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New pre-print by myself & @mandl:

Early basic reproduction number estimates for #nCoV2019 range from 2.0 to 3.3 (based off of publicly reported confirmed cases through 1/22/20 & subject to change) […].

Short explainer & several caveats in the thread below.
@mandl The basic reproduction number (R_0) is a measure of transmissibility that aims to describe the average number of people a new case *in a fully susceptible population* will infect. (Most of the time, this number isn’t actualized thanks to interventions as simple as hand-washing.)
@mandl Today, the @WHO reported their own estimates (though I haven't seen the methods yet), which were R_0 = 1.4 to 2.5. Their estimates are within the bounds of those we obtained on 1/18/20 (as shown in Panel B of the figure above); our estimates skew slightly higher by 1/22/20.
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ℹ️ #Wuhan Virüsü (#Koronavirüs) Nedir?

Durumun potansiyel vahametini anlamak adına: Yeni salgın tehdidinin ardındaki 2019-nCoV isimli virüs, #SARS virüsünün yakın bir kuzeni.

Ancak henüz SARS virüsü kadar ölümcül mü, bilemiyoruz. SARS, bulaştığı her 10 kişiden 1'ini öldürdü.
Yapılan ilk incelemeler, 2019-nCoV takma isimli virüsün genomunun EN AZ %70 oranında SARS virüsü (SARS-CoV) ile aynı olduğunu gösteriyor. Ancak konu hakkında araştırmalar sürüyor.

🚨 An itibariyle, 2019-nCoV sebebiyle ABD dahil 8 farklı ülkede 639 vaka ve 17 ölüm görüldü.
📅 Virüs, ilk olarak 31 Aralık 2019'da, Çin'de raporlandı.

🗺️ Virüsün merkez üssü olarak Wuhan Güney Çin Hayvan Pazarı tespit edildi. Pazarda bol miktarda egzotik et bulmak mümkün.
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Enveloped , single stranded RNA viruses.
Corona - crown like structure (as seen in image below)

Causes diseases in mammals like cats, bats, pigs, camels, cows and also in birds.

Almost all of these are eaten in #China
#Coronavirus strains known before latest epidemic :
1.Human coronavirus 229E (HCoV-229E)
2.Human coronavirus OC43 (HCoV-OC43)
4.Human coronavirus NL63 (HCoV-NL63, New Haven coronavirus)
5.Human coronavirus HKU1
6. Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV)
The new strain of #coronavirus is named -
#NovelCoronavirus (2019-nCoV),
a.k.a #WuhanPneumonia or #WuhanCoronavirus.

This new strain though initially spread from animals to humans, now the human to human transmission is suspected by chinese authorities.
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Concerning the CARONAVIRUS -

Someone got Busy , In The Lab .... If you don t know The virus , How can You Give It A Name , No Cure .... Brilliant timing ! Do you Want The Antidote of This Bug ?

The following information was provided by Timothy Webster
#Coronavirus #US #Patent Number #US7220852B1 Synthesized & Registered/Patented in 2015 [In development since 2003 {This application claims the benefit of U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 60/465,927 filed Apr. 25, 2003,
which is incorporated herein by reference in its entirety.}]…

The US Coronavirus Patent #expired today 01/21/2020, the sameday the first case was announced in the U.S.
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New virus surging in Asia rattles scientists
Scientists are increasingly concerned about a new #coronavirus spreading in Asia. Chinese officials reported more than 100 new infections and South Korea confirmed its first case. A virus doesn’t know borders.
Machine learning helps to identify the animals that deadly viruses call home
#MachineLearning #Algorithms that use genetic information about deadly viruses such as #Ebola can predict which groups of animals the viruses are likely to circulate in.
Bats are global reservoir for deadly coronaviruses
Bats are the major animal reservoir for #coronavirus worldwide, linked to viruses that caused outbreaks of #SARS and #MERS, according to a survey of 1000s of animals across Africa, Asia and the Americas.
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#Breaking: Just in - Another person has died of new pneumonia virus in #Wuhan in #China, bringing the death toll up to 4 people, after world health organisation members said "that this virus can be brought over to other people"

#Virus #Disease
#Update: All of the hospitals staff members in #Wuhan and out of the region are now wearing hazmat suites, to protect themselves for the virus after world health organisation said that this #pneumonia virus can be transmitted person to person in #China.
#Update: Even people at airports in #China are now being vetted before take-of to another country, after a case of the #pneumonia virus has registered in South Korea. And at least 3 airports in the #US are screening people from #Wuhan before entering the airports.
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Been doing my best to avoid twittering over the break, but a rumored return of #SARS in 2020 caused me to dive into twitter and google translate for more information. Here are some random facts, thoughts, and speculation on what may or may not be happening with in Wuhan.
First, #SARS does not necessarily mean SARS-CoV, the virus that caused the 2002-03 worldwide outbreak. Instead, it could refer to many illnesses like bird flu bacterial pneumonias as in the past before id. However, the description of atypical viral pneumonia echoes of SARS-CoV.
In reading google translate, a seafood market in Wuhan has been associated with all cases. The good news is that no healthcare workers seem to have been infected. This was a major factor in the spread of SARS and MERS CoV spread.
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#Chine Les autorités locales ont confirmé des cas de pneumonie de cause inconnue à Wuhan, (province du Hubei).

1 équipe d'experts nationaux a été envoyée pour effectuer des tests de détection de #virus. Les patients, d'1 marché de fruits de mer local, sont en quarantaine.
#Chine Plusieurs patients atteints de pneumonie "inconnue" à #Wuhan sont des détaillants de fruits de mer, et les cas ne peuvent pas encore être identifiés comme étant le #SARS.
Ils ont été placé en quarantaine.
(Tweet corrigé)
#Chine 27 cas de pneumonie virale ont été découverts dans la ville de #Wuhan, en Chine centrale, après 1 surveillance à l'échelle de la ville en décembre, selon les autorités locales.

7/27 sont dans un état critique, les autres sont «contrôlables»
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An IT Staff of WEMA Bank, who worked overnight & was on his way back home was summarily abducted by rogue @PoliceNG officers seeking ransom in the early hours of this morning. They’ve switch off his phone & we’re yet to locate their position. We suspect TaskForce or Anti Cultism.
These predators MUST never be allowed to continue this way. We can not continue to go around in circles. The Commander if Anti Cultism in Lagos MUST be removed. The criminal hideout in SACS Gbagada is inimical to our dignity & human rights. Warn Area commanders aiding this.
The IGP should see this as the last call lest we begin to grapple with citizen-led policing. We’ll no longer be sitting ducks for rogues robbing & kidnapping innocent citizens going about their business. We’ll begin a search for Ugo & where he is being held will be shutdown.
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I applied for a Chinese visa in London yesterday. With my British passport, I was categorically told my express application will take precisely 3 days. While going through my papers, the officer realised my company is a Nigerian based company and the story changed!
I was asked to produce my Nigerian passport & not eligible for express service as the office in China will have to run a special check on my application. Average turn around time is 4 days but no guarantee as it depends on "what they find". From being 0 risk to potential criminal
My Nigerian passport automatically qualifies me for criminal check in China. I am now going to miss 2 potential investors meeting in Paris (hopefully not more). This is untop of the cost of returning to London with "The Nigerian" passport.
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7years now since I last saw you.

I went home last week, some guys were making trouble for women on the road, I was passing by and one of them said "ọ kwa nwanne fifty, rapụ ya" (That's fifty's sister, leave her) I didn't know if I should cry or laugh.
#WhenTheySeeUs #EndSARS
November 29th 2012, I got a call that #Sars arrested all the people that went for the child dedication at Ajali that day. Mum told you not to go but you insisted he was your friend's first child.
Where are you brother? We miss you?
#WhenTheySeeUs #ENDSARS
Last anyone saw you (mum did) was in #sars custody at Awkuzu yet they kept denying that you were there. We sold that land at Nibo, You know? We sold it to pay for your freedom but it wasn't to be. Human rights activists scammed us, lawyers scammed us, police commissioner said...
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This is Pinky Khoabane the owner of Uncensored Opinion which published a video of Angelo Agrizzi calling blacks kaffirs. At Agrizzi's house was former #NPA prosecutor & current DA MP #GlynnisBreytenbach seen playing with Agrizzi's monkey.
#StateCaptureInquiry #BosasaBribes
#Bosasa is a white run company, why did they only have black journalists on their payroll? Is it a case of black being corrupt?
#BosasaBribes #StateCaptureInquiry
If #Agrizzi is so sure about #PinkyKhoabane et al, why didn't he include their names in his original affidavit that he submitted to #StateCaptureInquiry? The names just popped up from nowhere.
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1/ The country’s profile got bleaker this week for a host of reasons - impetuous regulatory behaviour, refugees left out in the cold, a needless rise in public recurrent spending and an unshackled rogue police squad.
2/ Nothing illustrates #Nigeria’s dysfunction as much as the minimum wage palaver. The ₦27,000 ($75) or even ₦30,000 ($83) is not much – those that earn it will hover around the poverty line.
3/ The issue is that even such a wage is beyond the capacity of @AsoRock to pay, and for many small businesses as well, this will represent a massive upswing in cost. There is a disconnect between value creation by the workforce, and how much they earn.
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Wow. Just had my first #SARS experience and my biggest mistake was allowing myself get so comfortable in this town.

I didn’t even realize it was SARS until I left.
So i left my power bank at an office I’m freelancing close to my house. Receptionist dropped it with the bartender of a place next door. I’m supposed to be traveling early but I got back late so I had to head there pretty late to get it.
Went with my cousin. No light and phones were dead and I like their shrimp springroll so we sat down to use style and charge.

Got my power bank, tried to order Uber, no car available, Taxify was surging 2500 for a ride I paid 500🙄

Cousin said let’s just go take Keke N50
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CT: “Trump (and some adult family) negotiated a deal with the Saudis and the Emiratis for 3.6 billion to get rid of Iran nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions. The payment was made in two installments. The first last year and the second earlier in 2018”


"Trump has seethed to confidants that he views the Manafort charges as “a warning shot” from Mueller. He has told those close to him that as he watches the courtroom proceedings, he fears that Donald Trump Jr. could at some point be the one on trial"


China just tested a new hypersonic weapon – clear warning shot across the bow to the US

China ‘moves to limit US influence’ in South China Sea code negotiations

Rogue message in Chinese broadcast over intercom at a National Weather Service center
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BREAKING: Judge Nugent says #JonasMakwakwa contacted him last night and asked to give "his side of the story" about the allegations against him. Makwakwa now wants to give evidence to the inquiry into tax administration and governance. Nugent has agreed.
.@AdvDali_Mpofu reading out #TomMoyane's list of objections to the Nugent Inquiry re "gross unfairness, inherent bias"
Mpofu now detailing how Moyane says President Ramaphosa suspended him after "shouting angrily at him" over VAT payments to Gupta linked company,#JonasMakwakwa
Mpofu making it clear that #TomMoyane antagonism with #PravinGordhan is going to be a major aspect of TM response to Nugent inquiry, misconduct case against him.
Mpofu says PG addressed TM in "degrading and condescending" manner, says PG showed "hatred" to TM.
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Join us today by 5pm as we discuss the "The Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015 and SARS" with @segalink of the #EndSARS movement and @OkechukwuNwang2 National Coordinator @policereformNG. #activecitizenship #ACJA_NG
Thank you for joining our live #ACJA_NG chat. We will be discussing “ACJA and SARS” with @segalink and @OkechukwuNwang2 #ACJA_NG
will be managed by @OgboguRob a Member of CSO Observatory on the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015. And he will be moderating our #ACJA_NG chat
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Good morning from New York, and grab your raincoats.

More for what’s likely to go on inside the court for the Michael Cohen proceedings today than outside.

Look out for the live-feed soon and read the story below. 🔽
Let's get the jargon reminders out of the way so that you can refer to it quickly later.

Michael Avenatti has pro hac vice and intervention motions pending.

"Pro hac vice" = "for the occasion," as in to appear in federal court here, rather than California, where he's licensed.
Intervenor: A nonparty -- not a plaintiff or defendant -- who has an interest in the case.

Trump and the Trump Organization have been granted intervention so far.

Now, Avenatti wants it to be Stormy's turn.
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Last week I tweeted that I thought @MichaelAvenatti scoop about Cohen shell companies came from a #FinCEN leak. I went on @allinwithchris the following night & discussed that the info could have come from #Fincen or perhaps the financial institutions. Tonight @RonanFarrow /1
Confirmed that the leader of the #SARS was from #FinCEN. I must admit when @RonanFarrow and I spoke this week, I was stunned about the possibility that someone could have removed SARS. I felt that there is no way this could happen short of work by a nefarious actor. But, I also/2
Would share that I am not worried whether Mueller’s team has the SARs. I’ve been tweeting since March 2017 that I believe that #FinCEN holds the key to #TrumpRussia, in part because the SARs are filed and the data collected long before Trump got elected. Which means that from /3
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#mySARSexperience. (Thread) My encounter with #SARS occurred while I was on a trip somewhere between Ajaokuta and Anyigba in Kogi State. They had set up a roadblock and flagged me down.When I stopped, one of them came over and asked for the car particulars I obliged. #ScrapSARS
Finding nothing wrong with the papers, he asked for the receipt of my number plate! Number plate receipt? I told him I didn't have and he said he will arrest me and take me to the station, that's when I lost my cool #ScrapSARS
And told him I wasn't going anywhere as no law states that I must have my number plate receipt! He cocked his gun and threatened to shoot me.I don't know where the courage came from, I dared him and told him to go ahead and shoot me. #ScrapSARS
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