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ACC & @American_Heart released a 🆕report outlining key data elements & definitions for #ChestPain & acute myocardial infarction (#MI) based on the 2021 ACC/AHA Chest Pain Guideline. Take🏠Points in🧵Below ⬇️ #cvAMI #ClinicalGuidelines #JACC @JACCJournals
@American_Heart @JACCJournals 1⃣ The #ACCClinicalDoc presents a clinical lexicon of data elements related to #ChestPain & #cvAMI, in context of how the terms are used in the 2021 AHA/ACC/ASE/CHEST/SAEM/SCCT/SCMR #ClinicalGuideline for the Evaluation and Diagnosis of Chest Pain:
2⃣ This lexicon follows the plans contained in the new #chestpain guideline and NOT all conceivable types and causes of chest pain are considered here. #ClinicalGuidelines @JACCJournals Image
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In patients with #HFpEF, treatment with #empagliflozin improves clinical outcomes regardless of background #MRA therapy…
@JACCJournals #JACC @unic_cardiovasc @JavedButler1 @FaiezZANNAD #MiltonPacker @robmentz @BiykemB @HFpEF @ShelleyZieroth
#MRAs were used in 37% of EMPEROR-Preserved study participants. MRA use was higher in those with a more congested clinical picture, with more HF🏥 within the past 12 months, worse HF symptoms, mildly reduced EF, higher NT-proBNP levels, and more use of loop diuretic agents
The effect of empagliflozin to reduce HF 🏥 was more pronounced in MRA nonusers than in MRA users, particularly in the subgroup of patients with LVEFs ≥50% @HFpEF @DrRyanPDaly @AndrewJSauer @AnastasiaSMihai @DrMarthaGulati @ErinMichos @ShelleyZieroth @mvaduganathan
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1/16 Inspired by #NephMadness, let’s briefly touch on:

💢Role of kidney biomarkers in patients with CHF
💢‘Worsening kidney function’ in heart failure
💢Permissive hypercreatininemia
💢Handling RAASi and SGLT2i in heart failure
#NephTwitter #MedTwitter…
2/16 Let’s have a poll.
Forward failure, characterized by decreased kidney perfusion, is the main determinant of kidney dysfunction in acute decompensated heart failure. Is this true or false?
3/16 That’s false!
◀️“Backward failure” (Kidney congestion, interstitial edema and tubular dysfunction) is believed to play a more vital role compared to “Forward failure”▶️ (decreased kidney perfusion)
Neurohumoral and inflammatory mechanisms also operate
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(1/12) #AFibAwareness #Tweetorial: Today the #ACCEP will be sharing information about #AFib risk factors, risk reduction techniques & more! Follow along as we discuss how mental health, exercise & OSA factor into AFib symptoms & treatment options. ⬇
@DrJCheungEP @Dr_Mike_Fradley (2/12) #AFibAwareness #Tweetorial: Normally, the human ❤ pumps >100k heartbeats each day. If you have #AFib, the ❤ doesn’t always beat the way it should.

People w/ AF are 5x more likely to have a #stroke, & it can lead to HF. Treating AF early can help:
(3/12) #AFibAwareness #Tweetorial: Some people with #AFib don’t have any symptoms. Those who do may report:
💗 Heart palpitations
😴 Feeling unusually tired
🌬️ Unexplained shortness of breath
😵 Dizziness
💥 Chest pain
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(1/12) #JACC #Tweetorial: #cvCAD in Young Adults: A Hard Lesson, but a Good Teacher
✔️#AFIJI Cohort 20 year-follow-up: @ActionCoeur
✔️ Editorial: by @ErinMichos and @AChoiHeart
@ActionCoeur @ErinMichos @AChoiHeart @MichelZedBay @mathieukerneis @docjohanne @DrHulot_PARCC (2/12) #JACC #Tweetorial: The consequences of premature #cvCAD are devastating. Declines in ASCVD events have not extended to younger adults and rates have increased particularly among women 35-54 yrs old.

Arora, et al @CircAHA:
@ActionCoeur @ErinMichos @AChoiHeart @MichelZedBay @mathieukerneis @docjohanne @DrHulot_PARCC @CircAHA (3/12) #JACC #Tweetorial: In this issue Collet, JP, et al (@ActionCoeur) describe a cohort of 880 adults who experienced symptomatic #cvCAD at a young age (<45 years) presenting as obstructive CAD followed for up to 20 years.
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(1/10) #JACC #Tweetorial: T2MI is #cvMI due to alterations in either myocardial oxygen supply and/or demand in the absence of acute atherothrombosis. It can occur in pts w/ normal coronaries and in obstructive/non-obstructive stable #cvCAD.
(2/10) #JACC #Tweetorial: Frequency of T2MI varies widely due to differences in populations, comorbidities, adjudication processes, & cTN assays, w/ a major challenge being the absence of uniform definitions that can be useful w/ high reproducibility.
(3/10) #JACC #Tweetorial: How T2MI manifests depends on the pathobiology & clinical context, w/ T2MIs less likely to have chest pain, imaging/#ECG abnormalities & ⬇ cardiac troponin concentrations compared to T1MI. Many T2MIs are driven by other illness.
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