How necessary is it? As necessary as addressing all the #sextrafficking co-optation that comes along with it.

So... no time like the present.
When you are finding yourself in environments where you are being mistreated -- and forced to pretend you like it -- this is the experience of being dominated by dishonorable influences.
Non-consensual imprisonment; non-consensual submission; indeed, non-consensual domination is also part of this important subject.

The influences dishonorably dominating you are, by and large, not doing so because that's something they originally really wanted.
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This is extremely important!

Think about how many people are being prevented from grounding because of dishonorably predatory environmental factors.
Think about people disabled and trapped in toxic housing.

Think about communities whose natural environments have been targeted for continuous destruction.
Think about people at #humantrafficking intersections who aren't allowed to go outside.

Think about #sextrafficking survivors whose bodies have been changed intentionally to make it difficult or impossible for them to come into contact with the natural living world.
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1. Surat, GJ: Father of 4, Abdul Hameed, groomed and abducted a minor #Hindu girl. He was taking her to Ajmer when he was arrested.
2. Kolkata, WB: 15 yr old #Hindu girl, trapped, eloped with a Muslim boy. She was trafficked to BD where she was gangraped repeatedly by her Muslim BF & his friends. Recovered, now in children home.
#GroomingJihad #Pedophilia #SexTrafficking…
3. Bengaluru, KN: Dr.Ubedullah molests his 19 yr old patient. Religion of patient not known. Avoid 'peaceful' community.
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1. Pune, MH: 40 yr old Raees Sheikh working for Zomato molested 19 yr old engineering student when he came to deliver her order. He touched her inappropriately and kissed her twice on the cheek. Arrested.
2.Bangladesh: #HIndu children in BD are forced to study Quran by their teachers, touches #Hindu girl students inappropriately and forces them to convert to Islam. No action by 'secular' BD govt.
3. Gurugram, Haryana: Spa operator, Jhuma and her aides Rubel Iqbal, Sadam Hussein and Rupa arrested for forcing a 14 yr old girl into prostitution.
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1. Lakhimpur Kheri, UP: In another horror, Salimuddin and Ashif, tried to rape a #Hindu girl. When she resisted they beat her so much she died 5 days later due to internal injuries. Both arrested.
2. Kota, RJ: A married, father of 2, Ali Hussain posed as a #Hindu Bunty, raped and blackmailed a #Hindu women. He used her rape video and kept raping her. Case registered. Bajrang Dal helping the women.
3. Rae Bareli, UP: A Muslim man, Shaarik, brainwashed 2 minor class 10 girls to run away from home. He was taking them to Delhi. Shaarik and his accomplice arrested. Girls recovered.
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1. Aligarh, UP: Mohd. Talib raped a 7 yr old #Hind dalit girl child. Case registered. Talib absconding.
2. Udham Singh Nagar, UK: A Muslim boy hopes with a minor #Hindu girl. Locals agitated, case registered, girl not yet retrieved.
3. Budaun, UP: Owner Arbaz arrested for running a hookah bar as a family restaurant. It is also alleged M men used details of #Hindu women visiting the bar to trap them in #LoveJihad. Investigations on. #SexTrafficking….
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1. Ankit Singh case: Shahrukh's friend Naeem Ali, had previously stalked, harassed and abducted a #Hindu girl, imprisoned her for 3 months forcing her to convert and marry him.
2. Ranchi, JH: Saharuddin targeted a minor poor Vanavasi #Hindu girl and raped her. He had been stalking, and harassing her many days. When the crime was committed, the girl was alone in her house.
3. Baghpat, UP: Mohd. Raees is forcing a #Hindu family to send their girl to him or he'll do #STSJ of the family. When refused, he put out obscene pictures of the girl on SM. He had previously abducted the girl from her school. Case registered.
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This is not how supply and demand economic theory WORKS people?!?!? #EndDemand initiatives for #SexWork does NOT enable #trafficking. Think about it. Let’s kick this #EndDemand can all the way down the road, shall we?
#Trafficking is a crime. Pimping is a crime. #DMST is a crime And they STAY crimes under #FullDecrim. Full stop. BUT we STOP arresting adult consensual #SexWorkers AND we don’t entrap their clients in stings. The BONUS is we ALSO stop arresting A LOT of victims of #SexTrafficking
Supporting #EndDemand initiatives is a knee jerk reaction to a complicated problem. But NOT ARRESTING grown adults for adult consensual behavior (that is perfectly legal if they do it for free) is not such a crazy idea. It actually makes a LOT of sense if you step back a bit
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The myth has even been debunked by antis-trafficking. Law enforcement has reported this as a myth with heavy spin of course -pivoting to “we are looking for missing kids” or “this a daily thing”. And even @polaris_project started backpedaling in 2016…
In their 2016 blog post @Polaris_Project states “This post is part of an ongoing series confronting the myths and misconceptions surrounding human trafficking.” But then of course they doubled down on the “widespread issue” by pointing out it happens 365 days year…
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Anton Lazaro has been charged with sex trafficking of underage girls. Here he is posing with Trump, Tucker Carlson, & others in the Trump posse. 1/
3/ Anton Lazzaro seems to have been especially in the loop with Tucker.…
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"In just one phone call, Otto had protected Lundstrom from Luther in a way the police couldn’t, even after ten 911 calls and a restraining order." "Otto routinely dispatched Lundstrom to Williston, where she’d work until she met her quota of $1,000 per day." #students #rape
"now perhaps the most common sex trafficking recruitment vehicle: social media. Experts say victims are groomed by pimps who play the numbers game with extreme patience. “[Predators] could say ‘you’re beautiful’ to 100 girls just to get one” #grooming…
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With the GirlsDoPorn connected guy recently sentenced to 20 years in prison, a co-owner awaiting sentencing, and another co-owner from New Zealand a fugitive,

Is the 1,000 lb gorilla of porn, Pornhub, next in line for justice?…
Not according to

But maybe US Attorneys are still gathering a humongous amount of evidence?
36 plaintiffs just sued Pornhub and its many parent orgs, financiers, and affiliates

Now we're making progress...this is long overdue!

Pornhub profits from rape, child pornography and sex trafficking, dozens of women allege in lawsuit
By Marisa Iati…
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🔥Federal prosecutors are investigating whether Matt Gaetz *obstructed justice* during a phone call he had with a witness in the child #SexTrafficking case being built against him.

#ObstructionOfJustice is punishable by up to 20 years in the slammer.😎

The obstruction probe stems from a phone call the witness had w/Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend (fmr Capitol Hill intern), who patched Gaetz into the call—Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend & the witness are friends with the trafficked girl.

The witness spoke with prosecutors😎…
Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend, who was on the call in question, is seeking an #immunity deal from prosecutors and has expressed fears that she may have obstructed justice. She told friends that she feared the alleged trafficking victim may have recorded her in another phone call.🧐
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Boris Johnson with Lynn Forester Rothschild

Did u know Epsteins Black Book lists Teterboro-headquartered aviation firm MILLION AIR?

Lynn's brother is its CEO

Lease Agreement between MILLIONAIR & Lynn's firm GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE linked to the 911 CABAL:… Image
List of Signatory VWP Carriers*

Airlines authorized to traffic non-US citizens & non-Green Card holders to USA from eligible countries, WITHOUT need for passengers to get Visas

Million Air Charter Teterboro (Lynn Rothschild's brother)

Air Ghislaine Inc… ImageImage

Has Lynn —"financial enabler of Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein"— been supporting aviation companies (her own & her brothers) involved with or linked to #SEPTEMBER11 AND Maxwell-Epsteins Mossad #SEXTRAFFICKING operation? ImageImageImageImage
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🚨BREAKING: Joel Greenberg—a former #Florida county tax collector—is COOPERATING with federal prosecutors has disclosed that he and @mattgaetz “had encounters with women who were given cash or gifts in exchange for sex.”

‼️@TheJusticeDept is investigating the involvement of Greenberg, Gaetz et al with multiple women who were recruited online for sex and got cash, and whether the men **had sex with a 17-year-old** in violation of sex trafficking statutes.🤬🤢🤮
Greenberg began speaking with investigators once he realized that the government had “overwhelming evidence” against him and that his only path to leniency lay in cooperation.

Bye, #MattGaetz.👋🏼
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🚨BREAKING: In the final weeks of Trump’s term, @mattgaetz privately asked the White House for blanket pre-emptive pardons for himself and unidentified congressional allies for any crimes they may have committed.

#WaterGaetz #GaetzResign…
Around that time, DOJ investigators had begun questioning Gaetz’s associates about him, including whether he had a sexual relationship with a 17-yo that violated #SexTrafficking laws, that grew out of the case of an indicted associate in #Florida.…
Gaetz also publicly called for broad pardons from Trump to thwart what he falsely termed the “bloodlust” of @GOP political opponents. Some Trump associates now speculate that Gaetz’s request for a group #pardon was an attempt to camouflage his own potential criminal exposure.🧐
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Watching the naming names vid on instagram of the #sextrafficking survivor Ally.
She said, "I've been with cops, I know how cops work. I was passed through a police department."
"Joe Biden has a water island. Zuck has a water island."
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US Attorney Terwilliger to hold a press conference at 5 PM today to announce arrests in a gang-controlled #SexTrafficking ring.

👇 👇 👇
Here are the details.

US Atty Terwilliger announced the arrests of 11 #MS13 gang members and associates for #SexTrafficking and physically abusing a 13 year old girl.
The minor had run away from a youth home and was quickly introduced to MS13 gang members. She was beaten with a bat as part of initiation. Horrible!

I wonder why she was in that youth home....just thinking back how so many unaccompanied alien kids get out into youth homes, Image
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I’m sure we’ve all heard of the #Wayfair scandal by now and if you haven’t... please inform yourself and do your research.

Child sex #trafficking has been going on for decades. It has been swept under the rug by corporations, organizations, politicians,
world leaders, Hollywood actors, and so many other people in power for years.

Whether you believe #wayfairgate to be true or not... the fact is that over 800,000 children go missing every year JUST in the United States and we can’t ignore that statistic.
So where are these children?

I’m sure some people will read this and immediately think “conspiracy theory”.

But here’s the thing. Sex Trafficking isn’t a conspiracy theory.
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