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How different would the discourse around our undocumented population be if every American had even a superficial understanding of the immiseration & death their country had brought to Central America over the past 120+ years? Would it matter at all?
I had a general understanding that we had interfered in any number of sociopolitical & economic ways before I began this work, but spending most of the past 15 years hearing the stories from the victims of our empire has completely changed me & my relationship with the US
We only really began to publicly grapple with the legacy of slavery a century after the war which ended it, and the past couple of months have shown yet again that we have so far to go. How much longer before we're forced to confront a history that is barely taught?
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#TPSElSalvador, #TPSHonduras, #TPSHaiti, #TPSNepal, #TPSNicaragua, and #TPSSudan have ALL been AUTOMATICALLY extended to 1/4/2021.

There is nothing you need to file or pay for. Show your employer this notice if they have questions.

For as much relief as this #TPS extension has given these communities, it's also going to create mass confusion for employers and recipients. AFAIK this is the longest period for which TPS has ever been extended without actually issuing new notices, let alone cards.
By "automatically-extended EAD," DHS means work permits which have already expired as of now but are as of today officially valid until 1/4/21. Looking forward to spending many hours over the course of the next year explaining this to HR for my clients 🙄
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Working late again thanks to two awful Trump #immigration policies: #PublicCharge rule (scheduled to kick in on Tues) & the end of #TPSElSalvador in Jan.

We'd already been trying to get as many #TPS holders to residency as possible, & this new deadline has us all scrambling.
#EastBoston, #Chelsea, & #Revere are home to one of the East Coast's largest Salvadoran populations. We know from our clients & weekly visits to the consulate that reality is starting to hit: Thousands of my neighbors will begin 2020 by losing the status they've held for 18+ yrs
We have been able to process many of them for advance parole, a special travel permit which will allow those with immediate relatives who are US citizens or relatives to re-enter lawfully and qualify for residency. It's getting to be too late for those who haven't.
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"We love immigrants, as long as they do it the right way!"

Trump ended #TPS for #ElSalvador on 9/9/19. Extension was granted to 1/20/20--but #TPSElSalvador holders have no proof of this beyond USCIS website, and it's causing all kinds of chaos around here. Cruelty upon cruelty.
So, so tired of hearing #MAGA nation scream at my clients to do things "the right way" as they gleefully watch this administration rip up the very few options they may have had left.
To be clear, #TPS recipients are still in lawful immigration status for the next few months... but a substantial number of them don't actually know that and are now unnecessarily terrified that they are undocumented. Also seeing them (wrongfully) lose jobs, cancel intl travel
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A true story, from today:

My client has been in the US for 23 yrs. Her adult son is a US citizen. Never been arrested, always worked + paid her taxes. Has #TPSElSalvador, but wants permanent status.

Easy, right? Not so much.
Let's start with this: adult children can only file for their parents if they entered legally. If not, the parent has to leave and wait for 10 years before applying. Few non-citizens know this before I tell them. All citizens should.
My client has been in temporary legal status (#TPS) since 2001. This gives no path to citizenship, and Trump has ended it. We have until Jan 2, 2020 to do something for thousands of my Salvadoran neighbors.
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We are trying to declare the fire "safe" for people escaping the firing pan.

This is it. We're done. We are the baddies.

I hope I live to see my country recover from the shame of this
A "regional issue"?!

Imagining burning down an entire neighborhood and refusing to help the displaced victims. Making them house and care for each other. Torturing and bullying them if they have the temerity to come to you, the perpetrator, asking for help.
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