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Over 100,000 #Poles slaughtered by Ukr nationalists with axes, pitchforks, scythes and knives: The Wołyń massacre started 76 years ago today& lasted for 2 years. The killings were directly linked with radical #Ukrainian #Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera’s…
Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and its military arm, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.
Their goal was to purge all non-Ukrainians from a future #Ukrainian state. They wanted not only to purge Polish civilians, but also to erase all traces of #Polish presence in the area.
The murders were committed with incredible cruelty. Many were burnt alive or thrown into wells. Axes, pitchforks, scythes, knives and other farming tools rather than guns were used in an attempt to make the massacres look like a spontaneous peasant uprising.
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Bloody b@$tard$ ,and they give lectures on Kashmir Exodus which happened in 1990..

But the same Genocide,they did 7 yrs before in (1983)Assam,and they are celebrating 🤬..

🚨The mass killing started on the fateful day of 18 February 1983(Friday) , fits every detail of a genocide. It was a targeted, planned, and preemptive assault on the Bengali Muslim community living in the Nellie area.

Thousands of poor Bengali Muslim's were ripped off.. ImageImage
🚨The Genocide was pre-planned,and executed accordingly.

Mob of 1000+ people, surrounded the whole area,and manages to bring the people in the middle of the village,before they start there Blood thirsty play...

Few testimonials.. ImageImageImage
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TY @innodim for inviting me to speak! My cognitive PEM wouldn’t let me be great but I appreciate her encouragement & summary! Want to be sure my main points are clear in re to Black Maternal #Mental Health, Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders #PMADs, & disparities.#AIMART #BMHW22
I am no expert, so I'll share what I know. Black mothers are more at risk of #PMADs & are less likely to receive treatment b/c the structural social & economic inequities as a result of #antiBlack #racism & #misogynoir in this white supremacist patriarchal society.#BMHW22
“Close to 40% of Black mothers will suffer from postpartum depression [(PPD)]” OR ‘Systemic racism & sexism harm Black mothers which manifest as PPD for a reported ~40%.’ Addressing these risk factors associated w PMAD is key:
Lack of access to high-quality medical care
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*8.5% of vaccinated people in Pfizers #Covid study released today developed Autoimmune diseases.
Thread 🧵(1 of 5) Image
*4.7% of people developed blood Lymphatic Disorders
*2.6% of people suffered tachycardia 🫀
*4.6% of #vaccinated people developed #covid Image
1.07% of vaccinated people in the #pfizer study developed Bells Palsy or Facial Paralysis... Image
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Weekend Digest

Name the Pathogen

Five Clues
1. Gram-positive bacillus with tumbling motility
2. Food safety
3. Age, pregnancy and steroids
4. Rhombencephalitis
5. Ampicillin+Gentamicin Image
#Listeria monocytogenes

Decaying plant matter

Processed/unprocessed food (deli meats, hotdog, soft cheese, pate, fruits, greens/salads)

Oral route —> intestinal mucosa penetration —> systemic infection
#Listeria monocytogenes and food safety!

Listeria survives in refrigeration temperature

Sporadic isolated cases
Occasional outbreaks due to food contamination (see link for recent outbreak)…
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Cytomegalovirus is a common virus. It can be serious if a woman catches it during pregnancy as she may pass the virus on to her baby.

My son has CMV, if it had been screened for, early treatment could've reduce complications.

2/ A randomised control trial demonstrated a 71% reduction in the risk of foetal transmission when a high dose of Valaciclovir was given to women who seroconvert #CMV, (pass to foetus), in pregnancy.

1st Trimester Screening is a no brainer.
3/ The Valgan Toddler Study, a randomised control trial, showed no efficacy of late treatment where there is hearing loss caused by CMV, so the only opportunity to preserve hearing is by treatment in the new-born period.

Neonatal CMV Screening could prevent children going deaf.
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*New data* from 79,148 ppl giving birth in Scotland Mar 20 - Oct 21.

🦠 #COVID ⬆️ risk of stillbirth or neonatal death by ~4x, and preterm birth by ~2x

💉 #CovidVaccination protects against COVID and is not associated with poor #pregnancy outcomes. 1/…
This gives us some homegrown data on vaccine effectiveness in pregnancy, including in the delta wave. Roughly speaking, vaccination reduces the risk of...

Any infection by 30%

Hospitalisation by 72%

ICU by 94%

The findings are roughly in line with what we already know about the outcomes of COVID in pregnancy.

We usually say that stillbirth is 3x more likely following infection. The slightly higher number here may be because they also counted babies dying shortly after birth... 3/
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Louisa Westropp (born 1858), following a marriage characterised by constant domestic violence, sued her husband for divorce on the grounds of cruelty. Before Irish independence, cruelty was, in theory, legal grounds for divorce.....
#IrishWomenInHistory #NollaigNamBan
..... but men were considered to have the right to physically 'chastise' their wives, as women at that time had few rights (including the right to custody of their own children) cruelty was almost never cited in #divorce proceedings.
#IrishWomenInHistory #NollaigNamBan
It was the first time an #Irish #woman sued her husband for divorce on grounds of cruelty, and it set a legal precedent. Terrible as things were for Louisa, they were much worse for women from less wealthy backgrounds.
#IrishWomenInHistory #NollaigNamBan #LegalTwitter
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🧵 Shared from a dr friend, details changed for patient privacy: Had 3 unvaxxed women in late pregnancy hospitalized w/ #COVID19 w/ emergency early deliveries. One dead, leaving 5 kids; one transferred out of state for ECMO (my note: most advanced life support) & dying anyway…
2/ One survived but had a stroke that left her with neurological disability so she will not be able to return to her home. Instead, she’ll spend her New Years’ Eve in a brain rehab. All the babies are expected to live, but these families are 💔. Two young moms dead, one disabled.
3/ #COVID19 is very dangerous in #pregnancy. The risk of death from #Covid is 22 times ⬆️ if you are #pregnant. The risk of stillbirth is doubled. Both @CDCgov & @ACOGPregnancy strongly rec to #GetVaccinated & #GetBoosted at ANY point in pregnancy, yet 2/3 in 🇺🇸 are unvaxxed.
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Well, I got 2 messages before 9am from friends telling me they have #COVID19 in their households. And in the 12 mins since, I’ve just heard about 4 more. So Merry Exponential Growth #Omicron #Christmas. 🌲 😫

A quick 🧵 on what to do if that’s you since I’m typing it anyway.
1/ The first thing to say is that if someone has #COVID19 symptoms (#Omicron most common: nasal congestion/runny nose, scratchy sore throat, fever, & aches), you have to assume they have it. You may not have a test (urgent cares are still open & do) or they may still be neg.
2/ You, as the person exposed to the one with symptoms, have to assume that you both do & don’t have #Omicron too. Wait, what? 🤔

I mean: assume you could infect others now & take care to avoid exposing them, BUT don’t assume it’s too late for you to avoid getting it.
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If you get the #CovidVaccine while you are #pregnant, what cross the placenta? 🤔

This new preprint looked at 19 people vaccinated in pregnancy, and their babies, to find out... 🧵…
👉🏻 Vaccine mRNA and Spike protein were not detectable in placenta or cord blood.

👉🏻 Anti-spike IgM was not present in cord blood (which it would be if the babies had made their own response to the vaccine).

Two previous studies also found this... 2/

👉🏻 We already know that anti-Spike IgG crosses the placenta, and might be expected to protect newborns against COVID. This study confirmed this.

This is in line with lots of previous work, which you can find under q8 of this document... 3/…
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@Nuorisosaatio @anttikaikkonen #Nuremberg2 @Varusmies Hölmöt opetaan ampumaan siviilejä kuoliaiksi, mutta omassa maassa jokaisesta tahallisesta vammauttamisesta ja kuolemasta tulee syytteet.
- Ei auta se mitä #koronapassi'n tarkastajat hokevat: 'Me tehdään vain niinkuin on käsketty.'
@Nuorisosaatio @anttikaikkonen @Varusmies #SDP @KristaKiuru Bill #Gates Charged with #Murder for COVID-19 Vaccine Death in #India’s High Court – #DeathPenalty Sought | Nov 27
- The Indian Bar Association is reporting that murder charges have been filed in India’s High Court,…
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"I'm #pregnant, and I've been offered a #CovidVaccine #booster. Should I accept?"

@RCObsGyn encourage all pregnant ppl in the UK to get their booster when they are offered it... 1/… The JCVI advises that the booster vaccine dose should be off
If you are in the USA and pregnant or recently pregnant, you will be offered a booster vaccine as soon as you are six months out from dose 2. And @acog recommends you get it. 2/… Text from new ACOG guidance. ACOG recommends that pregnant a
But what's the evidence that #CovidVaccine #boosters are safe and effective in #pregnancy? 3/
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1. [Thread] Should pregnant people get the #COVID19 #vaccine? And what about people who are planning on having a baby?

Short answer: Yes.

@KeMohale spoke to @priyasomapillay to find out how the jabs protect pregnant women and their babies.
2. @priyasomapillay says pregnant people are more likely to get very sick from #COVID19. That means a higher chance of ending up in hospital or needing a ventilator.

That’s why it’s important for them to get a COVID jab.
3. Is it safe for #pregnant people to get a #COVID19vaccine?

@CDCgov data shows there isn’t a difference in the #sideeffects pregnant people and those who are not pregnant experience. The most common reactions people have are fever and arm pain.…
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Muurarien miehittämä @HUS_fi disinformoi:
Deltamuunnos kaataa odottajia sairaalaan
- Kysymme vaivihkaa äitiyspoliklinikkakäynneillä - alle puolet on saanut rokotteen.
Tekay muistuttaa, ettei #mRNA-rokotteiden ole todettu aiheuttavan sikiölle haittaa.…
@HUS_fi #Pregnant women must NOT get #COVIDvaccine in first trimester | Feb 4
- women who are pregnant are more likely to develop a severe form of the disease than their peers who are not,” Yariv Yogev, director of the obstetrics and gynecology dept.…
@HUS_fi Former #Pfizer VP urges pregnant, childbearing age women not to get COVID vaccine | Aug 12
- “We never, ever give #experimental #medicines to #pregnant women," said Yeadon, Ph.D., in a presentation.…
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Le New England Journal of Medicine a apporté une correction à ses précaunisation sur la vaccination des femmes enceintes.
Le NEJM indique qu’une femme enceinte vaccinée sur 8 subit un avortement "spontané" (104/827 : 12.6%).

Source =>…

Vaccins à ARNm Covid-19 chez les femmes enceintes (Editorial, N Engl J Med 2021;384:2342-2343). Au moment de la publication des résultats préliminaires dans l'article original lié à cet éditorial, le nombre d'avortements spontanés était de 104 et il y avait 1 mortinaissance.
Cependant, aucune proportion n'a pu être déterminée pour le risque d'avortement spontané parmi les participantes vaccinées avant 20 semaines de gestation, car les informations de suivi n'étaient pas encore disponibles pour la majorité de ces personnes.
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This week we unpacked teen pregnancies data 🧵

In 2020/21, 20,250 babies were born to teenage mothers, a 28% increase in comparison to the same period in the previous year.
2,976 pregnancies were terminated.…
May, June, July & August 2020 were the months with the most babies delivered by teenagers. Most of these girls would have fallen #pregnant before November 2019, and before #Covid-19 hit South Africa.

Click here:…
#KZN, the province with the 2nd biggest population, had the highest number of #teen births over the past 3 years. But, the Northern Cape has the highest teenage birth rate based on population.…
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#IDtwitter #TwitteRx #obgyntwitter

What is your preferred corticosteroid💊 for #pregnant patients🤰🏽 with severe #COVID19?🤔

🧵below 1/n
RECOVERY ➡️Dex ⬇️mortality in severe #COVID19
Pregnant patients🤰🏽 INCLUDED 👏🏽👏🏽🙂
Enrolment low n=4, 0.06% of participants 😶
Prednisolone or hydrocortisone used instead of dex Why? 🤔
Choice of steroid in #pregnancy🤰🏽 usually depends on if treatment for mum or fetus

Hydrocortisone, methypred, prednisone ➡️metabolized to inactive metabolites by placental enzymes
Fetal uptake ~10% maternal exposure
So these steroids are preferred for maternal conditions
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A #story of an #afternoon of 1971 #Bengal.
A beautiful,fair glowing skinned,#generalclass, #traditional, #Hinduwoman used to live with her #husband (who used to work in railways) and her 15yrs old #son & 4 years old #Daughter.
She was also a prime worshipper of Maa Durga...
Some years ago, when her #son was of 13 yrs, he started showing his interest in #Politics and started being with #hinduextremists.
He also started going to #akharas,for #gym work and #shastravidya.
Onto which he was #punished by not given #food for a #day by...
his mother, as she wanted him to be an #Engineer and become #rich.
The son left his interest, and started #studying in guidence of his #mother.
It was the time of #Bangladeshliberation #war, when he went to a nearby #Temple with his mother and #sister one #evening ...
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In this study of 36 #pregnant ppl with #COVID19, 4 showed infection and other pathological changes in the placenta. This correlated with fetal distress, even though all mothers were only mildly ill/asymptomatic. 1/…
It's a small study, but this could be a counterpoint to the oft-made claim that the main problem with COVID in pregnancy is if it's severe.

(Note though, that another difference between these four and the rest was that they had been infected more recently.)

But however you slice it, it looks like another good reason to get the #COVID19 #vaccine if you are #pregnant. 3/3
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On holiday without much in the way of internet, but wow! My notifications blew up when I hit some WiFi this afternoon. A few points on this… 1/
First, I’m surprised neither of them checked our national guidance, which is set out in detail for medical professionals here… 2/…
Or the guidance from @RCObsGyn and @MidwivesRCM, which makes a clear recommendation that #pregnant people get the #COVID19 #vaccine. You can find it here… 3/…
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Most young women I’ve admitted to the #ICU for #COVID19 have been #pregnant. Pregnancy is indeed a risk factor for more severe COVID illness, but the messaging about #pregnancy, COVID & #vaccines has led to a lot of confusion and preventable illness. Let’s break it down. 🤰🏽🧵
The reason I pretty much always hear from pregnant women for not getting vaccinated is, understandably, not wanting to put their pregnancy & their baby at any potential risk from taking a new & seemingly unfamiliar vaccine.
But forgoing vaccination exposes mom & baby to a much bigger risk - the known, real, significant risk of getting a severe #COVID19 infection. Both @acog & @MySMFM recommend that pregnant people get the #CovidVaccine in order to reduce that risk.…
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1/🧵#Covid19 is a disease of blood vessels that can affect your lungs, heart, brain, or any organ. Blood clotting sucks life from vital organs. This pt asked to have her story shared so that others may learn & seek #Vaccination. COVID caused blockage of blood to her arms & legs.
2/ During her acute illness, you can see that she had wounds that resembled BURN injury. It took #nurses many hours each day to change her wounds. I am being especially careful here only to show you images that are bandaged to avoid traumatizing anyone.
3/ (trigger warning on image)
As the illness progressed, it became clear that she was going to live, and we were all thrilled. Still, it was sad to think that this young woman would lose her hands and feet as they continued to dry up, lifeless and still.
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"I'm #pregnant and I want to get the #COVID19 #vaccine to protect myself and my baby. But should I wait until after 12 weeks?"

Two studies have looked at pregnancy-specific adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Both found no increased risk of miscarriage.... 2/……
The other thing that is a theoretical worry in the first trimester is a high fever (more than 39C for more than 24h) affecting the baby's development.

Although mild fevers are a common side-effect of vaccination, a fever as severe as this is really uncommon... 3/
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