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Wacky Wonderwall of What the F_ck
If we haven't already, we really need to put everyone listed here into a spreadsheet so we can make a network map that doesn't look like Lin Wood drew it while Patrick Byrn tickled him & Mike Flynn giggled in the corner recording it.

(*its late)
December 11, 2015
anti-LGBT activist and evangelical “kingmaker” David Lane is reported to be making progress in his operation ahead of the 2016 elections.

David Lane…
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@bjoewolf I'm sorry you went through that. I'm an #exvangelical. I have never seen a more hateful group in my life. Anyone deluding themselves that their bigotry, wrapped in 'Christianity', is going to stop with the #LGBTQIA community is sadly mistaken. These white, fundamentalist, 1/
@bjoewolf 'Christian', nationalists, who don't believe in multi-culturalism, democracy, or separation of church and state, have been brainwashed into thinking they're fighting a Holy War against liberals & we must be destroyed. I never shared my politics in church. I left when it got 2/
@bjoewolf Political.
They're legislating their religious beliefs into law in the states. They're using #ProjectBlitz, a bill mill, like #ALEC, The #CNP, #Dominionists, have made it very clear the goal is christofacist theocracy with Christian biblical law instead of the Constitution. 3/
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@ThePlumLineGS If you want to expose the movement, look at the following hashtags: #ChristianNationalism; #Dominionists; #exvangelical; #ChurchToo; #SpiritualAbuse; #CouncilForNationalPolicy; #CNP; #Ziklag; #UIP; #Gloo & #ProjectBlitz.

US churches have been using data mining since at least 1/
@ThePlumLineGS 2013. They use #Gloo to target opioid addicts, mentally ill, and vulnerable people for outreach & indoctrination into RW politics.
It's not a coincidence that in 2016 trump won every county with high opioid use. They were targeted.
I heard it in my evangelical Christian church 2/
@ThePlumLineGS Currently #ProjectBlitz, a bill mill like #ALEC, run by radical, conservative, 'Christians', is legislating their religious beliefs into law in the states.
All of the anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ, anti-woman, anti-trans, anti-education legislation is coming from them. It's related 3
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@MarshaBlackburn Abortion has always existed. Roe meant women didn't die anymore. It also meant that data was kept on abortion. The #GOP bean counters realized that about 60% of abortions were performed on white women. They figured that around 2040 white people would be a minority in America. 1/
@MarshaBlackburn The #MoralMajority formed in response to the Bob Jones University case. They lost their tax exempt status due to discriminating against black people (they claimed #ReligiousFreedom, sound familiar?). Those #LiarsForJesus didn't care about abortion. But they decided to turn 2/
@MarshaBlackburn Abortion into a moral issue to co-opt a female voting block. They painted women, who had abortions, as morally loose & whores. Most women, who have abortions, are married or already have children.
Those pastors couldn't admit that their objections to abortion were white 3/
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Charles Koch is the right-wing billionaire owner of Koch Industries. As one of the richest people in the world, he is a key funder of the right-wing, including the American Legislative Exchange Council (#ALEC) and the State Policy Network (#SPN). @sourcewatch
Billionaires Bet Big to Influence 2022 Elections
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CNP's favorite psychopath Cleta Mitchell on Warroom to tell "patriots" about a "secret plan" coming to an election office near you.
Claims she was on Trump’s legal team & that "Georgia was a lawless election". /1
She's not hallucinating, she says about a Biden executive order from March 2021. She's not getting her FOIAs and rep. Ted Bud w/14 others are asking for the "secret plans". She claims tax dollars will be used & "ZUCKERBUCKS" (wink wink Amistad Project) /2
Let's detour for a moment before we play the rest.

Here's what she's "not hallucinating" about, except reading this confirms she is in fact, hallucinating.

EO 14019: Promoting Access to Voting Signed: 03/07/2021… /3
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Florida GOP bill would further shield names of dark money donors
Some political groups have come under increased scrutiny recently as a result of a Miami-Dade County “ghost” candidate investigation.
Two versions of the so-called “Personal Privacy Protection Act” & records show language was provided by a lobbyist working on behalf of 2 nonprofits whose tax-exempt status allows them to engage in a restricted level of political activity & doesn't require they disclose donors.
People United for Privacy & Opportunity Solutions Project. Wouldnt provide who was behind groups.
Gruters, Overdorf & Chamizo said the proposed legis is in response to a SCOTUS ruling challenged by Americans for Prosperity Foundation, a conservative political org w/#KochNetwork.
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Term limits, a balanced budget: Ohio Republicans want to amend the U.S. Consitution… House Joint Resolution 1, would submit Ohio's official application for a Convention of States #NoConCon #Ohio
Resolution calling for convention of states advances to final-round debate… via @yorknewstimes Similar to resolutions adopted in 15 other states, LR14 proposes a convention of states outlined in Article V of the U.S. Constitution #Nebraska #NoConCon
Wisconsin Senate approves calling constitutional convention… #NoConCon the 16th state to call for a convention of the states, 34 are required
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Am I allowed to say maybe someone was following my Twitter account? 🙃

“Were it not for the patronage of billionaire conservatives & their foundations, the Claremont Institute would likely be relegated to screaming about its anti-gov agenda on the street corner,” @accountable_us ImageImage
Biggest right-wing megadonors in America made major contributions to Claremont in 2020 & 21, according to financial records. Donors include several of the most influential who fund conservative politics & policy: DeVoses of Michigan, Bradleys of Milwaukee & Scaifes of Pittsburgh. ImageImage
Giving to Claremont tracks w/a long history of funding right-wing causes, from American Enterprise Institute & “bill mill” American Legislative Exchange Council #ALEC, to anti-immigration zealot David Horowitz’s Freedom Center & climate-denying Heartland Institute. Image
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Today on LindellTV I tilted my head sideways & said...huh?

Judy Black-Bangs Bircher here explains that #ALEC writes legislation that the members just take the model written & pass it in their states. And people need to know which legislators go to them. ALEC = BAD for Birch 🙃
I tried to call in but didn't get thru. So instead I wrote them an email to inquire about voting legis pushed across the country, written by #ALEC. I tossed CNP in there too for fun😜

& did you hear Judy? People are being fed propaganda from conservative orgs? You don't say... Image
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1/🧵 Tina Descovich is the ringleader of the "#MomsForLiberty" circus. She is a former school board member in #Brevard, and she was defeated by #JenniferJenkins for her seat in 2020. The same Jennifer Jenkins who State Rep Randy Fine is being investigated for threatening.
2/ The "small office" she claims to work out of is also home to many other interesting things, including an org she had with the other founding "mom", Bridget Ziegler, over 2 years ago.
3/ Before she was a school board member, her website says she was a marketing/PR/HR professional who has close ties to the defense industry. With Randy Fine, we can add casinos to that list.

Playing russian roulette with kids' lives during #Covid makes a little more sense now.
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16 NOV | An “Academy” for state lawmakers on voter suppression strategies run by #ALEC in July featured a veritable who’s who of right-wingers behind disinfo about voter fraud & assaults on voting rights across the country. from @EXPOSEDbyCMD /1…
An invite stated “13 legislators from across the country” would be in attendance, but materials acquired by CMD don't include attendance list.
The session, led by #darkmoney group Honest Elections Project & organized, hosted, and bankrolled by ALEC./2…
Honest Elections Project aggressively promotes a radical legal theory "independent state legislatures doctrine”- holds state courts don’t have authority to review state election laws & empower heavily #gerrymandered state legis to determine outcomes./3…
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She spread election conspiracies. It ruined her life.
How one of Arizona's top Stop the Steal activists came to believe the real conspiracy is to promote the hoax of election fraud 🤔🤔🤔…
The bamboo ballot conspiracy that the national news and late-night comedy shows found irresistible sprouted out of her claim that a member of the Koch family admitted to unloading fake ballots from a South Korean airplane.
2021 Maricopa County presidential ballot audit
/Karen Fann #ALEC /next…
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State Representative Randy Fine is under criminal investigation for his threats against school board member @JenkinsBrevard. Turn the volume on. 🧵
But there's sooo much more. He was recently named as Vice Chair for Redistricting in Florida. Steve Crisafulli and Make Haridopolis, lobbyists from Brevard, were responsible #gerrymandering the state 10 years ago so that 50% votes = 60-65% of the seats for the GOP. They are pals.
In 2019, Randy Fine's associate, fmr Deputy City Manager for Palm Bay Florida, David Isnardi, whose wife was County Commissioner Kristine Isnardi, was charged with conspiracy, extortion, and racketeering in a public corruption case that involved blackmailing city council members.
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Thread 🧵
1/ Congressman Bill Posey is getting a free pass from @January6thCmte, @TheJusticeDept, and the public in general, but he shouldn't be. His lies about the election, and his attempts to overturn the results are documented at length here.

Enjoy ☕

#OperationAvalanche ImageImage
2/ Bill Posey is the U.S. Representative for all of Brevard County, FL. We are known for being home to the Kennedy Space Center and for having the most capitol rioters. But there's so much more...…
3/ Before Bill Posey was a Congressman, he was a State Senator in Florida, and after the 2000 election debacle here, he was one of the key architects of Florida's election reform laws which opened the state to electronic machine voting.… Image
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@RepRaskin "How the #CouncilForNationalPolicy, a #GOP Powerhouse, Helped Spawn Trumpism, Disrupted the Transfer of Power, & Stoked the Assault on the Capitol"- Professor, investigative journalist & #ShadowNetwork author Anne Nelson.
@RepRaskin "Behind the secretive network that convinced Americans they cannot trust East Coast “elites.” An
interview with Professor, investigative journalist & #ShadowNetwork author Anne Nelson. 👉…

#ShadowNetwork excerpt: 👉…
@RepRaskin @/davetroy : “The Entire "Big History" Behind #Jan6Insurrection with a new introduction & foreword. Synthesizing rigorous historical research w/ primary sources & disinformation studies, this framework helps explain what's happened & what may be next.”…
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Rick Santorum: Convention of States Needed for Balanced-Budget Amendment… via @newsmax #NoConCon
Santorum to #ALEC: Convene States to Amend Constitution (But Sidestep Trump)…
Conservatives prepare new push for constitutional convention…
#ALEC's draft legislation calls for a balanced budget amendment and term limits; others' call for the convention to tackle limits on Congress’s ability to levy taxes, or abortion rights
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Chris Christie & Mike Pompeo are signing on as co-chairmen of Natl Republican Redistricting Trust. Org is boosting party efforts in states to draw congressional maps that max seats drawn to elect Rs & providing legal asst to defeat lawsuits. Karl Rove, joining NRRT as sr advisor.
National Republican Redistricting Trust
National Republican Redistricting PAC…
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“This is a very disappointing start,’’ said Ellen Freidin, CEO Fair Districts NOW, a member of the coalition, whose partners include Common Cause Florida, League of Women Voters of Florida, Florida Rising, UnidosUS and Florida Conservation Voters.

They pointed to botched handling of redistricting in 2012, when #DonGaetz, then Sen Pres proclaimed the process was “the most open transparent & interactive process in FL history” while he & other leaders were engaged in a shadow process where political consultants to drew maps/2
Maps drawn by political consultants mirrored those submitted under name of FSU student who denied being associated w/process. Plaintiffs argued that was proof that GOP consultants had orchestrated a shadow system to infiltrate the redistricting process. /3
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'Convention of States' group holds meeting in Petoskey… Around 40 people came out Saturday morning, including Representative John Damoose and Senator Wayne Schmidt #Michigan
Rick Santorum: Convention of States Needed for Balanced-Budget Amendment… via @newsmax #NoConCon
Santorum to #ALEC: Convene States to Amend Constitution (But Sidestep Trump)…
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Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), who has served as U.S. attorney and state attorney general, on Friday wrote to Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MI) about the funding of the insurrection.


"The attack on the Capitol on Jan 6 was the culmination of a months-long disinformation campaign designed to allow Trump to remain in office," Whitehouse began. "Public reporting indicates that this campaign was organized and funded by dark-money organizations and powerful donors
"A well-organized network of conservative dark money groups—whose covert operations my Senate colleagues and I have tracked and reported on in other contexts —lent financial and strategic support to President Trump's efforts to overturn the election.

Enter #BradleyFoundation
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1/ More to question in Florida Campaign Finance | We need to discuss #JoeGruters, Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida
...and also, CPA with Robinson, Gruters & Roberts

Take Note: 133 South Harbor Drive | Eric Robinson
2/ Gruters was recently appointed to serve on the National GOP's Committee for "Election Integrity"
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Given everything that’s been happening in the world, I think it’s time to revisit the subject of #ActiveMeasures.

Not just for Soviets anymore.

A 🧵.

#USpoli #cdnpoli #UKPolitics #EUpolitics #nzpol #auspoI #Brexit
When the Kremlin launched its weaponization of social media prior to 🇺🇸 2016 election, there was great concern that other malignant actors would quickly adopt these techniques.

They did.
Now, not only state-actor operations, but for-hire malign influence operations are reaching epidemic proportions as well, in countries around the world. (…) #disinformation #propaganda #ActiveMeasures
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1/ The Right-Wing Political Machine Is Out to Take Over School Boards by Fanning Fears of Critical Race Theory… Leadership Institute training conservatives to run for school boards to “stop the teaching of #CRT before it destroys the fabric of our nation."
2/ The Leadership Institute, which is offering trainings on taking over school boards, runs a project called Campus Reform, which encourages conservative students to “expose the leftist abuses on your campus.” Image
3/ Campus Reform is a project of the Leadership Institute connecting "conservatives into a nationwide conservative network and a lifetime of civic involvement.Almost all significant conservative organizations across America now employ Institute graduates" Image
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