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📣 Presentation of the primary outcome results from the CREATE Trial, which assessed open source automated insulin delivery (AID) compared to sensor-augmented pump therapy (SAPT) in adults & kids with T1D, at #ADA2022!

@DrMartindeBock1 presenting on behalf of CREATE team.

Shout out to the amazing CREATE study team.

(PS - there’s another publication from our team about HCPs learning experience on open source AID for this study, too!…)

2/ #ADA2022
The CREATE trial aimed to study the efficacy and safety of an open source automated insulin delivery system, with a large scale, long term randomized controlled trial.

3/ #ADA2022
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1/THREAD - my presentation is kicking off at #EASD2020 about open source automated insulin delivery.

(You can see a full version of my presentation here:…, or read the summary below!)
Note we should differentiate between open source (where the source of something is open), and DIY (do-it-yourself) implementations of open source code. Open source means it can be reviewed and used by individuals (thus, DIY or #DIYAPS) or by companies.

/2 #EASD2020
Open source automated insulin delivery (AID) has evolved since the first open source system, #OpenAPS, was made available in Feb 2015!

There are now three open source AID systems (OpenAPS, Loop, AndroidAPS) commonly used by the #DIYAPS community.

/3 #EASD2020
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@JFreemanDaily @MightyCasey @BraveBosom @GraceCordovano @lymepolicywonk @khoney @mike_mitt @draparente @ThePatientsSide @TheLizArmy We can dig through all the e's but people keep adding to then, as befits a social movement. More important and useful IMO are example stories. I joined a patient community as did @jfreemandaily and each found useful info that helped save us. ...
@JFreemanDaily @MightyCasey @BraveBosom @GraceCordovano @lymepolicywonk @khoney @mike_mitt @draparente @ThePatientsSide @TheLizArmy @SaraRiggare is highly engaged in self awareness, self monitoring, even defining her own protocols. Each of these is the opposite of a passive disengaged patient.
@JFreemanDaily @MightyCasey @BraveBosom @GraceCordovano @lymepolicywonk @khoney @mike_mitt @draparente @ThePatientsSide @TheLizArmy @SaraRiggare Another classic is @HugoOC who very much wants all his heart's data but @Medtronic continues to stiff him. So @AliveCor empowers him and enables him to be engaged and informed.
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See you tomorrow, ❄️.
More ❄️ tonight => evening flight cancelled by noon. Scrambled to book on an earlier flight to a different airport,🤞🏼we still get to fly in before things get too messy!
Oh, and despite being a few hours earlier than my original plans for this trip, no problems going through airport security with #OpenAPS rigs as always. #havepancreaswilltravel Image
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(from my presentation at #DData19 regarding what we're learning in the real world with DIYAPS systems like #OpenAPS.)
First, some context - it was 5 years ago at one of the early DData meetings that @scottleibrand & I shared about the smart, louder alarm system (#DIYPS) that we had created & I had used in the last year...and what we planned to do next, like trying to close the loop. #DData19
And we did! We closed the loop for me in Dec. 2014, and launched #OpenAPS in February 2015.

Why was it worth doing? Automated insulin delivery has so many benefits compared to old-school "manual" diabetes. #DData19
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Pilot describing today’s flight: “It’s like a gravel road with a few potholes”. 😂
Oops forgot to post! Went through airport security with #OpenAPS rigs as always with no issues. #havepancreaswilltravel

And yes I’m on my third cross-country flight this week (out of 4 total). 😂
In between potholes 😂 Image
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Morning views on my way out of town. Image
No problems as always going through airport security with #OpenAPS rigs. #havepancreaswilltravel Image
More views. 🌞 Image
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Thread from “Glycemic Control and Glycemic Variability in People with Type 1 Diabetes Using Open Source Artificial Pancreas Systems”, presented by Andreas Melmer, incl. @dcberne1 colleagues @ChriStettler, @thomaszueger, @markuslaimer, & @scottleibrand & @danamlewis. #ADA2019
Artificial Pancreas Systems (APS) now exist, leveraging a CGM sensor, pump, and control algorithm. Faster insulin can help, too. #ADA2019 Image
Traditionally, APS is developed by commercial industry, tested by clinicians, regulated, and then patients can access it. However, DIYAPS is designed by patients for individual use. #ADA2019
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One of the things I love about #OpenAPS is that it is resolving for a lot of the noise that usually confounds figuring out what’s causing out of range BGs. Less confusion about adjusting settings and longer term trends vs identifying other causes such as sickness.
I’ve talked a lot in the past about #OpenAPS dealing with everything from norovirus ( and flu (, and more recently broken bones (
Today I woke up at 3am feeling hot and cold and awful. Glance at BGs and I had a super weird spike to 240s.

I went back to sleep and tossed and turned more.
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Up first @jbwittmer on the DIY revolution in #T1D
CGM is great, but you need more
DIY diabetes is not about wanting to tinker, but needing to have the features #OpenAPS
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