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1/ No one has to believe it, but it's a fact that Florida's elections have been badly rigged, and it's been happening for over 20 years. 🧵

2/ Gerrymandering is one of the ways that Republicans cheat. It allows them to have 2/3rds of the legislative seats when they only get about 50% of the votes.

3/ The gerrymandering is perfected to the local level, which entrenches corrupt political power because it removes accountability to voters.

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1/🧵 Tina Descovich is the ringleader of the "#MomsForLiberty" circus. She is a former school board member in #Brevard, and she was defeated by #JenniferJenkins for her seat in 2020. The same Jennifer Jenkins who State Rep Randy Fine is being investigated for threatening.
2/ The "small office" she claims to work out of is also home to many other interesting things, including an org she had with the other founding "mom", Bridget Ziegler, over 2 years ago.
3/ Before she was a school board member, her website says she was a marketing/PR/HR professional who has close ties to the defense industry. With Randy Fine, we can add casinos to that list.

Playing russian roulette with kids' lives during #Covid makes a little more sense now.
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Wowwee! These #Floridaman Republicans are moving some MONEY!

@LeaLovesUSA look 👀 #PACman

Oh how convenient.
@SenatorTaddeo didn't they just give an excuse to the Division of Elections that it was an accident Floridians for Equality and Justice had a starting balance? Well...
The first $150,000 of that #darkmoney went to VOTE DIFFERENTLY at the same address. (Hand to pocket?...)
And of course plenty of payments to #DataTargetingInc as expected.
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FINALLY someone talks to @Jason_Garcia! It's a start but you need to give him more time! These #ghostcandidate schemes deserve more attention than Christie. Many players in the Gaetzberg fiasco involving sex-trafficking also relate to this. Catch up @MSNBC
Jason has been covering this in incredible detail. Have him back @MSNBC & others need to talk about this. It's so important Americans understand the Rep Party of FL did this to maintain control for #redistricting they were going to lose & they knew it.
Florida Power & Light (FPL) executives worked closely with the political operatives who orchestrated the #ghostcandidate scheme. Along with the Republicans favorite Cheat Tank #DataTargetingInc
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#Wednesday #Nov17th Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories, criminal justice. Relevant news, studies & stories.

#DataTargetingInc is responsible for gerrymandering 10y ago. Rigging elections since for Republicans in Florida including 4 shill candidates in 2020.
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#FratPack may be more appropriate to call them the #FraudSquad
🧵 ⬇️

Seminole GOP chair who works for Brodeur knew mysterious independent candidate in key Senate race | @Jason_Garcia @reporterannie @orlandosentinel @LeaLovesUSA /1
Meanwhile, an advertising campaign that promoted her candidacy - designed to siphon votes from her Democratic opponent and help Rep #JasonBrodeur win the election — included mailers featuring a stock photo of a different woman.… /2
One local politician knows Iannotti: #BenParis, former mayor of Longwood who works for #JasonBrodeur at Seminole Chamber of Commerce, where Brodeur is pres & CEO. Paris is the VP of ops. Paris was hired by Brodeur in Feb 2019. /3
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Get em Jenny! Joe Gruters is the WORST!

He knew exactly what Frank Artiles was doing. His CPA Firm runs hundreds of PACs that the money moved through, including paying himself as CPA. He is rotten to the core. #Sarasota
Gruters knows Joel Greenberg's contracted Cryptocurrency Legislative consultant too.
This thread gives a pretty good rundown of the Gruters Mafia.

P.S. Joe Gruters is like 4th or 5th Generation Ringling Brothers.
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“This is a very disappointing start,’’ said Ellen Freidin, CEO Fair Districts NOW, a member of the coalition, whose partners include Common Cause Florida, League of Women Voters of Florida, Florida Rising, UnidosUS and Florida Conservation Voters.

They pointed to botched handling of redistricting in 2012, when #DonGaetz, then Sen Pres proclaimed the process was “the most open transparent & interactive process in FL history” while he & other leaders were engaged in a shadow process where political consultants to drew maps/2
Maps drawn by political consultants mirrored those submitted under name of FSU student who denied being associated w/process. Plaintiffs argued that was proof that GOP consultants had orchestrated a shadow system to infiltrate the redistricting process. /3
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Someone get me in touch with Mr. Hinkle here. 😘

Okay. Let's begin.
Jeff Hinkle, who ran unsuccessfully in 2020 to replace outgoing Mel Ponder as the state rep for Okaloosa County's House District 4, has filed a lawsuit alleging "digital defamation" committed against him during election's (R) primary.…
Primarily, the suit seeks to have material Hinkle finds most offensive removed from various media where it still appears.

Case filings reveal Hinkle's ongoing effort to serve the so-called Defendant John Doe 1 w/notice of the legal action went to Gulf Coast Conservatives Fund.
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Christian Ziegler, Vice Chair-Rep Party of Florida, 2nd to Joe Gruters.

Christian makes add'l income$ w/his Microtargeting Media Co. even from his buddy Gruters & Gruters' PAC manager who suddenly had an itch to run for School Board, Eric Robinson & Flynn affiliate KT McFarland.
Isn't it funny just how accurate Joe Gruters "predictions" were for the 2020 Election? Uh huh.
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1/ More to question in Florida Campaign Finance | We need to discuss #JoeGruters, Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida
...and also, CPA with Robinson, Gruters & Roberts

Take Note: 133 South Harbor Drive | Eric Robinson
2/ Gruters was recently appointed to serve on the National GOP's Committee for "Election Integrity"
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1. On June 22, 2018 Ron DeSantis' campaign for Gov received a favor, full endorsement of the former guy. Matt Gaetz was on campaign trail w/DeSantis.

Something very interesting happened just after the endorsement w/Friends of Ron DeSantis.
@LeaLovesUSA #AllRoadsLeadto?
2. Immediately after the endorsement, the Political PAC, Friends of Ron DeSantis began making changes.

Endorsement on Friday (Jun22nd)
Paperwork for a new PAC Treasurer the next day (Jun23)
Received by Div of Elections (Jun26th).

Nancy & Robert Watkins
3. Over the next couple of months, adjustments to the Chair, Registered Agent, Treasurer.

Aug 9: previous Chair resigns
Aug 7: Robert Watkins accepts role as Chair
Aug 20, 2018 rcvd

Aug 22: Registered Agent to Nancy Watkins 610 S Blvd, Tampa replacing former RA Erika Alba.
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#ThursdayThread #July22nd💜 Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories, criminal justice. Relevant news, studies & stories #thread.

Day 6️⃣5️⃣ After Greenberg’s Guilty Plea

Meet #FratPack Member #JacobEngels again, b/c we shouldn't forget. Image
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1. Floridians for Equality & Justice
Chairman, Treasurer & Reg Agent: Stephen Jones

@Annette_Taddeo Mr. Jones does exist. He just doesn't go by Stephen, that's his son's name.

Looks to me like its Stafford Jones, & he works w/#DataTargetingInc.

@LeaLovesUSA & I can explain.
2. Mr Stafford Jones has many aliases he uses to operate in the shadows of Florida politics.
C Jones, William S Jones, Stafford Jones

For Floridians for Equality and Justice, along with others.

One thing these Jones have in common; a wife. Christie Jones.
3. Christie Jones & Stafford Jones, a married couple most certainly would own property together. So @LeaLovesUSA pulled signatures from a property to compare, confirming that William Jones is Stafford Jones.
Additionally, Stephen Jones' signature displays a resemblance (nes & J).
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1. Here's where a #darkmoney scheme in Florida resides.

Ready? #Thread

Miss #NoreenFenner
this list is all NOT-FOR-PROFIT Corps
I've pulled a few as examples, but they are ALL like these.

Riddle me this batman; who names their NONPROFIT "___ PAC, Inc"?

Teammate @LeaLovesUSA
2. Spirits PAC, Inc
9/14/2015-9/23/2016 dissolved no annual report
210 S Monroe St
Keith Dean, CPA
Jay Patel
Noreen Fenner
Purpose: To educate & advocate on behalf of the FL Independent alcohol sales industry
3. Moving Tallahassee Forward, Inc.
11/30/17-9/27/19 dissolved
8489 Cabin Hill Rd
J Russell Price
J Brent Prichard
Johnny Blue Craig
Purpose: influence the selection, appointment, election, or nomination of any individual.

They just come right out w/it.
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1. There's more than just three #ShillCandidates from the 2020 Election for Florida House seats.

Follow along.

I'm not seeing any discussions about District 42 and that's a big problem.
2.Parties sometimes recruit people to file w/o affiliation in tight local & state-level races where many voters know little about candidates. Some voters do little research before they go to the polls & may be persuaded to cast votes for people whose names sound like theirs.
3.Groups looking to siphon votes away look for people who represent a strategic demographic, such as a woman or someone w/a Hispanic-sounding name. In a tight race determined by just a few hundred or thousand votes, that tactic can be successful and inexpensive.
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HI - Question here

Are we curious at all about this Liberate Florida PAC & it's potential #MedicalMarijuana connections? Because maybe we should be curious about that.
@Jason_Garcia @JeffWeinerOS @LeaLovesUSA ImageImage
Particularly because:

Liberate Florida PAC, run by Andrea Roca signed paperwork on 06/29/2020, and was received on 07/06/2020 & created.

While Liberate Florida, Inc. was effective w/Corp Div on 07/06/2020
LiberateGLV, Inc. was set up 06/08/2020
@Jason_Garcia @JeffWeinerOS ImageImageImageImage
Or possibly that #AMMPA, the co. that #JasonPirozzolo started, (when his friends in legis wrote a last min amendment to require an MD so he could start AMMPA) had #liberatewpb #liberatefl at Cannabis Conference in Miami w/#MattGaetz? or #BrianMast & celebrating the legis? ImageImageImageImage
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#Friday #July9th Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories, criminal justice. Relevant news, studies & stories #thread.

Day 5️⃣2️⃣ After Greenberg’s Guilty Plea
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1Jun2013 #DataTargetingInc worked closely w/Mike Haridopolos (party to lawsuit), R-Party of FL, consultants & GOP candidates -districts were re-drawn. Lawsuits contend GOP violated 2010 Fair Districts constitutional amendments by gerrymandering districts.…
2018 Candidate: Cameron Shackelford Office: County Judge, Group 2 Seminole

Paid Pinpoint Action (Mike Shirley):
7/9/18: $19,789 Mailer 1
8/2/18: $19,789 Mailer 2
8/7/18: $19,470 Mailer 3
8/21/18: $18,880 Mailer 4… ImageImageImageImage
Emerging Horizon Group| Mike Shirley
NRA, R-Nat'l Committee, Rick Perry 2012, Rick Scott, Kelli Ward.
Hines Digital Team | Santorum, Young Republicans Nat'l Com, Young Americans for Liberty, Rep Parties of CA, FL, MD, WY, Theresa May, Nat'l Rep Senatorial.… Image
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"Mike, Mike, Mike.... What day is it?"

I'm about to have some fun. Ready, Set, GO!
The biggest financial winner in Greenberg’s spending spree was Praetorian Integrated Services, owned by Republican operative & consultant Michael Shirley, whom Greenberg paid $6,000 to help him defeat Valdes.


Why not file your annual report Mike?
Done with this shell, I mean... company. Image
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Florida Republicans are #buyingelections with #DataTargetingInc Image
MAY 30, 2013
GOP political shop Data Targeting dumps records, asks judge to keep them secret… ImageImageImageImage
NOV 26, 2014
GOP operatives had outsized role in new maps… ImageImageImage
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