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CW: Gang rape, assault, violence.
Supreme court starts hearings of the horrific gangrape of multiple women including minor girls.

A 60-year old woman was gang-raped in-front of her young grandson while goons thrashed the daughter-in-law. 1/n
Bengal police refused to file FIR despite medical examination at Apollo hospital Kolkata confirming rape.

A 17 year-old Hindu girl was gang-raped to be taught a lesson. Police intimidated the family to withdraw case by insinuating gang-rape of their other daughter. 2/n
Purnima Mondal dodged rape attempt after Kalu Shaikh axed her husband in front of her.

These are the few women who have dared to move to the supreme court despite being victims of rape and heavy intimidation by WB police. 3/n
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How will you contribute to it? Who wants to step up and help, raise funds, coordinate, volunteer, gather data for #HinduHumanRights?
It needs a new team for #HinduHumanRights. We need to have someone to organize the effort, and we need volunteers and funds. Garuda will do the publishing part.

I'd say at least one fulltime person to collect data, collate and organize for #HinduHumanRights. At 50K/month, maybe 6 lakh/year?

The anti-Hindu rights groups literally have millions of $s at hand. Here we scrape for minimal amounts.

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1) After Killing 100s of Hindu schools & plundering Hindu temples, @Dev_Fadnavis embarks on Hindutva pilgrimage:…
@Dev_Fadnavis 2) Learn how Good-cop @Dev_Fadnavis & Bad-cop @girishdmahajan blackmailed Hindu temples for funding irrigation schemes (note: irrigation is a very lucrative govt dept with max opportunity for corruption)…
@Dev_Fadnavis @girishdmahajan 3) Hindu Nationalism means "sacrifice hindus for non-Hindu Vishwas". Here is Hindutva icon @Dev_Fadnavis mulling Jerusalem subsidy for Christians & 50% income tax on hindu temples:…
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While “seculars” go gaga over cute Pakistani twitter trolls a Dalit was burnt to death in India for celebrating the India win.. By “one community” which got upset Pakistan lost.

No media will drum his name in our heads.

Atrocities against Dalits by Muslims in India keep going. Indian Left worldwide pushes propaganda blaming Modi for it—"violence against Muslims and Dalits increasing in Modi's India" while burying all news of violence *by* Muslims against Dalits using fake #BrahminicalPatriarchy.
One of the most cynical and toxic moves is Islamist politicians trying to appropriate dalits who they regarded as the lowliest of kaffirs. Most dalits are too smart for this though—the only outcome of #DalitMuslimUnity ever has been the masacre of Dalits.…
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So I read @AatishTaseer’s piece. His strength is he sees parts of the picture. His weakness is he falls gullibly to the same Lutyens generated narrative for the other half—“Muslims being lynched, minorities are under threat.”

This narrative is pure propaganda. He falls for it.
That narrative is a political narrative, not based on facts. For instance, there is not a single step taken by Modi as PM which is anti-Muslim. In fact he has statutes massive Muslim schemes and scholarships, which I have criticized, but Aatish appears completely ignorant of.
Fake narrative of “Muslims under danger” and BJP’s “caste oppression” is driven by two political needs:
1. The opposition wants to consolidate the Muslims vote by creating fear.
2. Since that is not enough, they want to divide Hindu vote among caste lines.
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12) In 2015&2016,46 Hindus targeted&killed in WB,Kerala,UP&K'taka.When will @narendramodi_in break silence & save #HinduHumanRights?
13)UPA did not give visa to USIRF but Modi gave 2 visas.During his official trip to India,USIRF chief criticized Ind:
14)BJP minister states that Hindu-festival is a “day of massacre”. Why is BJP silently endorsing such anti-Hinduism?
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