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Throwback kata2 mantan Presiden UMNO, si Scammer Penyangak Najib Razak 😁

🔺Saya tak kenal Jho Low (2013)

🔺Jho Low tiada kaitan dgn 1MDB (2015)

🔺Jho Low diberi peranan penting dlm 1MDB (2018)

🔺Saya ditipu Jho Low (2019)

#UMNOscam #JanjiNajib
Throwback kata2 para Scammer Penyangak UMNO yang BERSEKONGKOL dengan Najib Razak untuk menipu rakyat Malaysia 😁

#UMNOscam #1MDB #Kleptokrasi
Moga para Scammer Penyangak UMNO yang menzalimi rakyat Msia & mengkhianati negara diIaknat Tuhan 😎

#UMNOscam #DosaUMNO
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Horrible to see the degeneration of #Malaysia, a once upon rising star among #NICs and Emerging Market Economies, which served as a justified model and example of equitable development and growth, now, sadly, falling under the list of nations that are rotten to the core.
This turmoil started after DR Mahathir left power.
Since Dr Abdullah Badawi took over the reins of political power, Malaysia, as a country, has remained in a state of pendency.
All good work done in the 80s down the gutter due to bickering among UMNO and corrupt Najib n Rosmah Co
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5 Sebab #Najib Berbahaya Untuk Anak Muda?

1. "#BOSSKU" telah set satu standard pd generasi hari ini bahawa kalau kamu merasuah dan telah didapati bersalah.. takpe, jangan maluuu, "Malu apa bosskuuu!"

Thread dibawah👇
#1MDB #NajibRazak #anakmuda
2. Bila kempen si Najib mendapat sambutan ramai orang, lagi² kaum muda.. itu ada pembuktian, bahawa ramai yg tidak membenci apatah lgi takut untuk merasuah.

#1MDB #NajibRazak #AnakMuda
Sambungan 👇
3. Negara luar akan memandang kita dengan sangat serong, apatalah lagi bila kita menerima dan meraikan pula si pesalah pecah amanah & perasuah...

#1MDB #NajibRazak #AnakMuda

Sambungan 👇
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In 2016 the Novak Foundation held their gala dinner in Milan at Castello Sforzesco aka Sforza's Castle

> House of Visconti coat of arms #BlackNobility

> Notice the Biscione .. ImageImageImageImage
That same year > Novak Foundation
> Marina Abramovic

One of the guests at Nicole Junkermann and Ferdinando Brachetti Peretti daughter's Vatican baptism was Urbano Riario Sforza Barberini Colonna di Sciarra

aka Urbano Barberini Sforza… ImageImage
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#NajibRazak4PM & CHINA

2016: #1MDB terdesak. Segala dana dari pinjaman2 dah habis disapu. Lebih dari RM20b semuanya, disedut ke pelbagai akaun pesisir di luar negara

Nak bayar faedah & teruskan projek2 spt TRX & Bandar M’sia pun tak mampu

(Masih tak sedar ditipu Jho Low?)
Apakah langkah Najib seterusnya?

Dlm bulan Jun 2016, Najib hantar pegawai khasnya, Amhari Effendi ke China dgn misi rahsia “untuk menyelesaikan hutang 1MDB & SRC”. Maka tercetuslah perjanjian2 yg berat sebelah....
1. Sabah pipelines – projek berjumlah RM9.4b. Walaupun projek baru siap 13% tetapi dibayar 88%! Projek dibiayai bank China

Disyaki digunakan bayaran awal untuk bayar hutang 1MDB. Dibatalkan PH tapi tiba2 PN bercadang untuk hidupkan semula
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Looks like Elias is trying to insulate Perkins Coie from the repercussions of his actions in the Clinton oppo research campaign...

Was he pushed out by the firm to avoid his political Swamp connections from impacting their other global swamp connections?
Looks like they're separating the conflict of interest they had with representing both the DNC's donors & the DNC's politicians. Afraid piercing attorney client privilege would impact both sides when they were the lawyer for both parties illegal donations.
I'm sure a scry could tell you more about this, but he isn't allowed to!

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Thomas Barrack & two other defendants are accused of acting and conspiring to act as agents of the UAE between April 2016 and April 2018.

Officials also alleged that Barrack lied to FBI agents in 2019 during an interview about his dealings with the UAE.…
Background: Investigators are looking into “whether Mr. al-Malik was part of an illegal influence scheme,” although no details of that potential scheme have been made public.…
Barrack coordinated the language in a draft of Trump Energy speech with Persian Gulf contacts including Rashid al-Malik, an Emirati businessman who is close to the rulers of the United Arab Emirates.…
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Ukraine announces sanctions on businessman Dmytro Firtash for selling titanium products that allegedly end up being used by Russian military enterprises.

The council also announced sanctions against businessman Pavel Fuks. #1MDB…
Firtash - Mogilevich - Deripaska

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Malaysia files $23B in lawsuits against Swamp creatures who stole $4.8B from #1MDB!
This is in addition to $1.5B seized by DOJ and the $2.5B collected from Hillary's favorite bankers at Goldman Sachs in a settlement.
The most recognizable names in the suits are Deutsche Bank & JPMorgan Chase...
Accounting firm Deloitte has negotiated a side settlement for $80M but KPMG is not named in the lawsuits either. Are they escaping or is a deal pending?
I bet discovery will be fun!
This puts Malaysia in a position to recover more than $25B from the Swampy criminals that stole almost $5B from the people of Malaysia. This focuses on the Malaysian Swamp creatures, banks, lawyers, & accounting firms that enabled the theft & money laundering.
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#GoldmanSachs unit pleads guilty in #Malaysian bribery case and agrees to pay $2.9 billion
Two former Goldman bankers have been accused of helping facilitate the #theft of more than $2.7 billion of the proceeds from those offerings. #1mdb…
Conspiracy theorie or Replacement Migration?🤔
Peter Sutherland was also chairman of Goldman Sachs.
The Sacchetti 🕎 family of Rome manage some Sachs bloodlines which included Samuel Sachs the co-founder of Goldman Sachs😉…     
Noble Families of Jewish Ancestry - Semi Gotha 1912 - Ancient Jewish Nobility/Jewish ancestry who were members of the titled European nobility (and a handful of non-European royalty or nobility).…
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ While @thefca slumbered, their FCA made men/women wet their beaks in the notorious dark world of “entrepreneurial” aka “Golden Visa’s”. In 2018 the UK suspended “Golden Visa’s over endemic #MoneyLaundering concerns… AND ...
2/…. The FCA’s made men/women aren’t fussy, their target demographic at the top end usually Chinese “big crocs” & FSU “mini-me oligarchs”. This week @TheFCA woke up from its slumber + stopped #DolfinFinancial (UK) Ltd from carrying out regulated ...
3/ activities(… AND…) citing “serious concerns over the way Dolfin operated it’s business, including Tier1 Visa ops & financial crime controls”. The FCA was very quiet though about the seemingly all consuming Russian #CryptoCrap ..
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The spouse of the governor of Malaysia’s central bank is now under investigation for his role in the $4.5B heist from #1MDB! #ButNothingsHappening
Looks like he transferred funds from #1MDB to off shore accounts in Singapore...

Now they are looking for the #receipts!
Seems the central bank was warned about the #MoneyLaundering in 2015 & 2016 but they didn’t do anything about it.
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In 1997, Fair Wayne Bryan was convicted of stealing a pair of hedge-clippers. He was given a life-sentence because of other minor thefts. He was paroled from Angola prison in late 2020.…

In 2015, a conspiracy involving the Malaysian "tabloid party boy" Jho Low and a clutch of Goldman Sachs bankers stole and laundered $4.5b from the country's 1Malaysia Development Berhad fund (#1MDB).…

The multibillion dollar crime toppled the Malaysian government, but Goldman Sachs maintained that this was the result of a couple of rogue elements, despite evidence that the rot went all the way to the top.…

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#BREAKING Malaysia unit of Goldman Sachs pleads guilty in US court in 1MDB bribery scandal
#BREAKING Goldman Sachs to pay $2.9 bn in penalties to settle 1MDB bribery scandal: govt
#BREAKING Goldman Sachs to seize $174 mn from executives over #1MDB scandal
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Hmm, I wonder what this will be about?

#1MDB, perhaps? Maybe PDVDA?

DOJ to hold a press conference at11:00 AM about a "global resolution of civil and criminal liability matter."
Deputy AG Rosen is speaking and said this morning, the DOJ is announcing a resolution into PURDUE PHARMA.
I already retweeted someone's tweet about the Purdue Pharma settlement.
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This itvu (in German) with #Finma boss Mark Branson is an ideal complement to the media blitz by Daniel Thelesklaf recently:

Branson talks about suspicious activity reports in #Switzerland (#MoneyLaundering) surging to about 8,000 per year, from 1,000.…
That's still low internationally (and remember Switzerland remains world's largest offshore haven), but Branson is arguing that notifications are high quality.

Whatever the quality, officials still can't keep up. We know this from the guy who oversaw it:…
Branson also says that #1MDB is one of the most brazen and biggest graft cases the world has ever seen.

1MDB had art, jewelry, luxury property, Hollywood blockbuster, etc. but #PDVSA is not only much larger in scale, it also has far more tragic real-world impact on Venezuelans.
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Remember when @Jim_Jordan and @MarkMeadows asked why two DOJ prosecutors Andrew Weissman and Zainab Ahmad had been liasing with Bruce Ohr on Steele dossier related matters in 2016?

Counterintelligence probe? Prosecutors read in on Steele dossier?
"In 2016, prior to the presidential election..." 🤔
Weissman and Ahmad had been told by Bruce Ohr that Christoper Steele (employed by the DNC) was desperate to prevent @realDonaldTrump from becoming President.

Ahmad had been plucked from New York and moved to headquarters in the Spring of 2016. Organised a conference for @Comey
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The #Fincen leaks are the latest finance corruption megaleak, following #ParadisePapers (2017), #PanamaPapers (2016), #SwissLeaks (2015), #Luxleaks (2014). It's a trove of 2100 "Suspicious Activity Reports" (SARs) from the US Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

The reporting on the leaks was shared among multiple journalism orgs, including @BBCPanorama, @Buzzfeed, and more than 100 other orgs in 88 countries, coordinated by the @ICIJorg, whose master report is a key to the whole leak:…

Here's the nut: the world's largest banks knowingly laundered billions of dollars for the worst criminals, looters and oligarchs in the world. The financial regulators knew they were doing it.

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The US/DOJ reached a settlement to recover over $60 Million in asset civil forfeitures from Wolf of Wall Street Producer Riza Aziz for his role in the #1MDB embezzlement from Malaysia.
The DOJ is looking to forfeit another $300 Million in assets traceable to the #1MDB scandal, including 4 dozen promotional movie posters worth $4 million from Riza Aziz and $300 million being held in a UK escrow account.
The money in the escrow account is traceable back to a line of credit that Venezuela’s PDVSA extended to PetroSaudi, whose CEO is Tarek Obaid. Image
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McKinsey & Co. tried to help corrupt fintech company Wirecard purchase Deutsche Bank in an effort that Wirecard hoped would be able to use the chaos of the merger to hide the billions of dollars it had skimmed off from the company! #ButNothingsHappening…
Concealing Wirecard's fraud by gaining €1.4 trillion in Deutsche Bank's assets so that the couple of billion in fraud might get lost on the balance sheet. Wonder how much more fraud they could have pulled off after gaining control of the bank? ImageImage
Only problem was a KPMG audit as a prelude to arranging the financing for the deal showed that €3.2bn in debt raised since 2015 has been “lost”. Including a billion given out as loans to shady shell companies in Asia. ImageImage
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DOJ seeks to seize $96M in assets to recover from #1MDB fraud. Fine artwork this time including paintings by Monet & Warhol, real estate in Paris, & bank accounts in Luxembourg & Switzerland. #ButNothingsHappening HT: @MuseScry…
This brings the total up to $1.8 Billion of money stolen from #1MDB that DOJ has attempted to secure.
They don't identify the paintings, but it is probably in addition to the Van Gogh & 3 other Monet's seized in 2016.…
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How embedded are ties to the expired UN selected govt occupying Tripoli in DC? @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @BabeReflex_8 @RevisitedRick @ScheyChris @moses_libico @osamaalobide @MissiWhite4 #KhashoggiKoolAid

*Tarek M e g a r i e f (Son of NFSL head Mohamed) Edition*
Member of the "Central Bank of Libya" 2012 - 2016
Tarek aka Tarik M. Yousef…
Brookings Institute wrote the impeachment articles against 45 via Lawfare and major donor is Qatar

He is a Senior fellow at BROOKINGS Doha Center…
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Laundered money converted into real estate held in a shell company trust in the suspect's wife's name. Seems about right, wonder where that NYC luxury penthouse was located? Did he get a free Trump FBI financial colonoscopy with the condo?
Looks like the property was in Walker Tower Condominiums. The owner was working for Abu Dhabi's sovereign oil wealth fund while his #1MDB money was used to purchase the real estate.
Seems the purchase of the property was enough to get coverage in the @nytimes but not enough to get through the lawyers representing the shell company to know who the purchasers were!…
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Foreign governments paying for lawyers & PR firms to undermine the 1MDB case!

How about a Chinese state company, taking kickbacks from a Malaysian firm that was laundered to be used to oppose the investigation!
Jho Low was allowed to keep $15M of his pilfered money to pay his lawyers, but I bet his lawyers will be in trouble for allowing that deal when they were being paid through laundered bribe money from his co-conspirators.

I think that would be a no-no in any court!
Some of the money was laundered as invoices or payments paid through a "respectable middle eastern concern in which the politically connected individual held some shares" That was a Kuwaiti oligarch paying that money behind the company he owned shares in...
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