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In #NewYork a woman can now have an #abortion at any anytime in her #pregnancy. Up to the 9th months

What's next? A law saying you can off you kid after birth

They do it to #babies that come out alive at abortion clinics

These people are pure evil! This pisses me off so much⬇
I want to make a video about abortion on my #YouTube channel but I can't get through finding clips without my eye's watering up. It breaks my heart. I'm a very strong man. I don't cry.

I have a soft spot for #kids. Them being hurt or #murdered eats at me. They are helpless.⬇
We have to stop the #DeepState. Abortion and #ChildTrafficking has to be stopped! This shit can't keep happening.

That is the main reason I'm in this fight. We have to fight for the #children because they can't #fight for themselves. It's on us to #protect them.⬇
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#PregnancyCardiology Primer courtesy of a fantastic lecture by Dr. Sabrina Phillips from Mayo Clinic. Follow the thread #ACCFIT s for a good overview of considerations. #FelllowsFirst #MedEd

How does plasma volume and erythrocyte volume change during pregnancy? 1/12
#PregnancyCardiology Primer

Other important factors in the cycle of volume expansion and decreased SVR

#FellowsFirst #ACCFIT

Cardiac Output changes in Pregnancy


#FellowsFirst #ACCFIT
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السلام عليكم .. مسائگم طاعة

موضعنا الاسبوعي أسفل التغريدة عن:
[النساء و الولادة] 👩🏻‍⚕️👨🏻‍⚕️ 👱‍♀️ 🤰🏻🤱🏻🍼💊

#obgyn #نصائح_للامتياز_الجدد #نساء #توليد #SMLE #ارشدني #التخصصات_الصحية #تجمع_أطباء_العالم #هيئة_التخصصات_الصحية
#تخصص #طبي مثير ، يركز على مجالات #الرعاية #الطبية للنساء ، من خلال مجالين رئيسيين : #التوليد و امراض #الحمل و #الاجنة ، و #امراض الجهاز التناسلي للنساء.


#ksu #فضفضة_طالب_طب #فضفضة_طبيب #kku_med #nbu #mcst #جامعه_الامام #جامعة_الملك_فيصل #جامعة_الباحة #med15
#التخصصات #الفرعية في #تخصص #النساء و #الولادة : 👩🏻‍⚕️👨🏻‍⚕️

١- #الام و #الجنين 🤰🏻🤱🏻
٢- #علم الأورام النسائي 🧕🏻
٣- #العقم و #أطفال_الأنابيب 👩🏻
٤- #الجراحات الدقيقة
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How gender identity politics is endangering #WomensRights masquerading under the guise of “progressivism”- or in other words, as I said to this @notokyriarchy fatherfucker, an #MRA’s dream come true
- (thread)
I shouldn’t have to explain the realities of sex-based oppression in 2018! #Female is a biological sex. #Gender is the roles and norms that are imposed on those with female bodies to subjugate them to males for free sexual, domestic, and reproductive labor.
No matter how many genders a given culture had or recognized, somehow, the half of the group with a cock and balls (males) knew which other half of the group to forcibly impregnate (“#NonMen”, according to some). 🤔🤔🤔
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We really need to talk more about #abortion as an option for women.
It's hard to say this and hard to hear it for many, but just because you discover you are pregnant doesn't mean you must carry that pregnancy to term. Your decision will last the rest of your life--and the rest of the life of any child you decide to carry to term.
And no, I am not advocating #abortion.
I'm advocating thinking about parenthood & all it entails.
Because once you have a child, you can't just walk away from that life.
And women/girls are talked into maintaining pregnancies every day.
More discussion would change that.
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10-20% of pregnant women experience depression and/or anxiety during the perinatal period. (peri=around, natal=birth). #MaternalMHMatters #PerinatalMentalHealth
Maternal prenatal stress has been associated with a range of negative outcomes in the baby.. such as obstetric outcomes (e.g. preterm birth, low birth weight), emotional outcomes, behavioural outcomes and cognitive outcomes. Review:…
The biological basis for this is still poorly understood. More research is needed in this area to help identify early markers (as well as protective factors) and to help inform early interventions to ensure the best possible outcome for the mother and the baby.
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