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How different would the discourse around our undocumented population be if every American had even a superficial understanding of the immiseration & death their country had brought to Central America over the past 120+ years? Would it matter at all?
I had a general understanding that we had interfered in any number of sociopolitical & economic ways before I began this work, but spending most of the past 15 years hearing the stories from the victims of our empire has completely changed me & my relationship with the US
We only really began to publicly grapple with the legacy of slavery a century after the war which ended it, and the past couple of months have shown yet again that we have so far to go. How much longer before we're forced to confront a history that is barely taught?
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1/ By amending no more than THREE WORDS of the Immigration & Nationality Act, Congress could amend a 91-yr-old law to grant a pathway to citizenship to millions of undocumented Americans in a piece of legislation shorter than this tweet.

Really: three words!

Here's how:
2/ Loosely speaking, the U.S. had virtually open borders for everyone other than Chinese/East Asians until 1917.

The visa system was then formalized in 1924 based on white supremacist "national origins quotas" explicitly designed to favor white northern/western Europeans.
3/ As strange as this is to think of today, we simply weren't keeping good track of who was coming to the country at a federal level until 1906 and there was no mandatory requirement that new immigrants register with the government once here.

There wouldn't be until 1940.
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We are trying to declare the fire "safe" for people escaping the firing pan.

This is it. We're done. We are the baddies.

I hope I live to see my country recover from the shame of this
A "regional issue"?!

Imagining burning down an entire neighborhood and refusing to help the displaced victims. Making them house and care for each other. Torturing and bullying them if they have the temerity to come to you, the perpetrator, asking for help.
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