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Have you ever thought something is wrong?

But you couldn't quite put your finger on why you felt that way.

Have you ever thought you were being lied to by your politicians, government, teachers?

Have you ever thought you were being manipulated by the television?

Have you ever wondered about how the world really works?

Have you ever caught the media in a lie?

Have you ever wondered what the elite of this world believe and where they are taking us?

Here you will have an opportunity to at least get a first glimpse at the true nature of the world!

How we have been misled & deceived at every level.

Globalist Agenda represents a plan to bring all of Earth's inhabitants under the control of a single, global state.

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#Q772 #favoriteQposts Learn about #MKULTRA and the dark side of the #cia

173 pages. Joint Hearing before Congress in 1977.

This is dark material. Be warned.…
The hearing was a dog-n-pony show to dispose of criticism, allow public statements that the programs were terminated and bad actors were scolded.

Lies, lies, lies. Congress has long been at war w/Citizens.

Safe to assume most members are CIA themselves.
I see you Joe Biden.
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"Assurances by the CIA head his agency won't break the law anymore are meaningless a former CIA agent said. The head spy can be kept in the dark about activities of powerful well-entrenched underlings"…
"When Admiral Turner took over the CIA last year, he distrusted the people he found there and brought naval officers with him" said Frank Snepp. "The old guard at the CIA resented this. They tucked away the files on sensitive subjects that Turner doesn't know exists."
"One example of this is #MKUltra"
"I'm sure Turner didn't know anything anything about MK-ULTRA until he got hit in the face with it," said Snepp, who was recruited by the CIA in 1968 while studying at Columbia University.
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New #QAnon.
No. 3835...
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#Q just dropped this #WaExaminer article letting us know that @ChuckGrassley, & #RonJohnsin asked for #Biden activity reports back on 5th Dec '19.
Time for a #SwampDraining!
#LockEmUp [ ] [ ]…
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @ChuckGrassley 2) #QAnon 3836...
Note: Q = question early in this drop.
We're seeing the priming for the move 2bring the #BidenCrimeFamily, & then beyond, to #Justice.
#DrainTheSwamp #LockEmUp #GTMO
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @ChuckGrassley 3) #QAnon 3837...
#Q drops a rundown of the dots connected to the actions of those that have long been attempting 2attain power & thus control #America & thereby the world.
Many spent time in #Iran. Many were embedded during the #HusseinAdmin.
#PeterStrzok #LisaPage #VJ
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02/05/2020 #Qpost 3833


I can decode the message here... So, first of all, does a rope covered hand ring any bells for recent decodes? #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Literally yesterday's decode
- However there is more. Note that there was also a moon in the background which I'm always decoding. What does Moon mean again? Well...
Moon means the location of classified/secret materials like the #MKUltra videos - or blackmail. Therefore Revival + Moon = reviving the past's secrets Note that bringing back old buried footage was in multiple other recent decodes within the past week.
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#Epstein #Maxwell #Wexner #MKUltra

These r images from a person who claims 2 have been used by CIA in MKUlta. Person claims there is a "Sacrifice Pit" on Leslie Wexner's property in Ohio. Says a young girl is burned alive in a "satanic ritual."

I have no way of confirming this
I have a VIDEO of one of these "SACRIFICES."

It is similar to the claims made by the MKULTRA victim about Leslie Wexner's "Sacrifice Pit."

I will be sending a link to view to the people on my mailing list.

CAUTION: It is graphic in nature and disturbing.
It appears to be GENUINE.

If you want to be on my mailing list, pls make a one-time or recurring contribution to my work.

You may do so here. The cut-off time for the video link is 5pm today.
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1-🧵👉#TVsGoldenAge 📺 Vs. Today's Filth
Santa Clarita Diet🥩 #Cannibalism🤮
Depicts #Lucifer as cool

Boiled🐸👉slowly desensitize
Goal👉TV in all 🏡= viewing addiction


Real Reason #TVsGoldenAge
To Catch 🐭, Insert 🧀

2- 🧵 #TVsGoldenAge VS. 2Days Evil Shows!
Coincidence, in👆above vid, #JamesPerloff mentions in 1960s, TV began slow downward spiral of degrading innocence, slowly adding: witches, aliens, magic, violence, cursing...

LOOK👇👇👇#HaysCode is Replaced👇👇👇

3- 🧵 #TvsGoldenAge VS. 2days #EvilShows!
Find out REAL reason for TV's Golden Age, by reading GREAT article📰👇 below- #JamesPerloff

Remember to catch🐭, insert 🧀. Which is exactly what they've done; got a TV in every home & "Viewing Habit" ensues.

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WTAF!! Parents need to step up and protect their children from this sickness that is evil identity confusion. Everyone, everyone has an identity in the Creator and THIS is to create confusion and separation. It must end. You MUST speak out against this indoctrination. #Enough! 🛑
2. Open the eyes of the blind Lord!! This is mind control. This is indoctrination. Parents! Protect your children & do it from birth or they will not know how to turn away if their parents don’t. Get a backbone. This is evil and [they] continue to come after our children! 😡
3. OH FOR THE LOVE! 😡 Apparently need to look at the entire disgusting collection 🤮
#Gucci you had to have the CHILDREN’S #RedShoes in there with your #monarch #mindcontrol slaves didn’t you?! 🤨 No wonder these models are literally MISERABLE. #MKUltra
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Caption: "The cover of DJ Khaled's album Kiss the Ring, released in 2012 by We The Best Music Group, which also features guest appearances from Meek Mill, Ace Hood, Plies, Lil Wayne, T.I., Future, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, J Cole, Big Krit,"
"Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, T-Pain, Scarface, Nas, DJ Premier, French Montana, Jadakiss, Birdman, 2 Chainz, Wale, Tyga, Kirko Bangz, Mavado and Mack Maine."
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12/03/2019 North Korea says it’s up to US to choose ‘Christmas gift’

Let's dig into this for a thread because despite the MSM noise I think this statement can be taken literally and the implications of that are huge.… #Qanon #northkoreachristmasgift
12/24/2019 Trump says North Korea's 'Christmas gift' could be a 'beautiful vase'
Symbolism comm I'm sure... and so to understand what Trump is actually asking for when he hopes to get a "vase" we can go into a past vase comm… #GreatAwakening #NorthKorea
"like a priceless vase grabbed by a panda. She’d prefer to shoot the panda"
"I can’t help feeling both moved by it and resentful that it works on me. Maybe shoot the panda."… #Qanon
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What if, when Q stated “We Have It ALL” it was referring to this — The Global Brain Project... 😳🤔🚩

You know Obama spent BILLIONS mapping the brain⁉️ 🧠

I hope you know where this is going... 👹👀

#HiveMind #Matrix #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #MarkOfTheBeast
Burnaby, BC (where I live) is also the founder of D-Wave Quantum Computing = #HiveMind #Matrix

#TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #MarkOfTheBeast
NSA — ‘Utah Data Center’

#HiveMind #Matrix #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #MarkOfTheBeast
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Hoaxes & Lies Perpetrated on Americans
Many of the elites of our world wish to control and own everything and to that end they have told some big lies. Here's some of the bigger ones.… #Qanon #GreatAwakening #CoreysDigs
Spygate and the Russian-collusion Narrative
Intelligence agencies, and many outside of our government, all colluded to take down our elected President. This in itself shows just how real Deep State is.… #SpyGate #RussiaHoax #SteeleDossier
Spygate/Russian-Collusion Narrative #FusionGPS -
- One of many threads I have in this feed on the same topic.
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I've 👀ed @ the RS of 3 mass shooters. ALL 3 indicated MK ULTRA PROGRAMMING. 1 looks 2 b Mossad, the other 2 Navy, and 1 of those looked to be Navy Seal in particular. So, what does Barr want to do connected with an epidemic of A.I./MK ARMS RACE? #Precrime…
A picture in the article above mentions some mass shootings including THE EL PASO MASS SHOOTING. That's one of them that I looked at. Below are findings. #MkUltra



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Disinfo Deconstruction Thread: "Big Mike" Obama

If you proclaim the former first lady is a man most rational people will see you as crazy & disregard everything else you say = a motive for clowns to push the idea as true.

Let's dig into this theory. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Q has warned us some truths are so mind-blowing they are risky to talk about. It'll push people away and see us as crazy.

Is this Michelle one such a truth? Well, Q said "Conspiracy risk" in context of #MKUltra and digging into it - it's clear why.
Q also said it in context of Obama - however not in context of his wife - no... instead Q said it in context of a young girl with Obama. So that's kind of the opposite direction than the "he likes men" angle. But there's a lot more to this theory so let's keep going.
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OH. MY. GOSH!! C[Y]ANIDE WEEKEND?! It’s probably NOT a bullet but a cyanide capsule! 😱

Seriously 😒 how did I not think about this we been having POISON decodes for a while!
@JackalsLast @paulacblades001 @Txgrown2020
Beautifully done @Inthenameoflo19 ❤️👏🏻👏🏻
2. I’ll add some of our POISON decodes we’ve had over the months. This one relates to #MKUltra #mindcontrol in my #paperplanes digging. Technique used by injecting 2 different poisons into each arm.
3. More on Poison:
Decode by @JackalsLast
Did the DS try to P0is0n the President?!
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Q thoughts for the day: I was shocked to see Q3654 today, where Q revealed the meaning, at least partially of [D1-6]. There has been a shooting every day from Dec. 1-6. This is concerning...
2. Is Q saying that he knew the shootings would happen, and if so, why did Q team do nothing to stop it? Or is Q saying that the shootings were arranged by the Cabal as distractions as a result of his D1-6 post, in that they knew something big would happen and wanted 2 stop it.
3. in 2018, Q hyped “D5,” and seemed to indicate something big was going to happen on Dec. 5, 2018. We theorized maybe DHS Directive 5, an emergency comms protocol perfectly suited to #TheStorm. Instead we got GHWB funeral, “Well played, deep state,” & the envelopes to bad guys
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10/15/2019 Pelosi’s New ‘Bullet Bracelet’ Runs Afoul Of DC Gun Laws?…
A bracelet with a bullet + orange Pelosi sometimes wears, supposedly to promote gun control legislation. Is there more to it? #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall #Qanon #GreatAwakening
You can see she wore it yesterday and she rolled up her sleeve and specifically again called attention to it and "gun violence".
And today we have a deadly classroom shooting, so what to make of it

At least two gentlemen seem to have concluded there is a connection - a "message" #Qanon
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#WaltDisney #WaltDisneyBirthday will soon be known as one of the most evil men ever to have lived on this planet. Heavily involved in #MKUltra and the programming and abuse of children, his legacy has devastated countless lives. A 33rd degree Mason affiliated with the Nazis.
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Big Year: 1832
▶️Skull and Bones founded
▶️Mormun Church founded
▶️Vatican becomes Jewish

1832 Rothschild loan to the Holy See, remaining under Rothschild banking control til today, symbolized by kissing Pope's ring rather than kissing his feet.…

Did you catch that?

👉🏽"Clown connection."

Q is telling us Deep State runs the Catholic Church and Vatican Bank.

How about the Mormun Church?
Just another branch of the clowns.
Newt is CFR and wife is Ambassador to Holy See.

Clowns — Yes, even Republicans w/great talking points.
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1. Symbolism comms Thread
11/30/2019 London Bridge terrorist stopped by a Polish chef heroically brandishing a 5-foot Narwhal Tusk

It's actually a giant protruding fish tooth.… #Qanon #GreatAwakening
In symbolism comms Teeth are dug in plants. Much like a Tongue they are supposed to be hidden - however this is a giant protruding tooth. Meaning the comm being sent by using it is someone (terrorist) was doing something they weren't supposed to. #8kun
Note the hero who got the terrorists knife pulls white out of his left pocket and throws it to the ground. "Throwing in the towel" Likely most clowns gave up (flipped) and one wasn't along for the ride so they stopped him themselves as he activated.
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So this is America’s Sweetheart 🙄 #JuliaRoberts they got to her young 😞
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So this is #RubyRose I’m thinking she is the front runner for [their] agenda ..full of #MKUltra mind control..beta sex kitten..and riddled with occult symbolism
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