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It is 1.5 months till Estonian #LocalElections. Registration of candidates must be completed tomorrow (7th Sept). After that, there will be several days for corrections and withdrawals. Next week we will find out what the final electoral lists and candidate numbers are. #Eesti
Voter lists will be locked in on 17th of September. Voter registration is automatic in #Estonia and it means that anybody who is 16 y/o on election day and whose official address is registered in a given municipality on 17th of September, will be able to vote there.
As electoral system is proportionate with 5% threshold, it can be said that everybody's vote counts equally. Or can it?
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Today let’s talk about the #FairRepAct, which was just reintroduced in Congress by @RepDonBeyer

Whether you’re completely new to this reform, or a long time fan, there are lots of benefits to discuss so let’s get started.
Here are the basics. Our democracy is struggling. Our elections feel fragile. We are more polarized than ever. Faith in democracy as an institution is failing.
And that’s because of #winnertakeall elections
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The #ForThePeopleAct uses independent redistricting commissions (IRCs) to end #gerrymandering.

One problem: this reform might not happen *even if* @TheDemocrats pass #HR1/#S1.

In this @HarvLRev #HLRBlog post (+🧵), I explain why—and how to fix it.…
The timeline for IRCs' work is pegged to years "ending in the numeral zero," and the anti-gerrymandering criteria are tied to the IRCs' work.

In 2019, this made sense: IRCs started in 2020.

But in the 2021 version of #HR1, the effective date (§ 2435) is pushed out to *2030.*
IOW, #HR1 doesn't stop gerrymandering this decade—and the IRCs may *never* see the light of day if Ds lose power this decade.

Given how Rs performed at the state level in 2020, this is a very real possibility:…
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An important aspect of how members of Congress think about their votes and future electoral prospects this year is that none of them actually know the contours of the districts they’ll be running in in 2022. All their districts are being redrawn before then.
Idk how likely this is, but one way that Representatives could be retaliated against for their votes (on impeachment or otherwise) is that their state legislatures back home could draw them unpleasant districts (or draw them out of their districts altogether) #gerrymandering
I.e. you make a moderate’s district redder/likelier that they lose a primary. You take an important constituency out of their district. No one is giving seats to the other party, obviously. But there are many ways to make a district better or worse for a particular lawmaker.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/07/2021…
COVID-19 lockdown induces disease-mitigating structural changes in mobility networks…

#COVID19 #lockdowns #PandemicResponse #effectiveness #research
Uncertain times: The pandemic is an unprecedented opportunity – seeing human society as a complex system opens a better future for us all…

#PandemicResponse #complexity #SocialSystems #FutureTrends
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If you feel like our politics are more polarized than ever before, or if it seems impossible to engage in cross-partisan dialogue, there’s a reason for it.

A thread...
Check out the report we released today on #MonopolyPolitics: The Root of Dysfunction in the U.S House of Representatives
Back in 2018, FairVote guessed the outcome of 82% of races in 2020 two full years ahead of election day and we were accurate within a percentage point. Why? Because only 18% of House races are actually competitive.
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Kleine Erinnerung daran, dass #Gerrymandering kein Konzept ist, das nur in den USA genutzt wird. In #Münster versucht gerade die CDU sich im Rahmen der Neuaufteilung der Landtagswahlkreise diese so zurechtzuschneiden, dass sie bei der LTW 2022 wahrscheinlicher Direktmandate holt.
Zur Erinnerung: Bei der Landtagswahl 2017 war Münster in 2 Wahlkreise aufgeteilt, die an den Grenzen der Nachbarwahlkreise Coesfeld, Warendorf und Steinfurt endeten. Die steigenden Bevölkerungszahlen machten den Neuzuschnitt der Wahlkreise notwendig.
Die Neuaufteilung sieht jetzt vor, dass die Stadt nach einem Kuchenprinzip aufgeteilt wird (Vom Stadtzentrum bis zur Stadtgrenze). Außerdem werden der Wahlkreis Münster I und der neue Wahlkreis Münster III um Havixbeck, Nottuln und Altenberge erweitert.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: RESTORING AND STRENGTHENING OUR DEMOCRACY:
Protecting and Enforcing Voting Rights
Only one party recognizes the right for every American to cast a vote as a fundamental, sacred, constitutional right. 1/14
#Democrats will also fight for emergency funding for states to help make vote-from-home and vote-by-mail universally available during the pandemic, while ensuring that all jurisdictions take steps to ensure continued meaningful, safe opportunities to vote in person. 2/14
#Democrats recognize that the United States Postal Service is more than ever a critical component to our democracy and must be supported to guarantee timely and efficient delivery and return of vote by mail ballots.3/14 #DemPartyPlatform #USPS #VotingRights
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We need to talk about just how corrupt we've allowed #democracy in #America to become, to the point it isn't democracy in many respects. And we need to stop #partisan squabbling and get to fixing it before we end up a one-party state, like #China. Thread👇
In 2019, writing the decision for Common Cause v. Rucho, Chief Justice Roberts closed off the federal courts as an avenue for addressing partisan #gerrymandering, instead telling citizens to propose state constitutional amendments.
In many states, with statehouses #gerrymandered beyond reach of the people, or otherwise beholden to special interests, these citizen-amendments are the only avenue left for addressing #democracy reform and other policy concerns.
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100+ IMPORTANT articles & videos from a perspective corporate media won’t show you in Thursday’s @ProgNewsDaily. Topics include how the Rs tried to rig the #2020census, Dems allow expanding surveillance powers…

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the Senate’s vote against cutting military spending by 10%, #FoxNews #SexualHarassment lawsuit, sewage indicating #Yosemite may have infected visitors with #COVID19 & many more! Click to see them all!…

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Thursday’s Top Articles:

* White the vote - @JuddLegum, Popular Information
#2020Census #Census2020 #Census #gerrymandering #redistricting #RepublicansAreTheProblem #citizenship…

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This is a victory for democracy!

Prison-based #gerrymandering siphons power away from communities that deserve it, and must end in every state that practices it.…
LDF brought the fight to end prison-based #gerrymandering to PA in February:
And we will not stop until this corrupt practice has stopped.

Read about our lawsuit:…
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Here's a quick story about how things can work out for the good.
In 2019, I was working on prison reform based on concerns constituents shared and communications I had been receiving on Twitter (still working on this). I was also continuing my work on #Redistricting reform....
Then I found the @NPR podcast #CodeSwitch and heard one that illustrated how the two issues intersect in Prison Gerrymandering. I was like, oh nah, this can't continue! So I then brought on a few folks that could help me work on it, and we did, for months....
Once we got to Session, I lobbied legislators on its importance and helped explain it and dispel myths. We had great conversations. And now, ending prison #gerrymandering is in all 5 #redistricting bills being discussed this Session....
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Tested it out with this new KY map. Based on 2016-2019 results, intrigued how it would do in 2020. The #KY04 (R+7 PVI) seems more competitive than the real #KY06 (R+9), with the movement in the Cincinnati and Lexington suburbs. 2/27…
However, I also did a bunch of Democratic gerrymanders after 2012 redistricting to compare with the real Republican ones. Thought I’d review how my designs performed in light of 2016. The contrast shows just how much of a difference partisan control makes (spoiler: a lot). 3/27
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#ALEC's States & Nation Policy Summit opens at a Westin resort in Scottsdale on Wednesday with an agenda touching on several of it's core principles including “election integrity”, #privatization of #education and support for #homeschooling, and protection for #BigPharma 1/6
Also on Wednesday, #ALEC and the Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-#LGBT coalition devoted to re-criminalising homosexuality in the US in the name of Christianity are co-hosting a dinner. #Christofascists… 2/6
Rightwing ‘bill mill’ accused of sowing #racist and white supremacist policies… A report published on Tuesday by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and other advocacy groups charges #ALEC with propagating #WhiteSupremacy 3/6
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Really thrilled to be at @paulweiss for a conversation between @AnthonyACLU of the @ACLU and @SharonAWeiss of @acrionline.
Both @AnthonyACLU and @SharonAWeiss came to civil rights work from an experience growing up as children of immigrants. Anthony, child of Puerto Rican parents, Sharona the child of immigrants in Israel’s periphery. Succeeded to break thru through #education. Realized disparities.
Rabbi Ayelet Cohen, asks where we are vs. last time. “It’s worse.” — @AnthonyACLU.
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BEFORE READING THIS THREAD, do you think this statement is TRUE or FALSE?

Despite being a documented #epidemic for decades, @HHSGov's #CenterForDiseaseControl(@CDCgov) intentionally obstructs its collecting #statistics on what causes at least 10% of deaths NEEDLESSLY every year.

HINT: You already know of these systemic #DataScams due to #PublicCorruption & #RegulatoryCapture:

🤥#UScensus is maliciously biased

Thread coming soon about #CauseOfDeath #DataFraud

#AmericanSwamp #MedicalControlFraud

ANOTHER HINT: My inability to escape intrahospital, interhospital & health/disability insurers’ #ConspiracyAgainstRights using #MedicalControlFrauds exposes motive of the right answer.

Watch this video later to understand #PublicCorruption by example📽️
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BREAKING: In an absolute stunner, @NCHouseGOP calls surprise vote on morning of #9/11, override @NC_Governor veto to pass budget with barely half of members present. @ABC11_WTVD @ABCPolitics @NCGOP @NCDemParty @JTHVerhovek @rickklein #ncpol #ncga
MORE: Surprise move by @NCHouseGOP & @NCHouseSpeaker brings dramatic - if not chaotic - to budget standoff with @NC_Governor & @NCDemParty who broke supermajorities in 2018 election. @ABC11_WTVD @rickklein @JTHVerhovek @ABCPolitics #ncpol #ncga
EVEN MORE: Latest @NCHouseGOP move caps remarkable week for @NCGOP, including @realDonaldTrump visit to push @jdanbishop to #NC09 win; Republicans also conceded defeat in state court on #gerrymandering & began work on new maps. @ABC11_WTVD @ABCPolitics @JTHVerhovek #ncga #ncpol
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1/9 From CC v. Lewis: A particularly striking property of the #ncga 2017 Redistricting Plan was the firewall protecting Republican majorities and supermajorities #gerrymandering #quantifyinggerrymandering
2/9 In trial, we showed animated bar-graphs giving the frequency of different democratic seat counts in the State House as votes from various historical elections were shifted to have statewide Dem. vote fractions between 45% and 55%.
3/9 The story is NOT about proportional representation, rather about how results using #ncga 2017 maps (represented by arrow) systematically under-elected Democrats to a shocking degree (here using presidential
votes from 2012)
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1. In part 2 of our latest meme series, we’re taking a closer look at #gerrymandering’s effects on our communities. Let's get into it!

A thread...
2. #RacialGerrymandering is manipulating district lines in a way that dilutes the voting power of Black folk – a method of #VoterSuppression.
3. Let’s use the same ex. from Pt. 1 to look at gerrymandering tactics used to suppress Black votes. 'Cracking' is breaking a voting bloc into multiple districts to keep them from being a majority anywhere, ensuring they have little to no representation.
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The professional politicians have done an excellent job of splitting up the issues to keep the citizens fighting with each other so we don’t focus on the fact that they are the problem, not us.
The professional wrestling promoters know that good fighting evil and prompting the audience to be involved in the action will keep people engaged. Our career politicians know it, too.

Without a crisis to engage the public, the career politician is less significant.

#ManufacturedCrisis are common in politics - They provide another more sinister advantage to the professional politician: misdirection and sleight of hand.

Both sides do it

They do it because there are no #TermLimits

#WeThePeople can put an end to it


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The #Gerrymandering decision from the #SupremeCourt still stings. The level of polarization in our politics and the lack of true representation in Congress (and many states) is on account of #Gerrymandering. Thread below.…
In our brief, we made the case for judicial oversight of extreme partisan gerrymandering: “Deliberately drawing districts for the purpose of keeping one party in power for the long term, and without any neutral justification for the result, has no place in our political system.”
The consequences of #Gerrymandering are dire--“It discourages voter participation, increases distrust of government, and reduces the responsiveness of elected representatives.”
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[THREAD] So, you ask, what do today’s #CitizenshipQuestion and #Gerrymandering decisions mean?
In the CQ case, Roberts *did* find the Voting Rights Act justification for adding the question to be pretextual. But he also wrote that Commerce’s decision to add it was supported by evidence, and was not arbitrary and capricious under the APA.
In a ‘help me help you’ moment, it seems Roberts purposely left the door open for the Trump Admin. to allow him to let the question be added. When it is, it will be challenged, and we will undoubtedly do much of this over again.
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