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Tweeting again for emphasis: Documentary proof of collaboration between CIA, #DougCoe, leader of #TheFamily & GOP Sen. @ChuckGrassley in propping up the murderous regime of Somalian dictator Siad Barre, who laid utter ruin to his nation with American help, thru #TheFamily.
@ChuckGrassley @lisa_getter did tremendous work on #TheFamily's brutal overseas adventurism. Somalia was the last case study I examined in their archives before they began closing them. What the facts add up to is bleak and broken...
@ChuckGrassley @lisa_getter Once a member of #TheFamily, an oilman named Greg Unumb, called me from Angola to challenge me: Did the dictators supported by #DougCoe do their killing before or after his interventions? In the case of Somalia's Siad Barre, the answer is easy: Before, after, during. Throughout.
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"Dictators, murderers, & thieves": a brief (& very incomplete) thread on #TheFamily's theology of more power for the powerful, with specific reference to generals, American and Brazilian...
This story starts at #TheFamily's 1966 National Prayer Breakfast, at which Billy Graham, making a case for war in Vietnam (3 yrs later he'd urge Nixon to follow a bombing campaign that wld've killed 1 million), cites a warrior-Christ:
“There are those,” Billy Graham preached with reference to Jesus and Vietnam, “who have tried to reduce Christ to a genial and innocuous appeaser; but Jesus said, ‘You are wrong—I have come as a fire-setter and a sword-wielder.’” #TheFamily
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Fans of #TheFamilyNetflix have been asking why there's not more mainstream media coverage. Director @djessemoss & I've done CNN, MSNBC, PBS. But no question less coverage than 2009, when story was 2 political sex scandals. Sex="news"; real power is too complicated.
@djessemoss So here's a short history of #TheFamily & press (non)coverage... From The Family's POV, its secrecy is not conspiracy but efficiency. "The more invisible you can make yr org," sez #DougCoe, "the more influence it'll have." True; that's why we have lobbying & disclosure laws.
@djessemoss It's also theoretically why we have the Fourth Estate, the press, to hold the powerful accountable. If the press can't comfort the afflicted, as the saying goes, it may, on occasion, afflict the comfortable. Theoretically...
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Me, too, and you’re right. I’m able to write more about gender in my books, but not enough. #TheFamily leader #DougCoe’s wife, for instance, appears only once in 40 yrs of correspondence I read: praise for her ability to wait in car. They erase women.
That said, there are women involved w/ #thefamily. For instance, Janet Museveni, wife of Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni whom we see in #TheFamilyNetflix, is more involved than her husband, & even more dedicated to #TheFamily’s misogynist & homophonic “family values.”
Then there are the women who work with #TheFamily not as members but as “realists” who recognize the group’s grip on Washington religion. Most noticeably self-proclaimed friend of The Family Hillary Clinton, as @kathrynajoyce & I reported for @MotherJones:…
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There's quite a bit, throughout Latin America. I wanted to write about Brazil--General Costa e Silva agreed to a secret cell organized by #DougCoe in return for help w/ the U.S. congressmen who poured billions into the long dictatorship of the generals. But I couldn't get to it.
Coe also worked with Edward Korry, the U.S. ambassador to Chile whose support for the overthrow of democratically-elected Allende opened the door to the murderous regime of Pinochet, which #TheFamily welcomed: "The sun is just now beginning to shine again."
To be fair, Pinochet wasn't #TheFamily's first choice. They favored overthrowing Allende w/ a rightwing civilian group called The Officialists, the leader of which, Hector Valenzuela Valderrama, Coe & Ambassador Korry shopped around Washington as an alternative.
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In episode 4 of #TheFamilyNetflix we learn about The Family's creation of the "Kill-the-Gays" Bill in Uganda. Here's a thread on what we couldn't fit into the show. It's scary...
#TheFamily's "Kill-the-Gays" Bill was the most draconian in the world. Death penalty for homosexuality; prison for "promotion of homosexuality" (this tweet wld count); prison for knowing a queer person and failing to report them...
In ep 4 of #TheFamilyNetflix, we meet the author of the #KillTheGays bill, MP David Bahati ID'd as a Fellowship Associate. Worse: He's the head of the Ugandan branch, a frequent guest at the Cedars. Here's the story I reported from Uganda for @harpers:…
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This is an annotation thread for #TheFamily, the new doc series based on my books THE FAMILY & C ST. Context & behind the scenes w/ the most powerful & secretive Christian conservative organization in Washington from more than a decade of reporting.
As ep 1 of #TheFamily opens, “First Brother” #DougCoe preaches about Hitler's "covenant," in what looks like a castle: Glen Eyrie. It belongs to The Navigators, a major evangelical ministry w/ which The Family has deep ties; Coe was a protégé of Navs founder Dawson Trotman...
The Navigators, like #TheFamily, were born out of Trotman's deep hatred for FDR's New Deal. He loved hierarchy & revered strength; "love," he taught Coe, means "Obey." That's why Coe's preaching here about Hitler & Mao...
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It gets so much worse. The Family bought their Christian Right Black Panther rip-off org The Black Buffers matching dashikis. The all-white funders called them their "street dudes." Black radicals, meanwhile, called them "spies."
Organizing the Black Buffers for The Family was a black scholar named John Staggers. He claimed "the biggest problem that blacks face in this country [is] the black man himself." He opposed legislative response to racism, opting instead for submission to Christ. #thefamilynetflix
#TheFamily's leader, #DougCoe, wrote that his secretly white-funded "Black Buffers" "will present an alternative to Black Power." Only white men, including Coe, were allowed to sign the organization's checks. #thefamilynetflix
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