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NICOLE JUNKERMANN- Shareholder - 15-DEC-2007
SANDRINE ZERBIB - Shareholder - 15-DEC-2007

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Celaka Pras Michel. Another justice for Malaysians coming from United States. #1MDB
Pras Michel took bribes up to US$300 million (RM1.4 billion) , according to this US Government chargesheet. All of these are our money, which we need to pay with interest.
Pras Michel is found guilty of all ten charges he is accused of committing in US. The UMNO idiots in Malaysia sibuk nak bagi pengampunan kepada satu-satunya penjenayah yang dihukum dlm skandal 1MDB. Image
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I'm interested in hearing @adam_waldman's thoughts on Pras being an "FBI Informant," as he faces 22 years in prison on federal charges of conspiracy related to his involvement in #JhoLow's #1MDB sovereign wealth fund scandal. Image
The 1MDB scandal has been a very interesting saga. Image
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@Coinbase's bank is being sued for predatory lending in a large class action lawsuit filed ~8 weeks ago.

It gets worse though... Because @CrossRiverBank is also starting to have to sue people for loans that are going bad. Financials only allow 1.6% loss. $COIN

ruh roh
@coinbase @crossriverbank 🧵2/Ω Kinda f'ed up other thread so I'm gonna copy these over here. tl;dr #seemsbad for @CrossRiverBank and $COIN.
Specific allegations about how @CrossRiverBank (@Coinbase's bank! $COIN) broke the law and allegedly defrauded a bunch of people w/predatory "debt relief" lending along with #NewCreditAmerica
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Johari Ghani involved in the cover up of 1MDB crime gets the job as a chair to resolve 1MDB matter. What a joke @anwaribrahim
Johari Ghani when he was Najib's Macai before GE14.
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8 Feb 2023: Pic of Najib Razak by Zahid Izzani Mohd Said of the @theedgemalaysia It is taking a toll on him.
Jho Low had the banker serve him at his apartment. He was of course playing with billions borrowed on our head and our children's head. #1MDB
Zeti was in the know when Najib and Jho Low were stealing billions. Ambank kept her informed.
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Now I understand why Goldman is refusing to pay. Malaysia is not serious in recovering its stolen money from the criminals benefitted from the stealing. Najib, Rosmah or UMNO is yet to return a single sen to the Government. #1MDB
Billions laying in Kuwait also they have not bothered to recover until today.
Goldman has paid back four to five times more than they ever earned in 1MDB deal. Najib and UMNO not a single sen.
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When is a #dollar not a #dollar?

Should the dollar in your bank account be qualitatively different than the George Washington in your wallet?

Even if the denominations are the same?
Even when it comes to the fiat currency that we're used to, it can be argued that cash in the hand "feels" different from the money we have in our bank accounts.

But their effect is the same.

Outside of the first US$250,000 in FDIC insured deposits, everything else is risk.
When @binance started minting $BUSD on the #Binance Chain (now called BNB Beacon Chain) and the Binance Smart Chain (now called BNB Smart Chain) no one really peeked beneath the hood to see that these were QUALITATIVELY different from the $BUSD associated with @PaxosGlobal
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The Globetrotting Con Man and Suspected Spy

Tao Liu’s criminal odyssey took him from money laundering in MX to a massive scam in China to Trump’s exclusive NJ golf club.

It is believed he may have infiltrated US politics as part of a Chinese intel op.…
In July 2018, Trump met at his NJ golf club with a Chinese businessman who should have never gotten anywhere near the most powerful man in the world.

Tao Liu had recently rented a luxurious apartment in Trump Tower in NY & boasted of joining the Trump’s Golf Club in Bedminster.
Liu was also a “fugitive” from Chinese justice.

Media reports published overseas three years before the meeting had described him as the mastermind of a conspiracy that defrauded thousands of investors.
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Since @NajibRazak was jailed I see many politicians trying their best to claim credit over the #1MDB saga! The fact is we should applaud @anwaribrahim and @rafiziramli for being whistleblowers taking up all the risks. Anwar was the first MP who urged PAC to probe Najib and 1MDB!
Later @anwaribrahim was jailed during the @NajibRazak era as Prime Minister. The world remarked on it as politically motivated imprisonment. @rafiziramli continuously wrote many articles about #1MDB and he even faced police custody. Eventually, he becomes a court veteran.
From 2009 until @NajibRazak sacked Mukriz, Tun M never spoke a word about the corruption of the Najib government or 1MDB. Muhyiddin did the same until Najib turn down his demands. They only go against Najib when their demands were turned down. Now both are busy claiming credit!
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Just listened to her reasoning.. the Gates Foundation has shares in everything .. Caterpiller..etc.

That's what people used to say about BlackRock a few years ago when anons started looking

Btw, about Caterpillar 🤫👇
Caterpillar #1MDB
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#BREAKING Malaysia's top court upholds ex-PM Najib's 12-year jail sentence in 1MDB scandal
#BREAKING Malaysia's ex-PM Najib sent to prison after 12-year jail sentence upheld: daughter-in-law
#UPDATE Malaysia's highest court on Tuesday upheld former prime minister Najib Razak's 12-year jail sentence for corruption in the #1MDB financial scandal, a decision analysts said could slam the door on a political comeback
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Interesting 🧵on Kuhn, Loeb & Co. and Frederick T Gates, John D Rockefeller's investment adviser…
Kuhn, Loeb & Co was an investment bank located in NYC. The firm grew to prominence during the railroad era in the United States

Its first meaningful investments : the Chicago and North Western Railroad, , the Pennsylvania Railroad & the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad.
Famous partners of the firm included Otto Kahn, Paul Warburg, Felix Warburg, Mortimer Schiff,and Sigmund Warburg, founder of S.G. Warburg.

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Geometry Global
"Born out of the merger between G2, OgilvyAction and JWTAction and part of WPP, Geometry Global is the world’s largest activation network. "
Geometry Global Global HQ :

636 11th Avenue , New York, NY 10036 - Olgivy's HQ

In 2020 WPP moved to 200 Fifth Avenue, where Grey Group, another WPP subsidiary, is already located.
Grey Group's international clients include Procter & Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline, Nokia, British American Tobacco, Diageo, Volkswagen, Novartis, Wyeth, Canon, DirecTV, and 3M…


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These 3 whistleblowers had the courage of standing up against Jho Low and the former primeminister of Kuwait sheikh al Sabah against the $6billion+ of stolen public funds of Malaysia.
Faisal al Sabah and Nasir al Tayar are Members of the Kuwaiti intelligence services who were head of the investigation for the #1MDB scandal in Kuwait. They stood up against Kuwait’s implication in stealing Malaysian public funds of $6billion+.
Bachar Kiwan, French Businessman stood up to his business partner Al Sabah (former prime minister of Kuwait) to launder Malaysia public funds through his company.
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Carter Page attended a Columbia University-sponsored energy symposium in November 2012? 🤔
Nothing about this other "major NYC" symposium in the Buryakov complaint. Just the one in January 2013.…
By chance, was it the Columbia Energy Symposium held at Columbia University on November 30, 2012?
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Throwback kata2 mantan Presiden UMNO, si Scammer Penyangak Najib Razak 😁

🔺Saya tak kenal Jho Low (2013)

🔺Jho Low tiada kaitan dgn 1MDB (2015)

🔺Jho Low diberi peranan penting dlm 1MDB (2018)

🔺Saya ditipu Jho Low (2019)

#UMNOscam #JanjiNajib
Throwback kata2 para Scammer Penyangak UMNO yang BERSEKONGKOL dengan Najib Razak untuk menipu rakyat Malaysia 😁

#UMNOscam #1MDB #Kleptokrasi
Moga para Scammer Penyangak UMNO yang menzalimi rakyat Msia & mengkhianati negara diIaknat Tuhan 😎

#UMNOscam #DosaUMNO
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Horrible to see the degeneration of #Malaysia, a once upon rising star among #NICs and Emerging Market Economies, which served as a justified model and example of equitable development and growth, now, sadly, falling under the list of nations that are rotten to the core.
This turmoil started after DR Mahathir left power.
Since Dr Abdullah Badawi took over the reins of political power, Malaysia, as a country, has remained in a state of pendency.
All good work done in the 80s down the gutter due to bickering among UMNO and corrupt Najib n Rosmah Co
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5 Sebab #Najib Berbahaya Untuk Anak Muda?

1. "#BOSSKU" telah set satu standard pd generasi hari ini bahawa kalau kamu merasuah dan telah didapati bersalah.. takpe, jangan maluuu, "Malu apa bosskuuu!"

Thread dibawah👇
#1MDB #NajibRazak #anakmuda
2. Bila kempen si Najib mendapat sambutan ramai orang, lagi² kaum muda.. itu ada pembuktian, bahawa ramai yg tidak membenci apatah lgi takut untuk merasuah.

#1MDB #NajibRazak #AnakMuda
Sambungan 👇
3. Negara luar akan memandang kita dengan sangat serong, apatalah lagi bila kita menerima dan meraikan pula si pesalah pecah amanah & perasuah...

#1MDB #NajibRazak #AnakMuda

Sambungan 👇
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In 2016 the Novak Foundation held their gala dinner in Milan at Castello Sforzesco aka Sforza's Castle

> House of Visconti coat of arms #BlackNobility

> Notice the Biscione .. ImageImageImageImage
That same year > Novak Foundation
> Marina Abramovic

One of the guests at Nicole Junkermann and Ferdinando Brachetti Peretti daughter's Vatican baptism was Urbano Riario Sforza Barberini Colonna di Sciarra

aka Urbano Barberini Sforza… ImageImage
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#NajibRazak4PM & CHINA

2016: #1MDB terdesak. Segala dana dari pinjaman2 dah habis disapu. Lebih dari RM20b semuanya, disedut ke pelbagai akaun pesisir di luar negara

Nak bayar faedah & teruskan projek2 spt TRX & Bandar M’sia pun tak mampu

(Masih tak sedar ditipu Jho Low?)
Apakah langkah Najib seterusnya?

Dlm bulan Jun 2016, Najib hantar pegawai khasnya, Amhari Effendi ke China dgn misi rahsia “untuk menyelesaikan hutang 1MDB & SRC”. Maka tercetuslah perjanjian2 yg berat sebelah....
1. Sabah pipelines – projek berjumlah RM9.4b. Walaupun projek baru siap 13% tetapi dibayar 88%! Projek dibiayai bank China

Disyaki digunakan bayaran awal untuk bayar hutang 1MDB. Dibatalkan PH tapi tiba2 PN bercadang untuk hidupkan semula
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Looks like Elias is trying to insulate Perkins Coie from the repercussions of his actions in the Clinton oppo research campaign...

Was he pushed out by the firm to avoid his political Swamp connections from impacting their other global swamp connections?
Looks like they're separating the conflict of interest they had with representing both the DNC's donors & the DNC's politicians. Afraid piercing attorney client privilege would impact both sides when they were the lawyer for both parties illegal donations.
I'm sure a scry could tell you more about this, but he isn't allowed to!

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