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The DiCE Townhall is about to start! We've teamed up with @tepsaeu and @FIIA_fi to discuss the implications of the #WarinUkraine for #Migration in the EU🇪🇺

Learn more about the event👉…

Follow along with our Twitter highlights 👇

.@HeinikoskiSaila from @FIIA_fi is setting the scene at the start of this #townhall on #DifferentiatedIntegration in the wake of Russia's invasion of #Ukraine: the war has already resulted in a flow of refugees into the EU27 and DI could be a valuable tool in Europe's response
The Director-General of the Migration Department in the 🇫🇮 Ministry of the Interior @HulkMi is setting out the Commission's position on #migration and #asylum system in the wake of #Ukraine: "mandatory migration quotas are not politically possible, #solidarity is the answer"

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Very interesting meeting today organized by @RivoltiB in #Zugliano, discussing #Eu externalization of migration policies. #Pushbacks, role of #Frontex and role of states along the #Balkan route. @AdrianaTdn @IcsOnlus @CoordEuropa @BalkansCaucasus @pfmajorino
@annalisacamilli explains the double standard recently applied by the #Eu vis-a-vis European and non-European refugees and how more humane #migration and #refugee policies are possible.
@roargh Milena explains the pattern and practice of #pushback with #Croatia being number 1 in #Europe in terms of violations
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Nothing like a Friday #asylum approval for a whole family! Image
It took nearly 7 years. My clients survived persecution in their country and then survived again - over a legal landscape that shifted like quicksand under three administrations.

Having the future of your family on hold for year after year is mental torture.
They didn't choose to become refugees: no one does. Yes, they got it. Yes, justice was served. Yes, they deserved it.
But they had to go through nearly 7 years of mental anguish. The uncertainty eats at you, permeating every aspect of life.
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the fake German heiress from the Netflix show also tried to seek #asylum in the US from an EU member state based on the inconvenience that might result from ppl knowing she was a fake German heiress, which feels like it should have been more of a story all around
Inventing Anna('s Particular Social Group)

(just a little asylum humor there, don't mind me)
Anyway if you agree with Jeff Sessions that my clients fleeing torture and death at the hands of Central American gangs are abusing the system when they apply for asylum, pls accept this as a helpful example of what abusing the system looks like
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🧵Great news! 👏👏On day 2 Report Stage of the #NationalityandBordersBill yesterday, the @UKHouseofLords voted to defeat the Government 8 times, on several important counts, in order to👇:
1⃣Remove Clause 15 which would give the Home Secretary powers to deem a person’s #asylum claim ‘inadmissible’, denying them access to the asylum system unless there are exceptional circumstances, if they travelled through or had a connection to a ‘safe’ third country (221-172)
2⃣Remove Clause 28(a) which would give the Government powers to remove people seeking asylum and detain them in offshore #detention centres (208-155)
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Yesterday in #PMQs @BorisJohnson claims that the UK has done more than anyone else in Europe to support refugees & that the measures to support Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian invasion are very generous, both statements are very far from the truth. 1/
#Refugees #Ukraine
@BorisJohnson Let's start with what @BorisJohnson actually said responding to the excellent questions by @Ianblackford_MP & @LSRPlaid. 2/
#PMQs #Ukraine #Refugees #newplanforimmigration
'Since 2015 the UK is the country in Europe that has taken more #refugees' says @BorisJohnson, let's #FactCheck this. The graph below is based on Eurostat, Home Office and BAMF data.
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"most Ukrainians will want to stay in Ukraine, but if they leave they’ll want to be as close to their home country as possible in order to be able to come back in the future."
what a pile of cynical nonsense from @DominicRaab…
1 - the EU is 4,422,773 km2, the distance between Kyiv and London is 2400 km, Kyiv to Madrid is 3700km
2- has @DominicRaab heard about Easyjet, Wizz, Ryanair? It is faster and cheaper to travel to London than many cities in neighbouring countries by train/car
3- if I was working in the UK and my elderly parents were in Ukraine now, all I would want is for them to join me in the safety of my home, NOT for them to stay in a refugee camp alone somewhere near the border of Ukraine
#RefugeesWelcome #UkraineUnderAttack #PritiPatel
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Yesterday I read a very important thread by @Jasonvj2005 about the #Thwaites glacier in #Antarctica.

The thread was in German, so I took the liberty to translate it. More people need to read it to understand where we stand.

Let's talk about it. And think about what to do. Image
The #Thwaites glacier in Antarctica is larger than #Czechia, #Austria and #Switzerland combined. It's already #melting and accounting for 4% of global sea level rise.

Now, researchers from the #American #Geophysical Union have found huge diagonal cracks across the ice shelf.
They're growing faster than ever before. The prediction: In the next five years, the ice mass could #collapse abruptly. What would that mean?

The ice shelf could disintegrate into countless icebergs, and the rest of the glacier will then flow into the sea 3x faster than before.
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“European Solidarity: (Mis)interpretation in Slovakia” is about to go LIVE on #zoom! Make sure to tune in while you still can for the views on European #solidarity from 🇸🇰

As always, we'll be highlighting some key moments


@ComeniusUni @SLOVAKIAinEU @SlovakiaMFA
Lucia Mokrá, Chairperson of the TEPSA Board gives a presentation of the 🇸🇰 chapter of "European Solidarity in Action and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals", which she co-authored with Andrea Figulová, this event's moderator

We welcome @koztoma, Director-General for Europe at
@SlovakiaMFA, who speaks about defining solidarity, interpreting solidarity, and Slovakia's experience with solidarity

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Speaking to @BBCNewsnight about the moral panic surrounding boat arrivals across the English Channel and the need to defend the right to claiming #asylum
A 20 minute interview was distilled down to less than 2 minutes, but a lot of the conversation also filtered into the rest of the piece.
To go ve some perspective to the alleged #asylumcrisis, in 2021 Q2 Germany received almost four times more #asylum applications than the UK.
The growth in sea arrivals is a fact, however we should also mention the asylum applications are still below 2019 levels and well below 2000s levels. @BBCNewsnight
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Why is the Biden admin finding new ways to return refugees to danger?

@DHSgov's #expeditedremoval decision denies due process & undermines the universal human right to seek protection.

Read our statement and sign the pledge to #WelcomeWithDignity.
"The Biden admin ... are leveraging the complicated and broken immigration system with one goal: expelling those in need to score political points. You can’t build back better if you’re using a foundation laid by white supremacists.” Jess Morales Rocketto of @fams2gether
“The announcement from the White House today on the changes to asylum processing is a devastating blow to ASAP’s members – and all asylum seekers,” -Conchita Cruz, @asylumadvocacy.
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Strong #Fourth Cir. published #asylum decision today finding that #immigration judges have a statutory duty to fully develop the record, especially in #ProSe cases, especially, and for #ParticularSocialGroup cases 1/3 #
"The Govt cavalierly suggests that delineating a legally cognizable PSG should be 'nothing difficult or complex for an unrepresented person fleeing persecution' unless the applicant 'is trying to construct an artificial group to create #asylum or withholding eligibility...'"2/3
"This view of the matter is utterly divorced from reality." As Judge Learned Hand once said, "standing is a word game played by secret rules." The same can be said for #PSG formulation, and CA4 appropriately recognizes #asylum as one of the complex areas of #immigration law. 3/3
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Representing Asylum Seekers in a Rapidly Changing Landscape — This workshop is presented by Defending Vulnerable Populations, or DVP, Federal Litigation Attorney @bradkjenkins and DVP Managing Attorney @vfneilson #ConveneWithCLINIC
Asylum law was upended under the Trump admin, with dozens of changes narrowing substantive eligibility and creating procedural hurdles. Our presenters are discussing the current state of the law and providing practical tips on how to put the best asylum case forward.
Bradley Jenkins discusses proposed particular social groups, or PSGs, in Matter of E-R-A-L-.
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Tuning into the workshop — The ABCs of Asylum Law. Training and Legal Support Staff Attorneys Elizabeth Carlson and Joanna Mexicano Furmanska are joined by @jennak_gilbert Managing Attorney w/ @humanrights1st. #ConveneWithCLINIC
This session is for practitioners new to the asylum process or those who need refresher on the basics.
Hypothetical cases allow the experts to walk through best practices with attendees.
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today an #immigration judge told our @BU_Law clinic students, "you’ve done a tremendous job - this family is very lucky to have been represented by you & to have such detailed & excellent representation." then she granted our client #asylum from two different countries. thread 1/
our client & two generations of her family (all of whom were also granted #asylum today) fled horrific violence in the northern triangle - including childhood abuse, trafficking, gang violence & domestic violence. much of it inflicted by our gov't:… 2/
despite the compelling circumstances, this family still needed 400 pgs of evidence, traumatizing forensic/psych evaluations & had to prove they are "credible." this required incredibly dedicated @BU_Law clinic students, working long hours on the factual & legal components 3/
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thrilled to be publishing "Public Health and the Power to Exclude: Immigrant Expulsions at the Border" with @gulcimmigration & the wonderful @prashasti_b. this piece argues for an end to #Title42, an illegal policy destroying families, and endangering #refugees at the #border. 1/
My piece beings by examining the historic intersections of public health and #immigration law, and the origins of federal quarantine and exclusion power. 2/
Woven into the article are first hand accounts of advocates on both sides of the #border who have witnessed the devastating impact of COVID-19 era immigrant expulsions as #immigrants, children and families are disappeared by the US gov't. 3/
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Just got word that Maria Merida, whose story we’ve shared over the years, was granted a stay of deportation.

She spent more than two years living in a church, seeking sanctuary from deportation while pursuing #asylum.…
We actually met her sons before meeting her.

Three of them are U.S. citizens.

The eldest, who is not a U.S. citizen, was deported in 2018 - two years after his father was deported.

In the words of the youngest son, “They’re taking them one by one.”…
As votes were still being counted in Nov, we spoke w Maria - in a zoom from the church - about what the outcome could mean.

“We're still concerned, there's no security, not yet,” she said.

Today, she walks freely for the first time in ~ 3 years.…
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THREAD 22 of writing against the 🪖-coup. It might be on emotional shock and feeling numb. It might be on the suffering of others. It might be on a new advocacy group - or on all of the above. #March4Coup #CivilDisobedienceMovementMyanmar #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Artist: Kuekool
1. This post by #Rohingya #activist @Ali_Jinnah_222 captures two things I want to write about today: being at a loss of words in regard to one’s own feelings - and being in #solidarity with the suffering of others. #March4Coup #CivilDisobedienceMovement
2. All of my research in #Myanmar has been with/about ethnic #minorities. My interlocutors are #Muslims and #Hindus locally referred to as “Burmese #Indians”. All of my research assistants happen to be #Kachin #Christians. I have #Chin friends, too
#March4Coup #CivilDisobedience
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1/ Let's talk about a few small but vital parts of the #USCitizenshipAct which may not make the kinds of headlines a pathway to citizenship does, but could make millions of people's lives better the day it passes.
2/ Before we do that, it is very important to me that you understand just how *bad* Joe Biden's immigration record is. It is not at all unfair to say that he is directly responsible for some of the worst stuff that this bill is only now undoing.…
3/ Let's start with the definition of the word "conviction."

Every state has some form of alternative sentencing designed to divert charges & keep people from the lifetime burden of a criminal record.

Congress (& Biden) didn't like this, and changed federal law accordingly.
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1/ I just listened to the complete record of a case in which an #immigrationjudge denied an #asylum claim for a gay ICE detainee from El Salvador, and it is an absolutely textbook model of why we need appointed counsel in deportation proceedings. Keep reading for the lowlights.
2/ This man came to the US in '89 after yrs of persecution on account of his sexuality. As if threats he was getting from gang members who bullied him with homophobic slurs almost daily weren't enough, he was also afraid of an abusive partner. An uncle was killed for being gay
3/ Once he came to the US, he found love, community, and a chance at being able to live openly as who he is. He never looked back. He had legal status for most of the time he was in the US, and only a minor misdemeanor relating to disorderly conduct.
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MiSC's Laura Briggs (@LjbriggsLaura), Maria Cristina Garcia (@ithacamcg), Yael Schacher (@YaelSchacher), Lynn Stephen, and Elliott Young (@elliottyoungpdx) comment on the Feb2 Executive Order on regional #migration and #asylum in this annotated guide
Now, there's a lot to unpack here, and as the MiSC members have illustrated through their annotations, you really do have to "read between the lines." For example......(thread)
@YaelSchacher (@RefugeesIntl) flagged that the Trump admin refused to distinguish between those fleeing gangs and those in gangs. Key issues to watch for the Biden admin is whether the work of ICE Investigations and information sharing with Central American Govt.s truly changes.
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This is important but in order for families to seek protection at our border together, we must also make it possible for all the families who have been subjected to the Remain in Mexico policy to safely enter the country and pursue legal relief now.…
Since January 2019, the Trump administration’s Remain in Mexico policy has trapped 70,000+ people, including tens of thousands of children, for months in dangerous conditions in Mexico while they await hearings on their #asylum claims in the United States.…
The dangerous conditions at refugee camps like the one we visited in Matamoros have forced many families into permanent #FamilySeparation as more than 700 children, fearing for their lives, have had to leave their families and seek protection alone.…
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1. It's been over a month since the @EUCourtPress ruled that #Hungary #pushback legislation breaches EU law. HU authorities fully ignore the judgment (oh hello #RuleOfLaw) & continue pushbacks. 🚨4400+ have been carried out since last December 🚨.
2. We wrote to @Frontex on 7 January requesting that it reconsiders its presence in Hungary. A decision on this is pending according to the response we received.
3. We also wrote to the Hungarian Police on 7 January inquiring about how it plans to implement the judgment. We are still waiting for a response. ⏱️⏲️⏰🕰️⏳⌛️
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/05/2021…
Chinese View: India in 2020 is clumsier than India in 1962!…

#India #China
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