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"Alongside Charles’ regular association with active pedophiles, another running theme has been the British police force’s unwillingness to investigate him. The royal family have become almost mafioso-like in their ability to avoid any proper and effective legal scrutiny..".. Image
"..and Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were happy to associate themselves with Prince Andrew to make it hard, if not impossible, for any potential legal case to be built..."..

"..while Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell were reportedly partying in New York during April 2000, in the same month Andrew also attended a ‘Patron’s Company Lunch’ for the Outward Bound Trust as a trustee, on 14 April 2000, which took place at Buckingham Palace ..".. ImageImage
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Morris Rosenberg was president and CEO of the Trudeau Foundation from 2014 to 2018, which is when the charity was given $200,000 by Zhang Bin, a political adviser to the Chinese government, and Niu Gensheng, a Chinese businessman and philanthropist.…
Zhang was instructed by Beijing to donate $1 million in honour of the elder Trudeau in 2014, two years before the $200,000 donation to the Trudeau Foundation was made.…
The National Post's analysis in 2016 confirms one in six donors to Trudeau Foundation (if academic institutions are excluded) had affiliations with organizations lobbying the government.…
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Sources in Mexico tell Frank Report that the Mexican government has shut down the dangerous child experiment called Rainbow Cultural Gardens in Monterrey.

However, the child experiment center in Guadalajara remains open.
Carola Garza was chief operating officer of the Monterrey center and last week’s shutdown came as a big surprise to her and the parents of children being experimented on. The parents are mainly wealthy devotees of the pedophile Keith Alan Raniere . His followers call him Vanguard
The closure of the Monterrey Rainbow Center came on the heels of revelations ..followed up on by Mexican media– many of which are reporting on the trial, largely because of the roles of Emiliano Salinas & Rosa Laura Junco –both children of famous Mexicans
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OK: now sex cultist of Sarah Lawrence college Larry Ray is about to be sentenced. Inner City Press covered the trial, the John List (of Claudia Drury) and wrote a booklet about it and will live tweet, thread below…
Judge Liman: Larry Ray was arrested for securities fraud, and violated terms of probation and supervised release. In 2010 he pled to interference with custody. The guidelines are 360 months to life. No departure is available. Are there victims who wish to be heard?
Assistant US Attorney: Santos Rosario, Mr. Daniel Levin, and Claudia Drury's attorney. We'll start with her.
Drury's friend and attorney, formerly of Simpson Thacher: Claudia did not attend because she wants to move on. But she wrote this:
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In 1906, Hazard's Pavilion was demolished to make way for a new Temple Auditorium. This was the largest reinforced concrete structure with the only cantilevered balcony in the world.…
As the largest building of its type in Los Angeles at the time, Hazard's Pavilion was a venue for conventions, political meetings, lectures, fairs, religious meetings, concerts, operas, balls, and sports events
The pavilion was erected in 1887 and demolished around 1905. The Philharmonic Auditorium was built in its place.

the building was designed by Kysor & Morgan in the "Modern Gothic" style, includes a basement..
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" Inside Yoga To The People, The Organization Hilaria Baldwin Once Belonged To That’s Been Dubbed A ‘Cult’"

Wait, what?…
"In a lengthy post on Reddit, one social media user revealed that Baldwin was a yoga instructor at Yoga to the People over a decade ago, and that she met her when she went by Hillary in 2008...
"“I met Hillary back in 2008. She was my yoga instructor at Yoga to the People. She taught at least two classes per day at the St. Marks location,” the Reddit user started the post. “At the time, I decided that I wanted to become an instructor. So, I paid the $3K to join..”
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I had my eye on Kazakhstan for a long time.
Senators Dalrymple & Hoeven went to Kazakhstan and North Dakota exports went from from $22,000 to $25 Million in 5 years. Image
Trump has a history with Kazakhstan and oil. I shared my concerns with elected officials via this email sent years ago. ImageImage
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Great thread on Erik Prince..

Also, Prince is the brother of Betsy DeVos who is married to former Amway CEO Dick DeVos

They own Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands *cough*
"Through the 1980s, Keith Raniere was involved with the MLM company AMWAY. Heidi Hutchinson recalled that during the late 1980s, Raniere was fascinated by AMWAY, Scientology, and neuro-linguistic programming [NLP]" #NXIVM…
Peter Island is practically next to Ginger Island, as well as Tortola Island, in the British Virgin Islands

Ginger Island is owned by the Aggie Sailing Team

George Bush was a proud Aggie, dont'cha know..

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So wait, Nigel Havers is the nephew of Baroness Butler-Sloss who was put in charge of a child abuse inquiry in 2014?…
"Outside the Commons, Butler-Sloss came under fire because her brother, the late Lord Havers, was attorney general from 1979 to 1987 when some of the controversy over the failure to prosecute child abuse cases may have occurred."

Elizabeth Butler-Sloss also chaired the inquests into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Fayed

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The Alex Jones’ companies are 'registered via his Bronfman-connected attorney Elizabeth M. Schurig'…
Schurig is the lawyer of HOLLY BRONFMAN LEV aka Bhavani Lev, sister of Edgar Bronfman Jr…


Together with her Israeli husband Yoav Lev (aka Bharat Mitra), an OSHO disciple, Bhavani runs Organic India
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Would that be the same Oleg Deripaska , Russian oligarch and friend to George Osborne, Petie Mandelson and Nat Rothschild ?… Image
2008: Lord Rothschild and Nathaniel Rothschild hosted Senator John McCain..

Judicial Watch ..asked US election monitors to investigate whether the Rothschilds improperly sponsored the fundraiser… Image
Let's not forget that Senator McCain's wife Cindy fairly recently said about Petie's friend Jeffrey Epstein - "We all knew what he was doing" .. 🧐

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Niles Lehman > Templeton Prize .. another rabbit hole ImageImage
Richard DeVos > Templeton Prize judge > Amyway > Raniere #NXIVM

Betsy DeVos > Bethany Christian Services > Peter Island

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Italian auto heir Johnny Pigozzi , Galerie Gmurzynska , Art Basel and tales of art trafficking #amfAR #ARK 🧵

In 2017 notorious Galerie Gmurzynska hosted Johnny Pigozzi & friends.. like Paris Hilton , Hannah Bronfman #NXIVM…

And again here in 2017 Jean "Johnny" Pigozzi at Galerie Gmurzynska , St Moritz .. his #Cannes pool parties are famous among the A listers and the #amfAR gala crowd..

he says he keeps the pool-toy industry afloat..…

In 2013/14, the Zurich based Galerie Gmurzynska was raided by the Swiss Federal Customs Administration regarding VAT on imported artworks worth 85M Swiss Francs supplied by the Gmurzynska gallery to the Dolder Grand Hotel, owned by Urs Schwarzenbach.… ImageImageImage
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Kevin had secret files since 2012. Of at least one whistleblower. A deal was struck in background then doj they turned that on him, us. Last year 27 of November Twitter knocked said whistleblower and tons of evidence offline. It was a huge turning point.
He threatened them in code there is a song called maps that is by the person whom had originally committed the crimes taken to cops and FBI, the CIA then hid and built on. I also think he's referencing letting the Qanon secret out at some point. The Dylan one was satire. Code.
If your missing the key and main keys to get to somewhere or something you'll never get to the truth. And it matters'.
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NXIVM is a Total Fraud 🧵🧵👇
I saw Allison Mack in the news today and went, “Who is that?” Then I saw the word NXIVM and got the usual Phoenician bad feeling. It's like the Manson hoax, since—minus the fake gory murders— the two events have a lot in common. #nxivm
The spook writers borrowed a lot of points in this script from Manson, Scientology, and previous fakes. It is rife with the usual red flags. Oh, and I can tell you what NXIVM really means. But you will have to wait until the end for that. I have to make a good story out of it.
The first thing to notice is the faces above. It looks like an SNL skit, doesn't it? That's because it basically was, they just decided to sell it to you as real.
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#NoLoOlvides el 06-06-21

Durante 30 meses del sexenio de López han ocurrido hechos que han dejado huella imborrable a México con muerte, desaparición, impunidad e inseguridad para los mexicanos, por la negligencia e ineptitud del gobierno.

En este hilo mencionaremos algunos de los hechos que han marcado a México, dejando ver qué tenemos a un gobierno inhumano, mitómano, indolente, mezquino, cómplice, asesino, corrupto y con falta de empatía ante lo que viven día a día los mexicanos.


Explota ducto de gasolina, debido al huachicoleo, mueren 137 personas.
Pesé a tener conocimiento las autoridades, no pudieron detener la tragedia
López prometió acabar con el huachicoleo sin que hasta ahora haya resultados.

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Ship carrying auto parts sinks off Japan coast…

Departed: "Kobe" = 2-x-6

Headed for: "Osaka" = 8-x-2

Collision: May 27, 2021

Sank: May 28, 2021 at 2:40am
In the "Seto Inland Sea" = 9-x-3
Near "Imabari" = 2-x-8
Name: "Byakko" = 7-x-2
Country: "Japan" = 2-x-6
Company: "Prince Kaiun Co." = 6-x-4
Captain: Tamotsu 1-x-1 Sato 7-x-1 = 8-x-2

Name: "Ulsan Pioneer" = 2-x-5
Country: "Marshall Islands" = 3-x-9
Company: ?
Captain: ?

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As the person who served as pool reporter in this case (and in others), this filing by @MichaelAvenatti's lawyers is ludicrous. Some thoughts: (1/)…
@MichaelAvenatti A reporter’s presence at sidebar does not implicitly “chill” potential jurors or prevent them from being truthful. We are just one of many people crowded around the person, scribbling in notebooks (2/)
@MichaelAvenatti If the potential juror is properly admonished by the judge, they know we are there and they have the option to ask us to step away (3/)
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Avro 🧵🧵advierto será largo pero ahi vamos
1.-Mentira, dice que Adrián no le respondió está documentado su respuesta breve, y sí aun que Adrián exhibió una fracción del video en conferencia, fue la revista @proceso quien saca la investigación donde la mencionan anexo pruebas ⬇️
La investigación es de @proceso por favor no los de mandes es su trabajo, como abogada, si es que no fuiste a la universidad de paseo, sabes que las denuncia se hacen con pruebas y ante la instancias correspondientes, el hecho que usas para golpear como López es de 2006, 2008 🤭
El problema de los Dinosaurio como tú Abel, si quien dictas el guión a tu títere que no sabe hablar es que crees vives en otra epoca, todo queda registrado, lo del terreno de Mina que señalas y que todos conocemos se dio durante la Gestión de Natividad y el acusado es Medina
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🔴 Hace dos semanas, Clara Luz Flores, expriista y hoy candidata de Morena a la gubernatura de Nuevo León, negó, con @julioastillero, saber lo que era #NXIVM y conocer a Keith Raniere. 👇🏼

Ahora se difunde un video en donde Clara Luz mantiene una charla con Keith Raniere.

Aquí, parte de lo que le pregunta Flores al líder de NXIVM, hoy preso en EEUU por tráfico sexual de personas y pornografía infantil. 👇🏼
Hace unos momentos, Clara Luz Flores subió a sus redes este video para responder.
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No soy norteña, pero si bien pinché hocicona, como les avise hace semanas expondría los nexos de corrupción d Clan de Escobedo Clara Luz y Abel Guerra, perdón por la tardanza me distrajo la Guardabosques pero como hoy dijo terrenos, Corrupcion y robo me acorde, Desmienten a ver
30 años en el poder hablan de uno de los cacicazgos más largos en nuestro país
En la próxima elección podrían perder poder y prestigio, pero el dinero jamás, tienen suficiente para 5 generaciones, como sobrevivió? Fácil amigos importantes, esto le tiro el apoyo del PRI en 2020 ⬇️
Se han dedicado a construir casas para INFONAVIT y FOMERREY tan irregulares, que a la fecha, no las han podido entregar al gobierno pues son sumamente deficientes incluso, montadas en terrenos ilegales o robados hasta, llegar a ser carentes de servicios básicos. 
#ladyTerrenos Image
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(1) Thread: The arrest of Peter J Nygard in Winnipeg, Canada today.

The important part:

🚨His compound in the Bahamas was "visited by Michael Jackson, George H. W. Bush, Robert De Niro, and Prince Andrew, Duke of York" and others.🚨…
(2) I'm glad they arrested 89 year old Peter Nygard on these sex trafficking charges because when they are finally exposed after they've died, it's harder to work toward justice for the survivors and their loved ones. Jimmy Savile (UK) is an example.
(3) Almost 2 years ago I first heard about the appalling #NXIVM case and wrote about it here. The thread has practical suggestions on what we as bystanders can do to try to help the survivors and everyone else impacted by such heinous crimes:

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In his victim impact statement yesterday, former #NXIVM member Mark Vicente told #KeithRaniere:

“Finding out the truth about you and your actual motives turned my world upside down. You broke goodness.”

(Vicente and wife Bonnie Piesse after Raniere verdict on June 19, 2019).
Vicente told Raniere, his one-time mentor: “You cracked the firmament of my belief in nobility and honor and righteousness. I do know how to repair it. I do not know if it can ever be made whole again. I fight everyday to try and recapture something that now feels lost.”
Vicente to Raniere: “This was not by accident on your part. When I was writing the film ‘Carbon Crimes,’ you wanted me to craft a female character of innocence and good will. Someone who worked for a leader she believed in with all her might.”

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The first victim speaking Tuesday was 15 when Raniere first had sex w/her.

"As for the man I am here to speak about," she said, "I will not say his name. I will only call him 'he.' He doesn't deserve anything more than that. I don't want to allow his name back into my life."
She continued: "I understand there are charges in this case that concern me, and that my name has been mentioned repeatedly throughout the trial. But I was not here, and my voice was not heard."

"The man you are about to sentence had a deep impact on my life that I am not sure I can fully quantify or qualify. It has taken a long time for me to process the trauma caused by his attempt s to control my mind and my world, and his efforts to replace my voice with his own."
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