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*DON'TJOINTHEM* "The more #artists support ambition to be part of the status quo, the more we support the limiting structures set by the status quo" great insight from #artist @camp_networking in response to my provocation.
"Organisations to make #artists regular agenda item, to get beyond who are we going to work with but how can we support #artists / include #artists in our organisational make-up beyond the programme"
"Diversity as JOYFUL and VULNERABLE space/place to share/understand/learn/change"
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This week, I attended 2 very important engagements in the UK. One was a four-day journalistic conference- Innovation in digital publishing during the COVID-19 Crisis courtesy of @newsrewired.The other one a #PR conversation on Wednesday night under the hashtag #PowerAndInfluence
2. I am glad that we are being deliberate about our commitment to #Equality and #Diversity.
I am sharing some of the lessons I picked from both engagements @MissChisomo @amandacomms @Advita_p @EllaMinty
3. Though these conversations might have been very emotive we must engage our communities in discussing experiences of racism, racial injustices including discrimination while learning from each other. Inclusion means going out to look for all voices because #AllVoicesMatter
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Who wants to see the #Diversity data for @STFC_Matters, that was released by @UKRI_News last week?

The full data release is here, so if you want to see anything for yourself, go ahead:…
@STFC_Matters funds research & training into astronomy, particle physics, space & planetary sciences & nuclear physics. This is important because @ukhesa only report STFC as #physics – it’s so much more!

STFC have a #equality & #diversity statement here:…
So, let’s start with @STFC_Matters #ethnicity data.

Worth noting that @UKRI_News collate three categories; ethnic minority, white, not disclosed.

We can’t separate out different ethnicity, which is a problem in itself. Image
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Parents petitioned the Secretary of State Education & Birmingham CC to stop the sexualisation & indoctrination in State Primary schools

Approx 2014

Andrew Moffat & Educate & Celebrate CHIPS 👇
Sexualisation says parents
Just bigots?

What does the No Outsiders research project say,
CHIPS written by Moffat's in 2007
as teacher researcher of 👇

Sexualities Equalities
No Outsiders research behind CHIPS

Destabilising sex gender & sexuality in Primary schools is not sexualisation ?
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Polish #LGBT rights activist @BartStaszewski met President Andrzej Duda earlier today, a few days after Duda's anti-LGBT remarks at a campaign rally that caused a storm in Poland and internationally. @oko_press interviewed Staszewski about how the meeting went. 1/4
From the interview, it transpires that Duda doesn't know much - if anything - about the real issues that the #LGBT people face in Poland. Instead, the president talked at length about the "LGBT ideology" that came to Poland from the West. 2/4
According to Staszewski, Duda did not even know/hear about the headline-making events, such as the attempt to bomb the #Equality March in Lublin last year or the attack on the Equality March in Białystok, also last year. 3/4
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Slim Shady 's Profile
Muscular liberalism tooled up against religious parents rights & parental dissent

Bolster Queer Theory projects in Primary schools under guise of 'Equalities '
In Birmingham not uncommon to see girls 4/5 yrs wearing hijab with their uniform

Critics say if its purpose is to guard modesty it should only be worn after puberty
Ofsted says that it could be interpreted as the sexualisation of young girls

2:31 Anderton Park HT
"Its not an equal practice girls are expected to wear a head scarf or they can or when they hit puberty but boys are not.

You have to be able to expect to have a really clear & open debate about these kinds of things "
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1. I am thankful everytime someone on GC crowd mention No Outsiders
We still have no one who is really interested in tackling these projects head on

'Extremists' labels to smear the protesters campaign
made untouchables in our society
2. those of us who know reality of No Outsiders/Educate & Celebrate & CHIPS
know 'the untouchables ' were telling the truth about the teaching that went beyond govn guidelines
& infringes on their rights & parental rights of all
3. 'Biased Equalities ' teaching that infringes on rights of other protected characteristics presented as equality.

Stonewall Law masquerading as Equality Act
Queer Theory Trojan Horse

One way Diversity & cherry picked & biased 'Equalities '

Discriminatory Prevent
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If you need help with #diversity & #inclusion for your program don't contacting me once a year, it's rude. Why should I do your work? What have you done in the last year? If inclusion is that important, why wait to the last minute? If it us really important, do the work.
Build a network, talk to everyone.
Make sure your website, press release and all materials are inclusive. Who is on stage, who is asking the questions, what company do you showcase.
Is the language inclusive. Can young women or people of colour see themselves there, taking part.
Do your speakers, mentors and admins reflect the community you want to engage with?
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Just finished listening to @bdaiwi_historia's interesting conversation with @WQuisay of the #politicaltheology of contemporary Sunni #neotraditionalism
@bdaiwi_historia pressed @WQuisay to locate the source of the "traditionalism" in today's "neotraditionalists". IMO, it is neither #kalam nor #fiqh both of which produce deep "activism", so deep in fact, they have engendered conflict, as a historical matter in #MuslimHistory
I would locate their discourse in the #tazkiyatalnafs (self-purification) tradition of sharia-minded #Sufism. This kind of discourse is highly-compatible with a certain kind of #secularism that promotes the #privatization and #depoliticization of religion.
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1.The lie of the "trans child" is given legal status & taught in No Outsiders lesson plans,
Say,…..”What does British law say about gender identity?” Refer to the seven characteristics on the Equality Act poster.
2.Refer to the characteristics on the Equality Act poster. Say, “Which characteristic is relevant to this story? (Gender identity) Ask, “How can we make sure we are following the law at our school?”’ (Gender Identity is not a protected characteristic.)…
3. The lie that 'Gender Identity is a legal protected characteristic 'in the Equality Act is embedded at Parkfield & Anderton Park school,
lies embedded into the curriculum & ethos of school
Biophobia embedded and called 'Equalities ' teaching

Birmingham school protests 2019
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The chronic dehumanization of black men, women, and children in the United States is anything but new. Society stereotypes black people as dangerous, lazy, and feeble-minded, among other things; and those stereotypes creep into our public policies and institutional practices. 1/6
The government that's supposed to protect and serve black Americans takes our labor and our tax dollars and then treats us like second class citizens. As long as black people have lived in the United States, we have had to fight for every bit of progress that we have achieved—2/6
emancipation from slavery, the right to vote, the right to vote again (because the 15th Amendment of 1870 wasn’t enough to ensure black suffrage…it would take nearly another century to secure that basic right of citizenship), the end of Jim Crow segregation, 3/6
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we say #feminism they say #equality
We say #blacklivesmatter they say #alllivesmatter

It’s always the one on the other side of the line that are oblivious to the fight, the pain, the injustices.

If people are out on the road and you do not understand - educate yourself!
Don’t disagree!

When you think it is not needed where thousands, if not millions, are crying for it - you obviously don’t know the whole story.

Does a doctor diagnose with one symptom?
do you graduate after one class?
Do you know where I’m goin with this?
no one knows everything - before you disagree or advocate against what people are protesting for - PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF.

It’s ok to not know - it is,however, NOT OKAY to be ignorant.

History is a lesson, don’t google what you think, google facts & news.
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1) If you claim to be a #Liberal today, your world must be incredibly strange. There are two types of Liberal, the #elite overlords, and the useful idiots. You can decide for yourself where you fit. But there is no doubt that you EMPOWER the CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT. Lets sum it up:
2) You believe that killing a baby is your "right", but killing newborn puppies or bird eggs should land you in jail.
3) You believed, without evidence, that #Trump was a puppet of #Russia. When he imposed brutal sanctions, you ignored it to preserve your world view.…
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Stonewall Queen Addresses the Nation & Instructs her Subjects,
Boris & Gavin

2:08 mins

Sarah Hewitt- Clarkson
"I want the DfE & Boris Johnson to make it very clear to the British Public who is in charge,
👆2:08 mins
Stonewalls Queen Speech

"Is it British Law
is it the British govn & the British Prime Minister
or is it a group of people standing outside a Primary school saying,
" you can't tell my kid its alright to be gay".

So who is it ?
Who is in charge of that?
3. So who is it ?
Who is in charge of that?
Cos the Public Sector Equality Duty & Equality Act 2010 is very clear

I 'm a public sector worker so is Boris so is Gavin.
We all have a duty to eliminate discrimination & tackle prejudice "
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" I want to be absolutely clear there is nothing about anyone's bedroom.
We are not talking about sex here, it NOTHING to do with what goes on in the bedroom here.
This is about different families "
Andrew Moffat…
Sexualities Equality in Primary Schools
Nothing to do with sex Moffat says ImageImage
Invisible boundaries: Adddessing Sexualities Equalities in Children's World

No sex here folks Image
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2004 Schools Out
Reference to Gender Identity…

Elly Barnes
Schools Out & No Outsiders
Promotion of equal respect for LGBT or promotion of LGBT ideology ( follow to end to lesson plans)
Normalise under cover of merely saying gay people exist
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There are MAJOR issues with the image below depicting #equality & #equity, HOWEVER, there are Nepalis (including an association of private school teachers in the country) that think/believe d third method is the way to go when it comes to providing equity in education!
#Nepal 1/n
First, the MAJOR issues with the image.

"Imagine if you will, 3 people —all the same goddamn size. [...] The foundation on which these people stand is unequal, [....]"

That is, the PEOPLE aren't the problem! Follow link for more. 2/n #Equality #Equity…
In d context of education in #Nepal, what lies beyond d wall is QUALITY which imparts #CriticalThinking skills, among other things, to a majority or a significant percentage of students. What we have, on this side of the wall, in d country is... #equity 3/n
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Step back & ask what is money?

Biggest threat to wealthy is exposing worth is a malleable human invention

@Teri_Kanefield nails it—democracy vs hierarchy

Declaration of Independence’s equal worth clashes with our innate differences

To what extent does worth lie in our humane treatment of others?

In our abilities, activities in context of others?

In our accumulation of wealth through our exchanges?

Worth & worthiness & our tenuous clutching to our own value frames freedom & humane choices or lack of them.
What’s likely driving the fervor to restart the economy at the expense of others lives is a fear that the longer we continue relying on essential workers previously labeled “menial” & “low value” we openly expose the lie that wealth is worth.

That we afford what we value.
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Why only blaming,harrashing and killing muslims during COVID-19 Pendamic?

There are many events , gatherings , meetings etc happened between COVID-19 threat and lockdown. Find , meet and test all those people. Please see the following details clicking the links #StopMediaVirus
1. More than 15 lakh people came to India from abroad from all religions in 2 months between 18th Jan 2020 to 23rd March 2020. Find, meet and test all 15 lakh people. We know corona virus entered india through air travellers……
2. Nearly 1.2 lakh people including foriegners gathered at Namasthe Trump event Feb 24-25. Find, meet and test all 1.2 lakh people.…

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When Francis #Fukuyama, in his 1992 book, disclosed the "end of history" #thesis, he became a world celebrity.

The formulation was simple, but devastating for the left: faced with the evidence of the disappearance of the #SovietUnion, he could affirm that #communism had failed..
and that #capitalism emerged victorious as the only system that guaranteed #peace, #freedom & #equality.

However, in 2010 Fukuyama acknowledged that he had not understood the meaning of the disappearance of the Soviet Union and the #European socialist bloc.
Fukuyama had believed in the drunkard #Yeltsin (the face of the gravedigger & #thief who prevailed with blood & fire, supported by the #West, with the coup d'etat in #Moscow in 1993) and in the capacity of liberalism to satisfy human needs and, In addition, in 1992, ...
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Lessons For African Rulers! (Copied)
1. The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson contracted the novel coronavirus in the line of duty. #Leadership

2. Even at that, he continued to discharge his duty from his self-isolation centre. #Commitment
3. When his situation became worse and he couldn't carry on any longer, the British Foreign Secretary (Dominic Raab) stepped in for him. #Structure

4. He was not taken abroad for treatment. #System

5. He is being treated at St Thomas Hospital right there in London. #Patriotism.
6. The hospital is a public hospital where anyone can walk in and be treated. #Equality.

7. The media has been giving the world constant update about his health. #Trasnperency!

8. The opposition party is also wishing him well cos he has shown great leadership. #CountryFirst
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Wow!! One of the most outstanding books I’ve ever read.

Sand Talk: How #IndigenousThinking can save the World

A great recommendation for these days!!

Thanks Tyson Yunkaporta. Your book is a gem to be discovered: #wisdom #values
A few years ago, I wrote a post about the #philosophy of Good Living or Living Well from Indigenous People…

I talked about #biomimicry, learning from Nature with humility, and then we could also learn from the wisdom of indigenous people
I've decided to start a month-long project where I'll tweet a “wise” tip about "Sand Talk" every day during April. 30/30

#WiseBoomerang #1 This will be the 1st one.
It's about #humility the antonymous of #hubris. #Communication #DialogicalEthics #Connectedness
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