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📌New Mueller investigation revelations explain Trump's rage

📌Salwell: Indictments are coming...

We're working to extend the statute of limitations, so that NO ONE is above the law.

Schiff: Real question is if Trump is under the influence of a foreign power

Trump refuses to hand over docs to HOC. Nixon lost.

Watergate’s Judge Sirica granted the GJ’s request that otherwise secret materials should be sent to the House & sent the Road Map to Congress. He relied heavily on the fact that the GJ itself had made the req

This Watergate Road Map precedent gives Mueller & the current GJ a way to proceed if they conclude that the evidence supports impeachable offenses or criminal charges against Trump for conspiracy with Russia to interfere with the 2016 elex or for O of J v
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Multiple 💣incoming.

All signs point to v.1 go based on the rising hysteria on the R.

RR is still hanging out.

Cohen redactions = ongoing inv’s + subpoenas

Barr won’t risk possible charges for TT

If buried, Mueller’s rpt w/b told via 100s of indictments.🤗

Trump's Shady Scheme to Keep Jon Bon Jovi from Buying the Buffalo Bills

The plan involved a covert political operative who worked with Putin, a double amputee, a settlement w/ TX A&M, & a failed bid that opened up the opportunity Trump's presidential run.

Nunes files suit b/c his fee fees are hurt to silence oppo in vio of 1A.

Yet “RW are being silenced" Op is in full swing (projection) &

“TRANSLATION: The feds have uncovered the vast criminal GOP internet-enabled cybercrime enterprise.”

#Kavanaugh op exposed ^^
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GOT THIS? #NoTaxReturns = #Mobster
MT @CREWcrew: Your daily reminder that #Trump is the first President Elected since #Nixon to refuse to release his #taxreturns, and any payments from Russia remain secret and we are at War w #ICC
BY DESIGN #ICC is the enemy of West Civ. They are global promoter of #homophobia #misogyny #racism. IT IS IN THEIR MOB CODE and most are BORN into it. BELIEVE And Share. They are Maggots ON Society and Exposure Weakens them.
JOURNOS MUST READ CJC #POKE THE BEAR published 11/3/17 Something was wrong. At first, it was just instinct. During the GOP primaries, things weren’t adding up for us with Trump. @JamesFourM @ninaandtito @lauferlaw @carolecadawalla
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NYAG 16 New Charges for Manafort. If Convicted, Trump Can’t Pardon.

Res’l Mortgage Fraud
Attempted Mortgage Fraud
Falsifying Biz Records
Scheme to Defraud

📌Ct 1: 60 mos, w/ 30 mos concurrent
📌Ct 2: 13 mos, to run consecutive to ct 1 & the EDVA sentence

📌”U.S. gov’t now has a condo in Trump Tower. (It was Paul Manafort's.)”

📌Probe into whether Russia lent money to Trump through Deutsche Bank

📌📌DOJ inv’g Jho Low’s (fugitive at the center of the global #1MDB scandal) $100k donation to Trump Victory super pac.

At issue ia 100K payment from Jho Low via Larry Davis ➡️filled RNC/Trump’s coffers.

Davis’ parents in law pleaded guilty during a Clinton-era financing scandal.

B/c Low is not a US citizen, he is barred from making direct or indirect donations to US pols or to PACs.
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At 2PM today, the House Financial Services Committee will begin discussing legislation to end anonymous US companies, strengthen the Bank Secrecy Act #AML regime, and reward whistleblowers in transnational kleptocracy cases.

Read more/watch live here:…
Tomorrow @HudsonInstitute, join @FranklinFoer @elisejosanbean and KI to discuss the US economy’s systemic vulnerability to dirty money from authoritarian regimes. Why it’s poisoning capitalism, and how upcoming legislation could help turn the tide!…
HFSC witness Dennis Lormel, a former FBI agent, highlights the ubiquity of anonymous shell companies in transnational kleptocracy cases.
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Huh, another one of Hillary's friends who decided to try & buy access to Trump after the election. Looks like he walked into a sting or a trap or something! #ButNothingsHappening.…
Put about a million dollars into Trump groups in the hopes of not losing his access to the Swamp.
It's not a good sign if you are the only target singled out in the subpoena! #ButNothingsHappening!
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DOJ seeks recovery of $38M from Malaysian #1MDB corruption! #ButNothingsHappening! This takes the total of assets ordered seized in the case by DOJ to $1.7 Billion!
That's a lot of money laundering change....
That $1.7 Billion is out of a total alleged $4.5 Billion stolen from the fund. That's what we know about!
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UAE Amb. Otaiba urged Tom Barrack to accept a bid from Jho Low for a $45m bid to buy L’Ermitage Hotel which was owned by Barracks company, Colony Capital.

Just Dept is looking to seize that property, as it was used with stolen #1MDB funds.
Oh and it was his idea to bring on board Paul Manafort.

He also introduced Kushner to Otaiba which ultimately led to Pedo George Nader setting up treason meeting #2 on Aug 3, 2016 with Don Jr/Prince/Miller/Psy-Group and the gulf representatives.…
Mtg. between Flynn/Kush/Bannon//Gerson/MBZ on Dec 15

Prince meets w/Nader who gives him the 411 on RDIF head Kirill Dmitriev-Jan 4

Seychelles mtg. w/Gerson/Prince/Kirill/Nader/MBZ reps-Jan 11
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So former RNC fundraiser & Swamp figure Elliot Broidy, already implicated in the plot to illegally lobby to block prosecutions on #1MDB has sued Gregory Howard of Mercury Public Affairs for releasing his hacked emails for Qatar.…
Mercury is also very Swampy, including involvement with Fusion GPS, Oleg Deripaska, Paul Manafort & many more!
One of the three Qatari foreign agents failed to register under FARA to conceal his contacts. Filing only retroactively after he was sued.
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"But Democrats, after slamming House Republicans for their inadequate inquiry, do not plan to reopen a full-scale Russian interference investigation. They have also chosen to hold off on an immediate request for Mr. Trump’s tax returns."
And, little do they know where that Palm Beach mansion leads
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Actor Leonardo DiCaprio secretly testified to a DC grand jury in the case of 1mdb. DiCaprio, who used funds from Jho Lowe to finance his "Wolf of Wall Street" film is said to be cooperating in the probe. 😎…
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Malaysia files criminal charges against Hillary's favorite bank Goldman Sachs in the 1MDB scandal. This is in addition to charges against the two Goldman Sachs executives who have also been charged in the US. #ButNothingsHappening…
Goldman Sachs is under investigation in at least 6 countries for its role in the #1MDB scandal. Also important is the fact that participants in this scandal also attempted to bribe US officials to protect the Swamp from this allegation.
A lawyer who worked as Congressional support staff for the US Department of Justice, plead guilty for his role in laundering money in an attempt to influence the prosecution of the #1MDB case in the US.…
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DOJ official pleads guilty to helping funnel cash into the US to aid a secret lobbying campaign to end a probe of Malaysian #1MDB grifter, Jho Low.

Former RNC Finance Vice-Chair, Elliott Broidy, appears to be “Individual 1”👉🏼lobbied ILLEGALLY.…
CONVICTED FELON Broidy is under investigation for ILLEGALLY peddling influence w/@realDonaldTrump’s administration to *foreign* governments, including China, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.🧐

Broidy was one of the top @GOP fundraisers in 2016.🙄


Broidy’s partner in international crime, George Nader, already flipped & is fully cooperating.😎

You can bet that this deal by the DOJ official FREAKED OUT Broidy and his wife, whose law firm had a draft (perhaps signed?) agreement to work for Jho Low.🤨
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The DOJ is going to announce multiple criminal charges related to the multibillion-dollar Malaysian wealth fund scandal, (#1MDB) including against two former Goldman Sachs bankers (Tim Leissner and Roger Ng) and Malaysian financier #JhoLow…
Last July, Prime Minister #NajibRazak was charged with misusing funds over the 1MDB scandal and WSJ reported that #TimLeissner, who arranged offerings that helped Razak's slush fund was negotiating a plea deal in exchange for cooperating with prosecutors.…
Earlier this month Najib Razak's wife, former first lady Rosmah Mansor, who is also facing money-laundering charges was released on bail.…
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Last night Trump mocked & made fun of a victim of sexual assault.

GOP & the RW media machine have been doing same for weeks.

@GOP have declared war on all female Americans.

They expect us endure sexual assault w/ the expectation we remain silent


This is HUGE folks:

💣UK accuses Russian spies of global cyber attacks campaign

💣AU has officially blamed RU for attacking the 2016 US Presidential Election.

I am sure Canada & NZ will chime any moment.

Is Kav a mole for Judical Watch/FedSoc, ergo NatSec risk?🤔

If 'Times' is right, Trumps could face $400M state tax bill

Trump is trustee to his parents’ estates, which could put him in line to pay a bigger share

Ron Wyden called for the IRS to fully investigate the allegations of tax fraud committed by Trump & his family
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Mahathir Mohammad at @CFR_org. First question on Chinese economic influence in #Malaysia. "Previous government borrowed too much money."
Says he explained to China that Najib was the problem and not Beijing. But now he's talking about payment pathways privileging Chinese SoEs over local contractors. "That is not good for us. Malaysian contractors have no role to play."
"Colonialism can take many forms. Countries can be subject to pressure through economic systems and that is a form of colonialism also." - Mahathir
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Special PC on #1MDB by Malaysia’s deputy inspector general of police. “This evening, I’m going to update you on the developments of the case as investigated by the police”. 4 aspects have been probed by the CCID and several individuals investigated.
Main areas probed by CCID:
• 1MTN notes worth RM5mil by Terengganu Islamic Authority
#1MDB & PetroSaudi Intl joint venture & loans in form of Murabahah Notes
• purchase of assets worth USD3.5bil involving Tanjong Negeri
• issuing of US$3 bil notes by 1MDB Global Investments
During the course of investigations, police uncovered
• USD$972mil (RM2.973bil) was transferred to the accounts of former PM Najib Razak in 3 phases - “Good Star”, “Aabar” and “Tanore”
• 132 transactions involving illegal money identified
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WH counsel has cooperated EXTENSIVELY with Mueller’s Obstruction inquiry

CU:”I found that as early as 1984 Donald Trump's properties were being used to launder money for the RU mafia"

Trump's bid for Sydney AU casino 30 years ago rejected due to 'mafia connections’

Laundering RU mob 💰became the means & the pattern through which Trump became rich again

“It’s a federal crime §1513 if anyone retaliates against someone for providing truthful info to LE,”. “So Trump is getting closer and closer to really dangerous ground here.”

US Navy Captain & 2 Chief Petty Officers latest to be Indicted in int’l Navy bribary & Frau

📌USNavy in Barrel #FatLeonard

PapaD’s' wife is trying to scrap her husband's plea deal w/Mueller, and is part of a concerted RW effort to discredit the Mueller probe.
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Elliott Broidy — top @GOP fundraiser & convicted felon — is under CRIMINAL investigation for allegedly trying sell his influence w/the Trump administration to *foreign* officials for TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars‼️1/

Broidy’s shady dealing w/Saudi Arabia & UAE were reported previously.👇🏼

Now, Broidy is being probed for his shady dealings w/China & former Malaysian officials.🤨2/


Broidy is being investigated for allegedly developing a plan to try to persuade the Trump government to extradite a Chinese dissident back to #China, a move sought by the Chinese president.🤨

The same guy Trump chillaxed with at Mar-a-Lago.🙄 3/

cc @911CORLEBRA777
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Putin, Manafort & Trump have ties to RU’s Mafia King Mogilevetch going back decades to the early 2000s & 1990s.

45 hired only the ‘best people’ FRAUDSTERS, TAX EVADERS & MONEY LAUNDERERS

Mueller plans to call IRS, FBI, FinCen witnesses at Manafort trial

Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Under Investigation for Tax Fraud

TEY: Lordy, Lordy, we hope there are “scans”😎

Manafort needs to be understood as a symptom of a global epidemic of kleptocracy—a ‘Russian’ virus that he imported into the United States.

@20committee told us TWO yrs ago Manafort’s sidekick was RU GRU agent Konstantin Kilimnik, spent a decade advising Yanukovych, lobbied for Pakistan’s ISI, & was a hired ‘fixer’ for rebels in Angola, Ferdinand Marcos, and Zaire’s dictator Mobutu Sese Seko.
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BREAKING: Former PM Najib Razak has been arrested in connection with investigations into #1MDB.
BREAKING: @NajibRazak to be charged on Wednesday morning, says the #1MDB special task force.
JUST IN: The #1MDB special task force confirms former PM Najib Razak's arrest at 2.35pm in connection with investigations into former #1MDB subsidiary, SRC International.
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🌳Calm Before the Storm🌳

Banks & Wigmore emails reveal an web of links btw Banks’s Leave.EU camp’n & off’ls inc’g the RU amb & RU spy Udod, who was kicked out of Britain post Skripal poisoning.

The Brexit vote may be redone, b/c the vote was not ‘free and fair.
🌳Calm Before the Storm2🌳

Banks, bankrolled Nigel Farage’s campaign to quit the EU & also had multiple meetings with RU embassy officials

Trump suggested U.S. accept Russia’s annexation of Crimea in Aug 2016 & again today & insanely suggested RU be welcomed back to G7😱
🌳Calm Before the Storm3🌳

G7 Merkel is the leader of the free 🌎

Germany plans 🌍 intervention to stop Trump’s trade war

45’s rude rant sours G7 mood

45 blasts Trudeau for ‘false statements,’ pulls U.S. off G-7 joint stmt.

45: US wont b the 🐷bank everybody’s Robbing’
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