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2,126 couples #TryingToConceive between Dec 2020 and Sep 2021…

👩‍❤️‍👨💉 #CovidVaccination made no difference to per cycle chance of #pregnancy

👩🏻🦠 Infection of female partners made no difference…

👦🏽🦠… but in males ⬇️ chance of pregnancy for ~60d.…
The finding that #CovidVaccination does not affect #fertility mirrors what we have already seen in IVF settings, but it is good (if unsurprising!) to see it confirmed among those #TryingToConceive the old fashioned way! 2/…
This is the first study to look at the effects of #Covid infection on #fertility.

It’s reassuring to see that it doesn’t affect chance of conception in female partners. 3/
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New findings on #CovidVaccination and #Fertility!

Using the @BUPRESTOStudy, we show no association between #CovidVaccination in either partner and fertility among couples #TryingToConceive

A 🧵 on our new study in @AmJEpi #EpiTwitter (1/12)… Image
We enrolled couples who were #TryingToConceive without fertility treatment. Female and male partners completed questionnaires on lifestyle, health, and #covid19 infection and vaccination. We followed couples for up to 12 months to determine whether and when they conceived (2/12) Image
Then, we measured whether #TimeToPregnancy differed by vaccination status or infection history. We accounted for many factors (like occupation, income, etc.) that may be related to fertility and vaccination or infection (3/12)
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‼️ EMA’s regular press briefing on #COVID19 vaccines and treatments will be broadcast live 🔴 today, 18 January, from 16:00 to 16:30 CET. #EMAPresser
Watch live 🔴

We are now starting our regular press briefing on #COVID19 vaccines and treatments.

Don’t miss our tweets during the press briefing. Follow #EMAPresser.
Omicron & other variants: Global regulators agreed that the administration of multiple booster doses at short intervals would not be sustainable in the long term. #COVID19 #EMAPresser #ICMRA
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“Doctor, what should be my targets for Hba1c, Fasting and Post meal (PP) glucose?”

Many of our friends with Diabetes have this question. I will try to explain in the thread below.

#Diabetes #GlycemicTargets #HbA1c (1/n)
HbA1c should be done at least 2 times a year if goals are met and glucose control is stable,

Done more often if goals not met or there is change in the medicines.

A1c goal for many non pregnant adults is < 7% without any significant hypoglycaemia.

#Diabetes #HbA1c (2/n)
Tighter HbA1c goals ( less than 7%) may be considered in some.

Less stringent goals (less than 8%) may be appropriate in pts with limited life expectancy or side effect of drugs.

Individualisation of glycemic targets is a must. It’s not a one size fits all criteria.

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*New data* from 79,148 ppl giving birth in Scotland Mar 20 - Oct 21.

🦠 #COVID ⬆️ risk of stillbirth or neonatal death by ~4x, and preterm birth by ~2x

💉 #CovidVaccination protects against COVID and is not associated with poor #pregnancy outcomes. 1/…
This gives us some homegrown data on vaccine effectiveness in pregnancy, including in the delta wave. Roughly speaking, vaccination reduces the risk of...

Any infection by 30%

Hospitalisation by 72%

ICU by 94%

The findings are roughly in line with what we already know about the outcomes of COVID in pregnancy.

We usually say that stillbirth is 3x more likely following infection. The slightly higher number here may be because they also counted babies dying shortly after birth... 3/
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This is how it works. Vicky (self proclaimed journalist who only promotes pharma) gets Viki (lab scientist who loves flow cytometry) to front a Q&A as an "expert in #pregnancy vaccines"...

Follow this short thread. It's important.
@fynn_fan @chrismartenson
Here is one of Viki (not Vicky)'s early "novel mRNA therapies are super safe in pregnancy" videos.

It's cringey, but worth watching the first minute to see the framing.…
It's framed as though Viki (who loves FACS apparently, which is flow cytometry - a lab technique) is an expert in either obstetrics or obstetrics science.

Is she? Let's look....
First of all she isn't an obstetrician (or any type of doctor) and never claims to be, so that's OK.
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So.... just to translate. This is TGA FOI 2289 - the revised version (leaked).

This chart was left out of the original FOI. It shows that in the 22 mice they used to show that BNT162b2 was safe in #pregnancy, the miscarriage rate was double.

They didn't do any more tests.
TGA FOI 2389 corroborates.…
The pregnancy risk category should have been B2 (unknown risk) but it was changed to B1 (animal studies showed no risk).
And why was the increased miscarriage rate not investigated further?
Message for UK trolls:
This is fully sourced government information, fully verifiable.
If you didn't know it existed, instead of getting mad at me why not get mad at your news media?
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🧵 Shared from a dr friend, details changed for patient privacy: Had 3 unvaxxed women in late pregnancy hospitalized w/ #COVID19 w/ emergency early deliveries. One dead, leaving 5 kids; one transferred out of state for ECMO (my note: most advanced life support) & dying anyway…
2/ One survived but had a stroke that left her with neurological disability so she will not be able to return to her home. Instead, she’ll spend her New Years’ Eve in a brain rehab. All the babies are expected to live, but these families are 💔. Two young moms dead, one disabled.
3/ #COVID19 is very dangerous in #pregnancy. The risk of death from #Covid is 22 times ⬆️ if you are #pregnant. The risk of stillbirth is doubled. Both @CDCgov & @ACOGPregnancy strongly rec to #GetVaccinated & #GetBoosted at ANY point in pregnancy, yet 2/3 in 🇺🇸 are unvaxxed.
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Live thread: 🐓 cockadoodle Wu! Rise and shine! @MayorWu planned to slip into rollcall to lecture, I mean visit the #Boston cops in area B-3. 100 protesters got up earlier #novaxpassports #novaxmandates @BostonFRU @mafamass @michellemalkin Image
@LOCAL_718 @BostonPatrolmen @mafamass Nice chilly crowd of protesters gathering to greet @MayorWu Image
Much of the #Boston media still wearing footie pajamas @TheKuhnerReport @WBZNightside @G_CURLEY @HowieCarrShow They choose health not @MayorWu CONTROL
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I know personally 3 people receiving monoclonal antibodies this evening. All have had 3 doses of #COVID19 #vaccine or prior infection + 2 doses of vaccine. All are careful. They all have risk factors, but all are pretty symptomatic. Jan is gonna be…rough. #MaskUp. #Omicron
Tweet 2: A lot of people seem to be panicking based on this anecdote. Panic is NOT productive. Instead you need to calmly plan & act to reduce your risk. These are some effective things you can do right now:
👉Upgrade your masks. No more cloth alone. Best is N95/KN95/KF94...
Tweet 3: As an alternative to N95/KN95/KF94, if you can't tolerate those or don't have them, I rec a surgical mask (ASTM level 3, 3-ply is great) w/ cloth mask over it. Read this:…. The non-profit @projectn95 has vetted, affordable PPE including masks.
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If you get the #CovidVaccine while you are #pregnant, what cross the placenta? 🤔

This new preprint looked at 19 people vaccinated in pregnancy, and their babies, to find out... 🧵…
👉🏻 Vaccine mRNA and Spike protein were not detectable in placenta or cord blood.

👉🏻 Anti-spike IgM was not present in cord blood (which it would be if the babies had made their own response to the vaccine).

Two previous studies also found this... 2/

👉🏻 We already know that anti-Spike IgG crosses the placenta, and might be expected to protect newborns against COVID. This study confirmed this.

This is in line with lots of previous work, which you can find under q8 of this document... 3/…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/01/2021…
Drinking tea and coffee could lower your risk of stroke and dementia, study suggests…

#caffeine #consumption #coffee #tea #dementia #stroke #ResearchStudy
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Natural (unmedicated) #birth
feels like weighted squats
at the gym for 12 hours.
Its exhausting and drones on and its uncomfortable, and you’re hungry and thirsty. Its a marathon. But u don’t feel pain until the next day.
I was able to achieve this maybe for a couple reasons:
Before #pregnancy I was fit AF.
Exercise was not painful.

At all.

Exercise changes pain reception.
Athletes feel LESS PAIN.
And the uterus is
just a GIANT muscle
which needs extra oxygen.
while exercising,
This isn’t bc exercise hurts.
Its bc lactic acid builds up around your tissues and without excreting muscle cell wastes,
the body feels pain.

I have a hypothesis,
and I need help.
#athletes #buff #workoutmotivation
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/28/2021…
Smallpox vials found at Montgomery County lab, but ‘there is no basis for being worried’…

#smallpox #laboratories #InfectionRisk
Satellites offer new ways to study ecosystems—and maybe even save them…

#RemoteSensing #SatelliteTechnology #EcosystemsHealth #CorrectiveAction
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📢 The first large scale UK data on the safety of #CovidVaccine in #pregnancy is out today from @UKHSA !

In people giving birth between January and August, 24,759 of whom were vaccinated...

🗝️ No difference in stillbirth rate between vaccinated and unvaccinated... 1/
🗝️ No difference in babies with low birthweight between vaccinated and unvaccinated... 2/
🗝️ Preterm births occurred at a rate of 6.51% in vaccinated people and 5.99% in unvaccinated people.

This small difference is likely to be because at this time vaccinated people were more likely to be older and have underlying health conditions. 3/
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When is the best time in #pregnancy to get the #CovidVaccine?


Two studies came out this week that tackle the question. And (bonus!) which vaccine to go for...

But first! I should say that all the *safety* data says that it's equally safe to get the vaccine in any trimester.

So the question here is really when it's most *protective* to get the vaccine.

Links to safety data here... 2/…
The first study, from @EdlowLab, looked at 158 people vaccinated in pregnancy, broken down by vaccine type and trimester of vaccination. 3/…
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"I'm #pregnant, and I've been offered a #CovidVaccine #booster. Should I accept?"

@RCObsGyn encourage all pregnant ppl in the UK to get their booster when they are offered it... 1/… The JCVI advises that the booster vaccine dose should be off
If you are in the USA and pregnant or recently pregnant, you will be offered a booster vaccine as soon as you are six months out from dose 2. And @acog recommends you get it. 2/… Text from new ACOG guidance. ACOG recommends that pregnant a
But what's the evidence that #CovidVaccine #boosters are safe and effective in #pregnancy? 3/
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“Having a baby is one of the most amazing, miraculous, and life-altering moments of life. Yet with all the focus on the baby, it can be easy to forget that your body has just undergone a very physical+emotional experience and that it takes a while to recover+feel “normal” again” Image
“Most new moms are unaware about the toll of pregnancy on the body and the process of postpartum recovery leaves a lot of moms surprised by how intensive and lengthy the healing process can be.”

Are you an expectant mom? This thread will be helpful in your preparation.
Week 1 and 2

“The first week postpartum is the most intensive in terms of adjustment and recovery. You have just given birth, are taking care of a newborn, and may have experienced vaginal or perineum tearing (and stitches) or other delivery complications.
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enough for you - a #reylo textfic Image
~this is my first textfic so bear with me!
~it's a little angsty, a little fluffy
~HEA guaranteed!
~a little M but nothing graphic
~CW #pregnancy
~@reylo_prompts @reylotextfics
1. Ben has been in meetings all morning, his phone on Do Not Disturb. While Mitaka fumbles with the Power Point, he takes the second to look at this phone.

15 missed calls? Image
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A bunch of people have been in touch about this paper. Has a review of the evidence really raised questions about the safety of the Pfizer #COVID19 #vaccine in #pregnancy?

TLDR: No… 🧵
The paper purports to present a reanalysis of the V-safe pregnancy registry data to the end of February. You can find the original report (which concluded no increased risk of pregnancy complications following vaccination) here… 2/…
But before we get into the details of what’s been done here…

There is no need to scry the six-month-old data from Shimabukuro! It was difficult to interpret because of the limited follow-up time, but *luckily* we now have longer follow-up data… 3/…
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A thread of some useful & reliable resources on #COVID19 & #CovidVaccines 🧵⤵️

(I know it can be a challenge to stay up to date with lots of new information & questions! As I am currently "studying" for a Facebook Live tomorrow...)
Lots of expert-reviewed shareable content on vaccines, science literacy, public health, etc! @ScienceUpFirst
Really like the easy-to-understand infographics from Sabina Vohra-Miller via Unambiguous Science @SabiVM
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Can you monitor maternal & fetal safety in clinical trials in pregnancy? Now you can, with #MFAET version 1.0 published this week @ISPDHQ
The 12 maternal & 19 fetal Adverse Event definitions are adopted by @MedDRAMSSO……
1/ Researchers @ucl @UCL_IfWH @UCLHresearch have developed a standard terminology for safety monitoring for pregnant women and their fetuses during development of drugs for pregnancy. #Pregnancy #AdverseEvents #MaternalSafety #fetus #MedDRA #MFAET…
2/ Adverse Event (AE) monitoring is central to assess therapeutic safety. The lack of an AE framework in pregnancy trials severely limits understanding risks in pregnant women. #MFAET was developed by international consensus of healthcare professionals & patient public groups.
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A question I get asked *a lot* is…

“What are the long-term effects on babies born after #COVID19 #vaccination in #pregnancy?”

So let’s talk about what we know… 🧵
Let’s start by looking at the effects at birth. We now have eight large datasets from four countries looking at almost 79,000 people vaccinated in pregnancy. The outcomes for the babies are all normal. 2/
(The CDC has recently put out data from 2 more US studies, bringing the total to 10. But there is some overlap between the participants in these studies and the ones quoted above, so I didn't add those in as unique participants.)

From V-safe... 3/

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