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"In essence, we've done almost nothing as a world to grapple with the biggest problem that we've ever wandered into," says @350 co-founder @billmckibben on how the climate catastrophe has rapidly accelerated in the last 30 years. #DNlive
.@billmckibben says his new book "Falter" addresses "why we did so little for so long" about climate change. He attributes inaction to the "political ideology of this period — this sense that laissez-faire capitalism, that the market alone would solve every problem."
Climate refugees from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are already facing severe weather that has put the vulnerable region at risk of losing its vital crops, says environmentalist @billmckibben. "There is such a deep drought that they can't grow anything there anymore."
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By @ConElMazoDando
A cargo arrived with food Clap, to provide to the people of Zulia, after the electrical sabotage
By @ConElMazoDando
Venavega, takes 5 thousand 472 tons of food to the Port of Maracaibo
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Rep. @IlhanMN on the SOTU: "I expected there to be an acknowledgment of the workers that he just used as political football—I expected there to be some imagination, a plan. It really felt like a pedestrian address, and I was taken aback by the lack of planning, vision & interest"
In his speech last night, President Trump again called Iran the world's leading state sponsor of terror, denouncing its "radical regime." Rep. Ilhan Omar responds: "This is a president who has cozied up to Saudi Arabia… This president is a liar-in-chief"
#SOTU #DNlive
It was "really difficult" to be in the room during the State of the Union when Trump disparaged immigrants, says Rep. @IlhanMN. "For the president to continue to demonize immigrants and speak of aliens and not realize that seeking asylum isn't illegal is really devastating" #SOTU
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Venezuelan foreign minister @jaarreaza calls John Bolton's use of the term "troika of tyranny" to describe Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela "reminiscent of the language used in the Cold War." He also says criticism of joint Venezuelan-Russian military exercises is overblown.
Why are so many Venezuelans leaving the country?, Amy Goodman asks. "Of course there is migration at the moment, because we are blocked, because it's difficult to find medicine, some food… It's not 3 million Venezuelans. It's probably 1 million Venezuelans," says @jaarreaza.
Venezuelan foreign minister @jaarreaza contests the IMF projection that Venezuela reached one million percent inflation last year, saying it's considerably lower, but adds that inflation is the result of "economic warfare" from abroad. #DNlive
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"I was shocked that such camps existed," says @RepJudyChu, of her visit to the Tornillo prison camp, where thousands of migrant children are being detained. "We drove for an hour past civilization, past dead cotton fields. It seemed like there was nothing." #DNlive
Juan Ortiz, immigrant rights activist and indigenous organizer, is helping to lead the "Christmas in Tornillo" resistance against the Tornillo prison camp. Two weeks after Christmas, Ortiz says protesters are still there "occupying space to make sure it closes."
"They didn't have running electricity or running water," says @RepJudyChu of her visit to Tornillo. She notes this was a deliberate act, in order to categorize it as an emergency facilities where children could be held indefinitely. #DNlive
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🔴 On-air now: A special report from the Delta Conservation Camp in Suisun City, Calif., where about 100 men are imprisoned and work 24-hour shifts fighting fires with @CAL_FIRE. Prison firefighters earn time off of their sentences, typically two days off for each day served.
Sgt. Steven Reeder: "They get the toughest assignments in the worst conditions, 110 degrees in the middle of the sun, wearing two layers of clothing, carrying 40 pounds of gear. They have to carry all their food and water for a 24-hour shift." #DNlive
We spoke with prisoner firefighter Marty Vinson after his shift. The night before, he said he carried a fellow firefighter up a mountain for 3 hours after a boulder fell and injured the man. "I want to think of myself as somebody who, whoever needs me, I'm going to be here for."
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Pentagon Papers whistleblower @DanielEllsberg says his political awakening on the Vietnam War included meeting war resisters who chose prison over conscientious objection. He reached a conclusion: “How can I help shorten the war, now that I’m ready to go to prison?” #DNlive
Daniel Ellsberg says he is increasingly convinced Trump is "not bluffing" when he threatens to attack North Korea & Iran. "It would be catastrophic to be at war with Iran, a nation four times the size in population of Iraq… We've never faced up to the human cost of that war."
Daniel Ellsberg's message to potential whistleblowers: "Don't do what I did. Don't wait until the bombs are actually falling, or thousands more have died… Reveal the truth that you know… A war's worth of lives may be at stake." #DNlive
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