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#CDC Director Rochelle #Walensky is #leaving, White House says | May 5
- Last summer, Walensky launched a reorganization of the CDC, acknowledging that its “performance did not reliably meet expectations” during the '#pandemic'.
#WHO downgrades #coronavirus '#pandemic', no longer a global #emergency | May 5
- marking a symbolic end to the devastating coronavirus pandemic that triggered once-unthinkable #lockdowns, upended economies and killed at least 7 million people worldwide.…
Steve #Kirsch | Jan 22
#Walensky should be put in #jail for the number of #deaths CDC #responsible for
- Over 700 safety signals (incl #DEATH) have triggered in #VAERS and the #CDC was #SILENT about all of them until they were discovered by a #FOIA request… Image
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Top 10 Most Romantic Movies for the Romantic Weekend

10. Titanic

#Titanic is currently showing in Movie Theaters in 3D to celebrate its 25 years anniversary
9. The Notebook
8. Forrest Gump
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What is the most successful Hollywood movie of recent times? Everyone says and thinks Avatar right? But, as ever, it depends how you look at it.

We took a deep data dive and found some surprising, nay *horrifying* answers…(1/18)
#Avatar (2010) grossed close to $3bn worldwide, very closely followed by Avengers: Endgame at $2.8bn. Avatar 2 is currently at ~$2bn. While still climbing, it’s doubtful it will beat out its predecessor (2/18) Image
Note this steady, beautiful trend of films earning more and more… Might be a sign of rising returns. Or could be a side-effect of our old friend INFLATION 📈 So our first step: inflation adjust the data (3/18)
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Musk has done it. Twitter is finally all about him. 20 of the top 30 trending topics are about the Elon’s destruction of Twitter.
For example:
My favorites are
#Titanic and #SpaceKaren Image
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#DeepState patterns.

Since @elonmusk has turned off the "algo-throttles", it seems, lets see if a long tweet is worth the effort.

Thesis: Today's conspirators are the relatives of the yesteryear's conspirators.

Bob Mueller #3, 1st cousin once removed CIA Dir. Richard Bissell.
#NYC Mayor DeBlasio was a hyper-promoter of the #Covid hoax in 2020. His real name is Warren Wilhelm Jr. Mom & dad & uncle OSS/CIA. Mom DeBlasio is interesting if you are into #JFK. Her boss at the OSS wrote a book about the Secret Service in 1957.…
#NJ Covid lockdown Governor @PhilMurphy has a #JFK connection via his wife Tammy Snyder Murphy. He uncle Louis B. Fine was used as a reference by a suspicious witness to the Assassination.…
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Hace 90 años fallecía #MargaretBrown, conocida popularmente como Molly la Insumergible por sobrevivir al hundimiento del #Titanic, pero que también fue una destacada #feminista, filántropa, actriz, voluntaria en la IGM, etc. Abro hilo. #HistoriaDeLasMujeres #LuchadorasYPioneras
Nacida en 1867, en Misuri, era hija de inmigrantes irlandeses, pobres y de ideas progresistas. Margaret (llamada familiarmente Maggie, no Molly), fue a la escuela hasta los quince años, edad a la que se puso a trabajar y a experimentar la sistemática explotación obrera.
Con 18 años se mudó, con dos de sus hermanos, a un pueblo minero de Colorado, a buscar trabajo. Ella pensaba, como muchas chicas pobres del S.XIX, que tener un marido rico era la única salida posible de la pobreza. Y quería que sus padres no pasaran necesidades en su vejez.
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Un naufrage d'origine Criminel.

Le choix à été fait de traverser l'atlantique alors qu'un incendie s'était déclaré en soute depuis plusieurs semaines !

Et une construction au rabais !

1/n #Titanic #ShortStoriesFr
Des pompiers pas du tout confiants.

Lors de la dernière escale à Southampton avant de traverser l'Atlantique,

152 des 160 pompiers qui géraient l'incendie ont choisi de débarquer !

Le charbon peut s'enflammer spontanément lorsqu'il est exposé à l'oxygène.
Un incendie avec un feu couvant s'est déclaré dans le compartiment numéro 7 de stockage du charbon.

La température de cet incendie a pu atteindre plus de 1000 degrés Celcius.

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The India-Pakistan War of 1971 turned the INS Vikrant into one of India’s shining #war heroes but #didyouknow that this legendary aircraft carrier started life as the HMS Hercules in the Royal Navy? That didn’t stop her from winning glory for the #IndianNavy! 1/10
It seemed as if the Vikrant - India’s first aircraft carrier - would never see action. She was 28 years old when she played a pivotal role in the ‘Bangladesh War’ of 1971; she was in poor shape; and her speed was just 25 kmph, almost half her designed speed. 2/10
But this didn’t stop the old #warship from undergoing sea trials and the rigorous training of her crew, air squadrons and their pilots, in preparation for the impending #war that pitted #India against #Pakistan for the liberation of East Pakistan, or #Bangladesh. 3/10
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Huge congratulations to @Endurance_22 and @NatGeo for finding the wreck of #Shackleton’s #Endurance. The wreck is amazing but can we also talk about some of the #Antarctic sea floor creatures that now call it home! Add any others you spot to the thread! (1) ImageImage
Huge #Antarctic sea anemones (Hormathia or similar) dangle their tentacles in the icy water! All of the animals that I have spotted so far are filter feeding! (2) ImageImageImageImage
Sea squirts pump water in and out through their two syphons to collect plankton and marine snow (dead things and poo raining down from the surface). (3) ImageImage
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Any sufficiently Advanced Technology is indistinguishable from MAGIC!! Binafsi huwa nasema Technology Is the Great ant💉dote to the Poison of Enthusiasm and Superstition💣
📋Asili ya TV
📋Historia yake
📋Uvumbuzi n.k
Televisheni (TV) au Runinga ni kifaa chenye kioo ambacho kinapokea mawasiliano kutoka kituo cha televisheni na kuyabadilisha kuwa picha na sauti.

Neno "Televisheni" linatokana na maneno mawili:
(i)Tele (Kigiriki)-kwa mbali sana na
(ii)Visio (Kilatini)-mwono.

RT @omari_manyama
kwa pamoja yanaunda neno la Kiingereza #Television limetoholewa kwa lugha ya Kiswahili "Televisheni".

Ugunduzi wa TV📺 ni kazi iliyofanywa na watu wengi mwishoni mwa karne ya 19.Karne ya 20 Watu mmoja-mmoja na makampuni yalishindana kuunda chombo kilichopiku teknolojia ya awali.
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So I've been doing reviews for almost 2 weeks straight now and I realize it's definitely unsustainable. I mean it takes a lot of energy and focus, especially with the longer ones.

So that's why I'm going to review #Titanic

Starring Leonardo DiVincio and Kate Wimbledonset.
OH, god. I immediately regret this. Like. 100% regret typing that out.

Understand I will be taking breaks. Like. Straight up will be taking breaks. This thing is longer than my willpower can sustain.
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تسمم طاقم #تيتانيك بينها.. أشياء غريبة حدثت في مواقع تصوير الأفلام
أشعلت أحداث العديد من كلاسيكيات هوليوود في أنفس مشاهديها العواطف والترقب والاندماج الكامل مع الأحداث، إلا أن بعض التفاصيل المذهلة التي لا نعرفها عن أشهر الأفلام التي اكتسبت شهرة عالمية لعقود تم الكشف عنها مؤخرا لتشكل صدمة لفئة كبيرة من الجمهور.

#سينما Image
🎦تسمم طاقم #تايتانيك
معظم طاقم فيلم تايتانيك تعرض للتسمم عندما تناولوا حساء البطلينوس وتم نقلهم جميعا إلى المستشفى.

#مشاهير #سينما
#Titanic Image
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On #Titanic109, we remember the importance of the #Titanic photographs taken by Fr. Frank Browne SJ. In 1912, Frank was gifted a 1st class ticket for the 1st 2 legs of the ship's maiden voyage. Onboard, he photographed the ship & occupants, recording the passenger experience. 1/ ImageImage
Fr. Browne's photographs provide us with a fascinating first-hand record of the experience of a passenger. His photos recorded some of the many passengers from all social classes onboard, the scale of the ship, and many of its sophisticated interiors. #Titanic 2/ ImageImage
Frank was offered cover of his fare for the third leg of the voyage by a family onboard. He arranged for a telegram to be sent to the Provincial Superior of the Jesuits to ask for permission to take up the offer. A short response was issued: “GET OFF THAT SHIP – PROVINCIAL”. 3/ ImageImage
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LOS JUDÍOS DEL #TITANIC: comida kosher y rezos a bordo. Una parte desconocida de la historia de transatlántico más tristemente célebre de la historia. En un nuevo aniversario del hundimiento, sale #hilo al respecto.
El final del siglo XIX y el comienzo del XX trajo consigo grandes movimientos migratorios. La gente huía del hambre, la violencia, las guerras, la pobreza y la falta de oportunidades en el "Viejo Continente" para probar suerte en el "Nuevo Mundo".
Los judíos europeos vivían en carne propia todos estos sufrimientos y aparte sufrían de un flagelo aún peor: el antisemitismo, desde los resabios del enrolamiento forzado cantonista, pasando por la segregación sistemática y llegando a las persecuciones y brutales masacres.
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El astrónomo Neil deGrasse Tyson notó que el cielo que mira Rose en esta escena de #Titanic (1997) no era el cielo correcto. Informó a James Cameron y le proporcionó el cielo del 15 de abril de 1912 en esa latitud, y Cameron lo corrigió en la remasterización "Titanic 3D" (2012). ImageImageImage
En 1931 Universal rodó dos versiones #Dracula a la vez: una de día en inglés con Bela Lugosi y de noche, usando el mismo guión y decorados, en español con Carlos Villarias de protagonista. Y la versión en español recibió críticas muy superiores.
#cine #CuriosidadesDeCine ImageImageImage
Así se hizo el efecto del bolígrafo ingrávido de la famosa escena de "2001: Una Odisea en el Espacio" (1968): se sujetó este a una plancha de cristal con cinta adhesiva de doble cara que se hizo girar hasta que la azafata espacial lo recoge. Aquí ella nos lo muestra.
#cine #FX
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#PrimeMinister, please watch this @BBCNewsnight clip.
Even as someone who’s worked as a dr throughout the #pandemic & seen #COVID19 up close, I found it deeply shocking & disturbing. 1/
@BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet
This isn’t a real #Lockdown #PrimeMinister !The roads are busy, schools have far more “key worker” kids than in Mar & #earlyyears settings are open “as normal”.
In my local #Medicentre & @PostOffice ,9/12 in, #masks ARE OPTIONAL! A place countless people go, MASKS R OPTIONAL! 2/
These are today’s numbers #PrimeMinister, EVERY case, admission or death is a person with family & friends.
Our #NHS 💙is on its knees, staff are sick & exhausted, taking to social media for help. We are doing our very best but things are really bad.
REALLY BAD! @BorisJohnson Image
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🪞Dans cette scène de l'épisode spécial d'#Euphoria, plusieurs internautes ont remarqué que l'actrice au premier plan n'est CLAIREMENT pas Hunter Shafer, que l'on voit pourtant dans le reflet... Allez hop, petit tour d'horizon des techniques du cinéma pour filmer des miroirs ⬇️
Bon, tout d'abord la base. Un miroir, ça reflète tout... y compris la caméra et l'équipe de tournage, ce qui n'est généralement pas souhaitable vous en conviendrez. Exemple dans #Titanic (oui les vitres ça marche aussi) :
La plupart des films contournent tout simplement le problème, soit en évitant de mettre des surfaces réfléchissantes dans leurs décors (c'est vrai ça, pourquoi se compliquer la vie ?), soit en filmant les miroirs avec un angle permettant de cacher la caméra.
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Inspired today by the witness of John Harper - the ‘bravest man on The Titanic’ - whose last letter just sold at Sotheby’s for an eye-watering £42,000.
John Harper boarded the #Titanic bound for #Chicago having been invited to preach at the city’s Moody Church. His wife had recently died so he was travelling with his sister and six-year-daughter Annie Jessie.
When the #Titanic began to sink, John Harper took off his life jacket and gave it to another man, saying simply, ‘You need it more than I do.’ Others described him preaching the gospel, preparing people for eternity, right to the very end.
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Over the past 4 months, we’ve conducted Mastermind Kerala 1.0 over Zoom.

One of the topics chosen in the final heat of the event was this: Movie Theatres in Kerala.

Here’s a thread on interesting info I found while setting these questions.

#Malayalamcinema #Malayalamfilms
1. The first permanent movie theatre in #Kerala was set up in #Thrissur by Kattookkaran Varunny Joseph (as Jos Bioscope Projections), following his bioscope shows at #ThrissurPooram. It exists today as Jos Theatre in the heart of the city in the Round. ImageImage
2. One of the projectors used by Joseph was exhibited for a long time at #Sapna in Thrissur, a theatre founded by his family. It was finally handed over to the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy in 2020. Sapna, incidentally, took life as Rama Varma theatre in the 1930s. ImageImage
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One of the richest men in the world died on the #Titanic. Here's a look at the life of John Jacob Astor IV.… Image
💵When the Titanic sank in 1912, it killed over 1,500 people, including some of the world's most wealthy and famous. But no victim aboard the ship had more money than John Jacob Astor IV.

He was a member of the famous Astor family, which was considered American royalty.
💵John Jacob Astor IV was born on July 13, 1864, in New York into one of the most affluent families in the world.

As an heir to the family fortune, John Jacob Astor IV received an education at the finest schools in the US.
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Esta noche vuelven a echar #Titanic y como buen amante que soy de esta historia voy a contaros algunas curiosidades que quizá no sepáis del conocido como el barco de los sueños. Hablemos del Titanic de 1912 👇
Aunque el barco Titanic tuviera cuatros chimeneas, únicamente tres de ellas eran funcionales, la cuarta se añadió para darle mayor majestuosidad al barco y porque era una tendencia en los trasatlánticos de la época.
De las 2.223 personas que iban a bordo un total de 1.514 perecieron en el mar. Lo que no es tan conocido es que entre su pasaje también había unos cuantos perros. En total hubo 12 canes de los que solo 3 sobrevivieron.
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¿Cómo se hizo esta escena en la que Obi Wan activa su sable láser? El actor Alec Guinness lleva solo el mango. Se para, un ayudante lo sustituye por una espada completa, una vara de madera envuelta de material reflectante y en montaje no se nota el corte.
#StarWars #MayTheFourth
¿Qué contenía la misteriosa maleta de #PulpFiction (1994)? Pues esto.
#cine #CuriosidadesDeCine #ElMundoDelCine #hilo #LasCosasDelCine #DeshilachandoCine ImageImage
Sofia Coppola, hija de Francis Ford Coppola, aparece en las tres partes de #ElPadrino. En la primera (1972) es el hijo de Connie Corleone en la escena del bautismo. En la segunda (1974), una niña en el barco junto a un joven Vito Corleone. En la tercera (1990) es Mary Corleone. ImageImageImage
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