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Weekend Digest

Name the Pathogen

Five Clues
1. Tumbling #GPB
2. #Pregnancy
3. #Delicatessen
4. #Meningoencephalitis
5. #Ampicillin + #gentamicin Image
#Listeria monocytogenes

High-risk foods: unpasteurized cheeses, hot dogs and deli/lunchmeats.

High-risk groups:
- pregnant women
- newborns
- older adults
- people with weakened immune systems
#Listeriosis in pregnancy
1. Febrile gastroenteritis
2. Bacteremia
3. CNS infection uncommon

Most common in 3rd trimester

Listeria can cross placental barrier —> fetal death, premature birth, infected newborn

Granulomatosis infantiseptica…
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Weekend Digest

Name the Pathogen

Five Clues
1. Gram-positive bacillus with tumbling motility
2. Food safety
3. Age, pregnancy and steroids
4. Rhombencephalitis
5. Ampicillin+Gentamicin Image
#Listeria monocytogenes

Decaying plant matter

Processed/unprocessed food (deli meats, hotdog, soft cheese, pate, fruits, greens/salads)

Oral route —> intestinal mucosa penetration —> systemic infection
#Listeria monocytogenes and food safety!

Listeria survives in refrigeration temperature

Sporadic isolated cases
Occasional outbreaks due to food contamination (see link for recent outbreak)…
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Joint #ECDC, @EFSA_EU and #EURL Lm report: European Listeria typing exercise (ELiTE).

A cross-sectorial study identifies strong link between human #listeriosis clusters and ready-to-eat fish products.

Full text:
#Listeriosis is a foodborne disease caused by L. monocytogenes bacteria. After ingestion via contaminated food, it can cause severe, life-threatening disease, often manifested as #septicaemia and/or #meningitis.
The severe disease happens particularly among elderly & immunocompromised people. It also may result in complications related to pregnancy.…
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#idboardreview 65 F w/ ataxic gait, R nystagmus, dysmetria. MRI T2 hyperintensity in cerebellum extension to brainstem/internal capsule bilaterally. CSF 200wbc 95%PMN, gluc65, protein160. Diagnosis? #medEd #idmedEd #idtwitter ImageImage
Patient likes to eat Brie
#Rhombencephalitis is encephalitis that affects hindbrain.
Non-infectious ddx MS, Behçet, paraneoplastic syndromes

infectious ddx L. monocytogenes, EBV, MTB, Streptococcus pneumoniae
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#idboardreview 55 M 🇪🇸 hepatic cancer w/lethargy, diarrhea, malignant ascites s/p peritoneal cath placement 1wk ago now w/ fever, confusion. +SBP. Csf neutrophilic predominant, normal glucose. Csf/BC possible diptheroids. Diagnosis? #medEd #idmedEd Image
#Listeria aerobic facultative anaerobic beta-hemolytic, non–spore-forming, short gram-positive rod tumbling motility. single or in short chains. On Gram stain, Listeria may resemble Pneumococci (diplococci), Enterococci, Diphtheroids or be gram variable/confused w/ Haemophilus sp
when a positive blood or CSF culture is preliminarily identified as Diphtheroids, the clinician should consider the possibility that the isolate represents #Listeria
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