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It deeply concerns me to witness the presence of South African white nationalist Twitter users like @IanCameron23, @RomanCabanac, @Paratus2014, @Joe_Emilio_, and @SkyeZedA exploiting the platform to perpetuate a harmful narrative about farm murders in South Africa...
... Claiming that these crimes are racially motivated is not only factually incorrect but also contributes to division and animosity.

Furthermore, their support for the whites-only town of Orania is equally troubling. Orania's pursuit of independence can only be seen as...
... an act of treason that seeks to undermine the very principles that South Africans so hardly fought for. We must fight against this toxic rhetoric.
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When asked about the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, Linda Yaccarino cites the CEO of BlackRock and says companies have a responsibility to impact culture.

"When you have those priorities and values as a company, it's good for business."
Yaccarino wants to “help develop Twitter into a place where [advertisers] will be excited about investing” in areas such as “product development, ad safety, and content moderation.”

This is a nightmare.
Musk has essentially confirmed that Yaccarino is the new CEO, but says there will be no increase in censorship.
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Hello Poster lovers!

Today is Sunday, so why don't we learn something about social rights?

I researched two significant movements in history that used vintage posters as a tool to bring attention to their cause:
- 'I Am a Man '
- The women's rights movement.
Let's dive in! Image
The "I Am a Man" movement emerged in Memphis, TN in 1968, with African American sanitation workers demanding better pay and safer working conditions. The workers marched with signs bearing the words "I Am a Man," asserting their humanity and dignity in the face of discrimination. Image
One iconic poster from the "I Am a Man" movement features the phrase "Honor King: End Racism!", symbolizing resistance and solidarity. The poster was created to promote a march that took place in Memphis in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. after his assassination. #MLK #Posters Image
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Given the current state of affairs, maybe take some time to listen to the stories of #trans folks, and hear what they have to say.

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #TransWomenAreWomen #nonbinary
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@NSFTtweets Thank you. This should not have taken 2 1/2 years to correct. We look forward to hearing the @NSFTtweets Board answers to our other questions at or before the Board meeting on the 6 April.
@NSFTtweets Amending the website is a first step, that acknowledges the problem.

Now the work starts.

Question 2: What steps will the @NSFTtweets Board take to correct the 2022 #Equality, #Diversity and #Inclusion Strategy & all trust communications and policies?
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#womenshealth is #disparate because medicine evolved in a patriarchal society. Male presentations of disease are “typical”, female ones are “atypical”. Society becoming more #gender #equal, doesn’t undo the historical bias of medicine we still rely our practice on - as a result,……
While #postpartum care is an obvious example. @American_Heart published that women don’t classically present with chest pain like men in heart attacks, but instead may have fatigue or insomnia. This can be easily written off by doctors as “stress”…
“Stress” is a generous explanation I hear of writing off symptoms. More commonly, I hear “dramatic” or “being extra” as explanations. Those aren’t ICD codes, but implicit biases disproportionately assigned to female patients.
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🎉🇺🇸 Today marks the 169th anniversary of the Republican Party of the United States, organized in Ripon, Wisconsin on this day in 1854! Let's take a journey through its early history. #GOP #RepublicanPartyAnniversary
📜 The Republican Party was formed in response to the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which allowed for the possibility of slavery in new territories. Anti-slavery activists and former Whig Party members united to fight for a common cause. #1854 #KansasNebraskaAct
🤝 The party's name was inspired by Thomas Jefferson's Democratic-Republican Party, emphasizing the Republican Party's commitment to the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. #Jefferson #Inspiration
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We recommend reading @CCriadoPerez's Invisible Women, about the ways policy development & impact assessments fail to assess the impact on women.

Equality Impact Assessments matter.

We have asked @TeamQEH to correct their EIAs to include the 4 missing protected characteristics. Queen Elizabeth Hospital NHS Trust Equality Impact Assessmen
Despite now having the correct list of protected characteristics in V3 of the @TeamQEH Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, the policy & EIAs do not cover those with the protected characteristic of sex as it uses the word “gender” instead of sex. >

#IWD2023 #SexMatters
. @TeamQEH was informed of these errors first in 2020 and has failed to correct the omissions and use of gender and transgender in the #Equality, #Diversity and #Inclusion policy and equality impact assessments ( EIAs). >
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1/10: Let's talk about #WhitePrivilege. It's a term used to describe the advantages and benefits that white people receive solely because of the color of their skin.
2/10: These benefits include access to better education, job opportunities, and healthcare, as well as the ability to move through life without being discriminated against based on skin color.
3/10: White privilege doesn't mean that white people don't face challenges or difficulties in life. It simply means that they won't face additional obstacles because of their skin color.
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“The process of #rationalization central to #capitalism has required the creation of an intermediate stratum comprising the specialists of this rationalization, as #administrators, #technicians, #scientists, #educators. The very complexity of not... Image
... only the #technology but the social system has made it essential that this stratum be large and, over time, expanding.The funds that have been used to support it have been drawn from the global surplus, as extracted through entrepreneurs and states. In this elementary but ...
... fundamental sense these #cadres have therefore been part of the #bourgeoisie whose claim to participation in the sharing-out of the surplus has been given precise ideological form in the twentieth-century concept of #HumanCapital. Having relatively little real capital to ...
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🧵1/ PANDA's @bell00david uses his working experience with WHO to analyse proposed IHR amendments in-depth.

🚨 Some key points in thread ⬇️…
2/ #WHO is working on two agreements that will expand its powers & role in declared health emergencies & pandemics. These include widening the definition of ‘health emergencies’ within which such powers may be used.
3/ The #IHR amendment process in WHO is relatively transparent. Amendments are proposed by national bureaucracies & collated by WHO. WHO has gone to unusual lengths to open hearings to public submissions.
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Top 10 reasons to support #Vikraman𓃵 &
Why #Vikraman deserves to win #BiggBossTamil6 title

1. Never shied away from questioning any sort of abuse or unethical practices. Always took a stand for victims including his haters like #Dhana #Amudhu #Ayesha etc. #BiggBossTamil
Top 10 reasons to support #Vikraman𓃵 &
Why #Vikraman deserves to win #BiggBossTamil6 title

2. Never played safe games like #Myna #Mani #ADK etc. like how they used to side with power centers. Slyly avoid & get away from the issue by playing highly diplomatic #BiggBossTamil
Top 10 reasons to support #Vikraman𓃵 &
Why #Vikraman deserves to win #BiggBossTamil6 title

3. Never been disrespectful to anyone, even to those who spewed venom and hate against him (examples #Amudhu , #Azeem , #Dhana ). Treated people with respect & dignity #BiggBossTamil
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1/15 We are the underdogs. And that's your opportunity on #egld.
An underdog strategy involves a small and, usually, young firm taking on a much larger competitor into a challenge with much bigger opponents in order to break their monopoly. 100% DEFI and DAO on @MultiversX
2/15 That's our promise to you all: FREEDOM not the illusion of freedom. And here it is why and how:
3/15 There is a monopoly on @MultiversX and we are offering a secondary option truly DEFI & DAO where people can choose to earn 50% of anything we do. If the monopoly is Coca-Cola, we are Pepsi - because we love #pepsi more anyway.
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An unfortunate, but sadly, expected outcome.
While there’s a lot of outrage over how things have transpired, I intend for this 🧵 to be an informative exercise more than anything else- you may look at it as a rant as well:
1. This screenshot of the ‘Dec ‘22 Visa Bulletin’ issued by the @StateDept illustrates the US green-card "priority dates" for people who have an APPROVED immigrant (permanent residency) petition in the employment-based
(EB) categories as of Dec 2022. Image
2. A “priority date” is the date on which an applicant's green card petition is/was approved.
Post-approval, an applicant must wait to apply to get a green card until one becomes available. There are limits on the number of GCs available per year in each category, including EB.
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“We are deeply disturbed by the 20-yr track record that places Judge Alito on the far right of the judicial spectrum, esp when it comes to women’s & #civilrights. If #SamuelAlito is confirmed…many of our fundamental rights will be at great risk, & could well be lost entirely.”⬇️
2/Prophetic: “Dear Senator, NOW is strongly opposed to the elevation of Judge #SamuelAlito to the #SupremeCourt of the United States, and with every passing day, more information appears that re-confirms our opposition. We urge you to review his record, writings…
3/“…and judicial philosophy, and join us in opposing his nomination.Not only is NOW disappointed that President Bush has proposed to replace Justice Sandra Day O’Connor with yet another white male ultra-conservative, but we are deeply disturbed by the twenty-year track record…
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This am, #SCOTUS will be hearing oral args in #303Creative v. Elenis

At issue is whether a website design co has a free speech right to discriminate against same-sex couples

I’ll be live-tweeting

But first let me, a First Amendment prof, provide some background

303 Creative, a website co, wants to expand into the wedding market.

However, it wants only heterosexual wedding clients, as it believes same-sex marriage conflicts with God’s will

Plus it wants to put a statement on the website explaining its refusal to serve same-sex couples
Unfortunately for 303 Creative, discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation is illegal
Colorado has an anti-disc law that bans disc in places of public accommodation (places that are open to the public & offer goods and services, like bakeries or design cos)

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A #Metaverse Beyond #Gaming

Introducing #Exosama Network

• So, what is it?
• How big is it?
• What is the hype around it & @DonnieBigBags?

Get ready to "Expect Chaos" ⚡️


Let's begin with what is @ExosamaNFT Network

• Versatile L1 blockchain with a focus on #gaming, #music, #fashion, and #Metaverse

• High-performance #EVM capability (continuation of EWT tech)

• Ability to bridge to multiple #metaverses and ecosystems

Check out this talk where @DonnieBigBags admits to stumbling upon #NFTs 🤯 and accidentally building the biggest #blockchain game on @Polkadot

@RugRadio @farokh
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I have worked extremely hard to get where I am, and I’m not even close to where I want to go.

As Twitter workers complain of Elon Musk being too demanding, he asked for 40 hours a week or more. (Thread)

I know he is a controversial figure, and he often speaks impulsively, part of what it is to be autistic.

that aside, why is working 40+hours a week on a company you’re passionate about a bad thing?

(My longest stretch of work without a day off was 1,496 days. No vacation or 2/
… holiday)

I had to do it, because I didn’t have a fancy degree, and I was on another medication to knock out a horse.

I don’t understand why everyone feels they should be able to make a lot of money without working.

FYI, $TWTR was losing 4 million a day.

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#GE15 is a time when we exercise our freedom of expression #FOE as a fundamental and constitutional #right as citizens of #Malaysia.

This is our opportunity to express our opinions and choices as voters in determining the future of #Malaysia as a #democratic nation.
However, hate speech & dangerous rhetoric does tend to spike, especially during #elections.

In exercising our #FOE we must adhere to #international standards on #equality & non-discrimination & prevent the spread of hate speech, especially targeted at vulnerable groups.
Have you encountered or experienced hate speech online?
REPORT NOW by using this QR code or check out @CIJ_Malaysia #SayNoToHateSpeech website…

Lets #SayNoToHateSpeech in #GE15. Say No To Hate Speech Repor...Poster 'Say No to Hate Speech'Poster 'Say No to Hate Speech'Poster 'Say No to Hate Speech'
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UK's main opposition party is run like #mafia
The #establishment media will ignore it, but it reveals a serious #crisis of #democracy in Britain

Sir @TrevorPTweets said in 2019 he thinks biggest threat to democracy after Brexit was Muslim protesters Birmingham, he will be livid
@TrevorPTweets Silent since the opposition to the protesters,
‘Enemy At the Gates ‘
was exposed as #Stonewall,
the REAL playground bullies & mob of 2019 No Outsiders Panto

Please Sir, break your silence on

#Equality was core of the national debate

How can the EX-EHRC chair be silent after being wrong about the bigger threat to democracy,

The opposition, #StonewallLaw Disciples, No Outsiders misrepresented EA2010, Queering the curriculum by stealth,
Circumventing parents rights
Indoctrinating kids with a radical ideology ImageImageImageImage
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Women’s Equality Day celebrates the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in 1920, which guarantees all American #women the right to vote.

The amendment changed federal law & America.

#WomensEqualityDay | #19Amendment | #becauseofthemwecan

@USArmyEURAF | @USArmy Image
The drive to win the vote was an extensive & diverse effort. But, it did not guarantee all women this right. Chinese American women fought for the right to vote until 1943, Japanese and other Asian American women until 1952.

#WomensEqualityDay | #19Amendment | @DeptofDefense Dr. Mabel Ping-Hua Lee (189...
American Indian women were only able to win the right to vote by fighting for it state by state. The last state to guarantee voting rights for Native people was Utah in 1962.

#WomensEqualityDay | #19Amendment | #DEOMI Suffragist Marie L. Baldwin...
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'#partnerincrime for life': Activist Gay Couple Accused of Sexually Abusing Adopted Boys to Make Child Porn…
Adoptive fathers William Dale Zulock and Zachary Jacoby Zulock were arrested on suspicion of "producing homemade child sexual abuse material" with the "sibling pair residing in the home" aka their young adopted sons. ImageImage
The two Zulocks were booked after authorities executed a late-night search warrant at the gay married men's custom-built "mansion." Both were denied public defenders due to Zack's income of $7,500/week.

Zack was transferred out of county and has "Maximum" classification status. ImageImageImage
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Get to work plebs, fuck your health, you must keep working regardless
NHS Federation states: #HumanitarianCrisis #HumanCatastrophe to describe the coming winter through the #ToryCostOfLivingCrisis #NationalHealthCrisis #EnoughIsEnough #EnoughIsEnough

this is a damning indictment if ever there was one!
the NHS Federation has written to govt to highlight an "impending humanitarian crisis" over winter in health of UK citizens #EnoughlsEnough #SocialistSunday
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