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1) 01/06/19 @POTUS drops TRUTH on the press #EndTrafficking #BuildTheWAll @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @ProudAmericanP2 @wynterklaus
Full segment:
2) The #MockingbirdMedia and others on the Hill are trying to discredit the claims, however Congress knows it is true.
3) The #MockingbirdMedia is PRO-TRAFFICKING and fails to this day to report that the NXIVM trial is about CHILD TRAFFICKING. Why is that?

I tweet this in APR 2018:
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Many of my followers know Dec. 14th, 2018, I filed a lawsuit against my old colleague, frmr. #FastNFurious U.S. Atty Dennis Burke, in Fed. Court for the District of MA. ▶️Today, a First Amended Complaint was filed. New info starts on page 51, para. 222.◀️…
Remember, frmr. U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, my old colleague, was the United States Attorney who resigned in shame during one of the best known scandals of the Obama presidency, known as Fast and Furious, in which guns were trafficked to Mexican drug cartels. #TRUTH #MAGA #TRUMP
In the Fast and Furious scandal, Burke was called a "leaker and a liar" by frmr. Dep. A.G., James Cole. My lawsuit connects Burke to corrupt interests, including the #NXIVM cult. Burke has recently been named by prosecutors in the #NXIVM investigation.…
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#MAGA friends, as you know, I first spoke 2 you about #Democrat #Corruption in 7/18, when I revealed the existence of frmr DHS Sec. Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia. In July, I spoke of convs. I heard btwn DHS officials about visas. This has now been reported.…
"According to the government, Dennis Burke aided and abetted NXIVM with visa fraud. Burke was previously disciplined by the Arizona and Washington, D.C. Bar Associations for misconduct. It made national news when Burke resigned during the Obama-era Fast and Furious scandal..."
"where weapons were trafficked to drug cartels in Mexico. There are reports on Frank Report of Burke allegedly intimidating or coercing NXIVM witnesses."
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Patriots, #MAGA friends, thank you for your patience and attention, we're going 2 want 2 ➡️re-tweet this thread⬅️ FAR AND WIDE about a 👉 NEW YEAR'S MIRACLE that has happened because it's an important one, please bear with me as I write it @annvandersteel @realDonaldTrump #NXIVM
It's an extraordinary story as to what's happened now and I believe a moment of celebration and joy for all #Patriots, as we get closer to the #TRUTH in our shared desire to fight corruption and dismantle evil in all its forms in the #USA
According to many of my trusted new #MAGA friends, a sequence of events has taken place in this case that are not only extraordinary but possibly signal divine intervention, please let me know your thoughts about that after you read the entire thread. It is truly remarkable.
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🍿 the list of names of everyone who has contributed to the Defense Trust Fund that Bronfman set up shortly before she was indicted is due today at 12 #NXIVM

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #MAGA #PartyofCrime #DrainTheSwamp #LockThemAllUp #TheStorm
Something is bothering me about this...Why would Clare Bronfman, Seagram’s heiress, who is worth $500 million need donors to contribute to her Defense Trust?
Is she being paid hush money? Or were her assets seized because #NXIVM members Allison Mack & Keith Raniere were charged with sex trafficking of children?

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #MAGA #PartyofCrime #DrainTheSwamp #LockThemAllUp #TheStorm…
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📌Manafort lied:sentencing imminent.
Superceding? MH-17? 9/11?

📌15 state AGs filed an amicus brief opposing Whitaker’s appt.

📌Ukraine reserves right to defend itself against RU

📌Putin will likely launch ground attack.

📌NASA’s Mars InSight Mission Lands on Mars!

Ukrainian General staff publishes SIGINT recoded of RU commanders during the attack & that the orders came from Putin.

Pompeo greets Ecuadorian FM Amores at the DOS. J-A$$ 💰💰?

Flake calls on Gina Haspel to join senators' briefing on Saudi controversy

GO:”ALL of Trump's domestic policies are intended to make us weaker. From the NRA stuff to the tariffs to the healthcare to the tear gas.

Putin and his mob associates want us sick, depressed, broke, and shooting at each other, and that's what Trump is trying to do.”
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60) ⏰ UPDATE 11/19/18: Keith Raniere's attorneys provide the court with more information on NXIVM’s background, so as to renew his motion for release, pending trial. They present arguments for a "bail package."
61) Raniere’s attorneys paint a picture of NXIVM being a great service to executives, politicians, actors, and actresses, while comparing him to the likes of Socrates and philoso­­phers. This is an interesting read.👇
62) They propose release conditions, pending his March trial, of $1M personal recognizance bond in which 3 (redacted) owners of properties would sign onto the bond, in addition to several other unnamed people. #NXIVM
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In the #NXIVM case, upcoming superseding indictments will likely involve additional charges against several of the current defendants.The additional charges are expected to fall into 3 categories: financial-related crimes; immigration-related crimes; & corruption-related crimes.
In addition to the crime of identity theft that has already been alleged against several of the #NXIVM defendants, it is expected that one of the future superseding indictments will include several other financial-related crimes & likely to include some or all of the following:
Because of Keith Raniere’s penchant for young Mexican women, he also directed that various members of the #NXIVM crime syndicate become involved in a variety of immigration-related crimes. These included, but were not necessarily limited to, the following:
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The case of Thomas Frieden and a look into the CDC. Frieden was arrested a couple months ago, for forcible touching, sexual abuse, and harassment. I am tracking his court case. READ.👇…
This is another court case I am tracking. I have added updates to the bottom of the article. This is a MUST READ, as there are very interesting connections, and if Martelly gets indicted, oh boy!! Boncy (co-conspirator #1) was just indicted. 2 so far.…
I am also tracking the #NXIVM court case. I've been threading it here and adding new court docs to it as they arise. THIS is hella big case that will likely result in additional indictments. Possibly a lot!
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For those who still think that NXIVM is just some sex group with kinky participants – think again. #NXIVM had clinics all over the world and the power of billionaire Bronfman sisters to sue the pants off of anyone who left or exposed their criminal activities. #TrueCrime #MkUltra
Here are some facts that we know about #NXIVM and its practices Each topic alone doesn’t prove anything but when putting it all together one can't help but see the similarities of #MKUltra or a similar mind control program. [READ ABOUT MKULTRA…]

READ MORE about the branding techniques and torture #NXIVM used on members of DOS (Dominant Over Slave).
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1. JUST IN: What does it mean if Nancy Salzman chooses to aid the prosecution by making their work easier? It means she is no longer "Prefect", and #KeithRainere is no longer her Vanguard.

It means that Nancy Salzman has flipped!!
2. A proposed stipulation and order has been signed by counsel for Nancy Salzman and the government, where they jointly “…respectfully move for an order…permitting the government…to disclose potentially privileged material to the defendants.” #NXIVM…
3. Nancy Salzman’s attorneys had previously objected to the release of forensic copies of electronic devices seized at her home if they contained potential attorney-client privilege data.

That’s changed now.
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1. Who was Kristin Marie Snyder? #NXIVM #TruthForKristinSnyder @TheFallofNXIVM
2. Kristin Snyder was an environmental consultant in Anchorage, Alaska. She lived w/ her domestic partner, Heidi Clifford. She was a member of the Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol & was qualified in survival training & avalanche rescue. She was also an avid kayaker. #NXIVM
3. In November 2002, Kristin attended a 16-day ESP “intensive” in Anchorage that was taught by Nancy Salzman, who was also known as Prefect. #NXIVM #TruthForKristinSnyder
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1. The 1st time Heidi Hutchinson (SEE PHOTO) saw Keith Raniere was around Christmas 1984. Keith (24) was coming through the window of her 15 yr old sister's bedroom! She had no idea her sister Gina was interested in anyone, let alone a man 8 years older than her! #NXIVM
2. At the time, Keith said he was going to marry Gina. He never did and later Gina WAS FOUND DEAD in Woodstock, NY shortly after seeing Raniere in a hotel room with a hot tub.

Her death was ruled a suicide. #NXIVM
3. Heidi was around long before Consumer’s Byline and #NXIVM. She recalls the days when Gina helped Keith solve problems on his take-home IQ test – a fact that confirms he cheated and his claim of having an extremely high IQ is invalid!
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1. Why did #ClareBronfman select Dennis Burke, a charter member of the Arizona Mafia, to represent her in what could result in a significant prison sentence for her? Is it because Burke is close to the Salinas crime organization out of Mexico? #NXIVM
2. Before we try to figure that out – I think it is about time we look at just who is the Arizona Mafia and how it may be connected to both Salinas – and the Bronfman-Raniere crime syndicate. #NXIVM
3. First of all – it is called the Arizona Mafia – but it is not connected to the Sicilian Mafia. It is a political-social group known colloquially in Washington, D.C. and beyond as the “Arizona Mafia.” #NXIVM
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The following thread will include several clips taken from a conversation between actress Kristen Keeffe and Barbara Bouchey, both former members of #NXIVM, regarding the inner workings and the criminality of the cult. WARNING: PROFANITY #fraud #sextrafficking #illegalimmigration
[CLIP 1 of 4] Kristen Keeffe tells Barbara Bouchey "Clare did the stuff getting the financial records, Nancy hid the money and did the tax fraud, and Emiliano set up the scheme to get you and Toni (@ToniNatalie1017) thrown in a Mexican prison. " #NXIVM
[CLIP 2 of 4] Kristen Keeffe tells Barbara Bouchey: "Now, when this comes out, it's going to be a shit storm. They're never going to be able to civil litigate a case ever again." #NXIVM
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1) Did you know that @WorkingFamilies (WFP) is the conduit that Sarah & #ClareBronfman have used to funnel money to @AlbanyCountyDA David Soares, who remains in office since his election in 2004?
2) The @WorkingFamilies is also the conduit that several members of the Bronfman family have used to funnel money to a wide variety of political candidates: e.g., Hillary Clinton; Bill DeBlasio, Eric Schneiderman, Gov Cuomo, etc. #NXIVM
3) @AlbanyCountyDA Soares notoriously helped arrange indictments for #NXIVM’s enemies – in the cases of Joe O’Hara [twice], @ToniNatalie1017, John Tighe and Barbara Bouchey. Soares allegedly had relatives who attended NXIVM classes (two sisters and a brother-in-law).
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1) Starting a lunchtime thread about why I think Stormy Daniels is being less than truthful about sleeping with @POTUS @realDonaldTrump.

This is my personal opinion, and I could be wrong. And maybe it isn’t important to some people. But it does matter to me.

Here’s why.
2) Generally speaking, I think we all agree that people should be treated with respect.
3) But there are some exceptions. And though as Jesus (on @TheWalkingDead @WalkingDead_AMC) said —“good people can disagree”—I think we all can agree that you owe no respect to an avowed hater.

You owe no respect to someone who denigrates the Office of the Presidency.
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Thread: Connections - Katz (Ford Atty)/Weinstein/NXIVM

1). On Sep 27, #Q posted @TracyLynn128 's tweet showing #Kavanaugh accuser Ford's atty, Debra Katz, w/ HRC.

And said "The truth is right in front of you"...

2). The truth is, Katz also represents Irwin Reiter, SVP of Accounting @ Weinstein Co. As the SVP of Acct, Reiter would have first hand knowledge of where & to whom payments went to. He also knew of Weinstein's crimes but didn't report them.

3). As many know already, HRC is friends w/ Weinstein. Weinstein has been a major donor to her and the Clinton Foundation.

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156. El FBI filtra montañas de datos en las computadoras incautadas de #NXIVM.

¡Los Fiscales federales estiman que los dispositivos de la computadora contienen hasta 12 terabytes de datos!

158. Lista de 51 + 3 esclavas sexuales de #KeithRainiere

52. #LudwikaPaleta (foto 1)
53. #MariaColla (foto 2)
54. #JacquelinRonay (foto 3)

En lace al resguardo de esta nota del 2 de agosto del 2017:…


Gracias @CarmenAColeman

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1) THIS WEEK I am digging deeper into this bombshell and working on Part 2. #DartmouthInvestigations…
2) I am still working on part 4 to this very important article indicating what the Clintons, Branson, and others are up to RIGHT NOW. I will pick this back up after my other dig above, plus one more I'm working on. #ClintonCartel…
3) I have a couple other digs that are currently on the back burner, but I will get back to them eventually. All of this investigative research I compile into articles, so that over time people can see how these webs weave together. #Cabal
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#TBT did you know @SenGillibrand speaks fluent Mandarin and has a Chinese name It’s Lu Tianna! Anyway she always says she had no idea about Dads work with #NXIVM but isn’t it wild she visited the Dalai Lama’s House in India the exact same year he was paid $1mil by them? #MeToo
Her speaking fluent Chinese must’ve been very helpful when she was @HillaryClinton aide (?) assistant (?) who knows.
How do you not know what Daddy is doing when he’s the one that helped you raise so much money? Other people in the family have also spoken out but somehow her denial was suffice? Nah Lu Tianna knew all about #NXIVM maybe that’s the name she used🤷🏼‍♀️…
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1) LOTS OF COURT CASES COMING UP. I am tracking certain court cases and posting updates here with actual court docs. Over the next couple of weeks we may glean a tad more insight into NXIVM. Mostly status hearings. This is the recent thread on #NXIVM:
2) We also have Former CDC Director Thomas Frieden's court case coming up in October. If you haven't read this yet.... READ. I will be posting court updates here as well:…
3) And, we have a court case coming up in October on the Joseph Baptiste case, which is quite an interesting one indeed. I will post that update here as well.…
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1) Former CIA Robert David Steele: “I assess this woman’s accusation as lies based on both the passage of time...and her association with the CIA (and Stanford, like Yale, a fully vested left wing liberal arm of the CIA)”…
2) “Owl”: Although Sorcha Faal is a known fabricator...links and graphics are always very high quality and confirmable. This counter-accusation against CIA contractor Dr. Christine Blasey should be taken seriously.”…
Referring to
3) Steele: “While it is alleged that she told these stories years ago to her husband and therapist, Justice Kavanaugh has always been a rising star and known right of center judge target.”
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