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Do (Supposed) #parallels between the #Gospels and #Pagan #myth prove that #Jesus was based on pagan #gods?
Um, #NO, and both the #Titanic and #EdgarAllanPoe will show you why:
Jesus Mythicists try to find any parallel between Christ and pagan gods in order to prove that Jesus was based on pagan myth, thus never existed. This is an idea that has been around for 300 years, yet it has never become the academic consensus. Indeed, Jesus Christ is recognized
as a historical figure by historical consensus.
Jesus Mythcists’ appeal to Parallelomania is faulty on logical grounds. For one, most of these so-called parallels are not really parallels at all (as Numerous people, including myself, have noted elsewhere). Two, just because a
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Hello everyone, I will have more info on the #NxivmTrial testimony later today. Meantime, given the latest article from the Parlato Report comparing Ramtha to #NXIVM, I would like people to begin asking more questions about the parallels between cults...…
2/ For example, did anyone know that one of Nancy Salzman's trainers also did work at Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute in San Francisco, which traces back to the Jim Jones Cult?
(see thread) #NXIVM
3/ His name, Robert Dilts.
He AND Nancy Salzman's other trainers-
NLP founders Richard Bandler & John Grinder-
trained DIRECTLY with Milton Erickson and Gregory Bateson, who BOTH worked for the CIA on the #MKUltra mind control programs...
Common links? #Parallels? #NXIVM
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So If you haven't seen the indictment yet-
Notice the possible redaction of defendants?
Just pointing this out.
Going back to Q's Post
According to the link from bloomberg Q dropped,
The journo who broke the story claimed that

"Evidence of this attack surfaced in 2014"…
According to the indictment:
The year 2014 is a key period.
The latter portion of each crime was 2014, with one exception including 2015 no later.

In other words, 2014 was a key year. #Parallels…
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