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Die #FTX-Pleite und die Machenschaften von Sam Bankman-Fried (#SBF) ziehen immer weitere Kreise. Es geht um #China, das #WEF, den Krieg in der #Ukraine und die US-Präsidentschaftswahlen. Eine Übersicht der kursierenden Theorien 👇🧵
Vorab: #SBF hat Kunden um mindestens zehn Milliarden US-Dollar betrogen. Es ist der vielleicht größte Betrug der Finanzgeschichte. Was geschehen ist, findest Du hier:…
Theorie 1: Sam Bankman-Fried ist Sohn zweier Professoren und ist bestens vernetzt in der amerikanischen Elite - insbesondere unter den Demokraten. Mit seinen Spenden soll er für den Wahlsieg von Joe #Biden verantwortlich sein
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December hearing announced by @FSCDems on #FTX collapse.
Meanwhile, the #Bahamas liquidators "reject the validity" of the US bankruptcy filing of #FTX.
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Sam Bankman-Fried l'ex CEO della #FTX , insieme ad altri due soci, il direttore dell'ingegneria Nishad Singh e il co-fondatore Gary Wang, sono in stato di fermo alle #Bahamas.
Decine di miliardi di dollari che l’amm. #Biden diceva di destinare all'#Ucraina mentre poi in realtà sono stati riciclati negli #USA per finanziare i Dem. Ora i soldi sono finiti, e #FTX è in bancarotta.
Bankman-Fried stava cercando di fuggire a Dubai, negli Emirati Arabi, che prima del 24 febbraio 2022 non aveva alcun trattato di estradizione con gli Stati Uniti. È stato fermato e interrogato dalla polizia federale delle Bahamas.
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BREAKING: #BNNBahamas Reports.

The Bahamian police said they’re working with the Bahamas Securities Commission to investigate whether there was any criminal misconduct in the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX. #Bahamas #Business #Crime
“In light of the collapse of FTX globally and the provisional liquidation of FTX Digital Markets Ltd., a team of financial investigators from the Financial Crimes Investigation Branch are working closely with the Bahamas Securities Commission to investigate...
if any criminal misconduct occurred,” a police spokesperson said in a statement Sunday. FTX is registered in the Bahamas.
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Täysi #FTX-#Radiohiljaisuus, vuosikymmenen miljardi -rahanpesusta, koska hyötyjänä #US-#Democrats.

Sen sijaan uutisoitiin laajasti #PUTKIRIKKO!:
- Vettä tulvi kaduille ja auto putosi kuoppaan! | Nov 13 ImageImageImageImage
#SBF-#FTX-'#BANKman' now in #Bahamas.
- FTX presently suffers from $10-$50 BILLION in #liabilities.
- #Ukraine was receiving money from the US, Ukraine sent it to FTX, Sam #BankmanFried and #FTX sent it to #Democrats.
- #HybridiOsaamisKeskus'n #Hypernaiivin #Smith -teorian mukaan kyyristely auttaa, vaikka lämmin tavara jo lensi tuulettimeen ja levisi kuin @JoukoJokinen -eväät.
- Jossakin vaiheessa jäähtyneet kikkareet on pakko sylkeä suusta ulos, tai nielaista ImageImageImage
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:Collapsed #FTX hit by rogue transactions, analysts saw over $600 million outflows | Nov 12
- suspicious circumstances…
- The sudden collapse of "FTX" and its #Bankruptcy filing today, has revealed that FTX presently suffers from $10-$50 BILLION in liabilities with almost ZERO assets…
#HeavenlyJerusalem. #FTXbankrupty filing today, has revealed that FTX presently suffers from $10-$50 BILLION in liabilities.
- #Ukraine was receiving money from the US, Ukraine sent it to FTX, Sam #BankmanFried and #FTX sent it to #Democrats
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1/14 Enfin arrivé à la #COP27 après 7h de traversée du Sinaï et plusieurs contrôles policiers. Pile pour la deuxième journée du Sommet des nombreux dirigeants et des quelques dirigeantes 👀.
Petit tour d’horizons des interventions marquantes ⬇️
2. D’abord l’#Ukraine, sur toutes les bouches. @ZelenskyyUa a fait une apparition vidéo en fin de journée décriant la destruction par la Russie de 5 millions d’acres de forêts en 6 mois et appelant à un plan global évaluant l’impact de l’action militaire sur le climat et l’env.
3. Les récentes inondations au #Pakistan ont suscité une vague de solidarité. Avec un hiver dur qui arrive, le PM pakistanais @CMShehbaz a lancé un puissant cri du cœur pour la #justice: « La COP est un forum où nous, pays vulnérables, venons plaider notre cause aux pays riches…
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1/16. Its day three at #COP27 and here is your #LossAndDamage focused daily thread. Today we saw several pledges of funding to address #LossAndDamage from developed countries and the start of negotiations on #LossAndDamage finance.
2/16. Before negotiations kicked off this morning @LicypriyaK made a powerful intervention at the @ResilienceFron1 pavilion in which she urged leaders to “give #ClimateFinance to the vulnerable countries who are affected by #ClimateChange to pay for #LossAndDmage”.
3/16. First up was continued negotiations on the operationalisation of the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage during which parties continued to discuss the structure of #SantiagoNetwork including the potential for an advisory board, secretariat, focal points and network members.
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12/12/06 STAMCELLEN - er werden/worden gezonde pasgeboren baby's gedood om de bloeiende internationale handel in stamcellen te voorzien. Plaats delict: Oekraïne. De BBC komt met bewijs. Welke mensen gaan er schuil achter deze handel? Wie is Peter #Nygard?🧵… Image
3/6/22 - Peter J. Nygård is een Fins-Canadese modemanager. In 1967 richtte hij #Nygard International op, een in Winnipeg Canada gevestigd bedrijf dat dameskleding maakte… Image
18/12/20 - Peter #Nygard (pedoseksueel) vroeg zijn vriendinnen om met voorbedachte rade abortus te plegen om de foetussen te gebruiken voor leeftijds-beïnvloedend stamcelonderzoek. Stopte zijn onderzoek daar of ging het onderzoek dieper?… Image
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Ready for a #WHA75 tweet thread recap?!

We're about to tweet it all Agenda Item 15 #WorkingforHealth #Healthworkforce

Recordings, Committee B,…

@JimC_HRH @GHWNetwork @readycat @MarsdenPa @MLMcIsaac @SioCFitz @WHO @WomenDeliver @Atul_Gawande @daktari1
@JimC_HRH @GHWNetwork @readycat @MarsdenPa @MLMcIsaac @SioCFitz @WHO @WomenDeliver @Atul_Gawande @daktari1 1/1 #WHA75 #Working4Health #USA "We are interested in co-sponsoring the resolution! The Biden Initiative will focus on protecting #healthworkforce, advancing digital tech, e.g. telemedicine and there must be equity" @USAIDGH @POTUS @Atul_Gawande @IFMSA
@JimC_HRH @GHWNetwork @readycat @MarsdenPa @MLMcIsaac @SioCFitz @WHO @WomenDeliver @Atul_Gawande @daktari1 1/2 #WHA75 #Working4Health #China "Welcomes the progress on the Global strategy on human resources for health: Workforce 2030 and is interested in co-sponsoring the resolution"
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I came to #China with a smile, an open mind and heart, and left my ‘conditioning’ and pre-conceptions behind.. I’m still smiling. Best move I ever made. Never looked back. I’ve felt warmth, hospitality, kindness and camaraderie every single day. 🥰🥰🥰…
For the record: Nobody pays me for my words, thoughts or feelings, opinion or cogitations. I speak from my love for the people of China - for #China and sometimes I speak against the relentless moronic parroted propaganda against a country that is now my homeland... ctd:… and keeps me + over 1.4 billion other people safe, free and happy. A country that genuinely has the best interests of it’s people as core reason for being. A country that will be a genuine friend to all countries that seek friendship. This is #China #Truth
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1/10 - IT’S BETTER IN THE BAHAMAS!!! My thread is long because the Junkanoo event and everyone that participated were AMAZING! It rained but it was all worth it 🇧🇸🙌👇 #PrinceWilliam #DuchessofCambridge #Bahamas #RoyalVisitBahamas #RoyalTourBahamas
2/9 These lovely ladies handed out The Bahamas flag, face masks and land yards. Look at the face masks!!! 🇧🇸🙌👇 #PrinceWilliam #DuchessofCambridge #Bahamas #RoyalVisitBahamas #RoyalTourBahamas
3/10 The first band - The Urban Renewal Band 🇧🇸🙌👇 #PrinceWilliam #DuchessofCambridge #Bahamas #RoyalVisitBahamas #RoyalTourBahamas
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1/6: The current German Center-Left/Center-Right so-called "#GrandCoalition" #GroKo is now without a #majority in the polls. This increases the likelihood that #Merkel's departure in fall 2021 will not only usher in a change of government and #chancellor.…
2/6: The #Bundestag elections in September 2021 will seemingly also herald a new era in #Germanfederalpolitics - in the form of an entirely novel #governmental #coalition. Image
3/6: Both, the so-called Black-Green Coalition, i.e. a joint government of the @cducsubt and @GrueneBundestag, and the so-called Traffic Light Coalition, i.e. a joint government of @diegruenen, @spdde and @fdpbt, would be a first in Berlin. Image
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Happening now: @USNorthernCmd @Southcom commanders testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee

SASC Chair @SenJackReed says there will also be a classified briefing on #China's growing influence in Central & South America...
"Now, more than ever, I feel a sense of urgency about the global threats we face here in our neighborhood" @Southcom's Commander, Adm Craig Faller, tells lawmakers

Faller says top 2 threats are #China & transnational criminal organizations
#China working on "over 44 deals" in the @Southcom area of responsibility per Adm Faller

Deals include "significant loans", push for IT infrastructure

"We can't let them prevail" per Faller
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Harbour Island è un’isola delle #Bahamas famosa per le sue spiagge rosa che attraggono molti turisti americani, non altrettanto per il ritrovamento di oggetti misteriosi di possibile origine aliena. (1/11)
Così, quando il 26 febbraio scorso Manon Clarke, una turista inglese, vide una sfera metallica argentata che spuntava dalla sabbia (seconda foto), rimase sorpresa e cercò un po’ imprudentemente di scoprirla del tutto insieme ai familiari. (2/11)
Ho cercato di capire di che cosa si tratta insieme al mio ex collega Salvatore Tavera, che ringrazio per la consulenza. (3/11)
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The latest #OCC guidance allowing settlement through #stablecoins is exciting but with many side effects. There are threads that link it to the #Bitcoin price and ATHs, #Tether ,#Libra , #JPMorgan #WallStreet , #DCEP. I'm watching out for 6 aspects 👇1/n
1 - What most have caught on to is that stablecoins getting linked to banks will eventually make them more regulated and justify full AML/KYC disclosures. This will eventually be required everywhere, not just in the US. Another impact would be on reserve management..2/n
2 - There are few credible audits on the reserves of stablecoins. This will have implications for the #Bitcoin price. Many are aware that Bitcoin rice pumps are often correlated to heavy #Tether minting and movements from whale wallets. 3/n
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My deep appreciation goes to #WHA73 Madam President, Keva Bain, Permanent Representative of the #Bahamas, for her leadership under extraordinary circumstances during both the de minimis session in May & resumed session this week. @minnis_dr, @MOFABahamas, @MOHBahamas, @FinanceBAH Image
I also thank the Chair of Committee A, Dr Bjørn-Inge Larsen of #Norway, and the Chair of Committee B, His Excellency Mr Mamadou Henri Konate of #Mali, for their leadership in managing a full #WHA73 agenda.
Thank you to all @WHO Member States for their flexibility, goodwill and pragmatism in adapting to the constraints of dealing with a large agenda virtually, across multiple time zones. #WHA73
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Opening of the resumed #WHA73 with @DrTedros…
Ms Keva Bain, Permanent Representative of the #Bahamas🇧🇸 to the UN in Geneva is the President of the 73rd World Health Assembly #WHA73

Watch live ▶️
Five Vice-Presidents of the 73rd World Health Assembly #WHA73:
San Marino🇸🇲

Watch live ▶️
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¿El #ProyectoGuaidó nombró #seudoembajadores en Bahamas y Andorra para aprovechar estos paraísos fiscales?
Luego de las revelaciones de sobornos y corrupción en el gobierno de fantasía, no es descabellado pensar que estos "diplomáticos" van en buscan de un botín escondido.
El 19MAR de 2019, designó a Carmen Eloísa Alguindigue como #seudoembajadora en el principado de #Andorra. Allí hay 4 mil 200 millones de $$ robados a Venezuela y congelados por tribunales locales (la Fiscalía venezolana procesó y encarceló a dos primos del ex ministro Ramírez).
La falta de un embajador in situ del gobierno constitucional (el embajador de Venezuela en Francia ejerce funciones allí también) y el reconocimiento de este país al gobierno de fantasía le allana el camino para apoderarse del botín.
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Opening of the virtual #WHA73 with @DrTedros. #COVID19…
"Nurses & midwives have been on the frontlines of the fight against #COVID19, putting themselves in harm’s way. Many have made the ultimate sacrifice in service of humanity.
Please join me, wherever you are, in standing to show your appreciation for these health heroes"-@DrTedros
"We've come together as the nations of the 🌍 to confront the defining health crisis of our time. We come
in grief for those we've lost
with concern for those fighting for their lives
with determination to triumph over the common threat
with hope for the future"-@DrTedros #WHA73
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ICYMI back on Feb. 7, 2020, I published: "A Harvester of Sorrow – First Wave of the SARS 2.0 Novel Coronavirus" / #COVID19 #1918Pandemic #Pandemic #Coronavirus #SARS… Image
San Francisco had the 1918 flu under control. And then it lifted the restrictions #COVID19 #1918Pandemic #Pandemic #Coronavirus #SARS…
#COVID19 #1918Pandemic #Pandemic #Coronavirus #2ndWave no kidding, use summer as a time to prep just in case, no matter what anyone says, bc a virus is much smarter than any of you...
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As public spaces + events are shut down due to the #coronavirus - the need for building mutual aid survival programs is now greater than ever, especially in the face of the dramatic failure of the State to respond to this crisis. Here's a thread for inspiration. #MutualAid
Last summer we talked to @simaleerbg of the @fcrcollective who organized a free store and free grocery program in #DC.
In #PuertoRico, for the past several years, people across the island have set up assemblies, squatted buildings, set up mutual aid community centers, and organized to carry out wide scale disaster relief in the face of hurricanes and earthquakes.
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6 months ago this morning, Category-5 #Hurricane #DORIAN, with winds of 160 knots (185 mph), made perfect, direct hit on Marsh Harbour in #Bahamas. I was there. This morning I’ll tweet like I would’ve in real time, if I’d still had connection to outside world. Check back here.
11:30 am (01 Sep): In a school on a hill—hunkered down in solid-concrete classroom with 11 others, including toddlers. Radar says hurricane’s inner core is just about here. Winds getting nasty—trees coming down, stuff flying. Feel like I'm about to get on rollercoaster. 973.4 mb.
12:12 pm (01 Sep): Getting deep in cyclone's inner core. Wind coming in big, sweeping pulses—& getting worse. Roaring. Gusts hammering walls with force of dynamite. Watching it all through cracks in shutters on downwind side of room. 952.4 mb.
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hellohellohello! The #GivingTuesday thread is here! No shortage of causes to care about. Pick something that won’t leave you alone; then, volunteer, donate $, and/or advocate to your elected official. Here are some orgs that my family donates to:
Independent journalism is the backbone of any social movement & change. @cpipr does that & more for 🇵🇷.
The @cpipr investigation led to uncovering over 4k died as result of #HurricaneMaria; brought corrupt chats to public from the [now former!] Governor, ignited massive peaceful public protests until he resigned; every day they produce unbiased reporting.
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