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Are Man United quietly putting together a title challenge?

The consensus is that if manager Erik ten Hag can get United into the top four and back into the Champions League then it would represent a good return from his first season in charge. #exposedteens #gore #Hawkeye… But maybe -- just maybe -- he's thinking bigger.

Arsenal and Manchester City are the favourites to win the Premier League title -- and rightly so -- but United have now won their last six games in all competitions and are on a run of one in their last… 16 games.
Tuesday's victory over Bournemouth put Ten Hag's team on 35 points, level with Newcastle in a tie for third place with a game in hand.
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Here’s a list of some of the most popular slot games and how to get the most out of them.

Sam on the Beach

Sam on the Beach is a five-reel slot online gacor from ELK Studios. It features 243 winning combinations. It also has a variety #FiK61 #gore #goredeath… of bonuses to help you win big. The slot has a tropical Caribbean theme, complete with palm trees and blue skies. A white yacht is visible in the blue sea.

Sam on the Beach is a fun, exhilarating game. It comes with several bonus games, multipliers,… and free spins. Players can earn up to 227,500 coins, depending on the amount they bet. It is available on PCs, iOS and Android mobiles, and in online casinos.

Book of Dead

Book of Dead is a slot game with a unique, Egyptian theme. It is a five
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🚨Fil documenté avec #namedropping🧨 (dont des célébrités) sur le scandale des campagnes #Balenciaga mettant en scène symboles et références SM, pédopornographiques et pédophiles, qui sont loin d'être des accidents isolés.
Aimez et partagez car peu de médias en parlent🤫 (…)⬇️
La campagne #Balenciaga met en scène de jeunes enfants sexualisés par un ourson en tenue #BDSM (sadomasochiste) et de nombreux objets liés au #bondage (chaînes, cagoules, ruban adhésif) mais aussi de références satanistes (diable) ou pédophiles (lapin blanc, serpent). (…)⬇️
Gabriele #Galimberti, photographe de cette campagne, pointe les choix artistiques de #Balenciaga mais ne pouvait ignorer la signification de cette mise en scène. Il avait posté sur Twitter de manière ambiguë "Pourquoi restreindre la pédopornographie mais pas les armes ?" (…)⬇️
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Undying Love

#BkDk #MCD #Paranormal #Murder #HorrorAu #Angst #ExplicitDeath #Gore #PsychologicalThriller #LightsOut #NoQuirkAu #Halloween #SpookySeason

Staring into Katsuki’s eyes was always Izuku’s favorite things to do.
Through out all their childhood adventures; to their up and downs in middle school; and finally to their confession to each-other in their third year of U.A. Katsuki’s eyes were the only thing that held truth.

Now they are finally at peace.
They finally are in a place to love, grow, and learn with each other.

Izuku smiled wildly as he waved excitedly and ran across the quad of the to where the tall flax blond was.
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This thread will get a little crazy, but I do hope you enjoy the ride:

#ThugLife #SocietalDecay #gore #SocietalCollapse
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Ok, I like you. Waiting is lame, so here goes nothing. Just going to get this out as quick as I can.

#Sizetwitter #Splatoon3 #Erotica #NSFW #Gore ImageImage
Your head spun. Everything hurt. Your body felt unbelievably sore. You could hear your heart beating in your ears. You couldn't remember anything. Where were you? Who were you? Why were you here? As much as you wanted to answer these questions, you wouldn't have time for that.
"Ooooh, Shiver look! Another tiny!"

A booming peppy voice rang out, sending a shudder down your spine.

"Ugh, another one? You can have it, I dealt with the last one..."

Another loud voice followed soon after the first, this one cold and unenthused.
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So I had an interesting idea. Usually when I write microfics, I'm focusing on the character in question. But what if I didn't do that? Going to give that a shot, lemme know what you think!

#Sizetwitter #Feet #Gore #Erotica Image
The first stomp only lasted an instant. To her it was no doubt the most simple of actions. A mere lowering of the leg to snuff out an insect. To you, however, it was as far from simple as could be. The moment the soft foot began to descend, you had been flung into hell.
You raised your arms in a pitiful instinctual attempt to defend your life. It was utterly meaningless of course. The foot was utterly undeterred, shattering the bones of your arms like they were made out of twigs. You could only stare up at the fleshy ceiling as it drew close...
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New microfic! This story was written as a birthday gift for my friend @HietoReth. I hope you all enjoy it! I tried a slightly different style so definitely let me know your thoughts.

#Superstrength #Gore #Erotica Image
Her appearance was sudden. Who could have expected it? Out of nowhere, a random woman had appeared. She had descended from the sky like some sort of angel, her eyes closed and lips curled in a serene grin. How were they supposed to react?

The answer was with fear.
Moments passed after her feet daintily touched the earth, the deafening still silence hanging in the air. Until, suddenly…


…An explosion sounded as the woman vanished, leaving in her spot a cloud of dust surrounding a deep crater.
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I had an idea that really wouldn't leave my mind, so I figured I'd try and write a microfiction for the first time.

CW: Extreme cruelty, gore, and general grossness.
#NSFW #Erotica #Gore
You fall to your knees, the Pokeball in your hands clattering down onto the sleek floor. After having come so far and defeating every trainer in your way, you’d been utterly defeated at the final stage. It was immensely frustrating the ease at which you’d been destroyed.
Cynthia, the champion of the Sinnoh league, had barely even tried during your battle. How was she so strong? These questions ran through your head, but the clack of Cynthia’s heels snapped you out of it as she walked towards you.
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Vidéo + exemples en images arrêtées de choses qu'on ma mises sous les yeux sans aucune barrière, sous forme de #thread. DONC attention : c'est violent.

#Violence #Gore #Snuff #reseauxsociaux #médias #psychologie #morgue #trafic #organes #russie #russe

(Le nombre de vues sur ces contenus évolue toujours de façon exponentielle ; la violence se partage extrêmement vite, et sans contrôle. 4,5M de vues pour Yuriy. Probabilité que ça tombe sur des yeux et des cerveaux fragiles : très élevée.)
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I want to start a new thread story. Not sure how long it will be and I may use different prompts: #vss365 #vssmagic #vssnature etc etc ... I love reading about legends and folk lore, and in my fantasy writing I often create my own myths. So this will be just a fun exercise...
According to #lore &myths of old,griffins nestled on these cliffs long ago. They swooped down on the unsuspecting;carried them off never to be seen again.
Griffins were not elemental creatures,but air & earth did have dominion over them; their only enemy -fire.
#vss365 #vssmagic
"I helped your troupe avoid #shadow and #gore," said the dark wizard simply, implying that he saved us from the mythical griffins. I gaped at him. "And now for what you promised."

"No," I was careful not to get trapped in words, "I said: after you summon her."
#vss365 #vssmagic
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Aims of the #GreatReset #American #Bankers #Oligarchy ... "We will promote social justice policies to reduce inequalities including through support to tax redistributive & domestic resource optimization approaches social safety nets & or insurance schemes"
Newly Unsealed Docs in 2018 showed top #FDIC Officials Running Operation #ChokePoint* under 2013 #ObamaAdministration to form public/private oligarchy

* to freeze politically disfavored #businesses deemed not PC / high risk out of the financial system…
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Andreu Riera founded #Scytl in 2001. The cryptography expert came up with the idea during the 2000 U.S. presidential election.

Although, Riera died in a car accident 2006, missing out on Scytl’s biggest phase of growth and its sunset.…
But in 2000, during the Florida recount, which decided the election between #Bush and #Gore, Andreu #Riera became an idea, that an electronic vote would have to be more effective than the business of paper ballots and hanging chads.
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"The Green New Deal" is going to take movement tactics. Bullshit. It's global - sitting in the wings. Your consent is being engineered. Spending billions to have you demand & "fight" for it. They play with you like a cat plays with a mouse before it decapitates it. For fun.
Who else is tasked with building the social license required to implement the Global Green New Deal?

Let's start with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, & May Boeve, Executive Director of 350-DOT-org.

The #NonProfitIndustrialComplex: an extension of the ruling class.

January 23, 2020, World Economic Forum: "Striking a Green New Deal"

Note again, that the UN partnered with WEF on June 13, 2020.

#C40Cities (founded by #Bloomberg & #Clinton)
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Some thoughts on the social commentary in 2015's TAG (A Thread)

I first heard about Tag in May 2018. I instantly wanted to see it. I found the first five minutes or so on @Youtube and when the occupants of the 2 buses died, I was hooked. But I couldn't find it anywhere to watch.
Thursday, a friend of mine let me know Tag had come to @netflix and I watched it as soon as I could, which was yesterday. And I absolutely loved it. I loved the #horror of the first two acts. The excessive #gore and #blood. I loved how over the top some scenes were.
When the third act came and things came together, at the time I was blown away. I adored the craziness and how it explained some of the stuff that felt too out of place before. I loved how it went from an all female cast to a mostly male cast and why. Then it happened...
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🗝(1) “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”
For over a year we’ve been bombarded with rhetoric about #Russia #NorthKorea and #Iran yet no one seems to remember Clinton/Gore but we should, it’s important.
(2) #ClintonGore ran in 92’ consciously ignoring foreign policy and there’s no doubt America had war fatigue. Gore’s slogan was “it’s the economy stupid” and when they won despite the #ColdWar having just ended both of them barely even mentioned #Russia
(3) #ClintonGore inherited a political dream of sorts. For the first time #Russia was eager and willing to work with America they were cooperating across the spectrum and agreements with Bush Sr. were in place to reduce nuclear arsenals by 66% Democracy was at its most popular.
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Bon on débute le #livetweet de l'élection sénatoriale partielle d'#Alabama avec 1 rappel usuel pour mes followers: si les sondages sortie des urnes (#exitpolls)étaient 1 outil prédictif, Gore et Kerry auraient été présidents US.Bref,pour…
2)On peut d'ailleurs s'étonner que @CNN renouvelle l'expérience"#exitpolls" sur cette sénatoriale partielle d'#Alabama alors que certains médias ne cessent de les remettre en…
3) Plutôt que de gloser sur les exitpolls, rappelons les"intangibles" de l'élection comme on dit aux #EtatsUnis. L'#Alabama n'a pas élu 1 sénateur démocrate depuis 1992(en fait depuis 1990, car en 1992 c'était Shelby l'autre sénateur actuel, passé républicain en 1994 qui fut élu)
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