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Very predictable....

It is strange how so many people are now beginning to ignore the shameful complicity of the Europeans & the United Nations in all of this murderous & bloody Hemedti - Janjaweed - Rapid Support Forces Mercenary - Militia mess?!
Overlooking it whilst we all point our fingers fully upon Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates & Egypt. Yes, the Arabs are certainly responsible for much that is now happening; but before them, it was the Europeans who planted & watered the seed with their other Western...
...allies in the form of the United Nations.

So, is there not NOW A NEED FOR THAT FULL & PRACTICAL ACCOUNTABILITY FROM THE EUROPEANS & THE UNITED NATIONS in stopping Daglo & his Mercenary Militia? Should they not be doing everything that is possible in their military power...
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#AU has demonstrated strong regional leadership. We strongly support what the communique of yesterday’s @AU_PSD on #Darfur called ‘imperative for the Republic of Sudan to ensure full protection of civilians & respect for human rights & freedoms’

-USG @UNHumanRights,Mr @GilmourUN

Adopted by the Peace and Security Council at its 856th meeting held on 13 June 2019, on the activities of the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) and the situation in Darfur,.....
4. Rejects the TMC Decree Number 102 issued on 13 May 2019, which calls for the UNAMID to hand over assets to the RSF....Calls on the TMC to immediately, without conditions, rescind this decision & allow UNAMID to handover identified assets to civilian entities;.....
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This is not #Kony2012. This is #Himedti2019.

This is the warlord widely blamed for #SudanMassacre, & arguably the most powerful man in Sudan right now.

Please RT to raise awareness. Make Himedti Go Viral.

#SudanUprising #IAmTheSudanRevolution
Mohammed Hamdan Dagallo, also known as Himedti, is the vice-president of the Sudanese transitional military council, and the commander of the Rapid Support Forces militia.
According to Amnesty International, #SudanMassacre is a result of the Rapid Support Forces bringing to Khartoum its history of murders, rapes, looting, and other crimes, from Darfur.
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The FFC & the @AssociationSd, you MUST GET @Yassir_Arman & the SPLM-North team IMMEDIATELY BACK INTO the NEGOTIATING TEAM vs the TMC as a matter of utmost urgency; & before the Ethiopian PM returns to Khartoum for his follow-up. You are being manipulated & being coerced by the...
...TMC & their domestic, regional &... international allies/backers.

The SPLM-North & the other armed-Opposition Groups have the years of experience in being able to deal with the TMC & the Bashir-NCP deep state in such “dirty political negotiations”; & they know their full...
...modus operandi inside & out - they know how to obviate it. They also have the only “real leverage” that’s now left towards a Civilan-led transition being attained quickly as is demanded by The People of #Sudan. This is the only real leverage now left, once the SPA’s Civil...
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Doctors believe paramilitaries carried out more than 70 rapes during an attack on a protest camp in #Khartoum a week ago.
More than 100 people were killed & as many as 700 injured in the attack last Monday on a sit-in and clashes afterwards.… #SudanUprising
“Harrowing details of rapes by the paramilitaries from the Rapid Support Forces have emerged in recent days despite restrictions on communications in #Sudan, but the extent of the sexual violence has remained unknown.” #SudanUprising
“One doctor with access to data compiled by the central committee of doctors, a pro-reform group, said hospitals in #Khartoum had recorded more than 70 cases of rape in the attack and its immediate aftermath.” #SudanUprising
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“Donald Booth, a seasoned former ambassador with extensive experience in Africa, is expected to rejoin the State Department, current & former officials said, to serve as senior advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump’s top diplomat on Africa, Tibor Nagy.”…
Is former US Ambassador & Special Envoy to the Sudans, Donald Booth, really the right person for this deeply critical role at this incredibly important time? Is he really the knight in shining armour from the US that all Sudanese & Africans were hoping for? Surely there are...
...other better alternatives with the genuine knowledge & productive experience of the Sudans who would NOW suit this role...If one looks back critically, & objectively, at his previous tenure just before his retirement from the US State Dept, much of the current mess that NOW...
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*What is NOW happening in North #Sudan, is a real & genuine “destabilising” existential threat to other countries in the region too.*

The exposé of just how far (practically-speaking) that the Bashir-NCP deep state has extended after 3 decades, is now beginning to be seen, as...
...the Bashir-NCP affiliates, including Omer al-Bashir himself, are “turning up” in rather “surprising” locations in certain neighbouring countries. All because everyone was seemingly outmanoevered by a mere “cattle-herder’s son” (Hemedti) & his almost 2 decade’s long domestic...
...& foreign-funded, & materially & diplomatically supported, Western Sudanese & Chadian-Sahel mercenary militia outfit. His very own personal ethnocentric army largely loyal to him, which was also partly funded by the @EU_Commission, & NOW occupies @UNPeacekeeping bases in...
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#Sudanese women's rights campaigner and activist Nahid Jabrallah says security forces tasked with ending a sit-in protest in #Khartoum calling for a return from military to civilian rule raped women and men… #SudanUprising
“She said that some of the bodies recovered from the Nile were of women who had been sexually abused, adding: "but cases of rape had already been documented in hospitals."” #SudanUprising
“The alleged perpetrators were members of a paramilitary unit, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), part of the Sudanese security service.” #SudanUprising
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“Arman, the deputy leader of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North under the leadership of Malik Agar (SPLM-N Agar), was released and deported to South Sudan’s capital, Juba.”…
“The opposition leader was sent to Juba along with the opposition movement’s secretary general Ismail Khamis Jalab and its spokesperson Mubarak Ardol.”

With this release & deportation of the SPLM-North’s representatives, Hemedti is on a drive to recruit the rebels that were...
...against Bashir & his regime. This is to consolidate his position & base. The decades & decades of the traditional, sociopolitical Sudanese “Establishment” Elites' rule, is being “tangibly” purged.
By inviting in the Janjaweed into Khartoum "willingly & freely" to help him...
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Millions of people in #Sudan have joined a general strike called by ​pro-reform groups, shutting down the centre of cities across the country despite a wave of arrests and intimidation​. #SudanUprising…
A civil disobedience campaign in #Sudan has brought the country's capital to a standstill, closing down restaurants, banks and other businesses and turning streets desolate on Sunday, the latest escalation by protesters demanding an end to military rule.…
Group of doctors linked with protesters says four people killed in capital #Khartoum and neighbouring #Omdurman city.…
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@jnbptst Absolutely! And why the AU is giving them another week, makes no sense at all at this critical point in time?! Especially when they have already begun to just compound & consolidate their brutal intransigence within less than an hour after the Ethiopian PM left Khartoum from...
@jnbptst ...meeting with them. What exactly did @PMEthiopia achieve? Did he go to only then fly back with his very own Ethiopians who were being held in Sudanese jails? Was it a mere “political exercise” for his very own domestic population’s consumption back in Addis & Ethiopia at...
@jnbptst @PMEthiopia ...large? Hemedti has everything to lose & everything to gain; & he will not stop now without direct action being applied upon him. He must NOW be the Primary target of all those who are aspiring to “save Sudan from the brink of total breakdown”. The TMC’s members are only...
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Urgent from Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors

Central Committee of Sudan Doctors (CCSD)
June 7th, 2019

United Nations
World Health Organization
and International and Regional Health Organizations

Urgent Humanitarian Appeal
Since the massacre of June 3rd, 2019, the Military Council and Janjaweed Militias have continued to murder and terrorize unarmed citizens across Sudan. They have used the most brutal means including rape, beating, and opening fire on unarmed citizens with the intent of killing
This has resulted in the loss of more than a hundred innocent lives. It has been difficult to quantify the actual number of victims. This, in part, is due to the intentional shutdown of the internet services in the country by the Military Council, which
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****What is going on in Sudan?****

I'll explain quite briefly what has actually been going on in Sudan, as many people are unaware or don't understand the situation. It's been covered by the media and innocent people are getting killed for no reason.
1. So we’ll go back 6 months ago to Dec 2018, Omar Al-Bashir was the President of Sudan since 1989 so for the past 30yrs. In Dec, the government started making cuts to bread and fuel – they stopped people from taking money out, they increased prices of food + goods etc.
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#Sudan: “The death toll from the crackdown on a pro-democracy camp has reached +100, with +40 bodies pulled from the Nile, medical groups associated w/demonstrators have said. Internet access has since been cut, restricting protesters from communicating..”…
Amnesty International on Thursday called for international action against #Sudan’s new military rulers and condemned the government’s Rapid Support Forces for what it called a “murderous rampage” against protesters this week.…
UN pulls staff from #Sudan amid growing global concern @AJENews
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After the heroic sacrifices of valiant & ordinary citizens, the leadership of @_AfricanUnion is about to sit in idle complicity as the soldiers in the Transitional Military Council (TMC) launch a violent & bloody #SudanCounterRevolution. #Africans everywhere shd weigh in
Here is the #SitRep: Since the end of last month, the soliders in the TMC have been launched a rolling #InternetShutdown on Khartoum with the design to facilitate a #SudanCounterRevolution by constraining & ultimately cutting off the ability of the protests to co-ordinate
At the beginning of the week, on Monday, 3 June, about 05:00hrs Khartoum time, the TMC sent 1000s of armed Rapid Support Forces (RSF) soldiers, the Janjaweed militia & men in police uniforms using RSF trucks to disperse the sit-in.
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What can you do as a non-Sudanese to support the #SudanUprising and stand against the sit-in massacre #مجزره_القياده_العامه? Thread:
To support the #SudanUprising and stand against the killings of #مجزره_القياده_العامه, donate to the fundraiser for medical supplies in Sudan spearheaded by @DrBakriAli. If you prefer to use FB for donation, here is the link -…

Stay informed by uplifting Sudanese reporters and citizen journalists while using the hashtag #SudanUprising - e.g. @YousraElbagir, @BSonblast, @ikushkush, @RealRameyDawoud. Here is my thread for academic and journalistic resources on the #SudanUprising:
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For everyone in the international community, a quick word picture about what happend in #sudan:
⭕Imagine your contry was ruled by a military man(#Albashir) that came via coup for 30 years.
⭕Drove your economy into the ground and put almost your entire ppl in poverty.
⭕Whilst doing so this ruler violently cracks down on any whiff of opposition
⭕Systematically dismantles your constitution and institutions
⭕Replaces any decent govt figureheads with gutless yes men
⭕Starts a genocide/ethnic cleansing in an entire state of your country #darfur
⭕to carry out said genocide this military man decides to employ a militia(#janjaweed) of Chadian origins(who were originally bandits, and donkey/camel thieves) lead by a nomadic man (#hemidty) and arms them to the teeth and directs them at their target.
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Vous n'en avez probablement pas entendu parler dans les médias, alors permettez-moi de vous raconter ce qui est en train de se passer en ce moment au #Soudan :
Vous vous rappelez comment des jeunes femmes et de jeunes hommes ont forcé le dictateur Al-Bashir à quitter le pouvoir il y a près de deux mois avec un sit-in massif ?

Le sit-in n'a jamais vraiment pris fin.
Elle dure depuis 52 jours et se poursuivra jusqu'à ce qu'une transition complète vers un gouvernement civil soit achevée.
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The AU, the Troika and the larger International Community, must NOW DEMAND that the Rapid Support Forces leave Khartoum and all other populated Metropolitan areas in #Sudan IMMEDIATELY. There is no need for them to be there, and they must be demobilised.

The regular Sudanese Army, the SAF, and the Police should NOW be left to do their jobs in Khartoum and in all other civilian areas; thereby protecting people and all property.
The RSF are becoming more and more unstable because they are unprofessional and inadequately trained.
There will be a massacre of innocent civilians soon, with more and more death. The likelihood of a direct firefight between the Rapid Support Forces of Hemedti and the elements of the regular Sudanese army, the SAF, who have been wanting to protect the civilians, is NOW high.
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"جندي كان يشرب الخمر ويستخدم سلاحه الشخصي" يُزعم أنه تسبب في وفاة سيدة بريئة؟ هل هذا حقًا هو أفضل شيء يمكن أن تبرزه TMC لشرح سبب القتل داخل دولة مزعومة بالشريعة الإسلامية؟
هل هذا هو أفضل شيء يمكن أن تتوصل إليه TMC ، لمحاولة التستر على حقيقة أن الجيش النظامي ، القوات المسلحة السودانية ، هو الذي كان يحمي المدنيين فعليًا من قوات الدعم السريع العنيفة وأعمالها غير المهنية ضد المتظاهرين السودانيين العزل؟
ألم تكن قوات الدعم السريع هي التي تسببت بالفعل في إطلاق النار ، وليس قوة مسلحة أخرى؟ كما كان الحال دائمًا منذ بداية الثورة السودانية ، كان الجيش النظامي ، القوات المسلحة السودانية ، يحمي ويدافع عن حقوق المواطنين في الاحتجاج ؛
في حين تستمر قوات همدتي في ...
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“A drunk soldier using his own personal weapon’” is allegedly the cause of the poor innocent PREGNANT woman’s death? Is that really the very best thing that the TMC could have come up with to explain the cause of the killing within an allegedly Islamic, Shariah Law, country?
Is that the very best thing that the TMC could come up with, to try to cover up the fact that it was the regular army, the SAF, (once again) that was actually protecting the civilians from the violent RSF’s unprofessional actions against the unarmed Sudanese Protesters?
Was is not the RSF that actually caused the shootings, & NOT another armed force? As it has always done since the start of the Sudanese Revolution, the regular army, the SAF, has been protecting & defending the citizens’ rights to protest; & all whilst the RSF continues to....
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Al-Burhan visits #SouthSudan

After visiting Egypt & then the UAE, the Head of #Sudan’s TMC, Abdul Fattah al-Burhan, is in Juba today to meet with the President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir. He was received by Tut Kew Gatluak, the country’s Presidential Advisor on Security Affairs.
So who exactly is Tut Kew Gatluak? Aside from holding the position of Presidential Advisor on Security Affairs, how many other high profile positions does he hold in South Sudan’s government? #TutKewGatluak

What is Tut Kew Gatluak’s association, if any, with the ousted former President of #Sudan, Omer Hassan al-Bashir? #TutKewGatluak

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The Emiratis, Saudis & Egyptians are attempting to create another belligerent (akin to Khalifa Haftar in Libya) in North Sudan. THIS MUST BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY if the African Union is indeed serious about Peace & Security upon the African continent?! Some Arab States...(1/7)
...with their petrodollars, are engaging in an “intercontinental enterprise” which aims to entrench Autocracy via proxies found in Africa. Who will be next in their NOW “real life” Game of Thrones?...& all whilst the African Union watches on, seemingly unaware & impotent. (2/7)
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I came back on Friday from a week in research in Khartoum, where I looked into recent political dynamics. Here are some thoughts on the #SudanUprising and its future [MEGATHREAD] 👇🇸🇩
First: the state. Bashir's ouster kept the military & security apparatus intact but the regime's internal power structure has changed significantly. The NCP appears sidelined from decision-making; NISS, though intact, seems to be under the tutelage of the military council.
Sudan is now ruled by an uneasy alliance between SAF and the RSF. With the resignation of 3 members of the military council last week, all members are now senior SAF officers, with the exception of Hemedti. #SudanUprising
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