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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/11/2020-2…

Mounting clues suggest the coronavirus might trigger diabetes…

#coronavirus #diabetes
How the Coronavirus Short-Circuits the Immune System - The New York Times…

Research on seawater surface tension becomes international guideline…

#tension #oceans
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In this thread I will mention precautions to be taken by #Diabetes patients in today’s scanario with #COVIDー19 #coronavirus #India #Mumbai (Ref IDF) @drmohanv @DrAmbrishMithal @AskDrShashank @docanoopmisra @Unnikri @DrDeepakKrishn1 @serioustaurean @DNeurosx @viswas_mr (1)
Recommendations for general public are doubly important for patients with #Diabetes & those living in their close contact 1.Wash hands thouroughly and regularly 2.Avoid touching face before washing and drying hands #COVIDー19 #coronavirus (2)
Clean and disinfect any objects & surfaces touched frequently (door handles, mobile phones, tv remotes). Don’t share towels, food, glasses. (3)
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1/14 Dear Richard, “all we have is silence” equally applies to deadly interplay b/ #COVID19 pandemic + #NCDs epidemic. #PLWNCDs are at heightened risk of becoming severely ill or dying from #C19. Health systems are being overwhelmed with PLWNCDs becoming acutely ill.
2/14 Our recent survey shows massive disruptions in access to #NCDs services, which will result in upsurge of illness and deaths from NCDs (projections forthcoming) which failing health systems are unlikely to be able to manage.…
3/14 In 2000, #WHA53 recognized that “long-term needs of #PLWNCDs are rarely dealt with”. Since then, 200 million PLWNCDs aged 30-70 have died, majority living in #LMIC. Most deaths could have been avoided or delayed.…
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My experience: #Covid_19 ICU rotation at #SGPGI #Lucknow

1. All patients were >35 years of age with majority being males

2. Apart from the usual comorbidities, central #obesity without over #diabetes or #hypertension also predisposed to #SARI
3. #Lymphopenia was a great marker of severity and a rising trend predicted clinical recovery

4. #recoverytrial further reiterated the use of steroids for patients with severe disease which many centers including ours was already practising
5. Although initially we had a guarded approach towards it, but #NIV with low pressures worked wonders avoiding intubation

6. Once intubated, outcomes aren’t great. Multiple reasons: severity of disease, nursing care and feeding becomes suboptimal, bradycardia associated with
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How many families have a loved one coping/fighting #Cancer #epilepsy, needs #dialysis or insulin for #diabetes? Due to #COVID2019 there’s 2.4m backlog, a 10m waiting list expected through no deal. Shortage/delay of medicines from the EU would be the last straw. #No2DeathByNoDeal
Here is the full list of medications which could be affected by a no-deal Brexit, according to E-Surgery:

Acamprosate (Campral) treats alcohol dependence
Aciclovir (Acyclovir) treats herpes, simplex virus infections, chickenpox,shingles
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/16/2020-2…

Capitalism's Case for Abolishing Billionaires - Evonomics…

#billionaires #capitalism
Using Evolutionary Social Science to Deal with Pandemics - Evonomics…

#social #coronavirus #evolutionary #complexity
Petroyuan’s stature grows on Shanghai exchange, helping world’s largest energy importer cut dependence on US dollars | South China Morning Post…

#petroyuan #oil #energy
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We're learning more and more every day about how the coronavirus ravages the bodies of those infected: here are 3 new papers, each describing a completely diff set of symptoms. 1/x
The first says #diabetes isn't just a risk factor but that #covid19 can actually trigger diabetes. There's a new registry to try and document the prevalence, severity and permanence of the condition 2/x…
Covid may also affect the kidneys, directly or indirectly, and especially in Black people.…
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This condition present with burning, tingling, itching or in some cases, it can present like electric shock or stabbing pain within the oral cavity. It has been
2) Associated with candida Infection, damage or alteration in the vessels supplying the oral mucosa, damage to the nerve supplying the oral tissue, dehydration, poor blood sugar control in diabetics. There is an association between incidence of burning mouth syndrome and obesity,
3) Hence,found mostly in people with type 2 diabetes than those with type 1. The pain found in this patients have both physical and psychological disturbances leading to sleep, anxiety and depression disorders. Worthy of note is the fact that, the major cause of burning mouth
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Dry mouth or Xerostomia is the commonest orofacial manifestation of diabetes, dry mouth form the basis for most of the other orofacial presentation in diabetes. Some factors which have been
2)Attributed to dry mouth observed in diabetic individuals include the following: excessive urination(polyuria) leading to dehydration, damage to the autonomic nerve supplying the salivary glands,direct damage to the salivary gland secretary cells and drugs
3) Used in the treatment of the condition.There is a direct relationship between level of glucose control in diabetics and the level of dehydration. Dry mouth in diabetic can lead to inability to swallow, eat and speak well, altered taste and burning sensation in the mouth.
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[LIVE] Are people with #HIV and #TB more likely to die of #COVID19SA? Our #BhekisisaWebinar in partnership with @Auruminstitute is on NOW. We'll be live-tweeting the event, follow on for live updates.
First up, Mary-Ann Davies, public health medicine expert at @WesternCapeGov health department will release SA's first preliminary data on the #COVID19SA death risk for #HIV and #TB patients from the Western Cape. #BhekisisaWebinar
Until now, there hasn't been much data on #TB and #HIV and how those conditions affect your risk of dying from #COVID19SA, Davies says. Getting good data is not easy. #BhekisisaWebinar
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For those of you who could not attend the #ENDO2020 sessions this am, due to scheduling or technical challenges, a summary thread #Diabetes #COVID19
We enter the #COVID19 era with an unprecedented set of pharmacological tools that can be used wisely to achieve personalized goals for #T2D
How should we think about the complex interactions between ACE2, DPP4, cardiometabolic inflammation, and the management of #T2D Normally, enhanced ACE2 and reduced DPP4 activity are favorable in PPL with #diabetes
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Friends, especially White friends, in academic medicine wondering what you can do and what issues you can advocate for. A non-comprehensive breakdown by specialty. I remind you that pledging to stop hate is not enough. What you do in this moment should make you uncomfortable.
All: Faculty should advocate for a *written* statement from their Deans stating: any med student arrested in connection with protests (for any reason, violent or nonviolent #CopsLie) will not be penalized, but will instead receive a letter of commendation for living their oath.
Medical students are one of many groups out here risking our lives. Will you risk writing an email to protect our professional futures?
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From Times: “Some 2.4 million patients have missed out on cancer tests and treatments due to a backlog caused by the coronavirus pandemic, charities have said.
According to Cancer Research UK 2.1 million patients are” awaiting screening appointments for breast, cervical and
“bowel cancer and another 290,000 have not had referrals for tumours. It is also estimated that about 21,600 patients have had surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy postponed in the past nine weeks.
Sarah Woolnough, policy chief at Cancer Research UK, warned that hospitals faced“
a “huge backlog to clear”. She told the Daily Mail: “It’s a massive backlog of services and treatment to deliver. It’s absolutely huge, it’s thousands and thousands.”
A No Deal #Brexit will make backlog even worse. Add #diabetes #epilepsy #kidney patients to the list= Seismic!
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Here's the #Twitter coverage for our upcoming #webinar titled "#InsideImplementation: Youth & #TobaccoControl policies" with Dr. Swasticharan from @MoHFW_INDIA & Dr. Bhutia from @salaambbayorg. Many thanks to our panelists; moderation by @dr_hebbar & @prashanthns
Dr. Swasticharan begins with the history of the #tobacco plant; 69 carcinogenic chemicals in #tobacco; even in smokeless tobacco 28 known carcinogens; colonial origins of #tobacco and global spread #insideimplementation #COTPA #tobaccoexpossed #WNTD2020
in 13-15 year age group nearly one-fifth are users; many in this age-group buy from store (47%) (a violation under #COTPA) #insideimplementation #COTPA #tobaccoexpossed #WNTD2020
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"As the world passes 5 million recorded cases of #COVID19, we recognize the importance of building national unity and global solidarity to learn from each other and suppress the virus everywhere"-@DrTedros
"A key part of this week’s landmark #WHA73 resolution was that as well as fighting #COVID19, governments need to also ensure that essential health services are maintained"-@DrTedros
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50 low- and middle-income countries will soon receive a donation of insulin for people with #diabetes, thanks to a first-of-its-kind gift valued at USD1.3 million from global health-care company, @novonordisk #HealthForAll
Insulin is a life-saving treatment for people with #diabetes.

During #COVID19, many people with noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes are finding it difficult to access life-saving treatment
To meet the long-term needs of people with #diabetes, it will be vital to assure a sustainable supply of insulin, provided at prices that countries can afford. #BeatNCDs

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Detailed analysis of mortality related to #Diabetes & #COVID19 now online @NHSEngland @PHE_uk


Paper 1: Hospital deaths as recorded 1st March 2020 – 11th May 2020

Paper 2:
All #Diabetes deaths registered in population Jan 2017 to May 2020

Salient points:

1. People living with diabetes face a significantly higher risk of dying with COVID-19 with #T1D having higher risk than #T2D

2. The strongest risk factor for dying with the virus is age, and people with #T1D are on average younger than people with #T2D

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0/ What 2 years living with a diagnosis of #Type2 #Diabetes has taught me. A thread
1/ #Type2 Diabetes is not the inevitably progressive condition I was told it was. It is possible to arrest its progression, stop complications and reverse the disease. I achieved remission within 3 months.
2/ There were a number of critical success factors for me
i)A way of eating plan I could stick to #lchf #keto
ii)A blood glucose meter to test my reaction to different foods
iii)Support and help from people in @Diabetescouk
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I just want to not contract #coronavirus...I would more than likely be hospitalized, because people thought working and hanging out with friends was more important than peoples lives... because they don't understand the gravity of the situation fully!
Do Not "#endthelockdownnow"
These @MedCramVideos are from doctors on the cutting edge with patients of #SARS_COV_2, which he has found (by first hand experience)it is revealing itself as more of a #clottingvirus than a respiratory virus, targeting people with #hypertension, #diabetes, #obesity, high BMI and
underlying immunocompromising conditions.…
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Now available! New WHO module 🔖 on diagnosis & management of Type 2 #diabetes for policy-makers, national programme managers, facility managers & primary health-care staff involved in planning, delivering & monitoring care of people with diabetes 👉
People with noncommunicable diseases such as #diabetes appear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with #COVID19. New WHO guidance 📙 provides essential information on the diagnosis and management of Type 2 diabetes in healthcare facilities 🏥 👉
People with #diabetes need to access treatment without interruption during the #COVID19 pandemic. Latest information📑 on the diagnosis & management of Type 2 diabetes from WHO provides guidance for countries & healthcare facilities 🏥 to achieve this 👉
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THREAD: Split This! A TI tweetorial on pill splitting

1/ Split this! Pill splitting (dividing tablets into smaller doses)

Practical tips to help patients + their families make the most of their medications during the #COVID19 pandemic

#medication #pillsplitting #TIEvidence Image
2/ Split this! PILL SPLITTING can safely extend medication supplies longer, saving 💰💰 and 🚗 to the pharmacy

Most pharmacies carry pill splitters for as little as $5 😀

Consumer reports review:

#medication #pillsplitting #TIEvidence

Do you take 20mg of atorvastatin every day? Ask for 40mg tablets and split them, saving 💰💰 and 🚍 to the pharmacy

#medication #pillsplitting #TIEvidence #cholesterol Image
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Let´s talk about #PancreasHistory! The discovery of Insulin, Banting, Best, McLeod & Collip, the first patient who received insulin for #Diabetes Mellitus #UEGambassador @my_ueg @ESEndrocrinology @YouppiePancreas @EurPancClub @ChahalPrabhleen @PerelmansPearls #gigang
For ancient physicians the most important feature of diabetes was the increased urine output. Diabetes was a term for polyuria derived from the classical Greek word "diabainein" meaning to walk with the legs apart, later diabetes "a passer through" or a "siphon".
The Greek physician Arateus (credited for the term Diabetes) described it as "the melting down of flesh and limbs into urine"
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Dearest colleagues, friends, public (anyone who wants to know), I’m going to tell you about an urban family doctor’s job before & during #COVID19 Here’s my story as told in 16 tweets (1/17): #medtwitter #onpoli @ontarionurses @OntariosDoctors @OntarioCollege
I take care of 1400 patients in @ottawacity in a #patientcentredcare clinic with a rainbow flag and the words “Common Ground.” I have many #LGBTQ patients, and also #Indigenous patients and #mentalhealth and many who live with physical/cognitive disabilities. (2/17) @CBCOttawa
Before the pandemic, I’d start at 9am with #Pediatrics, immunizations, answering questions, addressing parental #depression and #anxiety. Then I’d see other patients with infections, injuries, #diabetes, chronic illnesses. My clinics ended at 6pm, then paperwork. 5 days/wk (3/17)
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Hey! I have some thoughts on the paper below that attempts to position #ME/CFS as an “autoimmune disease” by associating 2 SNPs with very small odds ratios to differences b/t infectious & noninfectious disease onset (OR=0.54 & OR=0.64):…
2/ The team didn’t study the #ME/CFS immune response itself, but instead measured several common #SNPs associated w/ certain “autoimmune” conditions in their ME/CFS subjects. For example SNPs in the gene PTPN22 (connected to #Crohn’s, type 1 #diabetes etc)
3/ PTPN22 is a gene that, in simple terms, plays a role in regulating B and T cell activity. It’s actually just a gene that impacts the immune response (there doesn’t HAVE to be anything “autoimmune”-inducing about PTPN22 activity)
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