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NXIVM is a Total Fraud 🧵🧵👇
I saw Allison Mack in the news today and went, “Who is that?” Then I saw the word NXIVM and got the usual Phoenician bad feeling. It's like the Manson hoax, since—minus the fake gory murders— the two events have a lot in common. #nxivm
The spook writers borrowed a lot of points in this script from Manson, Scientology, and previous fakes. It is rife with the usual red flags. Oh, and I can tell you what NXIVM really means. But you will have to wait until the end for that. I have to make a good story out of it.
The first thing to notice is the faces above. It looks like an SNL skit, doesn't it? That's because it basically was, they just decided to sell it to you as real.
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The explosion in Beirut Lebanon and unrelated corruption allegations involving a Canadian company – have ended up at the same address in London: 13 John Prince’s St. #BeirutBlast…
This London address was used by a “network” of shell companies – including some tied to Kremlin insiders, and others to the Moscow-backed regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.…
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#NXIVM Most Americans have no idea about this cult because our press refuses to cover it. A few pieces here and there. The press uses words like 'self-help' group, when it was a sex-slave cult that continues for over a decade. The woman branded like cattle. Why did it continue? Image
We could ask N.Y. attorney general during this time. Andrew #Cuomo. He refuses to do anything. Probably because Andrew Cuomo and Chris Cuomo love visiting Epstein Island of horrors. Image
We could ask Senator Chuck Schumer. Oh wait he is affliated with NXIVM. What about the 65th N.Y. Attorney General from 2011 to 2018 Eric Schniderman. Eric suspends a probe into the cult, ignores numerous complaints about branding woman. Image
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#NoLoOlvides el 06-06-21

Durante 30 meses del sexenio de López han ocurrido hechos que han dejado huella imborrable a México con muerte, desaparición, impunidad e inseguridad para los mexicanos, por la negligencia e ineptitud del gobierno.

En este hilo mencionaremos algunos de los hechos que han marcado a México, dejando ver qué tenemos a un gobierno inhumano, mitómano, indolente, mezquino, cómplice, asesino, corrupto y con falta de empatía ante lo que viven día a día los mexicanos.


Explota ducto de gasolina, debido al huachicoleo, mueren 137 personas.
Pesé a tener conocimiento las autoridades, no pudieron detener la tragedia
López prometió acabar con el huachicoleo sin que hasta ahora haya resultados.

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Ship carrying auto parts sinks off Japan coast…

Departed: "Kobe" = 2-x-6

Headed for: "Osaka" = 8-x-2

Collision: May 27, 2021

Sank: May 28, 2021 at 2:40am
In the "Seto Inland Sea" = 9-x-3
Near "Imabari" = 2-x-8
Name: "Byakko" = 7-x-2
Country: "Japan" = 2-x-6
Company: "Prince Kaiun Co." = 6-x-4
Captain: Tamotsu 1-x-1 Sato 7-x-1 = 8-x-2

Name: "Ulsan Pioneer" = 2-x-5
Country: "Marshall Islands" = 3-x-9
Company: ?
Captain: ?

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As the person who served as pool reporter in this case (and in others), this filing by @MichaelAvenatti's lawyers is ludicrous. Some thoughts: (1/)…
@MichaelAvenatti A reporter’s presence at sidebar does not implicitly “chill” potential jurors or prevent them from being truthful. We are just one of many people crowded around the person, scribbling in notebooks (2/)
@MichaelAvenatti If the potential juror is properly admonished by the judge, they know we are there and they have the option to ask us to step away (3/)
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Avro 🧵🧵advierto será largo pero ahi vamos
1.-Mentira, dice que Adrián no le respondió está documentado su respuesta breve, y sí aun que Adrián exhibió una fracción del video en conferencia, fue la revista @proceso quien saca la investigación donde la mencionan anexo pruebas ⬇️
La investigación es de @proceso por favor no los de mandes es su trabajo, como abogada, si es que no fuiste a la universidad de paseo, sabes que las denuncia se hacen con pruebas y ante la instancias correspondientes, el hecho que usas para golpear como López es de 2006, 2008 🤭
El problema de los Dinosaurio como tú Abel, si quien dictas el guión a tu títere que no sabe hablar es que crees vives en otra epoca, todo queda registrado, lo del terreno de Mina que señalas y que todos conocemos se dio durante la Gestión de Natividad y el acusado es Medina
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🔴 Hace dos semanas, Clara Luz Flores, expriista y hoy candidata de Morena a la gubernatura de Nuevo León, negó, con @julioastillero, saber lo que era #NXIVM y conocer a Keith Raniere. 👇🏼

Ahora se difunde un video en donde Clara Luz mantiene una charla con Keith Raniere.

Aquí, parte de lo que le pregunta Flores al líder de NXIVM, hoy preso en EEUU por tráfico sexual de personas y pornografía infantil. 👇🏼
Hace unos momentos, Clara Luz Flores subió a sus redes este video para responder.
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No soy norteña, pero si bien pinché hocicona, como les avise hace semanas expondría los nexos de corrupción d Clan de Escobedo Clara Luz y Abel Guerra, perdón por la tardanza me distrajo la Guardabosques pero como hoy dijo terrenos, Corrupcion y robo me acorde, Desmienten a ver
30 años en el poder hablan de uno de los cacicazgos más largos en nuestro país
En la próxima elección podrían perder poder y prestigio, pero el dinero jamás, tienen suficiente para 5 generaciones, como sobrevivió? Fácil amigos importantes, esto le tiro el apoyo del PRI en 2020 ⬇️
Se han dedicado a construir casas para INFONAVIT y FOMERREY tan irregulares, que a la fecha, no las han podido entregar al gobierno pues son sumamente deficientes incluso, montadas en terrenos ilegales o robados hasta, llegar a ser carentes de servicios básicos. 
#ladyTerrenos Image
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Joseph Hirt with #fake #tattoo number 194517, who speaks at schools and other assemblies about his escape from a #Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz in 1942 is a hoaxster. #holocaust…

The Joseph Hirt Story
’It’s very moving, and you will have nightmares,’ Smith said of Hirt’s presentation. ‘It’s hard to believe that anything like this happened.’
#Holocaust #Auschwitz…
Could there be anything more twisted than these #Holocaust fantasists? How more and more people are making up memoirs about witnessing Nazi crimes. There is, however, just one problem: it simply isn’t true.…
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(1) Thread: The arrest of Peter J Nygard in Winnipeg, Canada today.

The important part:

🚨His compound in the Bahamas was "visited by Michael Jackson, George H. W. Bush, Robert De Niro, and Prince Andrew, Duke of York" and others.🚨…
(2) I'm glad they arrested 89 year old Peter Nygard on these sex trafficking charges because when they are finally exposed after they've died, it's harder to work toward justice for the survivors and their loved ones. Jimmy Savile (UK) is an example.
(3) Almost 2 years ago I first heard about the appalling #NXIVM case and wrote about it here. The thread has practical suggestions on what we as bystanders can do to try to help the survivors and everyone else impacted by such heinous crimes:

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And why is Justin Trudeau's father's Pierre Elliott Trudeau foundation show the near identical FBI confirmed "boy lover" pedophilia logo in the foundations 2015-2016 annual report document on page 2?
@TheoFleury14 @roccogalatilaw @joe_warmington @TPostMillennial @GenFlynn
Also, why did the HBO series True Detective season 3 episode 7: The Final Country show this exact side by side comparison using the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and FBI document when discussing pedophile symbols?
When is it no longer considered, "coincidence" or "conspiracy theory"?

Must the people SEE the true horror for themselves in order to wake up to see the light?

Why are these obvious connections not enough?
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The names Irving, Thomson Reuters Galen Weston Pattison Ford, Harper etc. They are the names on the physical gravestones in the lands where they deported us from Wolfsville to Halifax. It's not hard to see truth. They silenced our history to craft theirs.
There is no diversity to the way CPPIB invests Canadian Pensions when you look at the beneficiaries. It's the same group of men and companies repeatedly who benefit.
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In his victim impact statement yesterday, former #NXIVM member Mark Vicente told #KeithRaniere:

“Finding out the truth about you and your actual motives turned my world upside down. You broke goodness.”

(Vicente and wife Bonnie Piesse after Raniere verdict on June 19, 2019).
Vicente told Raniere, his one-time mentor: “You cracked the firmament of my belief in nobility and honor and righteousness. I do know how to repair it. I do not know if it can ever be made whole again. I fight everyday to try and recapture something that now feels lost.”
Vicente to Raniere: “This was not by accident on your part. When I was writing the film ‘Carbon Crimes,’ you wanted me to craft a female character of innocence and good will. Someone who worked for a leader she believed in with all her might.”

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The first victim speaking Tuesday was 15 when Raniere first had sex w/her.

"As for the man I am here to speak about," she said, "I will not say his name. I will only call him 'he.' He doesn't deserve anything more than that. I don't want to allow his name back into my life."
She continued: "I understand there are charges in this case that concern me, and that my name has been mentioned repeatedly throughout the trial. But I was not here, and my voice was not heard."

"The man you are about to sentence had a deep impact on my life that I am not sure I can fully quantify or qualify. It has taken a long time for me to process the trauma caused by his attempt s to control my mind and my world, and his efforts to replace my voice with his own."
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Sex cult leader Keith #Raniere sentenced to 120 years in prison for federal crimes including sex trafficking of children, conspiracy, and conspiracy to commit forced labor, all related to a secret society within #NXIVM known as DOS, or The Vow.

Keith Allen #Raniere(born August 26, 1960) is an American convicted felon and the founder of #NXIVM, a multi-level marketing company and cult based near Albany, New York.…
Clare #Bronfman, who is believed to have used her 🕎-family fortune to bankroll the cult, pleaded guilty back in April 2019 to conspiring to conceal and harbor illegal immigrants for financial gain and fraudulent use of identification. #NXIVM…
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1. I wasn't impressed with the first episode of Seduced. The production lacked the luster of @TheVowHBO. India felt like the quintessential Cali girl, or lost little rich girl, who was too easily conned into a cult posing as a self help organization.
I was wrong.
2. #SeducedSTARZ might take a moment to warm up to but in the 2nd episode the viewers gain critical information completely excluded from @TheVowHBO.
#NXVIUM business model identically mimics @Scientology You cannot financially support yourself until the 2nd highest level.
3. #SeducedSTARZ Only as a green sash Proctor can earnings be used to sustain themselves. Till then, you're a penniless intern expected to pay for thousands of dollars of courses. Exactly like @Scientology
In an attempt to pull India Oxenberg away from #NXVIUM her mom secured
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Clare Bronfman’s sentence of 81 months, – a much higher sentence than even the prosecutors asked for,… #Bronfman #ClareBronfman #NXIVM #Raniere
2. US Attorney Press Release on Clare Bronfman Sentence – FBI Statement: “She’s the First of Many to Be Sentenced!’… #Bronfman #ClareBronfman #NXIVM #Raniere
3. The Human Trafficking aspect of the NXIVM case has not really been emphasised #HumanTrafficking #NXIVM
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Symbolism will be there down fall... and down the rabbit hole we go.. The peace sign ✌️ that everyone has harmlessly thrown up at least once in their life. They truly have taken ANYTHING that was good, infiltrated it to turn it into satanism! Here we go 👇
The peace sign- This was huge in the 70’s but when you dig into what happened it makes you sick.
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Watching @TheVowHBO as a subject in @thegreathackdoc I notice how The Othrs had so much more material to work with to tell the story of #NXIVM whereas the #CambridgeAnalytica saga is still more obfuscated and invisible.
The Great Hack should have been a Netflix series like The Vow is an HBO seres on NXIVM. The whole story has not been told.
Random SCL employees blurred out in @thegreathackdoc

Random #nxivm members blurred out in @TheVowHBO
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@JustinTrudeau Bardish Chagger is one of the most dedicated community minded individuals I have ever known. It's the liberal cronies in the background throwing her under the bus.…
I volunteered with the liberals for years but croonies included certain developers linked to illegal banking and fraud in Germany. Federally to Bronfman family linked to #JeffreyEpstein , #NXIVM and Harvey Weinstein. Stop working with criminals .…
The Panama connection: Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing linked with law firm Mossack Fonseca. I know how he gave to the Trudeau foundation.…
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