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🌈 Hey Rainbow Readers! Happy Pride! We have several fun genre lists heading your way this month. All of these lists will feature between 10-20 books and all books on it will have under 5,000 Goodreads ratings, with a handful on each being under 1,000! The background graphic is o...
Our goal is to introduce you to new books you might have never seen otherwise. These will be a mix of indie and traditional books; and range in age category!

Our next list is queer fantasy romance novels!
This is for readers who loved books like A Court of Thorns & Roses by Sarah J Maas, Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree, and So This is Ever After by FT Lukens! For this list, we defined fantasy romance books as any work of fiction with fantastical, magical, or non-human elements,
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(1/7) #FridayReads #FictionFriday

I highly recommend #LynnKurland's novels, in particular, her #dePiaget and #MacLeod series. Here's the kicker, the two series have a lot of crossovers, too!

What is the genre of the two series? It depends on the novel.

(2/7) 1. The most common is #romance and #romantic (the romantic “genre” isn't necessarily romance per se). Now, we are not talking about romance as most people assume, a girl is head over hills on a hunk guy who is a secret villain or a vampire. (aside: Nothing wrong with it.)
(3/7) 2. #TimeTravel
3. #Historical
4. #Paranormal
5. #Fantasy

There is also a touch of #family and #relationships here and there.

The first book I've read was #DreamsOfStardust. It was so good, I bought every copy of it I saw, and gave away for free to friends and colleagues.
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© Hadiwinata

Hi readers!! I will publish this story today at 7 pm. You can read it free on @karyakarsa_id

Do not miss it!

#karyakarsa #fiksi #fiction #romance #kisahsedih #kisahmuram #kisahcinta Image
Kisah ini bercerita tentang Kamu, seorang yang murung dan senantiasa kesepian.
Kamu yang ganteng, tapi tampak menyedihkan.
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the conflict between #FateZero and #FateStayNight is really, in the end, very simple: Fate/Zero is a tragedy, and Fate/stay night is a romance.

*romance* shouldn't be a bad word. #capitalism made romance into a mere brand, but _romance_ is the literature of knighthood.

"The Matter of Britain"—Arthur's story, Arturia's story—was told in the form of *romantic poetry*. in a similar fashion, the knights who fought for Charles the Great were romanticized in "The Matter of France".

#romance, not tragedy or epic, is the medium for heroism.

romance has room for a large cast. tragedies tend to be about a few people. #FateZero is (in my view) spectacularly successful as a tragedy—and, as a tragedy, it's therefore spare with its emotions. there's a not a lot of emotional range in "Fate/Zero".

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It's a girl's night...
They were going to a hen party. Just as your wife got into the car, she flashed you, to show you she wasn't wearing panties. #medium #shortstory #steamy #romance #erotica #indieauthor #flashfiction #getmeoff Your cock got so hard... 🧵
But she has messed with you before. She's been a good sport about teasing you since you came out with it that you wanted her to cuckold you.
The last party she went to had a stripper. He was hung like a god, his dark skin in contrast to your wifes would have been hot. She took a picture and sent it. She had it in her hand and let you smell it when she came home.
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He rocked her back, an open mouth kiss. Nothing had ever seemed so sensual to me than this. Watching my wife succumb to the young man's touch. His kiss... #medium #shortstory #steamy #romance #erotica #indieauthor #flashfiction #getmeoff The kiss of her stepson 🧵 Image
We met my son at the restaurant, he slipped into the booth next to her. She blushed as he gave her a full kiss. Then looked at me and smiled.
We had discussed another child, but I'm snipped. We went to doctors, but we needed a donor. My son volunteered.
"It would be part of our family that way," he suggested.

She didn't take much convincing, I thought it was because we had also considered swinging at one time.
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We love to hate each other. #medium #shortstory #steamy #romance #erotica #indieauthor #flashfiction #getmeoff but I can't help notice my stepbrother is a hung hunk when we share the bathroom. It was just a matter of time... (Can you imagine? Keep reading) Image
It's been a long time coming. We are too old to share the shower. It's too tempting, both married. Our spouses in the house. It's complicated. But he came in, rock hard, and we kissed. Image
I sank to my knees. I had to taste his cock, but he pulled me back up and turned me around. Getting me ready. Ready to take to only safe hole we have. I want his cum, deep. God this is so good. Image
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pov you hit ur ugw!!! || a very realistic 🧵 for edtwt
- you awaken skinnily. your frail bones crumble into a snortable powder from the weight of the oxygen around you. u try to get out of bed but you don’t have the lower body strength to walk anymore.
- luckily, goddess ana herself decides to grant u the power of skinny levitation. you put on a shirt, size newborn, but it’s still too big for your petite frame
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#bkdk #romance #fluff by @queenswagzilla
cw: domestic fluff, realizing feelings, confessions
Prompt: Free Day; co-written for @OkaeriBkDk's "Chores" prompt #okaeri2022

Imagine: BKDK are sharing an apartment for a summer curse-breaking internship.
@queenswagzilla @OkaeriBkDk -
Katsuki woke up to the sound of Deku clattering around their tiny-ass student flat.

Gringott's had paid for it as part of their internship stipend—free accommodation for two of Hogwarts' best students,—
hoping to officially snag them with an enticing work-study program before their final year.

And it *was* an enticing program. None of the other programs he'd applied to had such incredible hands-on experience. They were even allowed to—
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Hollywood'ல நெறய Erotic படங்கள் பாக்குறோம் அதுல எல்லோருமே உண்மையா பிட்டு சீன்ல நடிக்கிறது இல்ல டூப்தான் போடுவாங்க ஆனாலும் ஒருசில ஹீரோ ஹீரோயின் படத்தோட கதைக்காக உண்மையாவே மேட்டர் பண்ணி அவங்களோட உடலுறவு வச்சுட்டு நடிக்கிறாங்க அந்த லிஸ்ட்ல ஒரு 5 படத்த இங்க பார்ப்போம் 😍 Image
#Antichrist 2009'ல வெளிவந்த horror படம் நம்ம ஹீரோவோட குழந்தை ஓரு விபத்துல செத்துடுவான் அதனால ஹீரோவோட மனைவிக்கு ஏற்படகூடிய மனநோய் காரணமா அடுத்து நடக்கப்போற சம்பவம்தான் படம் கஷ்டமான கதை புரிஞ்சுக்க கொஞ்சம் கஷ்ட படனும் படத்துக்காக ஹீரோயின் உண்மையாவே ஹீரோகூட மேட்டர் பண்ணி Image
நடிச்சு இருப்பாங்க அவ்ளோ சீக்கிரமா இந்த படத்த பார்த்து முடிக்க மாட்டீங்க படத்துல நினச்சு கூட பார்க்க முடியாத கொடூரமான காட்சிகள் நெறய இருக்கு....
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Delighted to say that I’ve (finally) got my Masters from @BristolUni @cabotinstitute

I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to better understand UK media narratives and social norms around #FlightFree travel. Here’s a bit about why, and what I found 🧵
👉🏽 Lots of research on why ppl who fly don’t want to reduce flying, but very little on people who #FlyLess
👉🏽 Air travel responsible for around 12% UK household emissions
👉🏽 As @_wearepossible showed, it’s an equity issue. 15% of the population in the UK takes 70% of flights
Air travel isn’t just a choice – it’s deeper than that.

Cheap flights, media narratives and social norms (eg stag dos) have made air travel normal.

It's become entwined into our relationships and how we plan our daily lives.

Read this banger for more:…
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Skenario Film
- A Thread - Image
Title Card

Layar hitam, tertulis judul sebuah puisi: Pujangga Cinta.


Rangkaian adegan melatar-belakangi credit title. Image
-(Ext. Pantai - Pagi). Dari laut tenang di lepas pantai, berlatar-belakang gunung dengan awan putih berarak di atasnya.

Jika pujangga cinta memanggilmu. Datanglah. Cinta akan membawamu mendaki gunung.
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Movie #the_reader
Genre #romance /drama
Year 2008
Rating #imdb 7.6 #strictly 🔞
படத்தோட ஃபர்ஸ்ட் ஹாஃப் ல புல்லா ஆபாச காட்சிகள் இருக்கு. சோ தனியா பாக்குறது நல்லது. சரி ஒன் லைன் என்ன னா "ஒரு 14 வயசு ஸ்கூல் பையனுக்கும் 35 வயசு உள்ள பெண்ணுக்குமான காதல் காமம் நட்பு பாசம் பிரிவு. Image
இந்த ரெண்டு பேரோட வாழ்க்கைல நடக்குற சம்பங்கள் தான் கதையே. படத்தோட லீட் ரோல் 90s கிட் பேவரைட் டைட்டானிக் ஹீரோயின் கேட் வின்ஸ்லெட். இந்த படத்துக்கு பெஸ்ட் பர்பாமன்ஸ்காக ஆஸ்கார் விருது வாங்கிருக்காங்க. இரண்டாம் உலகப் போர் கால கட்டத்துல ஜெர்மனி ல நடக்குற மாதிரி எடுத்துருகாங்க. Image
தன்னோட சின்ன வயசுல லவ் பண்ண பொண்ண காப்பாத்த எவ்ளோ ரிஸ்க் எடுக்கறா த ரொம்ப எமோசனலா சொல்லீருப்பாங்க. ஃபர்ஸ்ட் ஹாஃப் அஹ தவிர்த்திட்டு பாத்த இது செம பீல் குட் மூவி. கிளைமாக்ஸ் கண் கலங்க வச்சிரும். எல்லோரோட லைப்ல யும் இப்படி ஒரு க்ரஸ் இருக்கும். @எனக்கு பர்சனலா ரொம்ப புடிச்ச மூவி Image
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Sirene berbunyi dan dunia telah jatuh dalam kekacauan, kamu dan aku berlari untuk harapan hidup yang semu. Dijalan yang berdarah ini, kita di takdirkan untuk saling terikat satu sama lain.
━━━━━━━━ ImageImageImageImage
📌Genre; #Slice_of_Life #Farming #Romance #Action #Supernatural #BL #bxb

📌Language; Bahasa
📌Author(s); @jellybamie Image
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Mary Shelley creó el arquetipo perfecto del monstruo, pero también nos impulsó a reflexionar sobre los peligros de la arrogancia científica. ¿Quién era esta precoz escritora que revolucionó la literatura para siempre? Abro HILO
Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin nació el 30 de agosto de 1797 en Londres, en el seno de una familia de intelectuales adelantados a su tiempo. De haberlo hecho en 2000, y siempre según los dictados actuales, probablemente estaríamos hablando de una ‘friki’.
Y es que la palabra «freak», que en inglés significa «raro», es sinónimo asimismo de «extravagante» e incluso «fanático», tres adjetivos que se adaptan como un guante al perfil de nuestra protagonista.
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For the first time in years, I took last Sunday off from live tweeting the New York Times wedding section. Being disconnected from the internet, amid the splendor of nature and the love of my family, made me realize something really important:
People whose nuptials are in Vows have regular access to beautiful seaside houses and they don't even have to save up cash or vacation days to enjoy it. This is deeply unjust. We should mock them whenever possible. So let's get to it...
This would be so funny if it concerned an actual German person who tends sheep and was stranded somewhere. Image
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Remembering #NaMuthukumar - A THREAD

25 songs that best describe the genius of Na Muthukumar

Facing an unenviable task of picking 25 songs from his outstanding work, we have designed five categories and listed five remarkable songs in each category.

Remembering #NaMuthukumar

It is not just romance that is best described by poetry.

What about the bond between parents and their children?

What about the relationships that can't quite be boxed?

Na Muthukumar had the answers

#HBDNaMuthukumar (2/n)
Remembering #NaMuthukumar

Is affection ever unconditional? Can we put a price on love... ever?

'Iru Nenjam saerndhu pesida ulagil baashaigal edhuvum thevayillai...' - Aanandha Yaazhai from #Ram-#YuvanShankarRaja's #Thangameengal

#HBDNaMuthukumar (3/n)
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The Visual Novel Romance Collection for Black Trans Lives is now available on @itchio! 💖

All proceeds for this bundle will go towards @TheOkraProject, so let's take a look at what #Romance and #VisualNovel games are inside!

Ladykiller in a Bind is the award-winning visual novel from @christinelove about pretending to be your twin brother so you can have lesbian sex on a cruise ship. It is very hot!! 😳…
What if the video game crash of '83 never happened? Work the arcades (and your relationships) in Arcade Spirits, a romantic VN from @twoflower! 🕹
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Perpustakaan dan Romantisme Muda-mudi
#library #kdrama #romance #student #study

Sebuah Utas
Utas kali ini akan menyinggung mengenai representasi perpustakaan di dalam Korean Drama, lagi. Haha. Sesuai judul, setidaknya utas ini akan dibagi pada dua bagian.
Perpustakaan yang diulas kali ini ada pada web series A-TEEN Season 1 (2018). Perpustakaan ini pertama ditunjukkan pada episode 4 saat Doha berencana belajar bersama dengan Hamin, yang ternyata juga bersama Kim-Ha.
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“In today's rush we all think too much, seek too much, want too much and forget about the joy of just Being.”~ @EckhartTolle

Tunatumia muda mwingi kufikiria kuhusu kesho na kusahau kuzingatia umuhimu wa tulipo sasa hivi Au kuishi Leo. @SomaHub_EA @Wakusnooz
“If you see something below standard and do nothing, then you’ve set a new standard.” @bhorowitz


Ukiona kitu kipo nje ya tamaduni na kukipuuza, umeunda tamaduni mpya. Tamaduni sio maadili unayoorodhesha kwenye ukuta ni yale unayofanya @Wakusnooz @SomaHub_EA
“There’s so much pain everywhere, & we just close our eyes to it. The truth is we’re all scared. We’re terrified of each other.”~ @AlexMichaelides

Kwa ulimwengu maisha ya kila mtu yanaonekana kamilifu lakini watu wameficha Siri nyingi na ni bora ibaki hivyo.
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Time once again for my occasional series "Women with great hair fleeing gothic houses!"

And today we visit 1971... #ThursdayThoughts
Note: this is a sea-circled island...

Terror On Duncan Island, by Caroline Farr. Signer #Gothic, 1971. Cover by Allan Kass.
Is she walking on water there?

The Night Of The Enchantress, by Katherine Troy. Coronet #Gothic, 1971.
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Still thinking this morning about white (often straight, cis) women in #romance. A crucial lesson all of us must learn in order to do effective anti-oppression work in our daily lives is that to the extent we feel comfortable and comforted in exclusive spaces, ... 1/
... our comfort is crafted by exclusion.

Gonna say this again: Our comfort is crafted by exclusion.

And that should make us uncomfortable. And, ultimately, it should make it impossible for us to feel comforted by those spaces. 2/
(IMPORTANT CAVEAT: "exclusive space" in this context does not mean exclusive of people who make a space unsafe through violations of codes of conduct. I'm talking about exclusive spaces built upon us/them, privileged/marginalized dynamics.) 3/
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எனக்கு பிடித்த கொரியன் Crime, Thriller, love & action படங்கள்.
இதுல இருக்குற எல்லா படமும் இதுல இருக்கு..

Search with Movie name, you will get different active torrent sites... there you can download the movie link.

Not in Order

#Romance #KoreanMovies


அழகான முக்கோண காதல் கதை .... டயலாக்ஸ் ரொம்ப கம்மி..


#WatchedMovies Image
#Love #KoreanMovies

Sema Rom-Com genre.

Siva Manasula Sakthi ஆர்யா சீன் இதுல இருந்து தான் உருவி இருக்காங்க...



#WatchedMovies Image
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I started my Valentine's Day by dropping 14Ibs of rose petals on my wife from a special pulley controlled mechanism above the bed. Seal's coming round later to sing Kiss From a Rose to her. Just so you all know what you're competing with. #romance
I also painted a portrait of her from memory and set it on fire, dancing passionately to the music of the flames. A dangerous dance of love. Just so you all appreciate that's the standard I'm setting. #romance #ValentinesDay
My wife just looked out of the window there to be greeted by a 21 wrestler salute. Each wrestler then presented her with a poem, written by me, and hummed softly as I recited each one to her from a podium I had secretly constructed. That's where I'm at romance wise. #romance
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