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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai ep.41: Pissed Myst’s great and the logistics of Dai’s sword are interesting, while the castle’s just there to be knocked down. But it knocks down well. 4/5 #DragonQuest #ep41
What was the name of this episode again?
Even under torture, Popp’s still Popp
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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai ep.40: tons of great action cuts, but it’s another episode that would’ve been better if it rushed through less stuff. 3.75/5 #DragonQuest #ep40
In the manga, Popp specifies that he’s only ever heard about Flazzard’s Finger Flare Bombs and never got the chance to see them in action before trying the technique out himself (I get the feeling this was in response to reader complaints)
When admiring Chiu’s guts, in the manga Crocodine refers to him as チビ/chibi/“shorty”, but the anime leaves this out. The anime likewise changed Leona calling Dai chibi in ep.1/2 (to the less insulting 小さい/small). Can you really not say chibi on TV anymore?
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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai ep.38: almost as if they’re making up for lost time, this episode moves the plot forward a ton. It’s the first time in awhile I’ve felt the pacing’s a bit too fast, but I do like Popp reuniting with his family. 3.25/5 #DragonQuest #ep38 ImageImage
The kanji say 世界会議/sekai kaigi/“world summit” (or world conference/convention/etc), while the furigana indicates it should be read as the English word “summit”, which is what characters say throughout, and the CR subs use “world summit”. Anyway, it’s a big meeting. Image
世界会議 is also used for the reverie (levely) in One Piece, with furigana likewise used to indicate the unusual reading. Image
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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai sp.1: it’s a clip show. Frankly I think the staff have earned a break or three after the Baran arc, so I don’t mind too much. And this might be a good time to go through some stuff from the Dai Perfect Book. #DragonQuest
This guide starts off the Memorial Story section, reviewing Dai and co’s journey (just like a recap episode!), showing where each major battle was fought and what levels the characters were at. Yep, it’s character levels just like a DQ game. What could possibly go wrong? ImageImage
This isn’t the first time the characters have been given proper DQ stats: the manga volumes feature periodic character stat sheets (left out in some releases), which Riku Sanjo came up with by raising a party in DQ III (as the Perfect Book explains later on). ImageImageImage
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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai ep.27: I suppose I’ve just been spoiled by the last few weeks, but this felt underwhelming, without much sense of speed in a fight that hinges on it. But there’s still some good bits in there. 3/5 #DragonQuest #ep27 ImageImage
Actually, like with ep.15 I found this one better on rewatch. Maybe animation just looks better on my phone? Although I kind of doubt it.
Galdandy and Borahorn’s defeats in the manga. In the anime, Galdandy’s is a blink or you’ll miss it affair, and Borahorn’s is mostly bloodless. ImageImage
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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai ep.26: Popp seems more impressive than ever. The Dragon Masters...less so. Looks really nice, yet again. 3.75/5 #DragonQuest #ep26
The opening has been revamped a bit, with added images of stuff we’ll see in this new phase of the series. Which means it’s also a lot of stuff that wasn’t in the 90s anime at all.
Remember that chess set from last episode? It’s moving up in the world!
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Pelotudeces Que Lamento No Haberme Comprado En El Pabellón de Merchandising del #TokyoGameShow, Vol. I

- las remeras de Taito, una más hermosa que la otra, pero en especial esa de Takeshi's Castle. ImageImageImage
Pelotudeces Que Lamento No Haberme Comprado En El Pabellón de Merchandising del #TokyoGameShow, Vol. II

- todo Square Enix, básicamente, pero principalmente

a. las pantuflas de #DragonQuest
b. la tote bag de #YokoTaro
c. ese parlante de cartón que venía con chiptunes ImageImageImage
Pelotudeces Que Lamento No Haberme Comprado En El Pabellón de Merchandising del #TokyoGameShow, Vol. III

#FanGamer es otra tiendita que podría haber arrasado, pero lo que hoy me rompe el corazón es ese tarot de #Undertale, los pins de #Deltarune, y ese ARMOZO de #Va11halla ImageImageImage
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¡¡¡Feliz 33 aniversario, Dragon Quest!!!

Para mi Dragon Quest es esto👇👇

Imagen 1 fan-art de R-omi =I>…

¡¡¡Mirad es Gohan de los Cell Games Ultra Instinto Mejorado!!!

Aún recuerdo cuando la gente se pensaba en los 90 que "Las aventuras de Fly" eran obra de Toriyama o que la serie era continuación de DB y confundían a Fly (Dai) con Gohan XD
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The English language version of Dragon Quest XI will change fan fav character Martina's name to "Jade." If you're upset about this, don't blame Square Enix. US law actually requires that all sexy raven haired Asian women martial artists who wear green must be named Jade.
Martina is actually a really excellent name for a martial artist as it's derived from Mars, the Roman God of War.
#DQXI #DragonQuest
More sexy Asian martial artist ladies in green named Jade comin atcha! Did I miss any?
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