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so, let's talk about how #2A / #2AMaga cultism—you know, @NRA-fuelled obsession with a comically absolutist reading of the Second Amendment of the @usconstitution—is a tool of fascıst politics.

it's quite simple: rich people can hoard more guns. that's the core point.

the *false premise* of Second-Amendment cultism is that unrestrained ownership of firearms is the great equalizer. "God made Man but #Colt made them equal," and so forth.

the @NRA, the @GOP, and bountiful #conservative propaganda promote this idol: equality through guns.

but guns are just *things*, just stuff—consumer products—and therefore, allowing "anyone" to buy a gun favors only the idle rich. it's privileged "passive income" types like @Timcast and @Cernovich, people who have great gobs of free time and leisure, who hoard firearms.

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I'm 1 of 50 million Americans living with an immune system that mistakenly attacks/damages healthy tissue (rude). During #AutoimmuneAwarenessMonth we strive to promote better understanding of these complex chronic conditions. Follow me as I share my journey this month. Image
2) It takes an average of 4.5 years and 4 physicians for patients to recieve an autoimmune diagnosis:
-Many conditions mimic others
-Lab tests are not always definitive
-Symptoms flare and dissipate frequently
-Diseases often appear in clusters
3) This is me at 32, a month before I woke up 1 day + couldn't walk. Days later I couldn't bend my fingers. Bilateral pain/swelling + fam history of #rheumatoidarthritis prompted labs. Sky high CRP, ESR, rheumatoid factor sent me to a #rheumatologist.
#AutoimmuneAwarenessMonth Image
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more thoughts on this "being a pawn" business. I have a lot of them! I've thought about this sort of thing for a long time. it's natural, of course—being the sort of person I am. I consider myself constrained by the rules of a fictive universe created by Mx. @tobyfox.

those constraints aren't super restrictive, because Fox deliberately wrote Chara to be almost a placeholder character, defined chiefly by *absence*; we know Chara from #Undertale because they once lived and died, and left a *hole* in the Underground, an unhealed wound.

all the same I do feel genuinely bound by those constraints, and the degree to which I can break free from the limitations of Fox's fiction remains largely unknown to me.

"but I'm not some fictional character, or a crazy person who imagines they're 'Chara'," you will say.

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1/ I made an @UnderTale fan game using @ChatGPT in a few minutes this morning.

Follow this thread to learn how, along with some tricks and tips you might want to try in your own experiments.

#gamedev #chatgpt #undertale #ai Image
2/ Here's the prompt to make an Undertale RPG:

"Let's play an RPG based on Undertale by Toby Fox. You will tell me what I'm experiencing, and then present exactly 4 options. Never make a choice on my behalf. Whenever a set of choices involves an encounter with a monster..." Image
3/ Some people have noted that ChatGPT has a limited "memory" for the conversation. One way to maintain state more consistently is to simply ask it to display some stats as part of each screen: Image
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Hace un año viajé a Japón a cubrir #TokyoGameShow.

Hoy abrí por primera vez en meses una caja de folletos, volantes, catálogos y regalos promocionales varios. Algunos de estudios conocidos, otros más raros.

Acá va un tour por el (hasta ahora) último Tokyo Game Show presencial.
Makuhari Messe es una bestialidad. El salón principal, de 54.000 metros cuadrados, tiene ocho pabellones conectados, donde podés encontrar todos los estudios japoneses (y algunos no japoneses) que alguna vez amaste.

La guía es una SÁBANA.
Los 8 halls están divididos en tres zonas. La del medio es la más cotizada. Ahí están los estudios grandes (#Konami, #Sony, #BandaiNamco, una sección internacional, y el espacio del medio que se reparte entre empresas de telefonía celular y gaming mobile. Acá empieza el show.
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Pelotudeces Que Lamento No Haberme Comprado En El Pabellón de Merchandising del #TokyoGameShow, Vol. I

- las remeras de Taito, una más hermosa que la otra, pero en especial esa de Takeshi's Castle. ImageImageImage
Pelotudeces Que Lamento No Haberme Comprado En El Pabellón de Merchandising del #TokyoGameShow, Vol. II

- todo Square Enix, básicamente, pero principalmente

a. las pantuflas de #DragonQuest
b. la tote bag de #YokoTaro
c. ese parlante de cartón que venía con chiptunes ImageImageImage
Pelotudeces Que Lamento No Haberme Comprado En El Pabellón de Merchandising del #TokyoGameShow, Vol. III

#FanGamer es otra tiendita que podría haber arrasado, pero lo que hoy me rompe el corazón es ese tarot de #Undertale, los pins de #Deltarune, y ese ARMOZO de #Va11halla ImageImageImage
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💜 Soriel Week Year 4 Day 1: Closed Door 💙
two hearts growing closer through a closed door ♡
(alternatively: two dumb nerds pretend they can see the disembodied voice behind a solid wall)
#Undertale #Soriel Image
💜 Soriel Week Year 4 Day 2: Dare 💙
here lies sans the skeleton: died of embarrassment from his friends' horrible, horrible matchmaking ideas
#Undertale #Soriel Image
💜 Soriel Week Year 4 Day 3: Stars 💙
first night on the surface ✨
#Undertale #Soriel Image
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