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What connects these ancient images to modern #Nigeria?
This week a #BBCAfricaEye investigation exposed widespread use of torture by the Nigerian security forces.

That investigation is here 👇

Videos from social media show that one torture method in particular—a technique known as #tabay—is routinely used against detainees.

A warning: this thread contains disturbing scenes including images of torture.
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In 2019, #BBCAfricaEye found a series of disturbing videos—many too graphic to share—on social media.

They show detainees bound in a particular way. And almost all of them were filmed in Nigeria.

This is the story of #tabay
A warning - This film contains disturbing scenes including images of torture.
So what is #tabay?

In its simplest form, it is a method of restraint. The arms are forced back and tied at the elbows, cutting circulation to the hands. Sustained over hours this can be agonising.

But it’s just the start of a sadistic set of variations…
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Sex for Grades - university lecturers harassing female students, pressuring them for sex in return for grades or admission - is a scandal that's gone on for decades.

You asked #BBCAfricaEye to investigate.

This is what we found.

Full doc:
We began by listening to women at two of West Africa’s most prestigious institutions: University of Lagos #UNILAGNigeria & University of Ghana #Legon.

Their stories - stories of fear, stories of intimidation, stories about the naked abuse of power - were deeply disturbing.
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On June 3, 2019, there was a massacre on the streets of Sudan’s capital, Khartoum.

This is the story of that massacre, told through the phone cameras of those who kept filming, even as they came under live fire.

#BBCAfricaEye has analysed more than 300 videos from Khartoum on 3 June.

Using these videos, we can bring you a shocking, street-level view of the violence that was inflicted on protesters that morning and the 1st direct testimony from men who say they took part in this attack.
A quick note on the background to these events:

In April, Sudan's former President Omar al-Bashir was toppled by months of mass demonstrations.

Since then, protesters had been staging a peaceful, round-the-clock sit-in along Buri road, close to military HQ.
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In the lead-up to Madagascar’s 2018 Presidential elections, teams of Russian 'tourists' and 'observers' were spotted on the island.

Who were these Russians? What were they doing in the country? And who was backing them?

#BBCAfricaEye investigates.
This is Madagascar. A jewel in the Indian Ocean.

It just had a key presidential election.

But there have been rumours of outside influence and suspicion of foreign funding on a large scale.
It all started with the arrival of a group of Russians in March last year, 8 months before the election.

Most stayed in La Residence Ankerana, a secluded hotel in a quiet part of the capital Antananarivo.
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For the past 2 months, disturbing images have been coming out of Sudan.

Images like this.

Who are these hit squads? Where are they taking people? And what happens to the people they target?

#BBCAfricaEye investigates...

#SudanUprising #تسقط_بس #مدن_السودان_تنتفض
Since Dec 2018, Sudan has been rocked by protests against the 30-yr rule of Omar al Bashir.

Demonstrators began by protesting a hike in food and fuel prices.

Now, they’re calling for the overthrow of the regime.
The crackdown has been brutal.

Sudanese security forces have used live ammunition on demonstrators.

According to human rights groups, they have killed more than 50 of their own citizens.
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