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If confused by the Amendment debate, read this statement of its content. Those opposing it late seek confusion to delay. Read for yourselves. The Voting Rights Act IS IN IT by NAME. VOTE YES. #RVA @NAACP @PostOpinions @FreePressRVA Levine omits this fact.…
#RVA @RTDOpinions 2/It says "Every electoral district shall be drawn in accordance with the requirements of federal and state laws that address racial and ethnic fairness, including the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States &
3/"provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, as amended, & judicial decisions interpreting such laws. Districts shall provide, where practicable, opportunities for racial & ethnic communities to elect candidates of their choice." This is the actual amendment language #RVA
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So last night a young man stopped by our Letters to Voters event at a park, wondering what we were doing. When we asked if he was registered to vote, he said he had a felony conviction, "I'd like to, but I don't know that I can vote."
#VotingRights #KnowYourRights
We asked if he was off paper.
Yes, he said, for 5 months now.
Do you have your release papers?
I sure do, that's my ID! I keep it safe!

Good. He just needs to take that to his parole or probation release paper to the county clerk's office, to register to #vote #restoration
His face lit up! 🌞🌞🌞
"I can do that! I want to vote!"

What better way to reintegrate someone into society than help them navigate the ways citizens are expected to take care of our society -- #VOTING being a major part of our civic responsibilities?
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Voting challenges for unhoused people include not having a permanent address for registration and receiving mail-in ballots, not having the required (in some places) photo ID with matching address and 1/
unhoused people living in shelters who encounter long lines to vote might lose their place to sleep if they can't vote and get back to the shelter before curfew. 2/
The coming #eviction crisis due to #COVID19 will result in thousands+ people not being able to get their vote by mail ballots or having IDs that don't match their new address, if fortunate enough to have one. #OurMarchToVote online Summit is addressing these issues and more. 3/
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1. NY just passed #AVR Automatic Voter Registration. @StandUpAmerica estimates this will add over 1Mill voters to the #NY rolls. Wouldn't it be great to know that those votes were going to be counted correctly? But w/new #VotingMachines being certified we will not know.
2. #Security experts like @rad_atl & @kskoglund & auditing expert @philipbstark say that the hybrid #VotingMachines are not secure and "No form of audit can confirm they functioned correctly." (Quote from Dr. Stark). Read a paper he co-authored.…
3. One #Hybrid #VotingMachine is already certified in #NY. It's the Dominion ICE & is in at least 15 counties including #Westchester County where they're trying to buy 100s more. In the Westchester #primary the ICE hybrid voting machines created 4 hour lines. via @IndivisWstchr
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@RepSwalwell Here's a thread with the Resistance orgs & actions that address the specific areas they (the Koch RWing) used to gain power. None of us can do it all... it's small, focused & consistent steps to a win (that's how it worked!)..

Thread 1/
@RepSwalwell There are steps we can take now to curb their power & protect Democracy. IF we're very focused & unified in our resolve & actions

- Secure Elections in States

- Stop #ConCon in states

- inform & engage our communities

- save Net Neutrality

2/ Resources & Citizen Action ⤵️
@RepSwalwell 2/ cont’d... Plz keep reading for specific resources & citizen actions.

- oppose the closure or privatization of USPS

- vehemently oppose GOP judicial nominees

- steps to end Citizens United & ALEC

- #GOTV AND protect voting rights
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1. News: What!? TWITTER TAGS TRUMP TWEETS AS 'MISINFORMATION'...mere hours after KARA SWISHER appeared on CNBC to CALL ON TWITTER to establish a panel of 'content reviewers' who can help the platform tag & remove "misinformation"… @realDonaldTrump
2. News: Twitter 'UN-VERIFIES' Journalist 1 Hour After He Tweets About Obama Spying On Journalists: His article suggests #Obamagate is just the "latest development in nearly a decade-long battle" for journalists like former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson…
3. News: Former worker on Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean Pedo island says HE SAW BILL CLINTON ON THE ISLAND, Netflix doc… #Trump #ShareTheNews
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In 30 minutes, @Sifill_LDF and @staceyabrams will lead this critical discussion and answer your questions about the ways we can safeguard #voting and the #2020election--you won't want to miss it:

Click here to register and join:
The abolition of the preclearance requirement in the 2013 SCOTUS #ShelbyCounty decision hurdled the nation back into an era of rampant voter suppression that targets communities of color.

@Sifill_LDF unpacks how that decision was antithetical to the expansion of #votingrights.
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At a time when everyone in America is counting on each other, the #HeroesAct is an urgently needed solution that invests in the recovery of our communities, protects all workers on the frontlines, and helps families access resources, testing and treatment.…
The #HEROESAct provides a second round of stimulus payments to all households — $1,200 per family member, up to $6,000 — and ends discriminatory treatment that previously excluded individuals married to an undocumented person from receiving tax rebates.
The #HeroesAct protects democracy by providing states with crucial funding to ensure safe elections and requires that states create publicly available contingency plans for federal elections during emergencies.
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(THREAD) @ImpactAlpha challenges #impact investors to scale up their efforts 10X. To which I say: Yes! #Investors can do more, but there’s also #policy and #civics to consider. I want to share some ways at @_BlueHaven we’re addressing the #pandemic.
1/ On the #investment side, we’re checking in with #entrepreneurs and orgs we support, helping them keep their teams intact, thinking through costs, etc. (Check out @LaurenSCochran’s conversation with @annefieldonline:
2/ Bridge loans to #impact companies can also help. We’re excited about our investment in the Open Road Alliance Fund (@openroadtweets), which offers these to orgs affected by #COVID19 all over the world.
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Welcome to day 2 of the #JonesvDeSantis voting rights trial.

To listen to the trial live:

Dial-in & access code:
(571) 353-2300;;034872985#

Or follow @NAACP_LDF for updates throughout the day. Image
Haughwout, a public defender of Palm Beach County, FL is on the witness stand.

She estimates 90% are simply unable to pay back their fees & could afford to pay maybe $25 -$50 monthly. Minimum fees alone $768 & associated costs quickly add to the total debt.

Haughwout: "When people can't keep up with their payment plan it's turned to a civil judgement & over to collection agency...the DMV is notified..drivers licenses are suspended...a 30% agency fee gets tacked onto the balance.

It just goes up from there." 🚨

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Tomorrow, attorneys & plaintiffs will fight from remote locations for the protection of YOUR #votingrights.

The #JonesvDeSantis #digitaltrial⚖️ will be the first of its kind.

Meet the @NAACP_LDF attorneys who have prepared tirelessly for this fight: Image
Meet Leah Aden--LDF Deputy Director of Litigation and lawyer leading the charge in the #JonesvDeSantis trial. Image
Meet Jennifer Holmes (@Jennyhooo) LDF Assistant Counsel, dedicated #votingrights advocate, and lawyer in the #JonesvDeSantis trial. Image
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#JonesvDeSantis will be the 1st trial of its kind--and it will be monumental.

From remote locations, a judge will hear @NAACP_LDF attorneys & plaintiffs defend the #votingrights of over 1M FL residents.

Follow along with us starting Monday, April 27. #DigitalTrial⚖️
In February, we won a meaningful victory allowing our plaintiffs to vote.

Now, it's time to expand that victory to 1.4 million formerly-incarcerated Florida residents.…
LDF client Raquel Wright was one of those plaintiffs. 🗳️

We won't stop fighting until @GovRonDeSantis' restrictions on #votingrights are lifted & every returning citizen is treated like a FULL citizen.

Join us for the #DigitalTrial ⚖️ all next week.

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"Asked why more black people were arrested than their white counterparts, Mr. Cervone called the matter'“the elephant in the room' that few would discuss in town. His answer: 'The fact is, more minority population members commit criminal activity.'"…
"Mr. Irving’s breaking point came when he was assigned to work at a lumber mill that uses prison labor under a contract w/ FL's state government. He was paid 25 cents/hour, far from the $8.46 minimum wage...'I said, I’m not doing this...This is slavery.'" (@nytimes)
"Many [canvassers] are no longer registering those who aren’t certain their fines, sometimes decades old, are paid. Under the new law [SB7066], voting with any outstanding fines could lead to a perjury charge."
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Why am I worried about 2020? I saw what happened in 2018 in Georgia. And the trick that was rolled out in Georgia in 2018 in being rolled out nationwide in about 20 states. #Election2020
We’re talking about the swing states: Ohio, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, and Arizona — which should be a blue state given its demographics, but not if you keep wiping out young people and voters of color from the rolls.
And they're not just wiping out a few voters, 14 million voters have been wiped off the voter rolls in the last two years!… #VanishingVoters #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud #VoterPurge #VotingRights #CivilRights #Election2020 #StopTheSteal
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Today, we celebrate a meaningful victory for democracy--Raquel Wright voted early in FL! 🗳️

Ms. Wright, a formerly-incarcerated Floridian, is a #votingrights advocate & plaintiff in Jones v. DeSantis--a lawsuit we filed to challenge #SB7066.

#WomensHistoryMonth ImageImageImageImage
In 2019, FL passed #Amendment4, a law to restore #votingirghts to the formerly incarcerated.

In response, the FL legislature enacted SB 7066. It placed a modern-day #polltax upon those same returning citizens forcing some to pay up to $50,000 in fees.…
A narrow, meaningful victory was won in February, when the 11th Circuit Court upheld a ruling blocking SB 7066.

But we will not stop until all formerly-incarcerated Floridians can exercise their #votingrights as #Amendment4 intended.

Learn more here:…
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#OTD in 1965 brave activists attempted a 54-mile march from Selma, AL to Montgomery, AL for #votingrights.

But upon crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge, state troopers with billy clubs & tear gas assaulted the men & women.

This day became known as #BloodySunday. ImageImageImageImage
Even injured, they were committed to completing the march.

The heinous violence led @NAACP_LDF to file & win a lawsuit against the AL Governor, which afforded the marchers federal protection for a subsequent march.

You can read the march plan here:…
#BloodySunday, the protected march that took place weeks later, & the fearless leaders of the civil rights movement are credited for the passage of the #VotingRights Act of 1965.

The #VRA tore down the barriers to the ballot box for Black Americans. 🗳️
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#CAPrimary: One of the disasters this year is caused by the fact that LA and other counties cut polling stations by 90%. #CaliforniaPrimary #CAPrimary2020 #CaliforniaPrimary2020 #BernieSanders #Bernie2020
They were replaced by so-called “voting centers “ which anyone would know were deeply insufficient and unprepared — especially as #Bernie got out the word that you had to bring in your NPP ballot to exchange it for a Crossover Democratic ballot. #CAPrimary #CAPrimary2020
There's zero question about who was hurt: Regular Democrats tend to mail in their ballots. But most NPP independent voters, who widely favor #Bernie, could not mail in their ballots because they had to do the exchange.… #CAPrimary #CAPrimary2020
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#Votingrights activists did not abandon their commitment to justice after the vicious attacks of Bloody Sunday.

They were determined to proceed to Montgomery, and LDF joined them in that charge by pursuing litigation that won them federal protection for the subsequent march.
“The march will be orderly & peaceful & otherwise observe the highest standards of dignity & decorum.” - An excerpt from the plan that LDF filed to protect the Selma foot soldiers.

Read the complete history of LDF fighting for Selma foot soldiers here:…
LDF remains active in and out of the courtroom to continue the legacy of advocacy and public education that Thurgood Marshall began.
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STREAMING NOW: Tune in to the livestream at… or follow along with us as we live-tweet the panel.

#LDFatSelma #Selma55
“Every generation must fight for the progress we currently have and press forward to continue that’s okay to get into ‘good trouble.’”
-@RepTerriSewell welcoming attendees to the “Voting Rights in the Age of Massachusetts Incarceration” panel ImageImage
Alabamanians and Selma sojourners are leaning into today’s #votingrights discussion.

Join us online:… ImageImage
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LDF employees are welcoming community members to the Brown Chapel AME Church for an exclusive screening of #Rigged and a panel featuring closing remarks by @RevDrBarber . Join us!

#LDFatSelma #Selma55 ImageImageImage
The exclusive screening of #Rigged at Brown Chapel AME Church is just about to begin.

Rigged examines the new wave of voter suppression tactics blocking communities of color from the polls.
#votingrights #LDFatSelma #Selma55 ImageImage
We cannot be the democracy we claim to be if communities of color continue to be targeted by voter suppression.

Learn more at

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Right now, LDF Asst Counsel @CaraMcClellan6 is kicking off LDF’s community listening session.

Organizers from various Alabama communities have gathered to discuss ways that we can move the needle on civil rights.

#LDFatSelma #Selma55 ImageImageImage
“My advocacy started in prison. By me being vocal about food & cleanliness & starting petitions, they moved me around a lot. They do not like you to be vocal.

But I refused to lose my identity.”

Tim Lanier now works to reinstate #votingrights for returning citizens. #LDFatSelma ImageImage
The process of regaining your #votingrights as a returning citizen in Alabama is confusing & riddled with ambiguity.

These leaders are lobbying and organizing to eliminate the barriers.

When asked what gives them hope, they responded, “The Florida case [Gruver] gives us hope.” ImageImageImage
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Since 2008, LDF has deployed trained staff and volunteers into various states to offer non-partisan election preparedness materials through #PreparedtoVote (PtV).

This year, #PtV will be in over a dozen states ensuring voters know their rights.…
#PtV matters because voter suppression has been on the rise since the 2013 #ShelbyCounty Supreme Court decision. That decision gutted the #VotingRights Act by removing the preclearance requirement--a critical oversight needed to ensure fair elections.
Since that decision, voters have been left vulnerable to strict voter ID laws, strategic polling site closures, and misinformation.

LDF trailed the movement of anti-#votingrights laws to compose the Democracy Defended report:…
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On #MLKDay, Natasha Merle (@natashacmerle) Lead Counsel at @NAACP_LDF spoke at @wlulaw about Dr. King’s legacy.

In her speech, she unpacked the role that both organizers & LDF litigators played in the monumental march for #votingrights that took place in 1965 from Selma, AL.
This weekend, @NAACP_LDF will sojourn to Selma once again to commemorate the work of the organizers and litigators who put their lives on the line to secure #votingrights for future generations of Black Americans.

#LDFatSelma Image
In a series of community actions, events, & dialogues, LDF will stand alongside thousands of others to honor the legacies of legends like #MLKJr, Coretta Scott King, Constance Baker Motley & Jack Greenberg.

If you'll be in Selma, we invite you to join us:
…… ImageImageImage
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Honored to testify under oath against voter suppression before the House Oversight Committee this morning, alongside a mother of the movement Diane Nash. The fraud is the claim of voter fraud as a way of not dealing with real voter suppression.
Record voter turnout has more to do w/people fighting against regression than supposedly not being affected by voter suppression. Democrats & Republicans in the South couldn't resist it, but Republicans have now exacerbated voter suppression by arguing "retrogression is legal."
A federal judge from South Carolina who is white asked, "Why is it that you all don't want people to vote?" And that is the ultimate question. Why are we more interested in retrogression than progression? #votingrights #RestoreTheVRA
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