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Bin unterwegs mit einer Delegation des Ausschusses für wirt. Zusammenarbeit u Entwicklung (ja, ich bin dort auch Mitglied, befasse mich v.a. mit Schnittstellen zu Digitalisierung). Es geht zuerst nach Malawi u dann nach Südafrika. Hashtag: #btAWZMalawiSA /1 Image
Seit gestern 14:00 Uhr war ich unterwegs, mit Bahn -> FRA u ü Addis Abeba -> Lilongwe, Hauptstadt von Malawi, einem d ärmsten Länder d Welt. 50% der Bevölkerung sind arm, 20% extrem arm. Nach 23 Std Anreise gabs 15min Umziehpause dann 2 Minister:termine. /2 #btAWZMalawiSA Image
Erster Termin: Treffen mit Klimaminister Eisenhower Nduwa Mkaka, der auch für natürliche Ressourcen zuständig ist, auch für Forst u Fischerei. (Pic: das Ministerium für natürl. Ressourcen u Klima). Wir hatten leider nur 1 Std für viele wichtige Themen.
/3 #btAWZMalawiSA Image
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It’s been 2 weeks since our ‘Racism for Sale’ investigation dropped and I thought it might be worth sharing some of the fallout. ICYMI the basic story & links to the film are here…

First, a *lot* of ppl watched this film: > 2m on FB, >1.6m on Insta, >1m on YouTube in English & Chinese. Another 750k in Brazil.

This is a story about racist exploitation of kids, and it clearly resonated all over the world. @Lupita_Nyongo shared it too, which never hurts…
People in #Malawi were legitimately outraged...
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Today is #WorldMalariaDay.

#DYK: we can prevent and cure #Malaria?
Learn about the symptoms so you know when to get help from a healthcare professional
#Malaria is transmitted through the bites of Anopheles mosquitoes🦟
In 2020, nearly half of the world's population was at risk of malaria
Early diagnosis & treatment of #malaria reduces disease, prevents deaths and contributes to reducing transmission
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This week’s #IPCCReport reiterated that there’s simply no room for new #fossilfuel infrastructure if we’re to keep warming below 1.5C. New guidance by #China's state planner sheds light on 🇨🇳 pledge to stop building #coal projects overseas🧵
@oykusenlen @leonickroberts @byfordt
Latest data suggests countries outside 🇨🇳 are considering over 124GW new #coal power projects,much of which was expected to rely on 🇨🇳 public finance. Since Xi’s announcement at #UNGA 2021, the lack of clarity or follow-up has created some confusion
New guidance by #China’s state planner #NDRC has now shed some light on what it would look like for China to ‘stop further construction’ of coal power plants overseas. There are 3 parts to this new guidance 👇
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The appearance of a child suffering from wild #polio in #Malawi is a bitter discovery.…
African nations years ago celebrated eradication of the virus, continent-wide. A key failure of the global eradication prog has been environmental surveillance...
2/ wastewater. We have the tools, they're easy & cheap, & everywhere in the world polio testing should be routine. Why? Because the virus is passed in human feces, even by some #vaccinated people. Routine monitoring is a must, but $ isn't there.…
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🔴 LIVE: @rachelsibande joins @CLEARAA1's Talitha Hlaka, @The_DSD's Dez Jason, and @giz_gmbh #FAIRForward's Mark Irura as they discuss #ResponsibleDataUse for #DataGovernance and #MEL in times of unprecedented volumes of #DigitalData and new #DataLaws 👉
Dez Jason kicks things off by sharing @MERLTech's #ResponsibleData in #MonitoringAndEvaluation (#RDiME) #ME and #data life cycles, at every stage of which responsible #DataGovernance is considered key:…
Mark Irura notes the importance of using #data to improve governance but he emphasizes that communities need to know how their data is being used so they can protect their #privacy.

However, choosing not to share your data should NOT prevent you from participating in government!
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Here we go!

Malawi 0 Senegal 0

#Malawi 0 Senegal 0
We are underway for the second half.

Malawi 0 Senegal 0
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🔴 Global #Omicron CASES
27 Nov 2021, 21.00

#Confirmed 99 (#Probable 1,010)
-SouthAfrica 83 (990)
-Botswana 6 (9)
-England 2
-HongKong 2
*-Italy 1
*-Israel 1 (7)
-Belgium 1

*-Germany 2 (1) (not in GISAID yet)
-Czech (1)

-#SouthAfrica🇿🇦, had the 1st known #Omicron #B11529 variant samples discovered on 23 Nov 2021.

-#Botswana🇧🇼, was the 1st country with #OmicronVariant.

-#England🇬🇧, announced the first 2 cases today. They’d been travelling in Southern Africa. UK has ~500 daily SA travellers. 2/
-#HongKong🇭🇰, 1st 36YO asympt male had travelled in SA🇿🇦, 2nd 60YO male got it from him as airborne in quarantinehotel probably as P1 was using mask with valve (banned now). Both 2x BNT💉

-#Italy🇮🇹, P1 had travelled in #Mozambic🇲🇿, he had 2x💉. Asympt. 3/…
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It's #WorldPneumoniaDay

#Pneumonia accounts for 14% of all deaths of children under 5 years old, killing over 740 000 per year. It's the single largest infectious cause of death in children worldwide 🌎🌍🌏

👉 Image
It's #WorldPneumoniaDay

#Pneumonia is a form of acute respiratory infection that affects the lungs 🫁. It can be caused by a number of infectious agents, including viruses, bacteria, or fungi.

👉 Image
It's #WorldPneumoniaDay

#Pneumonia affects 👦👧 and 👨‍👨‍👧 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 everywhere, but it can be prevented with simple interventions:

💉 Immunization
🥦 Adequate nutrition
🔥 Reducing exposure to indoor air pollution
🏡 Improving housing conditions
🚭 Avoiding smoking near children Image
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In UN briefing Inner City Press is banned from, by vacationing @StephDujarric, this is Florencia Soto Nino
@sotonino - she blocks Inner City Press on WhatApp but has received its questions by email, incl on #Haiti #Cameroon, UN rapes. Another censor? Thread below Image
Inner City Press has repeatedly asked @StephDujarric
& @sotonino, in writing, about the UNFCU issuing payments to charged illegal Iran lobbyist Afriasiabi - no answer. Now @sotonino says respects journalist - false:…

Inner City Press has asked @sotonino, On #SouthAfrica, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa says an expanded deployment of the military “was being addressed” after days of looting and violence.
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🇲🇼#Malawi #Lilongwe #Coronavirus #VACCINE

Malawi has destroyed almost 20,000 expired doses of the corona vaccine from manufacturer Astrazeneca. The Ministry of Health has now announced this. The country in southern Africa received 102,000 doses of the vaccine from
the African Union Procurement Commission (Avatt), Health Minister Khumbize Chiponda said. Of these, 19,610 doses expired before they could be administered, Chiponda said. The World Health Organization and the African Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention last month urged African countries not to throw away vaccine doses that have expired because they are still safe to use. However, the call came too late for Malawi, a health ministry spokesman Joshua Malango said.
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Did you know that #Africa's 55 countries account for just 1.5% of #COVID19 vaccines administered globally? Why? Incompetent governments? Vaccine hesitancy? Poor vaccine efficacy? Our new monthly #infographic report uses the data to explain... A 🧵1/…
To date, less than 3% of the world's #COVID19 cases have been recorded in #Africa, despite having only administered 1.5% of the world's vaccines, and 2% of the world's #COVID19 tests... 2/
However, #Africa is not a country. It's possible to split African countries into 6 categories - depending on total cases they have recorded. Of the 55 African countries, 6 varied countries are currently seeing new daily records of #COVID19 deaths... 3/
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Getting a .mw domain is very expensive and often not worth it. So here is my contribution towards solving that problem once and for all (THREAD)
@blongwe @wandaman @wizaj
Not for complaining or criticizing I went to SDNP in 2019 to find out why .mw domains are so expensive. Short answer: Chicken & Egg scenario. Not enough domains registered (only 6000) for price to be low like .com (millions registered) but price too high for most to register.
As long as people don't register price will not drop and as long as price is high $80 to $100 (approx K85,000) people are not going to register a .mw domain when a .com and others cost $10 to $20 max (approx K15,000). So round and around we go. #Malawi #CODB #datamustfall
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The public segment of the #68OrdinarySession of the @achpr_cadhp came to an end after 11 days of intense virtual meeting bringing together States Parties, NHRIs & CSOs. The deliberation shows that situation of human & peoples’ rights on our continent is very saddening. 😢 😢 😢 ImageImageImage
68th ordinary session of @achpr_cadhp came to a close. Reviewed the reports of 2 States Parties #Niger & #Malawi, states that registered democratic transfer of power during past year, which is praiseworthy given the regression of democratic gov’ce in much of the continent.
Received updates on state of human rights highlighting some positive developments including ratification of human rights instruments, adoption of relevant legislation or review of existing ones, decisions of courts upholding rights, commutation of death penalty in🇹🇿🇳🇪🇿🇲
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THREAD #COVID_SSA Weekly UPDATE (W46). Sub-Saharan Africa's 46 countries recorded 171,674 new cases (⬇️-2%) and 4,913 (⬆️+14%) deaths last week. We now classify 24 countries with 'resurgent transmission'. 4 more have yet to control their 1st wave @NIHRglobal
More details 👉
11 countries reported >1,500 cases last week
#SouthAfrica 111,483
#Zambia 9,507
#Nigeria 9,880
#Zimbabwe 6,382
#Mozambique 4,501
#Malawi 3,478
#Ethiopia 2,980
#Namibia 2,475
#Senegal 1,738
#Eswatini 1,556
#RDCongo 1,534

More details 👉
13 countries recorded their highest ever number of weekly cases
#Burundi 300
#Chad 345
#Comoros 427
#RDCongo 1,534
#Eritrea 321
#Malawi 3,479
#Mozambique 4,501
#Rwanda 1,389
#Senegal 1,738
#Eswatini 1,556
#Togo 340
#Zambia 9,507
#Zimbabwe 6,382

More details 👉
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#Malawi President @LAZARUSCHAKWERA today addressed the nation on the increase of #COVIDー19 cases. The following is what the President had to say.
The #Covid19 pandemic is on the loose again. The virus is spreading again, and it is taking lives again. We need to get our act together as a nation and take a stand against this enemy.
During the festive season over the last few weeks, many of us relaxed our vigilance against the virus, and now we are paying the price. We are paying the price because many of us are back to the old ways of not wearing masks. #COVID19 #Malawi
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In Africa there are 54 countries , each one of them with unique architecture and design that represent the cultural identity and history of the people.

54 days , 54 projects one for every African nation .

I’ll start with Morocco I’ll ended in western sahara.

Enjoy Image
Day 1.

Morocco .

This 18th-Century Home renovated in the historical center of Essaouira it is an incredible example of traditional Moroccan architecture .

A traditional house renovated and decorated with a contemporary touch.

Between tradition and modernity. ImageImageImageImage
Designed by the French painter Jacques Majorelle the garden was created over the course of forty years, and consists of a labyrinth of crisscrossing alleyways on different levels and boldly-coloured buildings that blend both Art Deco and Moorish influences.

An hidden beauty ImageImageImageImage
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A year ago I visited the United States of America under @YALINetwork. Apart from the arranged leadership program, I visited Iowa dumping sites where I learnt the modern way of making organic manure. I wrote a facebook status articulating my zeal to copy this initiative to Malawi.
I explained my idea to some Environmental scientist in Malawi but non showed interest.
Being persistent in whatever I do, I started the process of making composite manure mainly for use in my fruit tree seedlings at @FarmsPikho
During the first trial, I applied my #compost manure to the fruit trees and ended up burning a greater number of it. This was a sign that my manure was powerful just like fertilizer. I devised ways of redesigning manure production processes.
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Malawi's Foreign Minister Eisenhower Mkaka brought a message from the southwestern African country's president Lazarus Chakwera that Malawi would set up its embassy in Jerusalem before the summer of 2021.
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As someone who has studied presidential ill health, let me say it’s important to remember the motivations of political elites whose primary source of power comes through their relationship with the sick president.
Want more background?

Here’s the academic article I wrote with @bonidulani, in which we caution against relying too much on constitutional provisions to guide succession, especially in the case of presidential ill health:…
And here is a @monkeycageblog piece I wrote based on that research, looking at the case of #Zambia’s president becoming ill in office (but also talking about the US Constitution’s 25th amendment):…
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#Malawi's new President Lazarus Chakwera, initiated a weekly radio address in which he seeks to communicate with citizens directly. His 3rd address last week focused on his promise to trim the powers of the presidency. #LeadershipCommunication #Africa
He started thus "Fellow Malawians, I have noted with delight that there is much interest in my plans to trim the powers of the president. Because of that interest, I am confident that when this project is well underway, it will have your full support..." #Malawi
"Reducing presidential powers is something that is often promised but never delivered, but I think you know by now that I do not say something unless I mean to do it. But to get this done, I need your support.
But it is important that we all understand what these powers are."
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1/9 Why are trade and transport costs high in #Malawi despite efforts to reduce them?
Just out: our #PEA study mapping (f)actors that shape the use of #Nacala and #Beira corridors connecting Malawi 🇲🇼 to ports in #Mozambique 🇲🇿 @BruceByiers @Lustarnde 👉
2/9 International partners are keen to invest in trade and transportation, with a view to promoting socio-economic development in the region, but it is important to understand the context in which this development takes place.
3/9 There is an assumption that the problem is lack of trade facilitation hardware and software - but structural issues and their interaction with cross-border and local politics is also important. Thus transport is not just technical, but also a political issue.
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“On Feb. 3, Malawi’s Constitutional Court made history as the 2nd court in Africa to have nullified a presidential election & called for fresh elections (the 1st was Kenya in 2017). Mutharika & the MEC then appealed the ruling to Malawi’s Supreme Court, which upheld the decision”
“The subsequent elections held this past Tuesday are the first in Africa when an incumbent president has lost in a court-ordered rerun election.”
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