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Ms. Ocasio-Cortez — the alleged future of the #DemocraticParty — explains that she wants:

1) Death to capitalism & profit
2) Free housing, college, & healthcare
3) Open borders
4) End to killing terrorists

Here’s why this Dem thinks she‘s nuts. (1/6)…
Capitalism has eliminated more poverty than any economic system on the planet.


Is it a perfect system? Not by a long shot. But Ocasio’s dream would unquestionably put at risk millions of people who have climbed out of poverty.

Just ask anyone who lives in Venezuela.
Meanwhile, Ocasio‘s promise of free govt services is a joke.

1) Free healthcare for all? She has no plan to pay for it.
2) Free housing? No money left after free healthcare.
3) Free college? But seriously, we’d be out of money.

These aren’t bold ideas. They’re bald-faced lies.
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Newsfeed --- July 16th, 2018 -- Monday

Last year the United States had the largest decline in CO2 emissions *in the entire world* for the 9th time this century.

I wonder why Liberals never talk about
Climate Change or Paris Accords anymore?
Newsfeed --- July 16th, 2018 -- Monday

Last year the United States had the largest decline in CO2 emissions *in the entire world* for the 9th time this century.

I wonder why Liberals never talk about
Climate Change or Paris Accords anymore?
California is the Dream of the America,

People Are Cancelling Conventions to SF

You Literally have Poop Maps for San Francisco.
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A male "Unaccompanied Child" in the care of Heartland ICRC reported that he was an MS-13 gang member who had been selling drugs. He told social workers that “the reason the gang members made the kids use drugs was to get them addicted.” via @JudicialWatch
An Unaccompanied Minor @ Morrison Child & Family Services Center in stated that all of the kids are snorting white pills at all times of the day & that some residents had brought the pills into the facility
#BuildTheWall via @JudicialWatch
A male Unaccompanied Minor Child at a Baptist Child & Family Services shelter in Baytown, TX said he’d worked as a human smuggler, charging $6,000-$8,000 per person he crossed into the United States.
#BuildTheWall via @JudicialWatch
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#KeepFamiliesTogether do you still think we should #AbolishICE 22 children avoided a horrible future thanks to @DHSgov @ICEgov @HHSGov and @TheJusticeDept but you won’t here about it on @CNN
This is out of 103 children, in 2014 there were 70k children how many slipped through the cracks? #BuildTheWall
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Senate Confirms Benczkowski For Justice Department Criminal Division

Trump’s SupCt pick: says ISPs have 1st A right to block or edit content/websites, ergo misinformed how ISPs work.

Hm, Rosenstein pushed for Benczkowski confirm’n, could he be cooperated w/ the SC?

US/RU summit, Trump works with Putin to cover up Moscow’s attack on the US.

Trump Confronts NATO. Then Pompeo Praises It....🤷‍♀️

Trump accuses Germany of being a 'captive of Russia'

Netanyahu Tells Putin: Israel Will Prevent All Attempts to Violate Its Borders

Exploring the origins of #/AbolishICE: Who does it benefit? Mobsters

Trump’s 30 years of contacts with RU are hard to dismiss as a series of disconnected events.

Mike Flynn’s Lawyers Say He Is No Longer Joining Consulting Firm-deal with Stonington Global LLC is off
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33. The President pursues many policies that hurt millions of people, often vulnerable+politically marginalized people. The Muslim ban+his cruelty towards immigrants are the most obvious examples of measures that must be strongly resisted.
34. He has key weaknesses. He is angry, nervously defensive+deeply unpopular despite a strong economy which should have boosted his fundamentals. His immigration, health+tax policies are quite unpopular outside his base. That’s one reason he lies about these policies so much.
35.He rightly perceives that he holds the official levers of the presidency, but lacks the moral+political legitimacy every one of his predecessors walked into office with. His presidency carries a huge asterisk+everyone knows it.
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So, I wrote a thread up about the #migrant children, my involvement, and what Donald does with the migrant kids... and then, I was hacked and my thread was deleted. Guess I stepped on toes. Too bad:
besides my past as a #Nazi, I know I’m hated for the hate speech and crimes I’ve committed and I KNOW I’m a POS. That’s not what this is about. I DO not want to have support. I’m not looking to redeem myself. Take me out of the equation: this is about the kids.
Myself and several others set up the administration’s policy on the #MigrantCrisis. We set it to create child labor - in both the work field AND human trafficking. myself, Donald, KN, Ivanka, Betsy Devos, Mike Pompeo, Roger Stone, Eric Prince, and Rudy Giuliani all got financial
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Why did family separation happen? FOLLOW THE MONEY. Then #EndFamilySeparation #EndFamilyDetention and #AbolishICE
Trump administration appointees went from profiting off the deportation machine to working directly in it by @lhfang
Dan Ragsdale.
David Venturella.
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#AbolishICE is the reformist position.
In all seriousness, it’s okay for the left to have slogans that mainstream Dems don’t consider ideal messaging. #AbolishICE
You gotta decide: Are you more afraid of Trump, or of the people to your left who are fighting Trump? Wringing your hands over left hashtags helps nobody.
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Here's what #OccupyICELou looks like this morning. Police are bracing for a group of (potentially armed) counter-protesters to gather further down 7th Street. The two gatherings are blocked by a buffer zone
A group that calls themselves the Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Justice is heading to the #OccupyICELou side of the dueling protests
I'm on the other side of the protest now. Here's a flyer that police say they're passing out on both sides
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Child suffering from high fever and chicken pox. Mom told us he “was a strong boy” and “lost so much weight” in the @ICEgov Detention Center in McAllen. She says that she asked for help and they IGNORED her. @UNHumanRights #HumanRightsViolations #abolishICE
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You asked about racial violence between cops and people of color.

Fundamentally, you're asking if #BLM is right.

Let's start a conversation about what we know - and what we don't - about police, bias, and the killing of our fellow citizens. (1/14)
Most of us would agree that a single death of an innocent person by a police officer is one too many.

Black or white.

Police departments agree. They have training & oversight to ensure shootings don't happen or officers are punished when an unjustifiable killing occurs.
#BLM argues that, regardless, the system isn't working; cops are still targeting black people w/ violence or avoiding punishment when caught.

It's a belief founded in America's very real & ugly history.

A brief review of that shameful past is here:
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NEW at @tytinvestigates: Several Democratic members of Congress tell me why they rejected private-prison campaign donations. Others including Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) explain why they're keeping the money.…
@tytinvestigates Rep. Cuellar, a centrist Dem and co-chair of the Blue Dog Coalition, echoed some of Trump's language about undocumented immigrants. He kept all $16,500 from GEO and CoreCivic.…
@tytinvestigates Others were different. Rep. David Price (D-NC) tells me he rejected a $1,000 donation from GEO Group and donated $5,000 to the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.…
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.@KamalaHarris might point out “what ICE really does” includes some other links. Thread? Okay.
2/ Sexually assaulting people in prison and not investigating it? ☑️…
3/ Systemically failing to conduct meaningful investigations of its own prisons in order to comply with the Performance-Based National Detention Standards governing these facilities and their private, for-profit contractors? ☑️…
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Democrats are really bad at this game.
We run from one catastrophe to the next with our hair on fire, and our rhetoric becomes increasingly desperate in the process. We fail to understand regional politics and how our rhetoric is used against us in purple districts.
There are plenty of things about #ICE that need to be changed. But the only way to change that is by being in power. How can we not see that the idea to #AbolishICE can be used as a broad message of @TheDemocrats being anit-law enforcement and for #OpenBorders???
Just today, I was listening to the @MSignorile show, and he promoted #AbolishICE as a good slogan for Dems to run on. I would ask Mr Signorile to look at the political calculus for #RedState Dems who'll be forced to defend that rhetoric and oppose #Trump's #SCOTUS pick
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🌿Rest Well🌿

Next week promises fireworks & bombshells—stay frosty!

Americans young & old took to the streets of US cities to say "Families Belong Together" & did so peacefully.

#AbolishICE is a RU divisive propaganda issue/RAM intended to inflame & subvert the midterm Elex.
🌿Rest Well2🌿

Angela Merkel and her vision of Europe win yet another round against the populists.🤗

North Korea working to conceal key aspects of its nuclear program

TRUTH: the US has NO real ACCORD with NK - total charade...

RNC Chair Broidy intends to stop hush payments
🌿Rest Well3🌿

Sen. Duckworth: does not support abolishing ICE, b/c it reflects the policies of the WH. #ReformICE

Trump's IRS nominee failed to disclose he owns property at Trump's Int’l Hotel Waikiki & Tower.

British Air Force Bombed pro-Assad Forces; Lost Major Cargo Plane
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FYI. There's been kind of a debate among politicos about whether the call to #AbolishICE is fair since actually it seems many of the people supporting it may in fact want to abolish ICE *AND* significant limit CBP's powers. This is why know a little movement history matters 1/n
a shorthand guide:
CBP = works at the border
ICE = works everywhere outside of the border zone
ICE = the people who do the kidnapping at people's houses
CBP = the people who do the kidnapping at the border
DHS = home of ICE & CBP
Before there were mega family separation kidnappings at the border, there were the family separations when:
-- people went to work
-- people went to get medical care
-- people went to school
-- people went to move their car to *follow* parking regulations
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The more established Democrats complain about #AbolishICE as an idea, a hashtag, a slogan or a movement, the more openings they create for those of us who support it to talk about why we do. By attacking the idea, you're giving us openings: you're giving the idea a platform!
Also, as someone who grew up going to protests, I can't believe we're in a moment where people very much identified with the political establishment are trying to police what individuals put on their march signs lol
"I want a movement! But I don't like this one. It's too rubbish, the signs are too honest."
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This is a fair and interesting concern that people should keep talking about while also recognizing that some people feel strongly about it because of the impact it has had on their communities.
I am personally less concerned about this because my feeling about the situation is that I'm never going to win Republicans, so I have to focus on rallying the people who understand the stakes and want a different future than the one the GOP offers
Black Votes Matter. Latinx Votes *Are* Important. Imagine if a district was gerrymandered but every single DNC-supporting POC felt moved to vote in ways that white GOP voters didn't? Imagine different ways of winning, not just the familiar conservative ones.
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Ok anyway I feel I had not made my stance on this clear but the events of today compel me to say: WE NEED TO #AbolishICE!!!
And here's a more personal thread about my stance on ICE
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Yes, I’m an angry #Democrat.

We’re not a reasonable party anymore. We’ve exhausted ourselves with conspiracies & outrage while ignoring facts & careful analysis.

Then we have the audacity to complain about the fatigue of it all.

Let’s review the party’s madness. (1/11)
Since our #2016Election loss, we have flopped in every direction to find an excuse for our failure.

Blame the 63M deplorable Trump voters.

Blame the #ElectoralCollege.

Blame Comey.

Blame the Russians.

No. Stop it. Blame Clinton, the DNC, & her primary voters. They suck.
About those #Russians.

We have assured ourselves that Trump is a Russian traitor. We’ve held up the #SteeleDossier as proof.

Nevermind that CIA Director Brennan gave it “no particular credence.”

Rather than let Mueller find the facts, we’ve already executed POTUS for treason.
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.@waltshaub has been great on Twitter but he couldn’t be more wrong in mistaking a hashtag from a substantive argument. #AbolishICE is a clear and necessary phrase for an agency that has gone largely rogue.
As a community organizer and now as a City Councilmember, many of us called for #AbolishICE in mid-2000s when we dealt with T. Don Hutto and the abusive deportation of a pregnant Philly Chinese businesswoman who miscarried twin fetuses after a violent deportation attempt.
ICE was awful under Obama too and DHS Head Jeh Johnson was unforgiving when we met with him to state that we would not back away from our Sanctuary City status.
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