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Invasion of Kenyatta's Northlands, by Kikuyus (majority from Kiambu), should ring a warning bell, a time bomb. It's POLITICAL & ILLEGAL. But underlying this CRIMINAL act is a deep community grievance. I once read Mau Mau's Mzee Gítú Kahengeri notes on Northlands transaction.
Holoi poloi, proletariat, peasants in Kiambu, indeed most Kikuyus, community, have no sympathies on Kenyattas on the Land Question. Resentment is deepest in Ichaweri. Unfortunately, Uhuru never used his presidency to mend. Evicting urban poor Ruai, Kariobangi, aggravated it.
We successfully lobbied President Kibaki on Nyeri squatter problem. It was partly solved, with tacit compassionate help of First Lady Lucy. Unfortunately, as in Mau Mau settlement, it's public dormain over 50% of Solio ranch was grabbed by greedy elites and politically connected.
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What we know in NSW election lead up: Perrottet supports gambling reform. Lib Transport Min David Elliott, former AHA exec, raised Nazi uniform rumour with Premier. Elliott warned against demonising poker machines. Elliott’s son works for gambling tech corp Aristocrat. #auspol 🧵
Elliott excuses himself from pokies/ cashless card debate because of son’s job with pokies tech company. Lab Chris Minns does not support pokies reform cashless card. Nazi uniform scandal breaks and is dead cat designed to move public scrutiny away from gambling reform. #auspol
So who benefits from Nazi uniform scandal? Clubs NSW, AHA, gambling companies and Labor which coincidentally doesn’t back gambling reform. We are witnessing another state election bought by gambling interests. #StateCapture Tasmania 2018; NSW 2023. Watch donations and advertising
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Tweeting live from the Downing Centre on unceded Gadigal land as peaceful climate activist #VioletCoco seeks bail after being sentenced to 15 months jail after blocking a road for 28 minutes.

This is a democracy!

#ProtectProtest ImageImageImageImage
Coco is the SIXTH peaceful climate activist to be sentenced to jail in NSW in the last year or so.

More than a dozen other activists are facing jail time under the Perrottet government’s bipartisan anti-protest laws.

#ProtectProtest #ClimateEmergency…
Perrottet claims that disruptive protest is inconvenient to #OurWayOfLife?

Protest is what’s given us our way of life!

#ProtectProtest ImageImageImageImage
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Bloody crying shame this. @athol_williams does the right thing #Whistleblower and loses his home, his job and almost his life.

Please help him.

@Billbrowder @PeterHain @1Whistleblowers @WhistleblowerNN @Vipey007
Not much, but something at least
@threadreaderapp unroll please
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As 78th Birthday present, AZIMIO Chairman UHURU gave his AZIMIO Project RAILA Odinga one of our three (3) Ports (Kisumu), kept one for himself (Mombasa) and gave the other one to Moi Family (Lamu Port).
All three Kenya's ports are now in private hands of the 3 Dynasties. Kenya is now left a landlocked country, like Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda.
We will be depending on Kenyatta, Moi and Odinga Family ports (owned and run by DP World subsidiary as their proxy) to get all essential imports and for exports.
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“When you see alliances across international borders between religious right organizations and these authoritarian relationships. … I think the consequences are enormous for all of us. It’s more than just the story of the Fellowship. It’s the story of our democracy.”- Jesse Moss
Here’s an old thread by @kenklippenstein. His reporting covers some of those international alliances mentioned in the quote above.

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Eskom is pursuing a claim for R3.8bn against 7 former execs (Messrs Molefe, Singh, Koko, Daniels, Ngubane, Mabude, Pamensky) #statecapture. They're stalling through legal notices & interlocutory applications. A case management judge has been appointed. Connect the dots people.
1.Thread on SIU investigations into Eskom corruption per Eskom’s report to SCOPA 23 Nov 2021
2. Coal Supply Agreements (CSA) - Tegeta Brakfontein (Majuba Power Station). Phase 1 of civil proceedings instituted by the SIU Contract of R3.7bn declared invalid and set aside by the High Court on the basis that the process followed in conclusion thereof was unconstitutional.
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1. We all saw the #destruction caused by visible #looting in #SAUnrest & communities are reeling from the impact. But about 1000 times of what it will cost to repair last week’s damage, was “invisibly” looted through #StateCapture & #corruption. Here are some highlights
2. According to @ShadowWorldInv1 the #ArmsDeal of the 1990’s cost SA an estimated R2,2 billion looted to pay bribes and kickbacks. To date nothing has been recovered. Money that could have changed the poor’s lives wasted on #GrandScaleLooting.
3. In 2015 @CompComSA found #construction companies #GroupFive, #WBHO, #BasilRead, Murray&Roberts, #Aveng & #StefanuttiStocks guilty of #colluding when building 2010 FIFA World Cup stadiums. This added R14 billion to construction costs. (Your taxmoney!)
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@JackPosobiec Mostly 3 provinces. Affecting most malls near poor settlements.
Those are NOT live rounds being fired.
But we are on the brink of collapse.
The state has no solution besides the usual BS Statements.
Mostly this is about poverty, joblessness.
We are a morally bankrupt place
@JackPosobiec Triggered by the jailing of a prominent Zulu. That was just the last straw. These looters couldn’t care about Zuma. He’s an excuse.
They are starving. Others are simply opportunists just like the ANC National ‘leadership’. Corruption is coming home to roost.
Pray for us.
@JackPosobiec Pls don’t make comparisons to riots in Portland etc. Africa holds the capacity for Rwanda type genocide at all times. A failed state is hell on Earth. Indians in KZN province face a genocide of this doesn’t stop soon. Foreigners will follow. Other Africans will be murdered.
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#FasttrackingReform #statecapture #StateCaptureCommission Bill Tompson notes that term State Capture is misleading. Suggests that state is victim, yet politicians gain huge benefits from rent seeking practices @anthonybut @brankobrkic @ferialhaffajee
Tompson says three areas of reform: making rules, applying rules and internal organisation. Task becomes very difficult when it comes to state regulating and reforming itself.
Key point: Reforms take a long time and a long time to prepare. More haste less speed. Crises are an opportunity for reform, but reforms only succeed if groundwork has already been done.
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We are back with the #ABCsofEconomicCrime!

In this week’s ABCs: The Commission of Inquiry to Allegations of State Capture, Corruption & Fraud in the Public Sector including Organs of State, i.e. the #StateCaptureInquiry
2 years & almost R800 million later, do we really understand what #StateCapture is, what a commission of inquiry is & what powers the #StateCaptureInquiry has? We answer this in the #ABCsofEconomicCrime.
#StateCapture is not unique to South Africa. State capture is a common form of corruption in many transitional and developing nations. #ABCsofEconomicCrime
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WANTED: Witnesses 41-101!

The Civil Society Working Group on #StateCapture released a list of 101 key witnesses to appear before the #StateCaptureInquiry. Witnesses 41-101 include some of most powerful corporations & individuals. No impunity for corruption!

Matshela Koko
- Role in Optimum mine purchase by Tegeta
- Involvement in coal quality assessments (Eskom)
- Correspondence to Salim Essa and the Guptas
- Cancellation of coal contract of Just Coal (Eskom)
- Visits to the Gupta residence + Money received from Guptas
- Auditors and consultants for various Gupta companies
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WANTED: Witnesses 21-40!

The Civil Society Working Group on #StateCapture released a list 101 key witnesses to appear before the #StateCaptureInquiry. Witnesses 21-40 include some of most powerful corporations & individuals. There should be no impunity for corruption!

21. WANTED: Anwar Dramat

Details of why he was wrongfully suspended from Hawks Image
22. WANTED: Jesse Duarte

- Visits to Gupta residence + Family involvement with Guptas

#StateCaptureInquiry Image
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WANTED: Witnesses 11-20!

2 weeks ago, the Civil Society Working Group on #StateCapture released a list 101 key witnesses to appear before the #StateCaptureInquiry. Here are some of the powerful corporations & individuals on this list.

WANTED: Stephan Burger

- Directorship in Denel Asia
- Visits to the Gupta Residence

#StateCaptureInquiry Image
WANTED: Thapelo Buthelezi

-HEMS and Buthelezi Ambulance Contracts in the Free State, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West

#StateCapture Image
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The extent of economic destruction brought upon the country by all these #StateCapture thieves is beyond imagination. It will take super hard work and a dose of luck to recover in a decade. What is even more frustrating is that the…
funds are safely secured in Dubai etc. And they go about like lords among us with their middle fingers pointing straight up. Their statements poke fun at us. And NPA is Not helping us fast enough. In other countries they would have all been lined up
against the wall. But SA is a country founded on human rights and the rule of law. The criminal justice system is also heavily weighed in favour of transgressors. Even when arrested they will be out on bail. When convicted they will all qualify for remission
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3 years ago, Apartheid, Guns & Money- A Tale of Profit by @hennievvuuren, with research by @MikeMarchant13 was launched. The book is an exposé of the machinery created in defence of apartheid, sanctions-busting & the people & corporations who profited from it.
In November 2018, #ApartheidGunsandMoney became available for purchase in the United Kingdom from @HurstPublishers.
A timeline of the findings of #ApartheidGunsandMoney and some of the numbers.
Graphics by: Gaelen Pinnock
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Though it's hardly surprising that the daughter of 1 of Africa’s longest serving presidents enriched herself through rigged procurement processes- Isabel dos Santos' corruption is an important reminder that the global financial economy is a key enabler of corruption. #LuandaLeaks
The #LuandaLeaks by @PPLAAF & @ICIJorg show how dos Santos built a business empire with more than 400 companies & subsidiaries in 41 countries. Many of these countries are in known secrecy jurisdictions/tax havens like Malta, Dubai, Mauritius & Hong Kong.…
@PPLAAF @ICIJorg Over the past decade, these companies got consulting jobs, loans, public works contracts & licenses worth billions of dollars from the Angolan government. The key facilitators of this included Big 4 auditing/consulting firms like @PwC, banks & law firms. #LuandaLeaks
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[1/5] Dear Mbuya Nehanda & Sekuru Kaguvi;

It's #HeroesDay day in our beloved Zimbabwe and we honor your signal which contributed to the fall of racist colonialism.

In the same manner your bones rose against colonialism,our generation is rising up against #StateCapture.
[2/5] Those who captured the revolution for an inclusive & democratic Zimbabwe where citizens issues & concerns are heard & addressed are killing us, the killed in #Gukurahundi, #2000s, #August12018 & #January2019.

They are even planning to abuse our soldiers to kill more!
[3/5] They killed Tongogara, Mujuru, Tsvangirai, thousands of our soldiers in the #DRCWar, Lookout Masuku, Tonderai Ndira & many heroes in selfish persuit of personal capital.

Chiwenga is on his death bed.

They have in less than 2 years charged over 20 citizens with treason.
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We currently have 14 cases at SAPS. But evidence for many more. Time for action against Zwane, Seleke, Gigaba, Molefe, the #Guptas, the #Zumas, Anoj Singh, Mark Pamensky, Hlaudi and others against whom we laid criminal cases in the past 3 years. Plenty of evidence ready for #NPA.
1) #OUTA also made several submissions to the #ZondoCommission (with evidence) on #StateCapture involving
Dan Mantsha, Gupta companies, Matshela Koko, MKMVA, TNA, Sinqumo Trust (Zuma's wife's trust), Trillian, Free State Premier's Office,
Transnet Second Defined Benefit Fund.
2) #OUTA also made submissions (or are in the process of submitting) evidence to #ZondoCommission on #StateCapture at #SABC, #ESKOM, #Denel, #SAA and #Transnet. We are in regular contact with investigating officers on all of this.
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@_Revolution18 @SAReserveBank @amaBhungane @OUTASA I asked th racist @OUTASA abt this but they blocked me😂 instead of answering my questions.

OUTASA is the same as @Corruption_SA,@Our_DA, FUL,AfriForum,HSF,FreedomUnderLaw,...their MANDATE isto portray BLACKS as corrupt

@_Revolution18 @SAReserveBank @amaBhungane @OUTASA @Corruption_SA @Our_DA ST GEORGE’S FINE FOODS should offer shares to Black staff members as part of reconciliation.

@_Revolution18 @SAReserveBank @amaBhungane @OUTASA @Corruption_SA @Our_DA WMC & their Black stooges hv taken a resolution to completely privatise South Africa electricity supply.

Eskom to retrench thousands of Black workers.

Who'll benefit frm Eskom destruction?
WMC,SACP,ANC veterans,Ramaphosa,Gordhans

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and report it to John Trayner MD @TheGoAheadGroup London cc'ing TfL's Bus Bosses, @willnorman @CarolineRussell (of @LondonAssembly) @StopKillingCycl & me. The only way to ensure TfL & CityHall don't just #CoverUp for TfL Contractors' #SafetyFail is to shine a light on it.
In my experience, it's clear that TfL => Trade Association set up to protect its Bus & Tram Contractors instead of regulating their Safety Performance. Read @CarolinePidgeon's & @KeithPrinceAM's MQTs sometime & you'll see how far City Hall & TfL go to protect them from #Scrutiny
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[ON AIR] South African Council of Churches' Bishop Malusi Mpumlwana says they will remain being the moral campus of society and do not have a preference in leadership #ZumaResigns #sabcnews #sabcnews
[ON AIR] Future SA spokesperson, Mavuso Msimang says @CyrilRamaphosa has his job cut out for him but it can not be that difficulty #ZumaResigns #AMLive #sabcnews
[ON AIR] Future SA spokesperson, Mavuso Msimang says anybody who has been identified as being party of #StateCapture must be prosecuted #ZumaResigns #AMLive #sabcnews
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